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    Here's something of a tribute to John and Songstuff who've helped me in becoming the musician I am today. The other day, I was having those routine meetings with John that's been going on for 6 years ( besides the fact that every one of them feel like so lol ) talking about my career, the upcoming gigs, EP plans and of course the Songstuff stuff as well. And I realised how normal it has become for me that a Scottish man who I've never even met has become a super important part of my every day life. So I thought it'd be something interesting to talk about in a vlog.
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    As it happens, I struggle with both anxiety and depression... which is very strange for someone who is naturally optimistic, positive, and upbeat. It comes in waves and tides, occasionally floods, though sometimes it is just a puddle on a sunny day. I am also a carer for someone with bipolar type 2 and anxiety, and have been for 25 years. Music, and specifically song writing has long been my therapy, my vent, my friend. I don't tend to express my depressive side much, in conversation or in song, although I have written about depression a couple of times. I tried at least to make the songs thought provoking rather than a personal gripe. Song writing is therapeutic because it allows me to transport myself, to shift my world perspective, to think about something other than my problems. That is why it is invaluable. I deliberately chose not to exercise my own demons in song because I do not want to be defined by an illness, any more than I want to be defined by problems with my back. They are part of me, but only part. I manage both using mindfulness meditation, something I first encounter 15 years ago as a method to cope with chronic pain. I soon applied it to anxiety and later depression. Songwriters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Yet it need not be their biggest influence. Yes, they do write about sadness a lot, but that is at least partly due to listeners. Listeners use music as therapy. They use it to help them through hard times. While they do use music to enjoy themselves, music their requirement from upbeat music is simpler. The themes if upbeat songs more readily feel cheesy, over used, more one-dimensional... Sad songs allow for the exploration of a wider range of emotions, much more nuance. As such it. Is easier to write a sad song that feels pertinent, poignant and original. Even when the topic is well explored, if the emotion of the song is honest, authentic, unflinching.... it connects. Song writing is largely about connection. Writers and listeners want to connect. They both want to feel understood. They want to feel connected even when isolated. They don't want to be alone. Listeners, particularly, want to find songs that express how they feel, what they want. They want songs to challenge them, and songs that represent them. Even when immersed in great sadness, they want to find hope. Often that hope is the knowledge of connection. I think that is why so many songs are sad or about sadness. To write in a way that connects people, writers need to be insightful, to be thoughtful. Experience teaches us that being thoughtful, you are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. More likely to dwell on and wrestle with emotion. It serves us well when writing about. I don't see myself as sad. It is part of me, not all of me. Rob mentioned empathetic song writing. Empathy is certainly an important aspect of song writing. Willingly or not, we are the world's therapists, not just our own.
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    J Morrison (C) May 2017 if you're going to kiss me you gotta do it right kiss me 'cause you love me not because you might put your arms around me pull me in real tight if you're going to kiss me baby do it right the first time I met you I knew you were the one I wanted love you just wanted fun if your going to kiss me you gotta do it right kiss me 'cause you love me not because you might put your arms around me pull me in real tight if your going to kiss me baby do it right kept hoping you would see we were more than friends it took sometime but got there in the end if you're going to kiss me you gotta do it right kiss me 'cause you love me not because you might put your arms around me pull me in real tight if you're going to kiss me baby do it right I guess the time has come because you know I love you if you love me back you know what to do if you're going to kiss me you gotta do it right kiss me 'cause you love me not because you might you put your arms around me pulled me in real tight if you're going to kiss me baby do it right
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    Hi everyone! I've been recording another one of my songs. This one is a bit more up-tempo. There's certain things I'm not yet completely happy with, mainly related to the vocals. I would love to hear your comments/opinions/feedback on anything from the arrangement, production, or mix. Is there anything that sticks out that sounds wrong? Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/love-right-now-new-demo
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    I hear this song as kind of a country feel, with a driving beat. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but my girlfriends all love the concept of it. See what you think: “Just in Case” (Patty Lakamp) When love turns sideways and you’re feelin’ trapped A lack of cash can leave you handicapped Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you can buy your ticket out and start over again Your man keeps tellin’ you he’s workin’ late He’s dyein’ his hair and he’s losin’ weight Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you'll be the one lookin' good when you're makin' your break (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan You need to make sure that you’ll be okay So take the time to plan your getaway Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you're not tied down to a life if you don't want to stay (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan (Bridge) You need to invest for those times you detest Give yourself the latitude To grab your coat and hat-itude (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan Patty Lakamp © Copyright 2017
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    I feel lucky and that I have a very large sphere of people in my life...and I stay "in front" of news... But or So or And...I internalize emotion (based on my own reaction) which ends up in my lyric writing. I often write in first person to project the feelings I've had to what moved me in some way. But the emotion, that came about, may be written in whole and raw or in contrast or disbelief, scarcistic, or masked. But how i present the feeling happens as my thoughts go down. Almost always deeply personal......happy-sad-pissed,lost- found, lonely or over-whelmed., initimate or distance, opened or veiled. I try it. And it's real. I might add...sometimes it works sometimes..not so much And I'm a happy peep Peggy
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    We would be what folk sounds like, if folk wore steel capped boots. We will post some covers, please check them out. Lovre from Aurora.
