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    It was lovely to finally meet John on a recent trip to Glasgow! (St Patricks day) It was a miserable day, Raining and gloomy, but we had a very pleasant couple of hours together, along with some other friends, drinking wine and consuming some rather good food in a splendid venue in Glasgow! I hope we can do this again one day mate! It was truly a lovely evening. And an incredible coincidence that we happened to be sporting the same hat! Cheers buddy!
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    I'm new to the forums so first off, hi all. I'm looking for a lyricist to team up with to make some music. I'm compose anything from Pop/Rock, Country/Rock, but I always seem to have a hard time coming up with lyrics, so instead of trying to do something I'm not good at I'm going to use my strengths in composing and singing and lead the lyrics to someone else. So if anyone could help please let me know. Also I know a lot of people have probably said this on the forums but I am starting a “home recording studio” hopefully to get in a real building and have a full studio but just got done spending a little over 2.5k on recording equipment and such (now I’m broke ). So if anyone wants to team up please let me know and we could work something out, more details about that coming soon but first need some lyrics.
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    Hey! This is my first time posting here, and I'm looking for pretty much any suggestions, and criticisms. I'm new at song writing, and I feel pretty lackluster. If you have general comments, or tips to help it would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time :)! Lyrics: You spoke of a willow Tree And being In love I spoke of a burning in my lungs I feel if I don't look away I'll likely turn to stone You point out the Birds returned I'm not sure I would have known You're Sown with pedals and a hope I'm not sure you know
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    You fool! Don't get dragged in! It's a scam to get your bank details and pin number! Just remind me what they are! I'll keep them safe!
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    For all members using Soundcloud - we now have our very own Soundcloud account. https://soundcloud.com/songstuff-community Please follow us and look out for our regular Songstuff Community Member Sets where we showcase songs which have been posted here on the site.
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    From the album Images

    Here's me the other day at Sun Studios. Great tour there. $1,000 for 5 hours of recording time. Can you guess who will never record there?
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    Here is the link to our very own Songstuff Youtube channel where we regularly showcase selected videos from our members which have been posted here on the site. Please subscribe to our channel and follow our Songstuff members on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Songstuff
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    Hey! I just started attempting to song write, and I'm super excited to hear everyone's stuff! I mostly try to make some simple acoustic songs, and usually I fail desperately! I've already heard lots of amazing stuff already in the little bit of time I've been looking, and I'm looking forward to listen to some new art. I hope to learn from many of you, and to get to know you too!
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    I'm now excited! I'm going off to challenge that Mathew feller....
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    New song -> "Every Step" -> looking for critique on lyrics, melody, catchiness, structure, instruments, sound, voice etc - anything really! Thanks Emerald eyes like the ocean Tempest rise from the sea Waves crash down all around me Currents pulling me in So will you hold me, tightly so I know that I’ll be alright There’s nothing we’ve left say Everything now in its place And If I dive in I’m never resurfacing But there’s nothing that I’d like more And we will grow old But I will not love you less I’ll always look at you this way And I’ll make mistakes but I will do my best to be there every step of the way Crimson lips whisper too me Softest touch at my skin Still the waves crash into me Swirling tide starts to spin Will you tell me stories so I know that I’ll sleep tonight But I can feel trouble it’s rising Darkness lurks on our horizon I should known It would end like this I know I know nothing perfect nothin's bliss uh oh we'll be fine x4 [chorus]
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    What's up, guys? This is my first topic in your community, let me share an interesting article which I've found in the Internet! Music and Mood Music’s beneficial effects on mental health have been known for thousands of years. Ancient philosophers from Plato to Confucius and the kings of Israel sang the praises of music and used it to help soothe stress. Military bands use music to build confidence and courage. Sporting events provide music to rouse enthusiasm. Schoolchildren use music to memorize their ABCs. Shopping malls play music to entice consumers and keep them in the store. Dentists play music to help calm nervous patients. Modern research supports conventional wisdom that music benefits mood and confidence. Because of our unique experiences, we develop different musical tastes and preferences. Despite these differences, there are some common responses to music. Babies love lullabies. Maternal singing is particularly soothing, regardless of a mom’s formal musical talents or training. Certain kinds of music make almost everyone feel worse, even when someone says she enjoys