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    Here's something of a tribute to John and Songstuff who've helped me in becoming the musician I am today. The other day, I was having those routine meetings with John that's been going on for 6 years ( besides the fact that every one of them feel like so lol ) talking about my career, the upcoming gigs, EP plans and of course the Songstuff stuff as well. And I realised how normal it has become for me that a Scottish man who I've never even met has become a super important part of my every day life. So I thought it'd be something interesting to talk about in a vlog.
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    As it happens, I struggle with both anxiety and depression... which is very strange for someone who is naturally optimistic, positive, and upbeat. It comes in waves and tides, occasionally floods, though sometimes it is just a puddle on a sunny day. I am also a carer for someone with bipolar type 2 and anxiety, and have been for 25 years. Music, and specifically song writing has long been my therapy, my vent, my friend. I don't tend to express my depressive side much, in conversation or in song, although I have written about depression a couple of times. I tried at least to make the songs thought provoking rather than a personal gripe. Song writing is therapeutic because it allows me to transport myself, to shift my world perspective, to think about something other than my problems. That is why it is invaluable. I deliberately chose not to exercise my own demons in song because I do not want to be defined by an illness, any more than I want to be defined by problems with my back. They are part of me, but only part. I manage both using mindfulness meditation, something I first encounter 15 years ago as a method to cope with chronic pain. I soon applied it to anxiety and later depression. Songwriters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Yet it need not be their biggest influence. Yes, they do write about sadness a lot, but that is at least partly due to listeners. Listeners use music as therapy. They use it to help them through hard times. While they do use music to enjoy themselves, music their requirement from upbeat music is simpler. The themes if upbeat songs more readily feel cheesy, over used, more one-dimensional... Sad songs allow for the exploration of a wider range of emotions, much more nuance. As such it. Is easier to write a sad song that feels pertinent, poignant and original. Even when the topic is well explored, if the emotion of the song is honest, authentic, unflinching.... it connects. Song writing is largely about connection. Writers and listeners want to connect. They both want to feel understood. They want to feel connected even when isolated. They don't want to be alone. Listeners, particularly, want to find songs that express how they feel, what they want. They want songs to challenge them, and songs that represent them. Even when immersed in great sadness, they want to find hope. Often that hope is the knowledge of connection. I think that is why so many songs are sad or about sadness. To write in a way that connects people, writers need to be insightful, to be thoughtful. Experience teaches us that being thoughtful, you are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. More likely to dwell on and wrestle with emotion. It serves us well when writing about. I don't see myself as sad. It is part of me, not all of me. Rob mentioned empathetic song writing. Empathy is certainly an important aspect of song writing. Willingly or not, we are the world's therapists, not just our own.
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    I hear this song as kind of a country feel, with a driving beat. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but my girlfriends all love the concept of it. See what you think: “Just in Case” (Patty Lakamp) When love turns sideways and you’re feelin’ trapped A lack of cash can leave you handicapped Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you can buy your ticket out and start over again Your man keeps tellin’ you he’s workin’ late He’s dyein’ his hair and he’s losin’ weight Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you'll be the one lookin' good when you're makin' your break (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan You need to make sure that you’ll be okay So take the time to plan your getaway Get some just-in-case money, just in case So you're not tied down to a life if you don't want to stay (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan (Bridge) You need to invest for those times you detest Give yourself the latitude To grab your coat and hat-itude (Chorus) Just in case, just in case A woman needs her walkin’ money, just in case Stay in love if you can But play it smart and have a backup plan Patty Lakamp © Copyright 2017
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    I feel lucky and that I have a very large sphere of people in my life...and I stay "in front" of news... But or So or And...I internalize emotion (based on my own reaction) which ends up in my lyric writing. I often write in first person to project the feelings I've had to what moved me in some way. But the emotion, that came about, may be written in whole and raw or in contrast or disbelief, scarcistic, or masked. But how i present the feeling happens as my thoughts go down. Almost always deeply personal......happy-sad-pissed,lost- found, lonely or over-whelmed., initimate or distance, opened or veiled. I try it. And it's real. I might add...sometimes it works sometimes..not so much And I'm a happy peep Peggy