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    Greetings. I'm Richard and have just signed up and will tell you a little about myself. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have played music since I was a teenager (an epoch ago). I wrote from the beginning but stopped for no good reason about 30 years ago. Started writing again about four years ago and am in a home recording duo with a female vocalist (Anne). I write mainly safe, middle-the-road stuff and would be interested in some feedback on our 'stuff' and discussions around recording and songwriting. Our duo is called Strawberry Lane - Yes I'm a Beatles fan. Cheers Richard
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    Hi, My take on the news challenge. Appreciate any comments Article May 1 2017 Science Daily The Mysterious Powers of Spider Silks https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170501112627.htm Threads Of The Finest Silk Copyright 05/01/2017 Peggy L. Smart'Barnes --------- C 1 --------- We were born with it Mystery of strength We adorn in it Threads of the finest silk Weaving our world -------- V 1 ------------ I'll write your name in the moonlight Perfumed across the tightwire I've built for you Waiting to feel your vibrations Will you know the way to me --------- V 2 ----------- I'll draw you in with a coolness Immuned beyond any notions That may not be There are so many battles Will you find a way to me --------- C 2 ---------- We were born with it Mystery of strength We adorn in it Threads of the finest silk Weaving our world ---------- V 3 ----------- Encased by my silkened cape Consumed by the attention I"ll give to you When sunlight bares no shadow Will you walk away with me --------- C 3 ----------- We were born with it Mystery of strength We adorn in it Threads of the finest silk Weaving our world
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    Hello! So, I'm working on a song called 'Get Me Down' and I have had a time working on the production and mixing on this one. I think I'm close, but I could probably use some better mixing of the background vocals, and I hear a few weird things. I'd like to know your thoughts and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? I don't play any instruments. I compose all my music on the computer using loops. 2. Are you in a band or bands? My band is myself. I am in the process of building my website. I just want to make sure I have enough music ready before I publish it. 3. Do you write songs? I write all my song lyrics. I have this thing where I don't put my songs to music until I have composed the song in Acid Pro. Listening to loops and arranging them help me decide the melody to my lyrics. I don't have a writing partner, and not sure how I'd feel about having one. 4. Do you record your music? I currently record my lyrics at home, on a cheesy headset designed for gaming. I only do this so I can have an idea what the song is going to sound like once I get it into the studio. I have chosen a studio, I'm just waiting until I have enough songs together to justify going in and recording the vocals. I do have music available on the web, on Youtube, and also on ReverbNation. Please be aware, though, that the vocals to these have not been recorded in a studio and aren't the greatest sound quality. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I'm a one woman show. I do everything from self management, publishing, promoting and marketing my music all by myself. I'm hoping this will change soon. 6. Are you a tech head? I AM! 7. What country do you live in? United States 8. What are your ambitions? I have a goal to release my first album by June 2018. Honestly, my ULTIMATE goal is to have a song on the Billboard top 100. I'd also really like to tour, at least locally. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I'm HUGE into bullet journaling. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to get an idea of what it is like for other musicians out there, to get feedback on my work, and maybe make some friends. P.S. My real name is Linda Bryant. Yolanda Youngblood has been my stage name for the past 20 years.
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    When I read "A Crack in the Sky" in A1, I considered that crack to be symbolic of an emotion or the break in a life, later, in A3 it came to me full circle that that crack in the sky was preparation for that man to enter eternity. I really liked that line and I think it would make a fascinating hook line and title. The idea of passengers feels unrelated without lengthy explanation. I would completely remove those lines and come up with a different outro. Also, "In between and Far Behind, What is real is in your mind" doesn't seem to be a great fit for the song either. I would either modify that or take it away entirely. I'll be interested to how any revision evolves. This has some potential.
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    I tend to be a listener and an observer. I'm also very much affected by the mood of someone I care for or if I'm in a situation, I can sometimes in a group feel the vibe of what's going on without even a word--sometimes I just have to get out of there because it can truly affect my well-being and sometimes I could just hang out and observe indefinitely (well, not indefinitely, but longer than necessary.). I say this because when I am listening or observing someone, my mind goes in a bazillion different directions with "what if's" or pulling together shreds of input or identifying or a memory it might trigger or a hope or dream or remedy or trying to figure out where they are going with something all in just a few moments with every emotion or communication they share. I might use what I feel for them or within myself or what I see them feeling as fodder for imagery in a song, I might use a scenery as backdrop, I might use an experience of a walk or experience of the outdoors, its possible I might use the scenario, but unlikely, because to me, it seems a betrayal to someone to too nearly identify their situation after a confidence has been shared. I might pull elements of something, but my imagination would kick in and derail into an entirely different thing using just some sensory experience or something rather than the personal situation. As I said, my mind can go in a bazillion different directions with only a few sentences as stimulation (not always something useful), but one of those directions might split off into another direction that I can use for a song. Its all very elusive how topics arrive. They just do when they do or someone provides a "challenge", so I have to think of one. Do I write about personal experiences? Maybe...I'm a little to private to say, but if I did/do, those would be modified into something not quite my story, too. Personally, I think writers who write about things they feel or are able to feel in behalf of others in the midst of feeling it are authentic. I would hope it would come out in their writing. I think broody moods are easier to write about because the descriptors are easier. I think its healthy to "feel" those things and feel them deeply and express them somehow--writing them in a song can help others process through those emotions at times when they listen to something that they identify with and if they can't identify with the scenario, they usually CAN identify with the feelings. People want to know when they are feeling lost, that others have/do feel lost, when they feel confused, that others have/do feel confused, they don't want to be the odd one out and they want to feel understood. I think broody songs can keep them from feeling alone in their experiences and helps them to process out their emotions. Its not healthy to pretend they don't exist or to stuff them. I do think there has to be a hopeful note to end the song. Hope is really what people long for in those experiences. No one wants to be left feeling down. I've noticed there is often a light air to the music that accompanies sad lyrics or lighter lyrics that might accompany more melancholic music. I think the mix is good and makes it easier to listen to and prevents sadness overdose.
