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    1. Be an active participant. Online communities thrive on activity of their members. Activity helps you, and it helps our community stay useful and interesting. 2. Recommend Songstuff to songwriters, musicians and bands that you know. Keep recommending whenever you meet new musicians. More members means more experience, more activity, more things to interest you. 3. Consider making a donation. Having a budget is essential to paying for site running costs and the development of new features.
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    A bit messy ATM, but here is the main bit... behind to right and left are guitars, amps etc. Just now I have an Isovox2 set up for a review instead of the usual movable baffle.
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    I almost forgot about this. One of the favorite things in my studio was hiding behind the camera tripod. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is my studio and vocal booth in my home which was all built by my own hands including the base traps at the rear which have over 400 holes drilled and sanded. My fingers were sore for days after lol.
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    This is a picture of my studio setup at the moment
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    I believe this is more common than I thought. The attitude of condescension. I've seen it in lots of places and yes, at times I've been guilty of it and needed to look honestly at myself. I am convinced that if we could see the totality of every human being in one glance including ourselves it would do two things. We would have no reason to think highly of ourselves as compared to anyone else.We would see the wonderful things about people. All people, not just a group or groups of people. Any really honest evaluation of the universal human condition takes into account the good and the bad in everyone. At the end of the day, in order to be arrogant and narcissistic we have to ignoring all the facts. One thing that grounds me is to remind myself constantly that no matter where I am or who I am with I must be reminded that I am a part of them. The minute we don't see that we're headed down the path of the Nazis. There is a very small difference in DNA between anyone on the planet and you. So small in fact, that it's hard to measure. If you're at a party in Hollywood and everyone is wearing a tux but you. You happen to be wearing a dirty t-shirt with holes in it. How would that make you feel? How would they look at you? What if you were the one in a tux looking at someone in a dirty t-shirt with holes at a high class party? In a sense you will at one time or another be both of those people. Not in that exact sense. I just used this as an illustration to make a point.In order to really connect with ourselves and with others we need to see past that. See that old man who has trouble walking? This is eventually you. Another thing to remember is that everything you have,have done or will do, you were given the ability or the resources to do it. If you made money, you couldn't have done it without the given ability. No one does something from nothing as independent . In that sense, we are more like stewards of what we are and what we have. Jesus was a probably the best example of this. He gravitated to people who were viewed as lowly. He got it. They really weren't lowly in the things that matter.
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    I took early retirement by means of voluntary redundancy today. The consultation was last Thursday and my employment ended today. Said my goodbyes to some great workmates and took all my 'stuff' home. It looks weird. All this stuff that doesn't belong in the house is here. Not just tools & books, but works mug, cutlery and tea caddy etc. I've worked with some of these fellows for more than 30 years. Its pretty emotional, and leaving is a bittersweet experience. I will meet up with most of them in a weeks time anyway for a dinner. Another retiree, from a month ago, will be there too. I don't ever expect to set my alarm for 6.am again. Nor work 12 hours in a day. There is plenty to do at home. All the stuff I tried to do but never finished. In fine weather I will be out trying to sort out the garden. When its inclement, I'll be inside decorating. When I dont want to work, I'll indulge in my music. Outside I'll continue (with more regularity) both my karate & dance classes. That will get me out 4 times a week. I hope to meet up with family & friends more regularly as well. I have engaged an independent financial adviser to look into my pension options. I met with a couple of them, but this one was recommended to me and he's been helpful already. So many conflicting feelings right now. Happy, sad, excited, tired...
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    Well here goes. I didn't dust. Please don't enlarge the pictures. Curtained area is my microphone closet among other things. There are two more keyboards in one closet. The room is too small to set them up.
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    I'm not gonna bore everyone with pics of my home set-up, but I thought I'd share a pic of a good buddy's basement studio. This is someone I've been friends with since childhood. These photos don't show it all, but they'll give ya' the basic idea. This will give you an idea of how we used build 'em back-in-the-day. A common design for basement studios was... A freestanding structure, built in such a way that it only comes in contact with the concrete floor...with insulating materials lining the bottom of the fastened frame, to help control vibration of the structure. Framed with 2 x4s, exterior walls covered with drywall. Soundproofed with fiberglass insallation covered with colored burlap. Mike framed his interior with slats...gives it a much cleaner look. A more commercial version Like Nick's, would include a 3-sided containment booth to partially segregate the drums. Back then, there were no portable plexiglass booths...they were made from the same materials as the rest of the studio. Typically one-piece carpet/pad was used to cover the floor. If my head's on straight, Mike built this 18-20 years ago, but the basic design dates back to my childhood. In our early teens, we lived down the street from a big-name local DJ who also managed local groups. Nick had a more elaborate version of this in his basement...separate control room for the engineer. Mid-teens I played with a guitarist who built one of these down his basement. We used it mainly for band practice...helped control the noise a bit. Back-in-the-day I assisted in ripping down a few like this, Peter Sky's - KSHE radio to name one. Nasty job!, fiber glass partials everywhere. LOL This was how we did it in the states!