it; in a study of 144 adults and teenagers who listened to 4 different kinds of music, grunge music led to significant increases in hostility, sadness, tension, and fatigue across the entire group, even in the teenagers who said they liked it. In another study, college students reported that pop, rock, oldies, and classical music helped them feel happier and more optimistic, friendly, relaxed, and calm. Music, Attention, and Learning Everyone who has learned their ABCs knows that it is easier to memorize a list if it is set to music. Scientific research supports common experience that pairing music with rhythm and pitch enhances learning and recall. Music helps children and adolescents with attention problems in several ways. First, it can be used as a reward for desired behavior. For example, for paying attention to homework for 10 minutes, a child can be rewarded with the opportunity to listen to music for 5 minutes. Second, it can be used to help enhance attention to “boring” academic tasks such as memorization, using songs, rhythms, and dance or movement to enhance the interest of the lists to be memorized. Instrumental baroque music is great for improving attention and reasoning. For students, playing background music is not distracting. Third, musical cues can be used to help organize activities – one kind of music for one activity (studying), another for a different activity (eating), and a third kind for heading to bed. Fourth, studies show that calming music can promote pro-social behavior and decrease impulsive behavior. Music and Anxiety Many people find familiar music comforting and calming. In fact, music is so effective in reducing anxiety, it is often used in dental, preoperative, and radiation therapy settings to help patients cope with their worries about procedures. Music helps decrease anxiety in the elderly, new mothers, and children too. Music’s ability to banish worries is illustrated in the Rogers and Hammerstein lyrics, “Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect And whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect I’m afraid… And every single time, the happiness in the tune convinces me that I’m not afraid.” Any kind of relaxing, calming music can contribute to calmer moods. Calming music can be combined with cognitive therapy to lower anxiety even more effectively than conventional therapy alone. Some studies suggest that specially designed music, such as music that includes tones that intentionally induce binaural beats to put brain waves into relaxed delta or theta rhythms, can help improve symptoms in anxious patients even more than music without these tones; listening to this music without other distractions (not while driving, cooking, talking, or reading) promotes the best benefits. Music and Moods An analysis of 5 studies on music for depression concluded that music therapy is not only acceptable for depressed patients, but it actually helps improve their moods. Music has proven useful in helping patients with serious medical illnesses such as cancer, burns, and multiple sclerosis who are also depressed. If it can help in these situations, it may be able to help you and your loved ones experience more positive moods. Music and Sleep Many people listen to soothing music to help them fall asleep. This practice is supported by studies in a variety of settings. Just don’t try listening to lively dance music or rousing marches before you aim to fall asleep. Conversely, if you’re trying to wake up in the morning, go for the fast-tempo music rather than lullabies. Music and Stress Since ancient times, it has been known that certain kinds of music can help soothe away stress. Calming background music can significantly decrease irritability and promote calm in elderly nursing home patients with dementia. Music, widely chosen, lowers stress hormone levels. On the other hand, every parent of a teenager knows that certain kinds of music, particularly at high volumes, can induce stress. Knowing that certain kinds of music can alleviate stress is one thing; being mindful in choosing what kind of music to listen to is another. Choose your musical intake as carefully as you choose your food and friends. Mental Health, Naturally: The Family Guide to Holistic Care for a Healthy Mind and Body (Copyright © 2010 American Academy of Pediatrics]
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    hey music man! it's amazing how much our lives are influenced by music. Regardless of race, creed and culture, music is an integral part of our existence. We bookmark memories and stages in our lives with music, to a point where you cant listen to a great song because you subconsciously linked it to a traumatic experience. Some songs give you a shiver up the spine, or make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. But its not just humans. Animals also respond to music, and plants have also been found to respond positively to classical music and negatively to heavy metal! I'll never forget a documentary i watched where a pianist living in Africa befriended a local herd of elephants by putting his piano in the back yard and serenading them. They would gather around and were so gentle and obviously affected by the music. A matriarch had previously left the herd after the traumatic loss of her young to poachers would visit him at night on her own when he played one particularly sad and solemn tune. But for that moment she seemed so content... cheers, Neil
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    hi gang I saw this and thought that some of you might find this inspiring. You would never know he had a stutter, or that Eminem was a part of the cure... or that he had one ear drum! it just shows what is possible, and that we ourselves create our limitations.