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    Thoughts and prayers with those in Manchester.
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    What we've got here is Jerkatorium's latest single, A Sense of the Absurd which was written for the grueling elimination contest Nur Ein XII that has us writing and recording a song a week with a given title and a non-optional challenge. This time around the challenge was to incorporate a mondegreen in your song in a creative way, which I think we managed to do. We weren5't exactly subtle. I hope ya like it! You need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid I know that those ain't the right words, It’s just the words I thought I’d heard. Back in third grade maybe I wasn’t Robert Plant, So I made up the parts of songs I didn’t understand. Yeah you need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Back then Led Zeppelin II made me want to rock, But I was still too young to understand the raunchy talk, So I sang Kool-Aid Kool-Aid No Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom, Teachers leave those kids alone. What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Absurd Absurd Absurd Absurd
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    Hey, we are a songwriting/production duo from Canada hoping to get some feedback on our new stuff.
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    songs can be truthful, even autobiographical. They dont have to empathise at all. I'm not so much sad. I'm more sort of crabby & miserable.
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    is that not the thing with abuse in what ever form - one nice word - good deed - kind gesture and the victim takes it as a sign he/she loves me . give them a chance and they will change ? just my opinion John
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    I've been a member for like almost six years. I joined in 2011. I first started learning to record and edit my music at home in 2009. That one followed the other is not a coincidence. After much hard work, i was finally able to generate a full song production, beginning to end. On a scale of one to sucks it pretty much sucked, but it was a full song. I reached a point where I felt I wanted to hear real opinions on the songs I was making, before they were finished. I initially didn't give much thought as to whether I wanted to hear from listeners or musicians. I just went looking for places to be heard and talked about. Do you like it? Hate it? If so why? ...for either point of view. I went looking... and found this place. A venue where musicians of all calibers and styles come to listen to original songs (and even a few covers...!...) and song ideas... to offer critique, get critique, and otherwise generally live and discuss all things music. Signing up was a given. To say I am glad I joined is an overwhelming understatement. Over the intervening time since I joined, I have posted my own song offerings perhaps 13, 14, maybe 15 times. Not every song I have worked on, but most of them, and all of my most important offerings for sure. The commentary I have received from so many wonderfully talented, intelligent, and conversationally gifted members here has contributed directly and substantially to the quality of my work. ...I am free to post anything, to go far afield and experiment. And I have. I have often reworked songs after hearing the comments on them here. My work is better, and my collaborations are more rewarding because of what I have allowed the fine core group of members here to contribute to my musical knowledge and experience via their amazing input on my work. I have also enjoyed listening to the work of others, and commenting on it. Participation here is easy, positively encouraged, and welcome. As a member in good standing here, I feel I am an acknowledged part of the community, with a reputation that reflects my own contribution to the site. And this is a place where achieving that status feels good. Feels meaningful. I think this is so in large part because the people who are members here are almost all serious amateur, semi-professional and even a few professional MUSICIANS. Not visual artists. Not promoters. Not marketers or advertisers... although many of them can and are all of these things and more... but MUSICIANS. And we all talk, and share, and grow here, together. Newbies, and beginning lyricists, singers and players will be made to quickly feel welcome here. In a word? There is simply no other web site like this on the net.