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    Hello! So, I'm working on a song called 'Get Me Down' and I have had a time working on the production and mixing on this one. I think I'm close, but I could probably use some better mixing of the background vocals, and I hear a few weird things. I'd like to know your thoughts and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? I don't play any instruments. I compose all my music on the computer using loops. 2. Are you in a band or bands? My band is myself. I am in the process of building my website. I just want to make sure I have enough music ready before I publish it. 3. Do you write songs? I write all my song lyrics. I have this thing where I don't put my songs to music until I have composed the song in Acid Pro. Listening to loops and arranging them help me decide the melody to my lyrics. I don't have a writing partner, and not sure how I'd feel about having one. 4. Do you record your music? I currently record my lyrics at home, on a cheesy headset designed for gaming. I only do this so I can have an idea what the song is going to sound like once I get it into the studio. I have chosen a studio, I'm just waiting until I have enough songs together to justify going in and recording the vocals. I do have music available on the web, on Youtube, and also on ReverbNation. Please be aware, though, that the vocals to these have not been recorded in a studio and aren't the greatest sound quality. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I'm a one woman show. I do everything from self management, publishing, promoting and marketing my music all by myself. I'm hoping this will change soon. 6. Are you a tech head? I AM! 7. What country do you live in? United States 8. What are your ambitions? I have a goal to release my first album by June 2018. Honestly, my ULTIMATE goal is to have a song on the Billboard top 100. I'd also really like to tour, at least locally. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I'm HUGE into bullet journaling. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to get an idea of what it is like for other musicians out there, to get feedback on my work, and maybe make some friends. P.S. My real name is Linda Bryant. Yolanda Youngblood has been my stage name for the past 20 years.
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    When I read "A Crack in the Sky" in A1, I considered that crack to be symbolic of an emotion or the break in a life, later, in A3 it came to me full circle that that crack in the sky was preparation for that man to enter eternity. I really liked that line and I think it would make a fascinating hook line and title. The idea of passengers feels unrelated without lengthy explanation. I would completely remove those lines and come up with a different outro. Also, "In between and Far Behind, What is real is in your mind" doesn't seem to be a great fit for the song either. I would either modify that or take it away entirely. I'll be interested to how any revision evolves. This has some potential.
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    I tend to be a listener and an observer. I'm also very much affected by the mood of someone I care for or if I'm in a situation, I can sometimes in a group feel the vibe of what's going on without even a word--sometimes I just have to get out of there because it can truly affect my well-being and sometimes I could just hang out and observe indefinitely (well, not indefinitely, but longer than necessary.). I say this because when I am listening or observing someone, my mind goes in a bazillion different directions with "what if's" or pulling together shreds of input or identifying or a memory it might trigger or a hope or dream or remedy or trying to figure out where they are going with something all in just a few moments with every emotion or communication they share. I might use what I feel for them or within myself or what I see them feeling as fodder for imagery in a song, I might use a scenery as backdrop, I might use an experience of a walk or experience of the outdoors, its possible I might use the scenario, but unlikely, because to me, it seems a betrayal to someone to too nearly identify their situation after a confidence has been shared. I might pull elements of something, but my imagination would kick in and derail into an entirely different thing using just some sensory experience or something rather than the personal situation. As I said, my mind can go in a bazillion different directions with only a few sentences as stimulation (not always something useful), but one of those directions might split off into another direction that I can use for a song. Its all very elusive how topics arrive. They just do when they do or someone provides a "challenge", so I have to think of one. Do I write about personal experiences? Maybe...I'm a little to private to say, but if I did/do, those would be modified into something not quite my story, too. Personally, I think writers who write about things they feel or are able to feel in behalf of others in the midst of feeling it are authentic. I would hope it would come out in their writing. I think broody moods are easier to write about because the descriptors are easier. I think its healthy to "feel" those things and feel them deeply and express them somehow--writing them in a song can help others process through those emotions at times when they listen to something that they identify with and if they can't identify with the scenario, they usually CAN identify with the feelings. People want to know when they are feeling lost, that others have/do feel lost, when they feel confused, that others have/do feel confused, they don't want to be the odd one out and they want to feel understood. I think broody songs can keep them from feeling alone in their experiences and helps them to process out their emotions. Its not healthy to pretend they don't exist or to stuff them. I do think there has to be a hopeful note to end the song. Hope is really what people long for in those experiences. No one wants to be left feeling down. I've noticed there is often a light air to the music that accompanies sad lyrics or lighter lyrics that might accompany more melancholic music. I think the mix is good and makes it easier to listen to and prevents sadness overdose.