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    We're going into the hat making business! It's quite lucrative, this time next year, we'll be milliners!
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    From the album Kevin Dixon

    I upgraded my previous computer and still use cubase. Workstation Spec: 3.5gHz Intel i7 5820k, 32gb RAM SoundBlaster ZxR Novation 61SL MkII (master keyboard) Korg KONTROL49 Software Spec: Cubase Artist 8 Propellerheads Reason 5 ReFX Nexus II Various VST Instruments Sound Spec: Pioneer DJ05-W Bi-amped near field monitors. Pioneer HDJ-2000 reference headphones Coffee Specs: Kenco Rappor.. (Lots of !!!)
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    Your production skills have improved dramatically since you first posted this song. You've accomplished major improvement in a short time; just keep doing songs, and you will continue to get better. The song sounds nice now with a good balance. I don't think the vocals necessarily need to be louder, just 'bigger' for this type of song. It needs more punch, too, but it's worlds better than the first version you posted. I wouldn't spend a ton more time on this particular song at this point. Do some more songs and circle back to this one after a bit of a break. You will learn new things with each song, and it will give your ears time to reset. Nice job! Peace, TC
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    Elemental © Copyright 2003 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse The sky, rotates above our heads Behind our eyes all our lives are lead Breathing out a cloud cascades Into the waiting air, where all is said Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate Verse To feel the sun caress our skin Coaxing the seed that we hold within Reaching out as daylight fades Towards the lifeboat light, where all is safe Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate Instrumental Bridge Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate
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    Always On My Mind © Copyright 2007 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse Underwater It feels so cool The world in reflection A knot in my soul I see you so clearly Smiling at me There's shadows in your eyes That only I see Chorus You're always on my mind always on my mind always on my mind You're always on my mind always on my mind always on my mind Verse Inspiration An uncertain state The muse on my shoulder The hearts that you break Eyes on the heavens Soaking up blue You give it meaning The simplest of
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    Lol. ''Twas great to see you. My beardy disguise serves me well when navigating the teeming masses of fans. Kinda through Steve for a minute! I should have mentioned English is my second language lmao
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    Come one! Come all! Come join and play the oldest running game on SongStuff. Heck maybe on the interweb! Heck, maybe even of all time and space! Okay, so maybe only of all time and space in John's back yard. Come play the Song Title Association Game! ...conveniently located right here in the Musician's Lounge, page one. A game of epic proportions (assuming you are a really tiny person). Continuously running since 2007! Simple rules, imaginary prizes. Who could ask for more? Newbies encouraged. We are always on the look out for new marks, -er... players! You. Are. Invited!