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    This one's been percolating a while. Sometimes the heart knows best . . . or does it? Comments and ideas are most welcome. Won’t Let Me Fall Too Far Copyright © 2017 by L.C. Campbell V1 I’ve taken my wrong turns I’ve taken those short cuts I’ve woken up all alone Not knowing which way was up I’ve given in too fast I’ve given away too much My heart learned its lesson I’m not safe to trust V2 I’m seeing clear now And my mind is made up This one feels different This could be the one Can almost touch the real thing Almost taste his sweet love But my heart just won’t let me Get close enough Ch1 He’s everything that I could ever want But I’ve been careless with my heart Now it won’t let me fall too far I swear this time is different I can feel it in his touch But I’ve been careless with my heart Now it won’t let me fall in love V3 He’s taken his wrong turns He’s taken those short cuts He’s tried to go it alone But he’s giving that up So I wanna go too fast I wanna give too much But my heart just won’t let me Take this chance on love Ch He’s everything that I could ever want But I’ve been careless with my heart Now it won’t let me fall too far I swear this time is different I can feel it in his touch But I’ve been careless with my heart Now it won’t let me fall in love
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    I have enjoyed this topic so much, more so than many I have read in a long time. I grew up in a semi musical family, that is to say my mother played piano and sang. All of us kids got piano lessons growing up. I can still hear mom saying "that's not right, do it again". By the time it was my turn for lessons i pretty much knew what to expect and how it was going to turn out. It just so happened that I would get a little help in deciding that I didn't want to take lessons anymore when on the ride home from the instructors house after lessons one evening, a young man blew through a stop sign and met us in the middle of the intersection. The first time time I woke up, a man I didn't know was covering me with his jacket. The next time I woke up I was in an ambulance. To this day I don't like driving through that intersection. But for sure, at 10 years old I wanted nothing more to do with piano lessons. But, for whatever reason, that's about when I started making up words for songs. i know them as lyrics now, but back then I wasn't writing them down. I would just sing them to melodies. Not on purpose, there was no forethought involved, I would just sing what came out. This has gone on my whole life it seems. much later in my life now, my hands are not the nimble, trainable appendages they once were, and I find myself wanting to put music to words. Words that came from not playing. I have no idea at all and probably couldn't come close to guessing how many melodies have come and gone without music around them, or how many lyrics were sung but never written down, but I'm trying to limit those lost moments now. I only hope my laptop holds out long enough for me to get through my to-do list.
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    I dont love myself. In fact, if i was somebody else I probably wouldn't even wish to associate with me. Thankfully all my friends are most appalling judges of character.
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    i've never consciously thought about making music until ~1.5 years ago.. that being said, i've always done music. I remember being in third grade and couldn't wait to get to fourth because I got to pick an instrument. and that was one of the hardest decisions in my life!!! But I can also remember being in gymnastics when i was little and we were given time to play with shakers. that's the only thing i can really remember from that, apart from never being able to do a cartwheel. then i remember i made my mom buy me a shaker and i took that thing everywhere. i'm pretty sure i took it took an art museum and just had it on me always. i think this influenced my decision to pick drums in fourth grade though. i also did choir but i was never good.. then in middle school, i realized that i wanted to do actual melodies, so i took up the trumpet instead. i somehow managed to maintain first trumpet from 6th-8th grade.. it just came naturally. then i picked up guitar in 7th grade and started writing silly songs. looking back on it now, i've always been obsessed with writing stories and poetry. i remember spending hours on a poetry book that i made in fourth grade.. and my teachers being really impressed with my writing. in middle school, i was told that i should go out for theater because i read a passage and i just got really into it.. and idk. my theater life never took shape then i got to high school and i nearly abandoned music entirely. i went through some really weird phases of music, but it didn't really mean anything to me. i continued to play trumpet in band though. and i remember, senior year, my teacher had the class really short poems. and she made me read mine twice because it was so short but so to the point. then i got to college, and still continued trumpet. but i got realllllllyyy into music. listening to it all the time. recommending songs to everyone. then i found my favorite band. and i just had to write. something inside me woke up. as if it had been dormant since i was little. and i started writing and singing. and took the steps i needed to grow. looking back on it now, i was also told that i should sing by this producer that was my coworker.. at the time i was like hell no! but now i feel i need to pay him a visit... i dont know. i would like to say that i had a grand awakening a year and a half ago, but i think i've always had it. Oh also, apparently I would parade around the house to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac when I was really little
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    I love this challenge idea and actually did something like this on my own a few weeks ago. I'm finding that the news topic that got my attention this week (lunch shaming) is feeling too big emotionally to contain in lyrics just yet, but I'm working on it. But in the meantime . . . These lyrics did not get written under the time pressure of this song challenge, but I think they meet the brief and I haven't posted them before. I wrote them about a month ago after reading about all the social division in the US and around the world. I mainly needed to express what I was feeling and not lose hope that we could find a way forward. I recently made my first demo using a modified version of these lyrics. But this is how the words originally came to me after reading articles in this series below. https://www.ap.org/explore/divided-america/ Two Hearts at a Time Copyright © 2017 by L. C. Campbell V1 Dividing lines and choosing sides Leaves no room to change our minds You hold a gun, I hold a sign We’re both holding on for dear life Ch We can’t mend all we’ve broken But you and I can make a start Let’s take it two hearts at a time V2 If God is love, and to love is divine Don’t let hate control our minds Who are we to decide That some love wrong, and some love right Ch We can’t mend all we’ve broken But you and I can make a start Let’s take it two hearts at a time V3 The common ground is open wide With room enough to free our minds I’ll meet you there and we will find My pain is yours and yours is mine Ch We can’t mend all we’ve broken But it’s time to make a start Let’s take it two hearts at a time Ch We can’t mend all we’ve broken But you and I can make a start Let’s take it two hearts at a time Let’s take it two hearts at a time
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    Hi, I produced this album with Savanna Shai titled "Ghosts Of Denver's Past" You can find it on itunes etc, the album came out beautiful and Savanna is such a great story teller and songwriter Here is the video for the song Midwestern Lovin' Man
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    Hey Will, Cool song. It feels a little stagnant, though. I think it would feel a little more complete if the first "gimme your love" section was as full as the second one. Long stereo chords and stuff. That section would also be better if the bass was playing driving 1/8th notes for the two bars during the vocal, and switching back to the staccato-kick-drum-sync thing you have now for the next two bars, then repeat. The staccato-bass-kick-drum-sync thing you have now is cool, but drags on a bit too long for me. Finally, I think some Prince-esque LinnDrum samples (claps/percussion), if done right, could help the song feel a little different later on.