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    For anyone who saw the 1 minute vid I posted last week, here's an edited version it. My new software finally arrived yesterday...Adobe Elements. All I need now is to figure out what I'm doin'! Figured I'd start with something simple, like this. From what I can tell, very cool software!
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    Don't feel bad guys, I have like no idea what's going on in any thread ever, I just think you guys seem pretty cool so I keep typing in them. lulz
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    I have a simple suggestion. Discussions like this are all too common on music forums like Songstuff. While there's certainly no harm in rehashing the same ol' questions, these discussion rarely if ever yield any any tangable result. On one side, we have folks who believe that financial opportunities exist for independent artists in the digital word. On the other side, we have folks who don't. So...here's my suggestion. Those who believe that opportunity exists should put their money where their mouth is...do it! Put your stuff out there, do your level best to independently promote it AND THEN return to this thread and share the results of your efforts. Real world results are incredibly hard to argue with...unless of course, you're Donald Trump Did you actually make money? Add up every dime that you spent to make it happen (digital tracking codes, promotional expenses, artwork, taxes, fees paid to royalty collection entities, CD production costs, mastering costs, mixing costs, new equipment purchases) ...subtract that amount from the grand total of what you took-in, then tell us if you made money, or lost money. Several of you have already taken steps toward releasing your material for sale. I imagine other members would benefit greatly from the sharing of your results. Tom
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    I'm already in the process of making this a full-blown song with vocals. But, I started it as this 60-second instrumental. https://soundcloud.com/hobosage/x-1/s-AuwS6
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    Hello from Sweden! Started recording something I've been writing on for a while. I'd like to hear what you think of the songwriting so far. But any feedback are welcome. https://soundcloud.com/zzzeb/say-it/s-hKOQ2#t=0:01 Say it Verse: We've cleaned out the house now And we're out on the porch again Waiting for the mover to come to put an end to it all Everything for the last time Nothing left to mend no Walking down the stairway But I don’t think I want this to end Chorus: Please Say you hate me to the bone Say you don’t need me anymore Say you don’t feel anything Make me your enemy Make me walk out of here Verse: You Got the keys to the car now and I got the motorbike yeah We can just ride out of here To the point of no return No more tough words to say Time to start to forget, oh no Walking down the stairway But I don’t think I want this to end Chorus: Bridge: All our memories packed in bags full of polaroids From the times when I could fill your eyes with tears of joy All of our memories split in half like all our dreams and I don’t think I want this to end Solo: Chorus:
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    The reverb part Do you need cavities to obtain that reverb Tom? If so, how do you have both cavities and fills?
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    I have decided to make an album. This was never a motivator to me in the past. I don't really have much to loose in doing it and it's something I've never done, so it's a new experience. I have the capability. The only thing really stopping me is me. I have done lots of mixing and mastering but never attempted to categorize or put all the things in line that need to happen to launch music on a wide scale for sale to the public. It'll probably be a lot of trial and error the first time. I already have the master mixed and most of the metadata plugged into each song. I ordered ISRC codes. I have album art. It was a pic my wife took that I adjusted and added text to. This is like an obstacle course in getting everything sorted out. I still need to have some hard copies duped and the UPC codes. Once I have all that together I guess I can initiate it all through a vendor who will act as the distributor. CD baby looks like the best bet. This is just another area we can attempt to accomplish in. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. At least I'll know where everything sits. If I make a few bucks on it great! If I don't, it was a nice learning experience.
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    Hi, just thought I'd let you know that my song "Doomsday Clock," which was developed here, has been picked up for a new microtonal compilation called Possible Worlds 4. I'll post a link when the album is available to download. As always, thank you so much for your comments and support. This community is invaluable to me.
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    Lol he was concentrating on looking windswept and shexy (as Sean Connery would say).
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    ...or purchase something through our Amazon store ...perhaps a tee shirts?