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    Thoughts and prayers with those in Manchester.
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    What we've got here is Jerkatorium's latest single, A Sense of the Absurd which was written for the grueling elimination contest Nur Ein XII that has us writing and recording a song a week with a given title and a non-optional challenge. This time around the challenge was to incorporate a mondegreen in your song in a creative way, which I think we managed to do. We weren5't exactly subtle. I hope ya like it! You need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid I know that those ain't the right words, It’s just the words I thought I’d heard. Back in third grade maybe I wasn’t Robert Plant, So I made up the parts of songs I didn’t understand. Yeah you need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Back then Led Zeppelin II made me want to rock, But I was still too young to understand the raunchy talk, So I sang Kool-Aid Kool-Aid No Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom, Teachers leave those kids alone. What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Absurd Absurd Absurd Absurd
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    Hey, we are a songwriting/production duo from Canada hoping to get some feedback on our new stuff.
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    songs can be truthful, even autobiographical. They dont have to empathise at all. I'm not so much sad. I'm more sort of crabby & miserable.
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    I've been a member for like almost six years. I joined in 2011. I first started learning to record and edit my music at home in 2009. That one followed the other is not a coincidence. After much hard work, i was finally able to generate a full song production, beginning to end. On a scale of one to sucks it pretty much sucked, but it was a full song. I reached a point where I felt I wanted to hear real opinions on the songs I was making, before they were finished. I initially didn't give much thought as to whether I wanted to hear from listeners or musicians. I just went looking for places to be heard and talked about. Do you like it? Hate it? If so why? ...for either point of view. I went looking... and found this place. A venue where musicians of all calibers and styles come to listen to original songs (and even a few covers...!...) and song ideas... to offer critique, get critique, and otherwise generally live and discuss all things music. Signing up was a given. To say I am glad I joined is an overwhelming understatement. Over the intervening time since I joined, I have posted my own song offerings perhaps 13, 14, maybe 15 times. Not every song I have worked on, but most of them, and all of my most important offerings for sure. The commentary I have received from so many wonderfully talented, intelligent, and conversationally gifted members here has contributed directly and substantially to the quality of my work. ...I am free to post anything, to go far afield and experiment. And I have. I have often reworked songs after hearing the comments on them here. My work is better, and my collaborations are more rewarding because of what I have allowed the fine core group of members here to contribute to my musical knowledge and experience via their amazing input on my work. I have also enjoyed listening to the work of others, and commenting on it. Participation here is easy, positively encouraged, and welcome. As a member in good standing here, I feel I am an acknowledged part of the community, with a reputation that reflects my own contribution to the site. And this is a place where achieving that status feels good. Feels meaningful. I think this is so in large part because the people who are members here are almost all serious amateur, semi-professional and even a few professional MUSICIANS. Not visual artists. Not promoters. Not marketers or advertisers... although many of them can and are all of these things and more... but MUSICIANS. And we all talk, and share, and grow here, together. Newbies, and beginning lyricists, singers and players will be made to quickly feel welcome here. In a word? There is simply no other web site like this on the net.
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    Hello everyone. Happy to share a new music video 'I'm a woman" produced by Pixelhunters team. Hope you will like the video.
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    I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Thank you to our servicemen whose aim it is to protect this country and our freedoms.