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    I made music using the crying laughing emoji! 😂 This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? 👌🏼💯🔥
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    Hello everybody, my name is Michael and I loved music ever since I can remember. Nowadays I even try to write it by myself - just as a hobby. I live in Germany near the danish border. Please excuse my poor english - I learn to use it more correctly day by day. I am an IT-professional / software developer, but back in my youth I already made music with a Commodore Amiga, a sound-digitizer, a very small audio mixer and two tape-decks. Then "career" came... A few years ago I started to learn playing the guitar and step-by-step I collected all these little things like a couple of microphones, an amplifier, an audio-capturing-device, a DAW etc. Now, being nearly able to use these utilities and to play some chords and picks on the guitar, I am looking for an entry in songwriting just to create my own stuff and to tell some of the stories that I'm thinking about. My musical tastes are from the singer/songwriter genre, names like Loreena McKennit, Tina Dico, Milow and yes, Ed Sheeran. And last but not least all these evergreens like Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Cat Stevens. I love these songs in which song content, music and emotion go together and make me feel like I experienced the story be myself. In my own songs I am currently working on issues like merging song structure, song content and emotion - how to arrange a song to make it interesting. And of course I often try to use the english language correctly. See you...
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    Hi All, My name is Jeff Jacobs. I am a folk/country/pop songwriter from NYC. I've had several of my songs synced on network television shows. Check out my work here: www.soundcloud.com/jeffjacobsmusic/sets/jeff-jacobs-songs. my website is here: www.JeffJacobsMusic.com I'm very excited to be on this forum, connecting with very talented songwriters, and learning valuable music industry skills. Keep writing! Jeff
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    Hi everybody! My name is Tiffany Hill. I love making music. I sing, I perform, I write etc. Alotta different genres. Mainly r and b/soul, and alternative rock. Never heavy meter tho. Anyways, yup yup, that's me in a nutshell I guess lol
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    I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Thank you to our servicemen whose aim it is to protect this country and our freedoms.
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    I'm a musician from BiH been writing songs for 3 years and recording them for 2 years,I was looking for forums where I can post my music for people to check it out but found out that I can do much more stuff here :)) I'm into everything doing lots of styles with different sounds..I hope you will check out my post of the song on other topics,I really like this forum and I would like to spend some time here with you..soo,see you around people
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    Hey all. Haven't had much time for writing of late. This is the first in a long while. Thanks for any feedback you can offer. I know some don't like political tunes. Couldn't help myself. It is what inspires me of late. 100 Days Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker (c)2017 David S. Becker Music INTRO VERSE 1 I'm drying my eyes I'm torn up inside This once was a place Where the heart and the soul They could thrive PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) When we're dying (And turn a blind eye) To the lying (For 100 days) I've been crying When compassion is lost We will all pay the cost And a nation is failing It's all crumbling down In just ... CHORUS 100 days (Watch it burn) 100 days (When will we learn) 100 Days What have we done VERSE 2 In the harbor she stands With a torch in her hand She's welcoming those From distant and faraway lands PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) Liberty's dying (And turn a blind eye) To his lying (For 100 days) Autocracy's looming When all decency strays While the suits look away And the house on the hills Gone from bright white to gray In just ... CHORUS BRIDGE I think I'm goin' crazy I must be losing my mind I don't even recognize this place Maybe I'm blind Tell me I'm dreaming Or I simply lost my way It's all gone to hell In just 100 days CHORUS x 3/Fade
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    I recently started a Youtube Vlog series called Mahesh Music Diaries to simply express all the things that goes on in my day to day life as a singer songwriter. I thought it'd be a great thing for the humble audience I am fortunate to have back home. But also, it is a great exercise to see yourself from third person and be able to mould yourself into a better and wiser person. And also, it's fun! This is one question that has been asked way too many times in my short career than I can remember. It seems fair that the first reaction to a singer-songwriter with mostly sad music is to think that he’s pretty much a sad sod with nothing else to talk about. But is it really accurate? I wanted to answer this question on my vlog and that’s what I wanted to share with you here today. P.S I use profanity. P.P.S It's meant to be a light-hearted and casual account of my every day life. P.P.P.S If you subscribe, I'll show you India like you've never seen before. Okay, I admit the last one was a sly attempt. Never mind
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    Hi tom, sure I will do that. I just didn't have time to do it yet but will do for sure Thanks
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    Hi, I'd love some feedback on this lyric. I've rewritten it a lot, and need some fresh eyes on it: “Girl Don’t Do It” (Patty Lakamp) There’s a secret I’ve been hiding This once I’ll lay it bare In the past when I was someone else I had an affair Now you’ve come to me for counsel Because you are where I was I’ve always loved you like a daughter And thank God I’ve earned your trust (Chorus) Girl don’t do it Find another way You'll live with this forever Think beyond today My confession is unnerving It still presents a threat But I fear you’re heading down the road To a lifetime of regret I can see you’re sorely tempted I’ll keep your confidence But you can’t hide secrets from yourself You’re the living evidence (Chorus) Girl don’t do it Find another way You'll live with this forever Think beyond today Here’s the fundamental question A lover or a wife? I chose not to be a woman who Carried on a double life So I keep this ugly secret I’m faithful to the core How will you answer the question That could haunt you evermore? (Chorus) Girl, don’t do it Find another way You'll live with this forever Think beyond today Patty Lakamp © Copyright 2017