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    There seems to be a lot of split opinions on this song... Still as split as mine. But I think that's good? Like I said before, this song included a lot of things I had never done before: a prechorus, a full bridge, different chords for the chorus, the most complex instrumentation I've done, and also strange vocal ranges that I've never given the time time to try! So I guess even if everyone doesn't like it, then I've still tried a lot that I would have otherwise never done! So thank you all for experiencing this with me!! @MonoStone Yes, the chorus is still missing the gut punch that I'm going for.. Definitely strongly influenced by shoegaze for it. And I'm happy it comes off a little scary, it's based on me being terrified at 3 AM! Do you know if there are any programs that do autotune for free? I could use Garageband, but it gets noticeable. I'm very visual, so is there a program that allows me to see how far I am from the pitch? Or will tell me the pitch I'm looking for? Any recommendation would be amazing, thank you. I'm also trying to read up on mastering. Currently reading some chapters from "Zen and the Art of Mixing" from a recommendation from a friend... And I'll start to read articles and stuff. So hopefully that helps :). When I get the time, I'm going to record the vocals again. And also change the second prechorus... Thank you for the help Dek!!!! @HoboSage Thank you for calling me out on my laziness.... To be honest, I didn't even consider changing the second prechorus. I was kind of following some sort of template, I guess. And only sometimes am I creative... don't give me too much credit ! Yeah it was a crappy title... this one suits it much better. I'll record vocals again when I have time and get some inspiration again! (This one took a lot out of me!) Thanks Sweetheart Sage @Sreyashi Mukherjee I'm so happy you've been here since the very beginning! Thank you so much for sticking around... and I hope it's paying off a little! I'm a little confused about what you're saying about the chords... They're the same chords from the verse, but with more instruments. Yes, that jump is pretty difficult. Especially having that note in my head with such a huge change in range and register. I think I understand what you're saying and will try it next time I record vocals! I may also make amore prominent backing vocal that isn't the main focus, but helps me get to that note. I'm a little confused about which synth you're talking about... Would you be able to give a timestamp please? (I have like 20 synths on this track) Thank you for the compliment! A lot of it is at the very bottom of my vocal range so I need to be really warmed up.. I agree that the choruses need more backing vocals. I was listening to music last night with lots of layers and I got inspired to do that style again.. I had tried to keep this song simple, but damn, I love backing vocals. I had done an octave harmony on the choruses, but you can't really hear it, so I can bring that out. Thanks so much for the listen!!! Thank you so much guys, really great advice. Hopefully I get to record again soon!!!!! Also PS........... I've started interning at a recording studio, just marketing them on social media. But they said that for the amount of time I put in, they'll teach me things (like mixing/mastering) or would even give me some studio time!!!! So....... big news
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    Hi, Thanks for taking a look. Lyric idea was spurred by the Opposites Challenge. Any comments or critiques are welcome i'm tough. Dancing After The Music Stops Copyright 06/29/2017 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes ------ V 1 ------ Dancing after the music stops Rhythms feel so free Lights are down but coming up Moving so close Getting so close Maybe too close to see Too close for you and me ------ C 1 ------- I'm not as good as I should be I want to leave it like that Oh, it's a matter of fact But I'm not as bad as I could be Your grin reminds me of that Oh, it's a matter of fact ------ V 2 ------ Dancing after the music stops Notions can't be free Lights are down but coming up Heat of the night Shining so bright Maybe too bright we agree Too bright for you and me ------ C 2 ------- I'm not as good as I should be I want to leave it like that Oh, it's a matter of fact But I'm not as bad as I could be Your grin reminds me of that Oh, it's a matter of fact ------- B 1 ------- Is it good or bad Just something to be had Never right or wrong A dance that went too long A dance that went too long -------- C 3 ---------- I'm not as good as I should be I want to leave it like that Oh, it's a matter of fact But I'm not as bad as I could be Your grin reminds me of that Oh, it's a matter of fact -------- V 3 - 1r -------- Dancing after the music stops Rhythms feel so free Lights are down but coming up Moving so close Getting so close Maybe too close to see Too close for you and me -------- C 4 ---------- I'm not as good as I should be I want to leave it like that Oh, it's a matter of fact But I'm not as bad as I could be Your grin reminds me of that Oh, it's a matter of fact Oh, it's a matter of fact
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    Hello Nelson, I'm really sorry for my harsh comment on your song, I overreacted to it and I wasn't constructive at all; that's not the point of this forum, my bad. Now that I have listened to it a few more times and more carefully, I've come to these conclusions/comments: * Your voice is very interesting, it is powerful, I like it a lot; specially at the ending, where you go higher in the last chorus. * The melody is the element I didn't like in my first listen, but I guess it's a style you were looking for. ¿What is(are) the scale(s) you are using to build the melody? I ask you this because, for me, it seems that tension never resolves; even in the chorus we, the listeners, don't find resolution or rest. * I think the lyrics are good, I really like the first verse, but not so much the second one, I think there's and opportunity to make it better. "And I found out that there was / No light but only fire... and lies". But fire emits light, so, if you're trying to say that you just found the burning of fire but no light, that's not clear. And the "... and lies." element doesn't help either to nail a clear image, it is just another element, up your sleeve, to rhyme, maybe; ¿What lies are you talking about? ¿What happened? * I think there's an opportunity to round out a story to tell, even if you keep it open-ended as it is now.