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    Hi Gang This challenge is all about the use of opposites. love/hate strong/weak light/dark hot/cold rough/smooth old/young smart/dumb ugly/beautiful How you use opposites is up to you. It could be central to the theme, a mechanism, contrast for any reason. You can even use more than one opposite pair. The purpose is not to simply mention some opposite elements for no real reason, but to use opposites to good effect. Cheers John
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    Hello Guys, Today I present you a collaboration that I made with a young singer called Elyos a few months ago. It's a song that describes what in my opinion leads to happiness. The words and music are mine, the singing is his as you'll notice I Think ;-) To help you with the understanding, I added some subtitles that you need to start on youtube. Please like if you enjoyed the song :-) You can listen and follow me here : on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZqCDfr8fUkN1UBLTqbzcA on Twitter https://twitter.com/bielkamusic on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bielka-Music-1368356019843598/
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    Dear forum members thanks so much for all your feedback on the last tune (plasm), lots of ideas and suggestions i got from different forums made it into the new tune... so here it is, i hope you find it as sparkin' as i do! https://soundcloud.com/cto-7/cto-feat-sibyl-hofstetter-shes-got-that-sparkle feedback is highly appreciated! thanks for checking it out <3 theo
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    Hi tom, sure I will do that. I just didn't have time to do it yet but will do for sure Thanks
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    I really like this. I have heard so many songs that offer no hope. Leave you hanging. I can at times feel the sad emotions that aren't allowed to come to a head. The sadness seems to be expressed in the music and then left to simmer, never being resolved. Unresolved laments that can pull you in and hook you into that feeling. Part of me wants to help them somehow find resolve, part or me is frustrated at those feelings. In the end I'm simply a helpless listener, pulled into a vortex of overwhelming sadness.
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    Hell. I need a bowl after that response.
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    hey... sometimes i find myself singing songs that i came up with a year and a half ago.....
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    @starise - Tim, I decided to give this a quick try - the lyrics were about 90% ad-libbed as I was singing once I had a rough idea of what the lyric should be about. I am going to refine the lyrics, but what do you think of the idea? R https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/i-dont-care-anymore-22052017-2223/s-SzV2i I don't like how SoundCloud doesn't allow you to change the name of the artist!!!
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    Hi all, a song about a guy who likes to be alone but at the same time is sad he can't settle down.. https://soundcloud.com/knmac/nomad-by-knmac
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    J Morrison (C ) 2015 you know sometimes you find something it felt ok first time round now you see something different to say ? well this is one of those the first post is still here maybe changed chr and added brg sitting in the kitchen the radio's on the DJ's playing our old love song smiling through the tears I sing along I remember you can't believe ten years have past who knew time moved so damn fast or how come fist love never lasts I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the first very time but it felt so right I remember you well it all came to a sudden end you cheated with my best friend didn't care if i ever saw you again I remember you time went passed the pain healed you know I can't help the way I feel and the love I felt then is still so real I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the very first time but it felt so right I remember you brg think to myself every now and then if it could ever be the same again if we meet somewhere or when would you remember me like I remember you I remember your kiss I remember that night the very first time but it felt so right and I remember you do you think of me too 'cause I remember you
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    I guess the simple answer to that is "NO". However, the accepted theory does seems to be that creative people are much more prone to depression, anxiety & other forms of mental illness. So...based on what I've read, personal experience & what I've heard from people inside the industry, I'd have to say that we're sad more often than most. Some years back, I was on the mailing lists of a few small & mid-level publishers. Two of them sent out regular newsletters, as well as issuing call-outs for specific projects. One of those newsletters, from a publisher in California, talked extensively about how commonplace depression was in the songwriting community at large. The open, casual way in which he discussed it, left me with the distinct impression that within the larger music industry, the link between the two was common knowledge. I quickly Googled the topic & pasted in a variety of article links below. If you're interested, I'd suggest Googling it yourself. You'll get hundreds, if not thousands of pertinent links, articles & discussion boards. https://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/musicians-are-three-times-more-likely-to-suffer-from-depression-and-anxiety-study-finds/ http://pitchfork.com/news/69507-musicians-way-more-likely-to-be-depressed-and-anxious-study-shows/ https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news/new-study-musicians-three-times-more-likely-be-depressed-and-anxious/30133 http://creativesomething.net/post/55508909341/the-link-between-depression-and-creativity-and http://aycnp.org/bipolar_disorder_and_music.php https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression I recognized early on that musicians & writers were different. Not worse, not better, simply different! If I'm being completely honest, that difference was a big part of what drew me in. For me, it was part of the mystique. I've wanted to be many things in my life, but the one thing I've NEVER wanted to be was "just like everybody else". As long as they aren't disruptive to my overall exisitence, I try to embrace my differences...always have. Tom
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    Hi I have received lyrics for this song - when it's fully finished in production/recording I will share it. Thank you :). But I probably will need more helps on lyrics in English in the future!
