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    Recently I posted a video performance of a song of mine in a recital hall and got a lot of good feedback to use for when I go back to record more. Well, I went back, and used many of the suggestions, but that day I had some troubles with my voice and nothing really turned out as well as I'd have liked. After that, I decided just to set up at home and do it little by little rather than spending a day and transporting all my stuff to another location, and then having it be another disaster. So, this is a private video that I have not released yet that I recorded at home. (hopefully it will work? Let me know if not) It's the first time I used scene shifting so you can see me recording harmony part. I'd like to get some feedback on the production, performance, arrangement, and your overall thoughts on this. I hope to start putting up videos on a somewhat regular basis and will try to build up a backlog before releasing anything into the wild. Thanks for your support and critiques!
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    This first installment of the my "Songwriting 101" channel playlist includes a 5 1/2 minute medley of original song introductions. Installment #2 ("The Art of the Ending") is already in the works! That definitely includes Songstuff membership. If anyone interested in contributing to the playlist, shoot me a PM or contact me via YouTube.
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    Emily this is really beautiful, the piano playing is excellent and the vocals were haunting and lovely. This is by far my favourite of your music and reminds me the most of early Kate Bush. I think I would have preferred the video just you playing the piano (i so wish I could play the piano like that), as I to found the cut to you singing the harmonies distracting and it took away from what, for me, for a fantastic performance.
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    Thanks for your feedback and constructive criticism, Jenn... I hope the "in your face" part that is different about this is a positive thing? I'm wondering if I should go ahead and take the cut scenes out, but thought it might be weird to have the harmony in there without showing it somehow...If I had the ability to split screen, I'd do that instead. I've noted what you said about the angle and the curtains, and will try to fix that next time. Will also probably change the filter back. Originally it was warmer, but I got to tweaking it and just liked the dark, antique-y type vibe it gave...but I think you might be right, and the darkness actually make it more difficult to watch. Great suggestions, thanks so much! I'm glad I haven't made this public yet. Thanks @ImKeN and @Richard Tracey for your feedback, too. That pop screen...I just can't decide if to have it or not to have it.
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    Sumi, thank you for you comments! Patty and I realize that this song would be more appealing if it where sung by a female vocalist, someone more professional than myself with more variance in the melody of the verses, but that's what a demo is for, to help iron out the wrinkles. Thank you again for your support and taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated. take care, Moptop
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    Hey Emily, I think it's a great video performance! I really like the authenticity of it all and the way the piano arrangement just soaks in the natural tone of your voice - it's quite an amazing sound! With no pop filter on the mic, I thought the main vocals suffered a little bit. But on the other hand, a little roughness is to be expected from a video performance, so I really don't think it's that big of a deal. Keep up the great music, Ken
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    So true Peggy so true!!
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    Yep! "Private" won't work for any type of large-scale publically availability. "Unlisted" keeps it unsearchable, but viewable by anyone possessing the actual URL...including a posting of it on a public forum. Over the years, I've found all 3 useful in various applications Tom
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    Hi, I mostly like to write; I usually write darker lyrics, and if anyone would like to read one, here's something I wrote, David. A DESERT YOUR HEART VERSE 1 I've been holding on too long To a vanishing mirage A desert with no escape Breathing air that suffocates The more I look around The more deserted the land I see too much effort A collapsing wall of sand VERSE 2 Tired of compromise That ends in defeat Another lonely mile Where pain's not so discrete It's been wrong so long Forgot what normal is If I don't get out soon Time will never forgive CHORUS A desert your heart A mirage our love Nothing seen or felt Just dark and apart Some rain might help But thunder I hear Stagnant and barren A lonely land to bare VERSE 3 I can see the future But I can't see you I know where to look My past you wander through Now a place I don't go With nothing new to see Where truth fights for the right To speak and be believed CHORUS Oh a desert your heart A mirage our love Nothing seen or felt Just dark and apart Some rain might help But thunder I hear Stagnant and barren A lonely land to bare BRIDGE Nothing empty Deserted dry None left to care No tears to cry A lonely land Where love's a lie We don't live We don't survive CHORUS A desert your heart A mirage our love Nothing seen or felt Just dark and apart Some rain might help But thunder I hear Stagnant and barren A lonely land to bare It's a desert It's called your heart It's our love It's a mirage Written by, David (zyzzyva)
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    Clarity is something i am trying really hard to work through in my writing. My thoughts flood as i write and the meaning starts chain-linking and blending as i try and resolve. I am probably a guarded writer. But i do want, so much, for the reader/listener to find one of the paths i have presented. Or at least have enough that they can take away a picture or feeling that's relatable. Wanting them to come back for another read/listen for the right reasons. In most of my lyrics there is a bit of "reality" behind them, probably some a "mystery". Not necessarily personal, (although i personalize alot with i you me we .. 1st/2nd person pronouns) but within the wide sphere I've defined for myself to write in. I just need to keep working at not letting my natural guard cause the reader/listener confusion. My voice is not that great, terrible, but always in tune. I sing all the time. Not as a singer but thinking it's about time i get over "afraid to be embarrassed" and sing a quick melody so folks can hear were i am with my songs. But dang, that's a huge hurdle for me. Yikes, telling you this, knowing your voice is beautiful and enchanting. I just need to keep working at all my weaknesses .. which is great fun for me and driven alot by my experiences here with you all. Thanks so much for the read and comments. I have a bit of work here and a couple of more ideas now to kick around. I really thought this worked a bit better than i'm seeing now. Main focus was no one is perfect here on earth. we can understand and talk instead of being angry. Anger has it's place but ..