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    Hello, this isn't a new song, I recorded it a few months ago...but I never 'released' it for three reasons - 1. I wasn't sure I liked my different voice in it, 2. I wasn't sure about the chorus, and 3. The mix was too ...something... Anyway I've decided I'm fine with my voice, it suits the song....and I think the chorus is good because it's repeatedly come back to me since I shelved this.... and so I've remixed it all, changed some arrangement just a bit, and so on.... Please let me know if it sounds good? Or if not, any feedback please.... I won't post the words as I have no intention of changing them, they're too stuck in my head now. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/ill-be-with-you05/s-xLHsD Words (since Suzy asked me to post them) - It’s raining where we’re walking Dark november morning Warmer if we talk a fire These echoes are not soothing Better if we're moving Walk until the golden rise We’ve been among the flowers Fallen from our towers Faded into shadow on the stone Now it’s looking clear we must be all alone out here We’ll find our way together you know Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune Terrible the silence from the far forgotten town Coloured at the edges by the sun Cover up it’s cold and there’s a hailstorm coming down Find our way together if we run Somebody said Happiness is dead Shiver all your way into the tomb Time is a healer Time is a killer keep on walking to the blue Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom/tomb Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune
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    There's no better or safer place to battle your inner demons than in your art, Bro. Convey your struggle to be heard with the words you sing and how you sing them, not by making your music the enemy keeping you quiet. Your music is your ally. Rally your troops to support your voice. You obviously have things to say. You owe it to us, and you owe it to yourself, to let us hear it.
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    Hello So, I write songs. Stripped back, with just an acoustic guitar. I like the idea of this place, so it's nice to be here, especially since I started listening to a lot of your songs I have to say I'm really interested & excited to see what you guys think of my music. I may not be as professional at this as some of you are, but I think I have something to offer. But I can only get better with your feedback, opinions, & critique. So please feel free to share any & all thoughts, if you stumble into one of my posts I feel like introductions on here should be more of "here listen to this song" because I really don't know what to say lol I do have a song in "Song Critique", called "Alone in This", if you're interested to share your opinions on it, I'd really appreciate it
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    @symphonious7, if its any consolation to you, I find your posts quite entertaining--at least how I imagine you to be based on how you write out your thoughts. You remind me of my younger sister somewhat. Your excitement over things is endearing. However, I get to read it at my own leisure and that makes a difference. I am one of those people who gets sensory overload. I like deep subjects, not so much superficial ones, but sometimes, depending on my mood I participate. What I remember of my sister, who now lives away, is that I was used to how she was when we grew up together, but then she tried out a life event that took her away for awhile. When she came back, it was like, "Whoa! I've got to get out of here!" With her movements, constant conversation and animation and engagement in a small space was more than I could handle for long periods of time. The house was sooooo quiet when she was gone and so filled with commotion when she came back--the difference knocked me off my kilter a bit. That's more about my limitations than her behavior. I enjoy her personality and her company as long as she doesn't try to push me to think like she does. I believe wholeheartedly in Jesus (and I don't care if others think he's a myth--or if they think I'm a dumb sheep --too much of his presence has been made known to me to deny him), but there are things about "practicing" she and I differ on considerably and she's always trying to convert me back to her way of believing/practicing and I want no part of that. Even when I am enjoying her company, I still need a mental break after some time because that's how I'm created. I need lots of alone downtime to process my thoughts. I think our position in the family might partially account for how our very different personalities developed. She's the youngest of multiple siblings and thrived on LOTS of attention, which was given by all members of the family. I have a youngest child and what I see in common with the two of them is they are very light-hearted (except when they're not--which is brief), persistent, jovial, funny, smart, quick-witted, and forgiving. Point is...she's got imperfections as well as good points, but people gotta love you for who you are, so if that's who you are, be who you are! Its better than someone loving you for who you're not.