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    Of course people fictionalise... if only to spare people's feelings. Just because we create a parallel fictional story, doesn't mean it is unauthentic. In fact, there is a case for saying that writers can be liberated to be more honest when they fictionalise, precisely because they are not having to keep the peace by pulling a punch. For example Joe is your brother. He has a gambling addiction. He looks like he might lose his house. His kids regularly go without food, and their clothes are shabby. It worries you the damage he is doing, but he will not take a telling. He isn't interested. He doesn't care. Many would choose not to write about him or anything about it. They shy away. Few would choose to write it completely about Joe, especially using his name. Writing a song about Joe being a deadbeat dad, with his addiction, how it makes you feel, his wife and kids feel, could cause a lot of upset. Still, it is something important. The feelings are important. You could start by writing "fiction by omission". So you omit the guys name, his kids name, the name of the town... but you know if he or his family ever hear this song they will know it was written about them. So you can either: write it honestly, but not care how it affects them, and not care if it blows back on you or Pull your punches so that at least if they recognise themselves it is perhaps less devastating to be so observed or change it more. so, to stay emotionally honest, and keep it about the pain of addiction, it becomes a story about a woman with a drink addiction, with one child instead of two. There are maybe some other changes too. The emotions are still honest. The worries. The selfishness. The pain. But now you feel while they might see themselves, at least they don't know it is about them. They may even suspect.... but most likely not. What you have of course is a fictional narrative to spare blushes, to save you pulling punches. But you have written a very meaningful piece. It is honest in all the important ways. I have written a mixture of songs. My friends and family know songs about my wife or myself are honest and open, though I tend to write first person without names. But songs about other people I tend to fictionalise, as much so they will not be embarrassed by them. On occasion I have told them when they inspired a song. Yet again I tend to write first person, putting myself in their fictional shoes. Other times I see a story or situation that simply inspires a story. I put myself in those shoes and imagine a scenario. I overlay how I thinkI orothers around me would react and I try to keep it honest. Is that less worthy because I thought about it? We all analyse. Even up front. I just choose to acknowledge that I do so, and I view that as a strength. Each to their own.
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    Post away Plants! Let's see what you got! We're glad you found Songstuff so be sure to look at our articles and interact with our members. If you'd like feedback be sure to give some too. Oh and fill out your profile how you like to be critiqued so we don't ruffle your feathers (or leaves if your a plant...sorry I'm trying to be funny here...lol) See you on the boards! Lisa
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    I dont really do genres, but witha gun at my head it would be zydecko cajun zombie gumbo NewOrleans. Best guess.
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    Man, ain't that the truth, Tim? My mom's whole side of the family comes from south Georgia. I visited countless times as a kid. Lived there as a young man. Mahesh, the video was really enjoyable. It made me think of either living in (or near) or visiting major cities in the northeast part of the continental US... If you travel much in America, you can, over time, develop a sense that the country is split between that which is old, and that which is new. Starting with the area around the original 13 colonies, the northeast has many cities which appear to be full of old stone buildings and organizational features (or are decidedly missing signs of modern organization) from 3, 4 or 500 years past. Cities like Detroit, who's fortunes have risen and fallen almost exclusively owing to the movement of money into and out of the city's coffers, have been almost totally abandoned recently, after a decline which has lasted longer than my 55 years of life. Other cities up north, like Cincinnati, look almost as if they have suffered through a war or two. There are whole sections of Cincinnati that look as if they have been abandoned for more than one lifetime. On the other hand, many southerly cities in the US were destroyed, either partially or nearly completely, in the civil war of the late 1860's. Think about that... many southern cities don't have any major structures in them that are more than about 140 years old or so. And much of these cities are, of course, much, much newer than that. As a singular example of a southern city, Atlanta is so new and shiny it looks almost surreal. Here's why I type all of this... if you drive through Detroit, and don't stop, it is easy to forget that people live there. A few hundreds thousand people (used to be well over 1 million), as it so happens. It is easy to look upon what you see and see only the ugly, blighted, or dirty and polluted side of a city, and not realize that it is still a place where humans live, and work, and conduct their lives. Yet, if you go down into Detroit, you will see where people are slowly beginning to reclaim their neighborhoods. One building, one yard or blighted park, or burnt out lot at a time. Detroit may never achieve the status of a major northeastern city it had 150, or 200 year ago, and almost certainly will not do so in my lifetime, but it is far from abandoned. So, perhaps in a way that is similar to Bangalore, Detroit is a city of dual facades... one side not so pleasant to gaze upon, but the other far more attractive. In any case, it does look a lot like Georgia.