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    J Morrison (C ) 2015 you know sometimes you find something it felt ok first time round now you see something different to say ? well this is one of those the first post is still here maybe changed chr and added brg sitting in the kitchen the radio's on the DJ's playing our old love song smiling through the tears I sing along I remember you can't believe ten years have past who knew time moved so damn fast or how come fist love never lasts I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the first very time but it felt so right I remember you well it all came to a sudden end you cheated with my best friend didn't care if i ever saw you again I remember you time went passed the pain healed you know I can't help the way I feel and the love I felt then is still so real I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the very first time but it felt so right I remember you brg think to myself every now and then if it could ever be the same again if we meet somewhere or when would you remember me like I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the very first time but it felt so right and I remember you do you think of me too 'cause I remember you
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    I guess the simple answer to that is "NO". However, the accepted theory does seems to be that creative people are much more prone to depression, anxiety & other forms of mental illness. So...based on what I've read, personal experience & what I've heard from people inside the industry, I'd have to say that we're sad more often than most. Some years back, I was on the mailing lists of a few small & mid-level publishers. Two of them sent out regular newsletters, as well as issuing call-outs for specific projects. One of those newsletters, from a publisher in California, talked extensively about how commonplace depression was in the songwriting community at large. The open, casual way in which he discussed it, left me with the distinct impression that within the larger music industry, the link between the two was common knowledge. I quickly Googled the topic & pasted in a variety of article links below. If you're interested, I'd suggest Googling it yourself. You'll get hundreds, if not thousands of pertinent links, articles & discussion boards. https://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/musicians-are-three-times-more-likely-to-suffer-from-depression-and-anxiety-study-finds/ http://pitchfork.com/news/69507-musicians-way-more-likely-to-be-depressed-and-anxious-study-shows/ https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news/new-study-musicians-three-times-more-likely-be-depressed-and-anxious/30133 http://creativesomething.net/post/55508909341/the-link-between-depression-and-creativity-and http://aycnp.org/bipolar_disorder_and_music.php https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression I recognized early on that musicians & writers were different. Not worse, not better, simply different! If I'm being completely honest, that difference was a big part of what drew me in. For me, it was part of the mystique. I've wanted to be many things in my life, but the one thing I've NEVER wanted to be was "just like everybody else". As long as they aren't disruptive to my overall exisitence, I try to embrace my differences...always have. Tom
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    I dont really do genres, but witha gun at my head it would be zydecko cajun zombie gumbo NewOrleans. Best guess.
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    hey... you'll get more folks to listen to your stuff if you interact on the boards. Give a little to get a little. I see your other post has some of the members wondering if you are a drive by spammer? This is a cool community with lots of knowledgeable members. Hope you can embrace the atmosphere here and join the fun. Be Well, Lisa
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    lol of "quotes" there Mike Personally, I've not let the audience or my need to present something in a certain way "externally" define what I should write about. It's always been with me and myself in the room when I'm writing it. That's not just physically. lol I believe musicians don't necessarily need to figure out what "lots of people can identify with" (unless they want to as a business strategy and make some money, whatever music pays at least lol) and should rather work on figuring out what they identify with themselves. The world is a small place and I'm sure there will always be some common grounds where people will relate. And that is a good seg way to what Tim is talking about. A lot of people do not identify with sadness even when they deal with things associated with it all the time. Their minds keep avoiding it like it's a disease to even accept it and understand that it's a part of life. Which is something that really messes with people's heads. I know it did to me and lord knows I know people who do it to this day. I was talking about this on Jenn's topic regarding confidence. Acceptance is the greatest friend. You will never be able to get out of it unless you see where you stand. And that needs acceptance. Regarding your description about HSP, yup. That sounds like me alright lol
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    Interesting video. The landscape reminds me of southern Georgia. I think to deny that we might get sad is to deny a reality of being human. Whether a person is classified as a "sad" person is, I guess, another issue. Some people hide their true insides so well we might assume they are never sad. Others don't attempt to hide how they feel. In that sense, these are the most real people. People hide what they perceive to be negative about themselves from others including sadness. In a very big way we are what we think. I have never seen anyone who thinks in a negative way accomplish anything. We need to have a positive trajectory to move ahead with our dreams. I think this is why people are afraid to sometimes be sad, or they want to move past the feeling as fast as possible. Sadness has a debilitating effect on progress. I'm sure there are musicians who use music as a medicine to the soul either through expression of the sadness or as a way to move beyond it. So I think music is a kind of healer. It has a calming effect on me. Acceptance is sometimes a great way to move beyond sadness. Then it becomes easier to see how to work within the framework we were granted to work. I attend an HSP group ( Highly Sensitive Persons) . According to statistics 20% of the population is HSP. There are many types of HSP's though. Most musicians are HSP of some type. One of the things about being HSP is you pick up the vibes of the people around you. We can tend to absorb and carry others pain even without realizing it. This in turn can make us sad. We also sense a lot of our immediate environment in terms of sensory input. This can be overwhelming and take us into overload. This is probably why you needed to get away or liked getting away and enjoying some time to be by yourself and recharge.