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    Hi Tony, Okey I'm guessing it's a blues The blues is NOT about someone's sucsess, it's about misery, broken hearts, low life, slavery, etc. It's hard to believe your story about a 'lonely boy' - making millions - still playing the blues and feeling sorry for himself. It's your first lyrics, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. Read the lyrics of your fav artists and get inspired! Write more! Cheers, Geir
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    Hi Patty No questions are stupid. It totally modifies what the music will do. In the original version the chorus will most probably be 8 bars long. In the five line version it will probably be 10 bars long. The line lengths instead of being an even four will accelerate towards the back going 4,4,2,2 The extra space created will allow for some back heavy phrasing which will alter the emotional feel. The chord sequence will most probably contain an extra chord or maybe two although that depends on the melody. Obviously if you used the same melody as was created using the four line version and just wrote it down differently there would be no difference. The point is the lyric structure in lyrics first songs determines the melodic structure, and that structure has to support the lyric content. Cheers Gary
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    UPDATE(July,13): THREAD IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS EVERYONE! _________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE(July,12): Thanks for the feedback everyone, here's the mastered version: https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/spaceridemastered/s-XKfw7 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a short piece of music, a WIP. The bass is quite heavy so you might wanna lower your volume a little before you play this one. I'm aiming for a high energy type of feeling/vibe. I still have to figure out a melodic theme/lead for it but nothing's coming to mind atm. Let me know your thoughts. Any and all critique is welcome. Thanks, Ken https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/130bpm/s-3QhEJ
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    I think that the internet is a wonderful thing but as you have pointed out there is no vetting or monitoring to test the standards of songs. I reckon that if they split every thing into sections like "Radio Ready", "Semi pro", and "Amature" and vetted songs before allowing them on Youtube, CD Baby, Reverbnation it would be far better for the listeners and purchasers of songs. It won't happen because these platforms want to earn money and not spend it on paying muso's to monitor and filter on the sites.
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    Wrote a song idea with 3/4 timing and would highly appreciate feedback before I develop it further and eventually write lyrics. Going for a Soundgarden feel - not sure if I pulled it off. https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-linton-3/freedom-of-expression
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    Awww c'mon. They're the only ones liking my songs! LOL
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    For me, what has ruined SoundCloud is the piranhas that like or repost your track, but are just wanting the hits, the ones that promise you will get 10000 new followers etc... they are a pest and probably put people off posting.
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    I am also looking to do an album release soon(ish) and have set up a website to promote the music. The website is still a coming soon page, but I will be looking to get the content up once I get back from holiday as work has been hectic recently and I've not had much time for thinking let alone anything else. My plan is to do and instrumentals e.p or album and then one with vocals. I am not confident enough in my music and ability with getting my vocals right, so will probably look to work with a producer on that side, but the instrumental album might be easier to self-produce with the help of the members on this site and their excellent critique. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is how I am looking at it. Nothing might happen, but with the billions of people in the world and the type of music I am looking to produce, I know there is a market for it. It might not sell, or might not sell a massive amount, but I am not looking to make a living from this. I am not going to be going out and playing gigs (that could change if I get any kind of offer and I think I could manage it). If I make any money from this, it would go back into my equipment and making music. If I get any kind of positive reviews, I would be over the moon. I played some of my newer vocal tracks to my mum the other day and apart from the couple of things I already knew (using temp vocals - tweaking the arrangement to make it more dynamic), she thought they were really good and better than I probably think they are. I don't normally let anyone in my family hear them as they normally just tell you want they think you want to hear, but I could see as she was listening how she was feeling listening to them (and it's not her style of music). Apparently my sister had listened to the instrumental stuff I posted on Facebook for feedback last year (didnt comment at the time though) and was raving about how good they were and let her friend listen who thought they were really good as well. My problem is I don't have the confidence in my music and I put that down to not being trained in any musical instrument (i know that there are tons of people out there having hits who are the same), but I never like anything I do (drawing, writing, music, everything), but I have always had really nice comments about all of these things. Working with someone who can help push me is probably the way I need to approach this. Once it is done, I will be able to do this myself, but I think I need that initial help. I have been looking about at producers and even some of the guys in London who have worked with some big names and know that it's going to cost, but I need to work out within myself if the cost is worth it to get the first album done and released (it will be a self-release) and promote it with the right sites etc. Tim, let me know once you are ready for release, it will be good to hear how the songs sound. Have you been using Izotope?