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    I expect that many here may already know much of this, but I didn't learn what I know about sound absorption from doing music. I learned it from having a child with hearing loss, so I'm going to share the information for people here who may not know and don't have a studio to record in. When my middle child was a toddler, we learned she had profound hearing loss. Soon after, she got bilateral hearing aides, but she had to learn to listen and speak. She attended a school for auditory/oral school for deaf where they had ideal listening conditions including acoustically treated walls (which had the appearance of worn or brushed commercial rug). However when she entered public school, the listening environment was quite different and I had to advocate for the school system to employ low cost measures to improve classrooms acoustics. What I learned was that 7 empty classrooms with the doors closed had an ambient noise level of between 35.5. - 46.5 dBA -- about the noise level of a desk fan--with the band room having the best acoustics ( good for the band right?). Then you get 20+ kids in there moving around, chair legs scratching the floor, feet scuffling, the teacher talking, kids chatting, the furnace or fans running, intercom, etc. and the noise level shoots right up there. Anyway, small changes to help this would ideally have been a rug on the floor, but we had to settle for tips on the chair legs (some suggest tennis balls). Additionally things that help absorb sound reverberation and make for a better environment were simple things like wall hangings such as pictures, felt or cork board, posters, 3-D artwork on the walls and chalkboards, tables arranged in the classroom to interfere with the pathway of sound, seals under the doors to close off hall noise when the doors were shut, curtains on the windows and bookshelves in the classroom, things that hang from the ceiling such as mobile artwork, flags, replacing light fixtures that hum, keeping noisy equipment off and keeping windows and doors closed etc. Any furniture that took up space helped the classroom acoustics. Most furniture and fabric-type covering absorbs sound far better than a bare wall. As it relates to a good recording if you don't have a studio, most of these things might apply. This is probably why a bedroom is a good recording spot. Wall quilts, curtains (even if temporary on a spring rod), rugs on the floor, furniture with placemats or doilies overhanging are some of the best sound absorbers. (When I was a kid, my friend's dad had a small room with walls covered with sample rugs all different colors. I didn't know what it was then, but my guess now is that it was a recording studio of some type). i wish I could give you the difference in ambient noise level after the suggestions were implemented, but that wasn't part of the classroom acoustic analysis.
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    A nice bone-in steak might keep him busy for 5 minutes--long enough to record?
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    Hi Welcome to Songstuff. I hope you find this a good place to be Janeva
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    I've been away for a while, and I am back with a new one. It's a song which is protesting hypocritical lying and avarice. Now, I did have one leader in mind, but this song can mirror many that we foolishly put on the podium.......Any and all comments are welcome, while first impressions are appreciated.Thanks, in advance -Tom THE BETTER MANBy Tom Tognaci http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13549508There you go again, always out for bloodGot your fist high in the air, dragging history through the mudAnd in your mind, I guess, that makes you the better manAlways up for the fight with a bullhorn in your handsGot your three-piece suit, and all, shouting your demandsYea, we saw you on the evening news, but who’s the better man?The fancy clubs, the limousine, paid for by the sweat of someone else,Is more your style than any dream for something bigger than yourselfGood grief, man, can you tell me how you sleep at night?Are your haunts the heroes that you gave up without a fight?What do you see, man, when the mirror gets inside your head?Isn’t your heart screaming, standing up, just reaching out instead……for the better man?See, there you go again, like fuel on a blazeGot the zombies on the march, chanting their brand new catch phraseBurning bridges, and building walls….so, who’s the better man?Sowing the seeds of discontent, the fault’s always with someone elseEvery crises becomes an event, an advertisement to yourselfGood grief, man, can you tell me how you sleep at night?Are your haunts the heroes that you gave up without a fight?What do you see, man, when the mirror gets inside your head?Isn’t your heart screaming, standing up, just reaching out instead……for the better man?Another tragedy, you won’t let go to wasteGet your angry, outraged look, mold it to your faceMirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the better man?
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    Sadly not mate! I was struggling with the language!
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    Agree with Gary, very good but too long. Nice writing though
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    Yeah, that's all we need.... That... and maybe that nice expensive lookin' guitar over there....
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    Doubling down. All I Want - Kansas
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    Ah, young man. You tempt me with such an open ended inquiry. However: Simply look for the posting in the Musician;s lounge, titled; "Song Title Association Game". GO TO THE FIRST POST, and read the rules for the game. They are brief and easy to follow. After that, it is recommended that you read a number of previous posts to help you get a sense of how the game is played. Then go the the LAST POST entered in the game and make your own entry! There is no play order. The general rule is that, once you have posted, you allow some time (usually several days, at least) for other players to post their new entries. However, THERE IS NO PLAY ORDER... so if you have a fantastic follow up post after only a couple of new entries, post it! The point of the game is to draw a challenge to your post, which must be a proper entry according to the simple rules of the game. If you can draw a challenge, and then demonstrate that your post is proper, you get an imaginary prize. You also get to chortle and snicker under your breath for one post for having drawn someone to incorrectly challenge your post! All posts should be accompanied by a link to a video on youtube of the song you have used for your entry. Simply copy and paste the full URL in the line at the top of your browser into the body of your post at the point where you wish the video to appear, and the entire video will appear in your post. Good luck, and remember: let's all be careful out there......