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    It's a lovely song, @moptop. You have such a great tone to your voice and the melodies were very soothing to my ears. It sounds like a great lullaby. Great stuff, Ken
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    Thanks, tunesmithth. Yep, she reached me. :-)
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    I hope I did this right. You said no "end of line rhymes" and my endings don't rhyme (except 2, one being the last line of the verse), but there are some rhymes within lines. Hope that's okay. HE HOLDS ON lyrics by Kc Chad ©2017 Early early ember enters September a flame that strives to burn on the west wind blows to catch the coal but the bite of frost hurts, oh it stings his soul He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on. Summer folds in the cold of October The birds songs are fading fast The green goes gold, amber and red flakes flutter down, down, down blanket on the bed He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on The kodachrome captured one November a trip to a Niagra escape in photos curled on the edges where they eloped, forever tethered He catches a glimpse of warmth in her smile her eyes light up Oh! Its been awhile Her cheeks twinge blush He rises up to to greet her and then she's gone He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on
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    A fellow I know on another forum (yeah, I'm a tart, but at least I'm a own-up tart) says that our phones & computers are listening to us the whole time. It certainly does happen with smart TVs, that's been a news item. So.... what we need are phone apps, and programs to stream our music back to whoever it is that is so interested in us. I know they are only looking for opportunities to harvest more money, but we are only trying to spread our music, so it all balances out nicely.
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    Granted, I am no expert, but I fall into the if it sounds good then it is good camp...too many rules get confusing to me :-)
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    It can be hard to separate. Pretty well any big artist went through the image wringer when they were first signed. Many are going through that wringer until the end of their career. The difference with Metal bands? Very little. Many believe all that bollocks is a true representation of themselves, and why not? Is it any less valid to dress in denim and leather and wear tats, than it is that women wear push up bras and paint their faces? Apart from that, is there. Place for theatrics in music? I think so... as long as it is obvious that it is theatrics. Too many believe the hype. Look at the hip hop scene. Goths. The dress of pop adherents is no less image obsessed. I do however agree to some extent. Most of us are looking for authenticity. We want to connect with someone who believes what they are singing. I love David Bowie, yet the man played with his image endlessly, like a toy that needed constant reinventing. The truth was in the authenticity of his words, the emotion in his performance. I can't think of an artist that didn't use their image... even when that image was true to their own off stage persona. Image is omnipresent. The problem is when image consultants become involved. It stops being about the rtist's vision and becomes about the image consultant's and the record label.... but for such artists, their music has already gone down that route... it might be realised by the artist, but it is the record label that is deciding what is and what isnt release (for such artists who have no creative control). I guess my perspective is people in every day life have an image. People doing their jobs have different images. On stage, like it or lump it, for a working artist... it is your job.... but for most it is far, far more than a job. If you have an image anyway.... why should it not be part of your performance? Music and lyrics can be fantastical... why does creativity have to stop at writing, or at musical performance? From a listener's perspective, as long as we are entertained, as long as we connect and are transported... and as long as we can separate reality from myth.... and to be honest, the people who cannot frequently have the same problem with anyone, walking down the street... that is more about their perception than anything else. Is there such a thing as a neutral image? Certainly we can be more common, less fussy, more... natural and unadorned... but I don't think there is neutral. Interesting stuff
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    Hi All, Okay Changes made Thinking it might be a better. Any thoughts and comments appreciated. Thanks for the help!!! Peggy ----------------------------------------------------- Catching A Wave Copyright 04/21/2017 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes (updated 4/23/2017) --------- V 1 ------- We feel the motion, it's flowing all through Floating up from the deepest of blue Starting ripples, rising to crest We haven't even seen our best ---------- C 1 -------- But you know, it's fluid And it's time to move Coming to the surface, we're catching a wave We don't need a purpose, just catching a wave Ride it on in, ride it on out ---------- V 2 ----------- Stayed underwater but holding our breath Can love emerge out of the depth Forces rushing, power intense It doesn't really make any sense ---------- C 2 --------- But you know, it's fluid And it's time to move Coming to the surface, we're catching a wave We don't need a purpose, just catching a wave Ride it on in, ride it on out -------- B 1 ------- Calm me then push me Love me don't break me Then I won't, no I won't, no I won't drift away from here again --------- C 3 --------- But you know, it's fluid And it's time to move Coming to the surface, we're catching a waveWe don't need a purpose, just catching a waveRide it on in, ride it on out--------- V 3 -------We feel the motion, it's flowing all throughFloating past the deepest of blueGuided ripples, rising to crestWe haven't even seen our best---------- C 4 --------- But you know, it's fluid And it's time to move Coming to the surface, we're catching a waveWe don't need a purpose, just catching a waveRide it on in, ride it on out