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    It's like a disease sometimes. Even a curse because it's like I/you can't stop it. I don't know how many times my wife has been talking to me and while I am hearing her, I'm not 100% listening because I've got that damn song cranking in my brain and I can't stop it! I've written full verses and choruses while talking with my wife at the same time. LOL
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    Howdy, My apologies in advance if this belongs in a different thread. I'm brand spanking new to the forum so I still have yet to learn the ways of this side of the world. This post is half "anybody wanna share their thoughts and feelings on the difficulty in finding people willing to perform your music?" and half "by the way, wanna join my band?" I wrote recorded/produced this roadhouse blues/rock album a while ago (more details in the "P.S."). Now, being in a small town where all the musicians I know are either too busy, not committed, not experienced, or just disinterested, it's proving difficult to bring this project to life. I'm talkin' a whole band - 2 guitars, bass, drums, and maybe keys. So, I'm trying to branch out within the Mendocino/Sonoma County, CA area (and beyond) to see if find any luck. How do you folks go about seeking band members while you're suffering from small town seclusion syndrome? -Try solo shows to get your face out there and network with new people? -Craigslist (the response has been silent for me on the past)? -Bandmix.com? -Forums that are specific to performing musicians rather than songwriting or production? Anywho, thank you for reading and I'm interested to hear your thoughts in how you go about this (and if you're interested in this band, then hurray!). Best, -Luke P.S. You can listen to the album here: https://ltkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dirty-habits While it's primarily blues/rock, there is a little hodge podge of country/Western, depressive folk, rockabilly, and just the slightest hint of punk and metal. I would like to believe fans of Tom Waits and Danzig might appreciate it. [edited: typos, typos, typos.]
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    Please critique I have arranged to record a gospel singer and choir for this song and need to know if the lyric is universally understood before recording. I suffered a mild stroke recently and am awaiting scan results on my brain. I fear that my writing ability may have been effected. I have updated the lyric today which makes perfect sense to me and I am hoping that it makes sense to others. I thank you for giving me your time. Sky balloons (Lyric by) Raymond Fry. (Music by) Giampaolo Pasquile Intro 4 bars: Verse 1: When a pierced heart falls Help it rise from its sadness Like a downed balloon Breathe it life with your kindness Pre chorus: Whisper tender words You'll change their world Chorus: Someday our hearts will fly like sky balloons A symphony of souls will sing in tune And when our dream unfolds Joyful eyes will let us know That we're reaping all the love we've sown Interlude: 4 bars Verse 2: When an angel calls With a smile through the dawn light Souls will shine so bright They’ll take flight from the dark night Pre chorus: We’ll see heavens eyes All around the world Chorus: Someday our hearts will fly like sky balloons A symphony of souls will sing in tune And when our dream unfolds Joyful eyes will let us know That we're reaping all the love we've sown With love....................... Together we can heal this world of wounds Where no-one here will be misunderstood And when an angel calls Love will shine into our eyes And our hearts will fly like sky balloons Interlude: 2 bars Bridge: Love.........never asks anything in return It only wants the best for us So just like the rising of the moon Loves gonna fly, loves gonna fly Loves gonna fly here soon Chorus: Someday our hearts will fly like sky balloons A symphony of souls will sing in tune And when our dream unfolds Joyful eyes will let us know That we're reaping all the love we've sown With love....................... Together we can heal this world of wounds Where no-one here will be misunderstood And when an angel calls Love will shine into our eyes And our hearts will fly like sky balloons Interlude: 4 bars Verse Outro: When a pierced heart falls Shine your light on its darkness Like a downed balloon It will rise when you fill it with love © Copyright worldwide all rights reserved Registration ID: 202769 Revised Registration ID: 203697 Sky Balloons_Melody.mp3
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    A while back, i had a piece of work, a lyric, I heavily modified to change the direction because folks saw no "hope" in it's conclusion. It has bugged me ever since. The original is stuck on a device that is going to have to be pulled off professionally. Until I get that lyric back to it's original intent I have haunting regret. That in itself made me a stronger writer. So regrets aren't always bad. Peggy
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    Dear all, I am a singer-songwriter from New Delhi, India. I write for and perform with a voice ensemble by the name of The Manta Sidhu Ensemble. The music leans towards folk-pop. I would love to have you all take the time to go through my music and offer comments, feedback, suggestions...so I may integrate them in my forthcoming collection of songs. Many thanks and warm regards.
