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    Hello Nelson, I'm really sorry for my harsh comment on your song, I overreacted to it and I wasn't constructive at all; that's not the point of this forum, my bad. Now that I have listened to it a few more times and more carefully, I've come to these conclusions/comments: * Your voice is very interesting, it is powerful, I like it a lot; specially at the ending, where you go higher in the last chorus. * The melody is the element I didn't like in my first listen, but I guess it's a style you were looking for. ¿What is(are) the scale(s) you are using to build the melody? I ask you this because, for me, it seems that tension never resolves; even in the chorus we, the listeners, don't find resolution or rest. * I think the lyrics are good, I really like the first verse, but not so much the second one, I think there's and opportunity to make it better. "And I found out that there was / No light but only fire... and lies". But fire emits light, so, if you're trying to say that you just found the burning of fire but no light, that's not clear. And the "... and lies." element doesn't help either to nail a clear image, it is just another element, up your sleeve, to rhyme, maybe; ¿What lies are you talking about? ¿What happened? * I think there's an opportunity to round out a story to tell, even if you keep it open-ended as it is now.
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    Hello, this isn't a new song, I recorded it a few months ago...but I never 'released' it for three reasons - 1. I wasn't sure I liked my different voice in it, 2. I wasn't sure about the chorus, and 3. The mix was too ...something... Anyway I've decided I'm fine with my voice, it suits the song....and I think the chorus is good because it's repeatedly come back to me since I shelved this.... and so I've remixed it all, changed some arrangement just a bit, and so on.... Please let me know if it sounds good? Or if not, any feedback please.... I won't post the words as I have no intention of changing them, they're too stuck in my head now. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/ill-be-with-you05/s-xLHsD Words (since Suzy asked me to post them) - It’s raining where we’re walking Dark november morning Warmer if we talk a fire These echoes are not soothing Better if we're moving Walk until the golden rise We’ve been among the flowers Fallen from our towers Faded into shadow on the stone Now it’s looking clear we must be all alone out here We’ll find our way together you know Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune Terrible the silence from the far forgotten town Coloured at the edges by the sun Cover up it’s cold and there’s a hailstorm coming down Find our way together if we run Somebody said Happiness is dead Shiver all your way into the tomb Time is a healer Time is a killer keep on walking to the blue Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom/tomb Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune
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    There's no better or safer place to battle your inner demons than in your art, Bro. Convey your struggle to be heard with the words you sing and how you sing them, not by making your music the enemy keeping you quiet. Your music is your ally. Rally your troops to support your voice. You obviously have things to say. You owe it to us, and you owe it to yourself, to let us hear it.
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    I guess it depends on what willows symbolism is being invoked. Willows are known for their flexibility; bending in the wind without breaking. Willow imagery is often used to invoke going with the flow, adjusting, surrendering. So two willows would exhibit a lot of give and take with another rather than resistance. I'm not familiar with willow imagery to suggest seamlessness, but the cool thing about language is that the meanings morph!
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    Hey. Thought I'd join this forum as I'm an aspiring musician. I've been singing and songwriting since I was 11 years old, both of which have improved over the years lol. I also play guitar, however I still consider myself an ametur because I only started really playing about a year ago and I only knew a few open chords. My favorite genres are folk/alternative rock but I like just about anything.
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    Hey all, These are song collaborations that Andy and I were involved in recently: I was more of a translator to be honest. Andy helped her out with the english lyrics. Emi Maria is an independent alternative/R&B, artist(Japanese). Hope you guys enjoy the songs, Ken/Andy
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    Not sure you listened to the good song, Jenn. This one is an instrumental! :-) Timmakh, there is a potential nice song there but there are things to work on. As HoboSage observed, the bass should be centered but my main concern is the drums. They're too off for that kind of song to work. It looks like you don't really know what to do (and it's ok, everyone has to learn! :-) ). Just one example: at 20s, the kick ostinato starts two beats too early and totally kills the groove of the guitar.