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    @Steve Ather Yes the beginning is all over the place -I'm not very good at production aha!! Thanks for the kind words! @starise, Thanks! I totally agree about adding more bass and about the slight disconnect with the voice from the rest. I will use that advice, thanks. If you know anyone who might be willing to produce this song for me and help with the mixing I would be very grateful if you could put me in touch with them. Thanks again for listening!
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    Sounds great. What do I have to do?
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    Hey there Ken....thanks for listening and commenting!! The recordings I make are a huge frustration. I have nowhere to go to escape the extraneous noise that crashes into my work. Barking dogs, obnoxious cars, cooing doves, inquisitive kids, telephones, and the like.... all plague my space, leaving me exhausted by the time I put something together. From dawn to dawn, there is no sleep on the streets of Hawaii. You have great suggestions, but there is no space....there is no peace. Only the velvet chaos to record by What you hear is the best I can do, without a place to go. A studio is but a dream...............and nice one, at that. Thanks, again, Ken!! -T
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    Hi, John. Enjoyed the sample of your collection posted here. I could not help but notice your affinity for titles from some of the greatest country songs of all time--Crazy and Always on My Mind. Or maybe it's a Willie Nelson thing, since he wrote both? Thanks for sharing ~T
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    Thank you much, Juin! Will try friend reading way first!
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    Oh, I almost forgot. This is the introductory thread. Anyway, my real name in same as my user one here and am an aspiring songwriter. Have written quite a couple number of songs. Mostly in my current, what should be my native tongue, but isn't. It's nice to have joined the community and am looking forward to learning a lot and meeting new people.
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    We learn something everyday and today it's "two out of three ain't bad!" Thanks for a nice post.
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    I like this line "it keeps me classy." Every time it came around I thought, hmm that's cool It puts a positive spin on being a control freak, so it's a nice little "I like me and you better not have a problem with it" kind of song. It didn't strike me as unnatural, so just my input on that
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    Such a wonderful voice you have Emily. I think the song is super catchy. In terms of the mix, I would agree that it is on the sharper side. It's mostly the synth and the hi hats and crashes that is making it seem like that, at least in my opinion. But you're definitely getting there with the mix. I'll keep an eye out for further updates. Thanks for the lovely listen. Mahesh
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    Lyrically, "Haunting Me" is much more appealing to me but "Rescue You" sounded better. As many are suggesting here, you could retain both versions... just some more polishing, that's all
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    I seen this and thought it would be relavent to this discussion. One way to learn mixing is to listen to truly good mixes and emulate them. Yeah, this is a pitch from iZotope to look at their wares. Admittedly they have great plug ins, especially for mastering work. You can get good mastering plug ins from plenty of other sources too i.e. T-Racks. Still, these are some finest of the fine mixes If you could develop these kinds of mixing chops, you could probably land a decent job in a decent studio. https://www.izotope.com/en/community/blog/izotope-news/2017/03/5-songs-that-are-brilliantly-mixed-and-mastered.html?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=MailChimp&utm_campaign=2017-03+Master+the+Mix&utm_content=MPB1+Oz7Adv+NeutronAdv&utm_term=Bump+5 iZotope offer a free mixing guide as a .pdf download. Highly recommended. https://www.izotope.com/content/izotope/en/support/support-resources/guides/mixing-with-izotope.html
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    I studied the lyrics a bit before listening and I got a sense of urgency in the lyrics that I don't get from the melody. Currently, the melody is too minimal--there's not enough going on musically to draw the listener into the music or the words. It has a percussive quality with lots of space between the notes and short musical phrases that repeat over and over again, but it needs a stronger melody and phrasing to move the whole thing forward. Sam Cooke's song casts a long shadow so using that same hook is risky. It's hard to compete (even if you are not trying to!) with a song that has reached almost anthem status. But I see how it could be a good source of inspiration when trying to communicate the main idea behind your lyrics. I