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    I recall Rudi mentioning that he's missing playing out while Blown Out is on hiatus. So much so that he's considering busking as an opportunity to do so. I've done some busking in the distant past and always promised myself that I would again someday. The somedays never came till this summer. It's work if you are not used to the process. In the past whenever I'd work out a song. I'd work it till I found my performance sufficient then... rarely go back to it. Or I'd play only my favorite parts. There is a problem with only playing only your favorite parts to song. Our memories work that when we remember something again. We don't go all the way back to the memory. Instead we access the last time we remembered. So these days I don't half commit to songs for practice sake or for picking up the guitar sake. If I don't know it all the way through I pick up the sheet music and work it out completely. Another thing about reading stuff from a computer software tool or sheet music. You really have to start walking away from reading as soon as you can. If you are referencing the sheet it becomes a crutch to performance as you'll soon find yourself only being able to perform with the sheet in front of you. Most of the fun stuff I'd used to do on guitar I've had to put to the side. Sure it's fun but it's a distraction. Other distractions I'm trying to put behind me as well. My mind has a tendency to wander too much. These days. I get up, go through my practice regiment for about two hours. Take a break then about 1:00 I go to a local park with my Variax Standard and battery powered Yamaha THR-C ten watt amp. Play for an hour or two then I go to work. One of the hardest parts is sticking to the set list. Not playing songs that I'm not going to perform. That's much easier in a band setting I'm beginning to gain confidence with my singing live and overall playing. It's funny, when you play in an apartment with thin walls over time your consideration of neighbors and lack of an audience makes you want to play quieter and it's easy to become insecure about your performance abilities. I don't sing too much in public still. I've never had vocal training and between allergies, smoking and other factors I can't push my voice. Nonetheless I practice singing scales and try warming up before performing. I rarely get listeners approaching me during my performance. When I do it's nice. I'm less concerned with the audience than my performance. So long as I know I've performed the song well is good enough for me.
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    Ive changed the chorus and line 2 in verse 1; When it comes to you V. As it is it isn’t anymore What it was we had i wasn't sure But i know it shook me to the core And i liked it V. As it is it isn’t either way What it was i couldn’t really say Love was just a game we used to play And i liked it CH. When it comes to you - i can't get enough Nothing i won't do - just to feel your touch When it comes to you - even when you're gone All i ever do - is keep hanging on When it comes to you V. As it is it isn’t anymore What it was I’ve never had before You were always knocking on my door And i liked it V. As it is it isn’t either way What it was could be again some day You were always leading me astray And i liked it CH. When it comes to you - i can't get enough Nothing i won't do - just to feel your touch When it comes to you - even when you're gone All i ever do - is keep hanging on When it comes to you BR. Every other time - i said this time will be better Every other time - it was now or it was never V. When it comes to you - i can't get enough Nothing i won't do - just to feel your touch When it comes to you - even when you're gone All i ever do - is keep hanging on When it comes to you
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    I find this site amazing! i love it here . Great model you got there for the T-Shirt. The only thing missing is his smile!
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    This has been on my mind lately... For years I've had the opinion that 'if it sounds good it's good'... but now I'm not sure... Recently I've heard Ian Gillan and Noel Gallagher both say the same (not together) ... but I've thought "Hmmm well that's the weak part of your songs...for my taste"... And yet, I rate Bowie lyrics really highly, even though they rarely make much sense... I find that words which are too clear in meaning don't keep my interest for so long, maybe they date too quickly (especially about events/protests)... I think it's a matter of taste. Whatever turns you on. Answers - 1) this is a subject that's been on here before more than once, and my answer remains the same...it's always the melody before the lyrics (because the lyrics have to fit the melody/phrasing) BUT sometimes some previously written words just happen to fit (usually with a lot of editing) so having words around first is helpful too. If you write lyrics first, and just sing them as they were written, then they tend to sound written rather than felt, unless you're extremely good...not only good in a poetic way but also good at writing in a way that will flow well when sung. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of talent needed to write words first or alone as a lyricist and end up with it sounding great as a SONG. 2) Lyrical favourites... Quicksand - Bowie, Lover You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley, Song For The Angels - Great Lake Swimmers, My Death - Bowie/Brel (some differences I think? I prefer it by Bowie).... it would be a long list.... I think it's a case of poetic words which are perfect for the music, but they probably stand alone lyrically too...maybe as poems. I like lyrics that don't immediately seem obvious, or mislead, or set a scene, and don't take the obvious path. I imagine a lot of people don't agree with me, but I've said before...the Cocteau Twins proved that it's the music, melody, phrasing and performance that puts the emotion into a song...seeming to be full of meaning and feeling without a word of sense, not even real words... as in - So are lyrics really so important... maybe they just need to not spoil a good melody!?
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    Sooooooooooo glad you didn't go the thong route! Thank you again John and all the other admins/helpers for all you do. I can't say it enough.