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    I wasn't always into music deeply though I enjoyed its company. I remember picking up a guitar for the first time when I was 15 years old (being 24 now). Maybe that's when my interest in music increased and kept my teenage mind occupied. Being in India and coming from a middle-class background, my only source of international music back then was the radio. Every night at 9:00PM, the local radio would air the feed of Top40 with Ryan Seacrest or Casey Kasem and I used to fall asleep to it. The more I recall those nights, the more I realise how significant it has been for me to ever have my doors open to this wonderful world of music. Around the same time, I came across and heard 'Gravity' by John Mayer. That changed everything. I'm sure there is always one moment in life for every single person that proves to be monumental in deciding what the rest of their life is going to be. Listening to Gravity was mine. Never was I so moved with the words being sung and the music going with it. That's when my fascination with songwriting, making music, expressing was born. My frustration with my noob guitar playing skills further motivated me to write my own words and melodies. lol That's how it began. From there, I would try to find every opportunity to sing in front of an audience. Since I was in school, most of that would be singing competitions. I guess being part of those competitions really helped me gain confidence in myself to stand in front of an audience and perform. There was no stopping me from there. And then Songstuff & John happened. For those of you who know Derek Sivers is would also know that he was an active blogger/writer as well and was open to discussions with any person who would send him a mail. I did so, seeking music advice back in 2011. He said that the best way to get better at what you do is to share it with like minded people. He suggested I find communities online. And obviously, the first one to pop up was Songstuff. I joined Songstuff in Feb 2011 (I just checked, it marked my 6 years of Songstuff just yesterday) and I was quite the excited one. John noticed. I started getting involved with more things Songstuff and we started talking more about music and what not. Back then, I had a very basic phone with internet capabilities at the lowest. I had no computer, no equipment. In fact I had no room of mine either & was living in a room with my two brothers and my mom. But I had these songs. And John suggested I put an EP out with those songs. Now, note that I'd never performed anywhere but in school and college. I had no equipment, no money and quite evidently, no sense of challenge. And John says - "If that's where we've got to start from, then let's start". I did all I can to put some money together (saving lunch money, claiming that I needed lunch money from friends lol) and then went to a studio and recorded 5 songs and called it Beyond the Door. It was just one guitar (with barely average guitar playing) and my voice. But I did it. That's the point John had all along. Use what you've got and work with it. As if there was any other choice. I put the EP out online, sent it indie radio stations all over the globe (I did get my songs aired in a handful of radio stations and podcasts in the UK, US and Japan. I think that was super sweet of the people running the shows), got a 'music video' prepared with the help of my brother. A few people in the city took notice, invited me to perform at a few places for free. Two venue owners saw me there and offered me my very first paid gigs and on I went on my journey to become a full time musician. With John's direction always being there, I continued to stay active and build my music career while in college. As you would know how it is in India when it comes to parents pressuring you to pursue a more 'meaningful profession', I ploughed on as I finished my bachelor's degree in computer science. I worked for about a year and then made the decision to call it quits and pursue music full time. My parents were obviously against it but being stubborn, I did it anyways. John and other friends helped me to be smart about it. Being a singer-songwriter in India is not exactly a financially stable option lol I had to make sure that my education loans were still being taken care of as well that nothing changes in the financial equation I have with my parents. I wasn't a kid anymore. I did have a responsibility. It's been two years since I called it quits. Looks like things haven't gone to the shits yet lol I don't plan on it to. My parents came to a gig of mine a couple of months back. Their very first gig. After years of quarrel, fights, debates and what not, my dad on his way back said "I understand what he's doing now". He's not opposed my music or has shown distaste towards it ever since. In fact, it has been the opposite. Over the years, I've got to support some of the best bands in the country. I opened for Lucy Rose and Luke Sital-Singh when they came to India. I got to perform with Christian Galvez, one of the best Jazz musicians in the world which was a life time opportunity. There is a LONG way to go. And being a full time musician is a real struggle every single day. But it's all worth it! Every single bit. Years have passed and John has continued to mentor me in my career. He's been a greater friend and has helped me in the toughest of my days even when I was at a stage where I was 'hurting' myself. And it is such a mind-boggling thing for me to comprehend how someone on the other side of the world who has never met me in person has had so much selfless concern and passion in helping me. Well, helping people. I mean, this is what Songstuff is all about. It sounds like I'm exaggerating but believe me, John is probably THE biggest reason for any success I have earned and will ever earn in my music career. I try to remember that every day. Well, that's me.