disagree with the "woe is me" interpretation of his song which sounds self-pitying, but I do think he was expressing what it's like to feel "soul weary" while at the same time holding on to the knowledge that things never stay the same--even the bad stuff. So he was able to use his own experience as a commentary on the times and the cyclical nature of things. Your lyrics swing from need (gotta) to determination (gonna) and capture some of soul weariness and reaching a low point--"forgetting what if feels like to love myself". There's movement in that from a lyrics standpoint but the music doesn't support it. I really like this section lyrically. It feel like the beginning of the pivot toward determination that things will get better. Could be effective to develop this as the bridge rather than V2. It's already a departure from V1 in terms of structure and length and maybe that's telling you it wants to be a bridge! I think there's some good raw material to work from here. Thanks for sharing. ~T
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    Thanks @Leo, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea!! I know the line is quite non-sensical and does disrupt the flow, I didn't want to be too generic and put "be with her" or "lie with her" and thought the non-sensical phrasing showed how you cannot think straight or rationally without the person there, but maybe I took it too far (!!) and so I agree that sticking to the 'be' as you said would make it flow better. I don't know it the chorus makes more sense with word "rain" instead of "raid" --I didn't notice the wrong spelling on the lyrics I posted, sorry. Idea is that you're sitting in a car singing to your favourite songs in the rain, but the persons not with you laughing and singing them along like they used to. But if that still doesn't make sense then I'll have another go! I added the soon because I feel a lot of my melodies are very repetitive so I wanted to mix it up a bit, but It's great to have someone listen to it from a new perspective so I would definitely drop it as long as you don't think the verse would be too repetitive without it! Thanks against for listening and commenting
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    there's nothing wrong with the idea you've got going in the song. I'm thinking that one of the things that might improve the melody of the song is to not think about anyone else listening and just belt it out loud and proud. It almost sounds like you don't want someone else to hear what you're singing, so the song suffers. the lyrics are a good base to the song but need to be tightened and focused. I quoted the above as an example....IMHO, it could go: 'Cuz I'm tired of being alive....but not living a good life....that's just a suggestion, so do with it what you will. the music....well...not my cup of tea...but there was some improvement from your last effort. Keep working at it....believe me, it's well worth it.
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    Emily, you have such a nice voice! With an eclectic touch, too I just felt that your voice stood out and the rest of the music fell a little into the background... maybe the sounds can be made a little sharper, so that the song sounds a bit more cohesive. Also, the backing vocals you provided at the end are really soft.. maybe you could turn up the volume there?
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    LOVE this as is! I would download it for sure. Great sounding mix. Love how you sing it. Lyrics are great. I don't need to understand it all...just rock it with feeling as you do. GREAT!!! Ricky
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    Hey, TC - this sounds much better and has a lot more depth, you really hear it in the chorus. Still find this a really cool track, but my only nit now is the sound of the guitar at the beginning of the track, it sounds quite distorted until all the other instruments kick in. It detracts from what is a great progrock song. Would sit nicely up there with some of the best.
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    They're just yanking yer chain JH. You were on the right road all along. You need to be bold and crank that amp up to No.11 man. I know it upsets people and makes dogs bark, but just square it with the missus by offering to do the washing up and tell her shes lost weight.
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    I enjoyed this and look forward to hearing another recording of it. Not sure what the spaces at your house are like, but you might want to look for a larger spot with deader acoustics (especially if you are planning on doing this over). Thanks for the chance to listen.
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    Very Oasis-like, and I dig it for that reason alone. Really love the progression change for the chorus - sweet. I can hear how this would sound killer with full production. The lyric? Eh. Do I really care? I do think you need to work on the timing/prosody of your vocal delivery though. Nothing practice and/or recording vocals separately couldn't fix. Just my opinions.