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    Laughing is good! I love to laugh! Yes, I got all mixed up thinking you were the poster of the song and EVENTUALLY I caught on, but didn't have the chance to reply, so all the above was meant for @Skin, though I'm sure is irrelevant now due to timing, but I knew you were fairly new here, so when I thought YOU wrote the song, figured it was recent. Doesn't take much to confuse me! lol! And just to add another layer of confusion, Les didn't post the lyrics, I did! I think the glitch is that Les's critique is the first critique on the 2nd page of critiques for this challenge. Easy to miss that there's a first page to this thread with more discussion of these lyrics and others. I'd say it's a sign of a healthy critique forum when there's enough traffic to get lost in !!
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    I dunno, Tom. Call and response vocals happen at different times. I think she's talking about a second vocal arrangement as backing vocals (which is what I would call it/them) which sing something different from the lead, but overlap the lead vocal, at least partially. When I "publish" a lyric by posting it along with the track say, on Soundcloud, I just display the words without any further labels. I mean, they can listen to what's what. But, to convey further information for purposes of review of just the lyric on a forum like this, you could do this. Say it's the chorus: Chorus (w/ backing vocals) <- indicates the backing vocals will be in parentheses (blah blah blah) indicates a backing vocal that starts before the lead scooby dooby doo - indicates the lead vocal (nah nah nah) - another backing vocal starting after the lead oompa oompa - lead la la la la - lead uh-huh-uh-huh (aaaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah) - backing vocal sings mostly with the lead
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    Sorry that I didn't catch this earlier. I'm not sure whether you asked about the daily time it takes for a singer to warm up and get it to performance level singing? If you did, it pretty much depends. On the vocal health, how much rest you've given yourself the previous night, how hydrated you are/were. In my case, I do 15-20 minutes of breathing exercises first and a few stretches. And then do 30 minutes of vocal exercises (that I have experimented and decided on and found to be effective for me) over different scales. That pretty much does it every time. I feel absolutely good to go. If I still feel on rare occasions that it's not there yet, I do another round of lip rolls and that does the trick. Now on the other hand, if you were asking about how long it will take with daily practice each day to GET to a good point in being able to sing (whatever that maybe as decided by you), it depends. And that's my answer for your other question regarding multi-tasking too. Depends on how well you take care of your vocal health (or have the stamina and immunity to indulge yourself in the so called 'bad things' but this is never the approach to good vocal health. I say it with experience). Depends how well you're able to associate sensations in your body to the skill of singing itself. It's important to build good muscle memory right from the start when it comes to singing. And mindful vocal practice helps you be on your way. It also makes you more aware of any tension in your body and back off when needed. All these things are subtle in nature but extremely useful (and simple if you put your mind to it). So in such a case, being able to put some time and a place aside for your practice sessions work wonders! You might see yourself with ample but definite sessions each day working wonders for you. If you are multi-tasking, that may vary. Having said that, it doesn't mean you can't multi task and practice, especially when you've gotten to a point that you have good muscle memory of good vocal techniques. It's like you've learnt to ride the bicycle but you wake up every day, put some music on (my example of multi-tasking lol seemed appropriate) and you practice to get better. You're STILL practicing with a goal to get better but your brain and your body has built the muscle memory enough to know how to ride the bicycle while multi-tasking. Does that make sense? I find myself doing lip rolls without even realising sometimes - on the streets, in a cab and I will confess with a disclaimer that it was just once - in a public bathroom. lol EDIT: I wanted to add something that I swear heard it somewhere - Practice doesn't make one perfect, practicing perfectly makes one perfect. And that should be your focus regardless of how much time you have. Keep the exercises simple and practice being able to do those simple exercises PERFECTLY (because you know, it's a simple one we've picked). When you've nailed it down, make the exercise the TEENIEST bit more difficult. (For singers, it might be the note we are hitting. For a guitar player, it might be increasing the tempo on the metronome by 1-2 bpm, whatever it is). So tiny that you may not even notice. But your body will. Your vocal cords will. They will use the experience of the muscle memory from the previous exercise and try to accommodate in this new case, given that it would be a relatively easier task for it. And that will improve your skill by that tiny bit. After that you simply rinse and repeat! Anyways, all good stuff! Mahesh
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    Howdy, My name's Luke (I occasionally go by Lou because sometimes my mouth gets lazy with hard consonants). Like most people here, I'm a lonely guitarist/vocalist/composer. My background is primarily punk, metal, and experimental but I'd like to believe my tastes and interests are fairly eclectic (again, like most of you fine folks on here). I've been told that my low voice doesn't match my tiny body (which is sort of a back handed compliment, I guess, but a compliment I'll take nonetheless). I look forward to meeting ya. Thank you for reading. -Luke