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    I often pretend to be a bear, but that was touching. Fine sentiment Well said.
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    lol of "quotes" there Mike Personally, I've not let the audience or my need to present something in a certain way "externally" define what I should write about. It's always been with me and myself in the room when I'm writing it. That's not just physically. lol I believe musicians don't necessarily need to figure out what "lots of people can identify with" (unless they want to as a business strategy and make some money, whatever music pays at least lol) and should rather work on figuring out what they identify with themselves. The world is a small place and I'm sure there will always be some common grounds where people will relate. And that is a good seg way to what Tim is talking about. A lot of people do not identify with sadness even when they deal with things associated with it all the time. Their minds keep avoiding it like it's a disease to even accept it and understand that it's a part of life. Which is something that really messes with people's heads. I know it did to me and lord knows I know people who do it to this day. I was talking about this on Jenn's topic regarding confidence. Acceptance is the greatest friend. You will never be able to get out of it unless you see where you stand. And that needs acceptance. Regarding your description about HSP, yup. That sounds like me alright lol
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    Interesting video. The landscape reminds me of southern Georgia. I think to deny that we might get sad is to deny a reality of being human. Whether a person is classified as a "sad" person is, I guess, another issue. Some people hide their true insides so well we might assume they are never sad. Others don't attempt to hide how they feel. In that sense, these are the most real people. People hide what they perceive to be negative about themselves from others including sadness. In a very big way we are what we think. I have never seen anyone who thinks in a negative way accomplish anything. We need to have a positive trajectory to move ahead with our dreams. I think this is why people are afraid to sometimes be sad, or they want to move past the feeling as fast as possible. Sadness has a debilitating effect on progress. I'm sure there are musicians who use music as a medicine to the soul either through expression of the sadness or as a way to move beyond it. So I think music is a kind of healer. It has a calming effect on me. Acceptance is sometimes a great way to move beyond sadness. Then it becomes easier to see how to work within the framework we were granted to work. I attend an HSP group ( Highly Sensitive Persons) . According to statistics 20% of the population is HSP. There are many types of HSP's though. Most musicians are HSP of some type. One of the things about being HSP is you pick up the vibes of the people around you. We can tend to absorb and carry others pain even without realizing it. This in turn can make us sad. We also sense a lot of our immediate environment in terms of sensory input. This can be overwhelming and take us into overload. This is probably why you needed to get away or liked getting away and enjoying some time to be by yourself and recharge.
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    The problem is that we worry way too much about what others think about us. And the truth is that there's nothing that can be done about what they think about us (singing included) If you take a moment to think about it and just relax, your natural confidence and singing will take over. You can't please everyone but you can start with pleasing yourself, which would be the most difficult if you are your worst critic (I struggle with this, too). And this is where acceptance comes in. There's an audience for every kind of artist... you have your place, too. Just work on yourself and have fun along the way
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    My last name is Drilingas. I can't recall a time where I didn't see it misspelled with 2 "L"s very often. It still happens on a monthly basis at least. I still say "Just 1 L." So for that reason it seems to make sense. And, it's easier to spell.
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    Nice. The crickets added atmosphere.