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    Hi Gang I've just posted a review of the IsoVox 2, both a written article and YouTube vid. http://www.songstuff.com/product-reviews/isovox-2-review/ Feedback very welcome. Cheers John
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    Hi Folks Here's a song written with a mate of mine. Nits and crits welcome This Weird LoveWritten and recorded by Lynn Wilson and StaypressV1You used to be my fantasy, every inch I planned to seeYou were part of all my dreams, I was not in yours it seemsNow I feel I must apologize, it appears I shouldn't fantasizeAbout a girl who's not so into me and thinks I'm creepyChThe weird love that this is blows my mind nearly every dayI'm not sure if you're my Mrs or if you only want to playYou're loving me behind closed doors, you fit me like a foot in a gloveBut I'm sorry I can't stay away from this weird loveV2So we started our 'relationship', it was like living on the Gaza StripI would pander to your every need, you teased me 'til you made me pleadNow I think you should explain to me, making love and then so mean to meYou tell your friends we're not so serious, you're deliriousChBridge..and this weird love ain't sent from heaven above....Yet this web of broken dreams ain't coming apart at the seamsSomehow we make it work even though you treat me like a jerkI'm not sure what's expected of me to put up with this duplicityThis weird love is unique at best but it feels so good to get it off my chestChorus to end
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    Thank you, Pahchisme Plaid. So glad you liked that imagery. The music I was listening to just cried out for those words, so I'm glad it worked for you. I hear it more in the mood you're talking about than country, but I'm not that good at defining genres. I picture an old lakeside resort with a worn wooden dance floor and a view out to the lake. No ball gowns, but full-skirted 50's-style dresses. I think we're probably on the same page here! Thanks
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    Hey Patty, This feels very country to me! I have been following your lyrics for a while and find a certain charm in its easy-going style Had a quick look at this one and there's one part - actually the ending chorus - which seems to be meddling with the flow. You moved from the past to the present, where you (the protagonist) are holding out hopes for your son in finding a loved one similar to the way you found your's. Then you moved again back to the same chorus line of the past. I was thinking that you could probably wrap the new chorus around your wishes for your son with only a reference to the line "the night you danced with me"... Good one! Sreyashi/Sumi
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    Sreyashi has a fantastic voice! And I really like the overall vibe of this. Hard to say about the genre... it's rock rather than pop though. And it's got similarities to the track Richard posted but that is clearly EDM due to the beat etc.... And I think the beat on yours is likely a slight problem. It's a nice beat, but it's too busy to run all the time. Maybe it will work but I think the mix lacks separation... Sreyashi is not too loud as some have said, it's actually hard to hear her words much of the time, but that's because the vocal needs to cut through more by separating the sounds more, and because she's competing with the drums all the time. I think if you can give her some space, it'll sound great...... Kind of hard to get a hold of the melody for me at the moment, for those reasons maybe (maybe). Sorry it's hard for me to give specific advice, but the vocal needs room... and the various sounds in the arrangement each need a bit of room... at the moment things sound a bit confusing... I'd need to listen more and I will post again if I can think of a better way to explain what I mean.
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    Hello there... from a french singer songwriter (who's only singing in english). OK. Where to start? I was in a heavy rock band up until recently (we autoproduced two records) but am now going back to my own stuff which could be labeled as heavy pop, I guess. What brought me here is my search for collaborations (I will post about that in a while) but what kept me coming back is the quality of the music you guys and gals are uploading (I'd rather listen to your songs than to what's on the radio). Oh and the critiques I read so far seemed for the most part insightful. And what the..? Respectful comments on the internet?? Anyway, should I upload a song or two so people know where I'm talking from? Tell me, people who know. See ya soon around here.
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    Hi yep there was an upgrade. FYI after a minor version upgrade or larger the forums content completely rebuilds... so posts, blog entries, everything.... it rebuilds. I had to fix a couple of template issues as the core templates were upgraded. Not sure if I caught everything or not, but it's late. There are some new features to set up too. Tomorrow is another day. any issues, please post here. cheers john
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    I suggest you use the new and shiny THANKS button, much easier than saying it. Can you find it! Aaaaand GO!
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    I wrote this song my heart told me to. It is one of the hardest songs I have ever written. I wrote it numerous times over the past couple of years, trashing all of them. But two weeks ago at 4:00 a.m. it was like God woke me up and said it is time to finish this song, so He and I did, and it ended up completely different than any of my previous attempts. This song comes from the heartbreak that families feel everyday that are dealing with alzheimer's. Like I said….this was a tough song to write, but thanks to God it is finished. This song is called "Broken Glass".
