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    I dunno, Tom. Call and response vocals happen at different times. I think she's talking about a second vocal arrangement as backing vocals (which is what I would call it/them) which sing something different from the lead, but overlap the lead vocal, at least partially. When I "publish" a lyric by posting it along with the track say, on Soundcloud, I just display the words without any further labels. I mean, they can listen to what's what. But, to convey further information for purposes of review of just the lyric on a forum like this, you could do this. Say it's the chorus: Chorus (w/ backing vocals) <- indicates the backing vocals will be in parentheses (blah blah blah) indicates a backing vocal that starts before the lead scooby dooby doo - indicates the lead vocal (nah nah nah) - another backing vocal starting after the lead oompa oompa - lead la la la la - lead uh-huh-uh-huh (aaaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah) - backing vocal sings mostly with the lead
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    Aw. You poor baby. Should I cue the violins? You might want to consider the initial impression you're making - at least on me. Aside from whining for attention like a child, you do so while unfairly condemning the site, and your complaint is bullshit to begin with. That people are reading your posted poems is confirmed by the healthy number of views you have received - views reflect that, not comments. And, it's not surprising you have plenty of views, because you've taken over the top six spots on that board - partly due to your poor forum etiquette, selfishly posting four - FOUR - poems the same day - June 2. The truth is, I knew you were new here, and I was going to read and comment on your work until I saw that you posted four the same day. Then, I decided not to, and I sure won't be reconsidering that decision now.
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    I can be mean!!! just be here when i'm critiquing my own songs! But seriously, I've never heard something on this site that deserved negative feedback... everyone here is brilliant.
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    Hobo, can you please comment on my poems? I didn't post them all on the same day
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    J Morrison (c) June 2017 as usual no idea where this came from first couple of lines rolled round my head for a few days think i need to work on the flow will do when i have time some fight in me yet I would wake up in a rundown high rise first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was that old guitar standing by the door together we planed to escape being poor I never knew my dad guess I never will after school jobs helped to pay the bills hardly had time that I could call my own but if I did I'd practised and write songs when you're poor there is no hand up you had to fight for anything you got well I was young and you better bet I still had the fight in me yet I still had the fight in me yet me and that guitar practised all we could if I admit it myself I think we were good after school and work hardly time for fun but it was a race and all I could do is run when you're poor there is no hand up you had to fight for anything you got well I was young and you better bet I still had the fight in me yet I still had the fight in me yet the day arrived when my guitar and me were going to get a slot on talent T.V well we playing the best we could of course I sang with all my heart shaking like a leaf as comments start everyone was positive I had what it takes as I hugged mom I said " I think we're are on our way " when you're poor there is no hand up you have to fight for anything you got a little older now but you better bet I still have that fight in me yet I still have that fight in me yet still trying to get where I can get but I still have that fight in me yet
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    If you are going to make this into a real song, I don't think the simplicity/repetitiveness would be much of a problem - however, the length might have to be shortened. But still, I think it's a strong instrumental piece. Good quality production, btw. I hope you keep getting better at working with Ableton Live. Good stuff!
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    Cause I'm a pain in the arse and walk about all day singing new songs and I'm easily distracted when I'm at the keyboard. I need to focus and do something with all the other tracks, but still don't know whether to try and work with a producer who would force me to focus. Now I'm thinking about writing a song about boycotting something or somebody
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    Thank you guys......... I'll take your advice, though I'm a little lost in the music section. Maybe in time I too will feel more comfortable. Thanks again guys!
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    Sorry, but the poetry section is a new concept for us...something John added recently. We've always concerned ourselves with musically-related topics & content, hence the name - Songstuff. Perhaps in time, we'll develop a reputation as a hub for the poetry-related? Only time will tell. Tom
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    Nsj thoughts on bridge without one good reason why not even one last kiss goodbye when the truth became a lie how was I supposed to feel i thought this love was real just my opinion john
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    Hi, Neil. I haven't been on here in awhile and it's been awhile since I've done a critique, so please bear with me here. First off, I like this lyric a lot and would love to hear it set to music and I like the chorus and think Tom's edit definitely strengthens it. As others have pointed out, the first two lines...yep, gonna hear it again, but it's not just the singability that comes to mind, but also the use of past/present tense. As it is it isn’t anymore What it was we had i wasn't sure So let's pull apart the first line here, As it is, it isn't anymore... correct tense for what you are trying to say would be: As it was, it isn't anymore So if you use that, the second line now would need to be changed to something like (just a suggestion): Whatever we had i am not sure or hold out the not for the extra beat: Whatever we had I'm no-ot sure Rest of the lyric looks great!! Best of luck to you with it and hope that helps some. --Cheryl--