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    I've already had some of those health issues Ray. I must be old. Not getting old, just old Some of the issues are still lurking around to potentially come back later. The grim reaper has a lot of help. It doesn't help that I commonly hear of men 10 years younger than me who didn't make it with a similar thing. I count myself lucky or successful in that regard. It goes day by day. The reaper is always in the shadows waiting reminding that he's there for when the time comes. A friend recently went to get a routine checkup. Prostate cancer spread to the back bones and other places. They can't cure it, only maybe delay it. It has advanced too far to really control. He made a statement that seems simple, but it caused me to think. He said, " I'll live until I die". There are certainly positives. Having today is a positive. Being able to talk with a great person like you an ocean away is a positive. I'll live until I die. I have my faith too, so I don't feel bad about death since it's only the beginning. I agree about focusing on hardships. Focusing on a problem never solves it if all we do is focus and worry or become despondent. I'll live until I die and i intend to live well, productive and happy as a man can be.
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    Listening again... for me the main problem is that the repeating end chorus drags on. It starts around 1.45 and just repeats to the end ... so half the song is just exactly the same thing round n round.... The way I see (hear) it, the tune is interesting up to about 2 mins...because the melody and phrasing and other stuff changes between the verse/chorus happening before that point... so whilst the tune might be samey from start to end, it did keep my interest up to 2 mins or so.... but... after that point you either need a chord change OR a dynamic change or development. I mean if the drums changed, if you added new things to the arrangement or stripped the arrangement right down to drums and bass and vox...or...something different... then I don't think I'd notice the repetitive chords so much. I don't agree with Will on this one... I think the tune isn't pure dance... it's a melodic and moody pop song which has a really nice groove so works as a dance tune too... and for the lack of change to work in that long repeat section it either needs to - Develop OR be dynamic OR be hypnotic ... and I don't think that end repeat chorus is any one of those three things yet... At the moment it feels like it's just hanging around and a DJ in a club would not let it run anywhere near to the end or people would start feeling a bit like...hmmm when does this thing end?? So... that needs work because the first half of the song is really good, but then it gets kind of boring. And it might be that David's suggestion of adding to the progression would make it work. I have no idea how that would feel... I only know that the end section just gets boring. And that sounds very negative but... I think it starts REALLY STRONG so it's not like I'm knocking the whole song. You just need to find a way to make that second half work.... for my taste it would become more hypnotic by adding more rhythms, adding some moody sounds, and moving the vox frequency around etc or something....getting creative with it, with the goal of having anyone dancing to it really lost in the music all the way to the end with never a thought of (when does this end??).
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    Nah, I love your style. You're a great singer, and you can be as self-indulgent as you want in that respect. The song itself comes across as "self-indulgent" to me only because you're just milking two chords - like the song has this attitude that it's satisfied with itself and doesn't owe me any more. And to clarify, like Dek, there are two-chord songs that I really like. The reason this two-chord song sounds "incomplete" and like it's cheating me, is because the two chords here are sound to me like the first two of a blues progression, and for me, there's a very strong expectation hearing the first two chords of a blues progression that there will be a third one, if not a third and a fourth one. It's a got a cool beat, but this is a blues tune. Can you hear it? That's how I hear it. And, I really feel like you're just giving me the first two chords of the blues progression. If the progression itself was comprised of three or four chords, then the progression itself would sound complete to me, and I probably wouldn't mind that much if it just repeated with no other section that was different, though a bridge of some sort with a different progression would be cool too. At only a bit over three minutes long, you could add such a section, and if it was cool, it would only make the song better. Anyway, FWIW, that's my take on it.
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    This is a goofy song I wrote about.... stuff... and my wife filmed it and yeah.
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    Well... yeah.... sort of. I mean; - yes... we are of that older mind set, but we (here meant to include, let us say, all members of SongStuff) do not control anything, or at least do not control much. I consider myself to be an observer and commentator now, Tim. Often, my reflections, here or otherwise, are born of those observations. But there is little I can personally do to alter either the current disposition or the course of the industry. What I can do is lead discussions, or begin them at any rate. Such is a service often provided by a previous generation, and one for which I consider myself to be, at least marginally, suited.
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    For anyone who saw the 1 minute vid I posted last week, here's an edited version it. My new software finally arrived yesterday...Adobe Elements. All I need now is to figure out what I'm doin'! Figured I'd start with something simple, like this. From what I can tell, very cool software!
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    Blupa for me the last line you know even a blind cat can see where it's not meant to be just my thoughts john
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    One point of interest, is the reduction in hardware in my studio. That said, I need a new control surface or three!
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    It was my pleasure, and you're very welcome.
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    Hi, Joey. Welcome.
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    Hi just to catch up on where you get your artwork from. Please fill in the poll and offer comments and suggestions below. Thanks! cheers John
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    Hi, Patty. I like the simplicity and imagery of these lyrics. The structure of V1 is different from all the other verses so that could be tweaked to match the other verses. The chorus felt very much like a pre-chorus that was a lead in to a full chorus that never came and just transitioned quickly to the next verse. You might sit with that and see if a chorus comes to mind. Just a nit: The willow image was slightly off for me because it didn't fit 2 people. What about We moved together, like willows in the breeze ~T
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    Hey Madame Wu! Great to have you aboard
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    Well, I just love this. The performance is great. The mix is good. Yeah, again, it could do with some more dynamics. But it's your voice that is the star here. Some of the late-phrase inflections you use and the vibrato you employ reminds me of Chris Cornell. And he is hands down my all-time favourite rock singer (no one, in my book, can beat '90s Chris Cornell in terms of vocals). So that's definitely contributing to my enjoyment of the song. I really believe the performance, song, and mix as strong enough to make any comment more a matter of taste than something that would improve it.
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    Hey, Daveit. Welcome Aboard. I see you deleted your post in the song critique forum. I guess you didn't expect that kind of response, huh? But, where do you park a new Jaguar in a used car lot? Anyway, I couldn't post my comment as you deleted the post as I was typing it. I just wanted to say welcome, that I hope you end up releasing that song too, to wish you the best of success with your 365 Sparks release, and to say I'm glad an artist with all you have to offer has joined up here - and I don't mean just your musical skills and talent. I listened to some of your interviews, and you come across a genuine, down-to-earth- good guy. We need more of folks like you around here to counterbalance the grumpy old pricks like me. David P.S. John? Please, put your head togteher with Daveit's and figure out a way to have him best fit in here that's mutually beneficial to the site and to him. We can't let him get away! LOL
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    Hey Patty, That imagery "We moved together, a willow tree in a breeze" is wonderful and on account of the smooth move (not talking herbal tea here) imagery given of this dance--I pictured gown--ball dancing--Gene Kelly time era and the genre that fits for me is a waltzy jazz sort--big band I think they call it? Someone correct me if I'm wrong and it's called something else.
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    Hey Nelson, welcome here Well, you've already got the unanimous verdict regarding the mix... Will look forward to your repost with a new arrangement/mix.. because I really would like to hear you better as there's a bundle of great talent lying under all those layers of instruments
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    Wow she really kills it.. It's not something I would normally listen to.. I would classify it more as like... psychedelic rock almost. But not even that. I think her voice is too forward at the beginning and the first 1/3 of the song, at least to my ears. Around 2:40-end I think the backing vocals should be to the side more.. so it surrounds you Around 3:10-end I think her voice could be brought forward a little more.. it gets kind of lost in the instrumental It's a really interesting track.. but I found the drums to be a little distracting too Overall, I would really play around with bouncing the backing vocals all over the panning.. but really awesome track
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    I did enjoy it! Yes! Thoroughly enjoyed it!
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    Thanks Pahchisme. Hope you will enjoy it.
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    Interesting intro! Welcome to songstuff. Back to your sad song I was about to listen to....
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    My avatar looks even more mysterious now - and even less human. I like it!
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    I interpreted "Please don't make me be alone again" in a kind of dark way. It's the "don't make me" that's kind of ominous sounding, as if he's going to do something to her to get rid of her, and "be alone again". It's kind of quirky in the way that "Hit me baby one more time" is quirky (also written by a non-native English speaker). It gives the lyrics extra depth -- some mystery, something dark. I don't have a problem with the song being two chords at all. From the minute it starts, it's clear this is a dance-oriented song. And so I automatically pay less attention to chord structure, and I'm sure a lot of people will do the same. It's just not as important in dance as in other genres. The beat's there, the melody is there. Sure you can add an extra chord or two, or even a bridge. It will make the song different, perhaps appeal more to a non-dance audience, but won't necessarily make it better, IMHO.
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    Sounds really good to me Will. Very 80's...I would definitely dance to this.I think there have been some good suggestions already, that I agree with...like the never changing bass line, which didn't bother me too much, but it would be interesting to hear something a little different in the choruses. I agree with Dek about he vocals, although I really like them as is, but if you want a more modern sound, they need to be sung differently. But I totally enjoyed listening to this track, and will listen again
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    I wasn't done with my post, Dallon426. And, I don't need you to tell me shit.. P.S. Do you see now where I do offer a constructive suggestion at the end of my post? If so, then can we can delete this shit between us?
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    Patty This screen shot would not load into message Unless I uploaded it first so this belongs after "do this" in my PM Which I will now see if I can insert now its uploaded. Cheers Gary Screenshot 2017-07-18 09.35.52.pdf Update yes success the screen shot now appears in my PM to you.
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    I think the original claim is false. Not all songs have the same 4 chords, or somehow follow the same progression or some variation there of. Some have fewer, some have more. I do believe that there are certain chord progression patterns that are used in the vast majority of songs. Things like a dominant V almost always resolving to a I, or to a lesser extent, a IV to a I. Or the prevalence of ii-V-I in jazz and its derivatives (some modern pop tunes make clever use of this progression; just listen to Bruno Mars's new album, for instance). But that's just the way Western music works. No one can tell an artist or musician how many colours or chords they should use. But, there is a threshold beyond which a song will sound too complicated/too hard to follow for the average (read: 95% of) listeners. And as a result they will tune out, press skip, or change channels. This is exactly why the pop 'formula' works. There are certain rules of thumb (an easily memorable and simple melody, common chord progressions, 4/4 time signature, etc) that musicians/producers stick to when creating songs that appeal to the masses. That's just the way things work. Then there's certain sounds and production techniques that are the flavour of the month/year that people will be drawn to, because it sounds familiar. The trick is to deviate slightly from all of this, but not too much so as to alienate your audience (too 'out there'), or bore your audience ('sounds like everything else on the radio!'). That's when you become 'original', a 'trend setter', 'oh he's so fresh and got his own sound!'. It's like anything artistic. Even stand-up comedy. Humour happens at the intersection of what is expected and the unexpected. Too much to the left, and it's boring, old hat. Too much to the right and no one gets it.
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    I assure you, I haven't used the term much since, Rudi. But, I confess that I do think it to myself with respect to certain females personalities on Fox News.
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    The only thing you have to remember is there is a difference between arrogance and ignorance. Ignorance I cannot stand, arrogance is just somebody's make-up and most of the time shouldn't affect anyone unless they let it. I like to believe I am neither arrogant or ignorant, but I know that my tolerance levels have greatly reduced the older I get and I now get fed up with far too many conversations. I normally just smile and nod along, but inside I'm screaming that the person is boring my head off.
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    I like your style. Reminds me a bit of Jack White. I do see why you are happy with it. I know you weren't looking for criticism but I have to say just one thing. There are too many spots where you can't make out what you're saying. If I didn't see the lyrics, I wouldn't have a clue. Now, that in and of itself could be okay and kind of cool with the style, but even having it like that my ears and mind need a break. And the chorus is where I think that should happen. Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) Sounds great but I think the words here really need to be clear so a listener could sing a long. I don't know how many songs I've listened to that I didn't know what the lyrics were but that didn't keep me from listening to it because when the chorus came, I could sing along with that. Then go back to singing what I know, humming and trying to figure to the rest during the verses and what-not. Great energy and overall I really like it.
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    Yep, the world of business has truly changed. Gone are days when proving a potential for profitability mattered to the investment community. Nowadays, the hope of potential profitability is enough to drive rampant speculation & create assumptive value. Makes sense to someone
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    It's like a flying fish leaving the sea, briefly flying, forgetting where it came from, then diving back to be. Diving into death, swimming reminiscing about that other place. Longing to be back in that other world, forgetting for an instance that it's merely an invisible curl. Always returning safely home again, building up to try again! The slate wiped clean, a new entry, a new gasp of breath! This temporary world & the return to understanding in depth!
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    This reads well to me. The Facebook observation rang true. Unless other people really have got interesting lives and i should think about getting one! I wondered if you could cut one of the opening 'highs and lows' in the chorus and change the last but one chorus line to 'ebbs and flows' or something for a bit of variety. Maybe that's just my take on it. Phil.