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    I hope I did this right. You said no "end of line rhymes" and my endings don't rhyme (except 2, one being the last line of the verse), but there are some rhymes within lines. Hope that's okay. HE HOLDS ON lyrics by Kc Chad ©2017 Early early ember enters September a flame that strives to burn on the west wind blows to catch the coal but the bite of frost hurts, oh it stings his soul He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on. Summer folds in the cold of October The birds songs are fading fast The green goes gold, amber and red flakes flutter down, down, down blanket on the bed He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on The kodachrome captured one November a trip to a Niagra escape in photos curled on the edges where they eloped, forever tethered He catches a glimpse of warmth in her smile her eyes light up Oh! Its been awhile Her cheeks twinge blush He rises up to to greet her and then she's gone He holds on. He holds on trying to pull back whatever's gone He holds her hand, she holds his heart She's there with him, but he's alone Still.. he holds on
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    Since you're talking specifically about vocal harmonies, sounds like, I'll just talk about that, (though most of the concepts apply to instrumental harmony as well). First off, the biggest factor in how harmonies will sound is the voices you have to work with. While the traditional ensemble includes soprano, alto, tenor and bass, that is by no means a rule, and any variation is fair game. I must take issue with some previous comments here that something should be voices a fifth here or a third there. There are no such rules. You'll get the best sound by trusting your ear. The actual note writing for a barbershop is not very different from that of any choral writing, but what makes that barbershop sound is more about the vocal style being sung, the a cappella-ness of it, the fact that it's four men, and the kinds of songs typically sung. Crosby Still & Nash's sound is definitely not barbershop, but it's three men, so why not? Because of everything just stated. What makes CSN sound so good is how in sync they are. Listen to "Helplessly Hoping", how every vowel is voiced exactly the same, every inflection in volume matches, and their cutoffs are in perfect sync. They also were lucky in that their voices just had a nice blend. Peter Paul and Mary were also good for those reasons. Contrast that with something like the BG vocs for the Carpenters, smooth as a baby's cheek, which had to do with how they were recorded and the meticulous nature of the blend. Likewise, Mancini's harmonies for a song like Charade is distinctive because he's got four male parts against two or even only one female part, which gives it that rich deep warmth. As for writing them, first become familiar with the vocal ranges of your singers, and try to stay in the ranges that are most comfortable for them. If any one part gets too low or high, you'll have balance and tone problems. Know the chords ahead of time of course, and then it's a relatively simple matter of making sure every chord is spelled out with at least one voice. Where it gets sticky, and where the real art comes into it, is in the considerations of the HORIZONTAL aspect. Harmonies will sound much better if each part sounds like a real melody that would be OK if sung on its own. Basically, avoid big leaps. Even though our ears may not be able to pick out those melodies when everyone sings together, the fact that they're in there makes a much better sound. Spend a lot of time on that. Also, try to prevent voice crossings (where one voice is higher than another, then their lines "cross" so that that voice is now lower), because that's awkward to hear and also to perform. It's like doing Sudoku sometimes, because you need to make sure all the chords are represented, each voice sounds like a melody, and everyone is singing in their range. But it's not really that hard. The above paragraph is in cases where the voices are doing all the harmonic heavy lifting, but in many cases the vocal harmonies are mostly for color and aren't holding up the whole harmonic structure. In that case you have a lot more freedom, and are probably writing fewer parts, but the same rules apply. Make each line its own melody, try to prevent voice crossing, make them easy to sing. HTH!
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    Hi guys! I'm a rapper whose name is static. I was inspired by The Weeknd,Kendrick Lamar,drake,Michael Jackson,and Prince. I could name others but I wanted to keep it short. I started making music 4 months ago. I hope I can continue to make music be inspire, and feed my desire.
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    The first collab of Johan (Jambrains on SongStuff) and Karen under the banner of their new virtual band Ashes for Dreams https://soundcloud.com/ashesfordreams/love-gone-cold LOVE GONE COLD Verse 1:The thought of living life aloneOf rattling round here on my ownYou know it frightens meYou say your words meant nothingSo tell me why you said themPlease enlighten mePre-chorusYou said we'd last foreverTook my hand and promised never to let goSo tell me what has changed for you Cos how can I be better if I don't knowChorus:I'm standing in the ashes of a love gone cold, a love gone cold,I didn't even know the fire had died, a love gone cold,You wanted me to love you more, not cast you aside This is not the dream that I was soldVerse 2:You're right I fell so hard for you I spoke about our future with such confidenceI knew that I could bare my soulUnleash all of my demons without consequencePre-chorus:But fear has taken hold of meTurned me into someone you don’t knowI refuse to drag you down with me I had to turn the other way to let you goChorus:I'm standing in the ashes of a love gone cold, a love gone cold,I didn't even know the fire had died, a love gone cold,You wanted me to love you more, not cast you aside This is not the dream that I was soldM8:Can’t you see I’ll love you still my dear You might have turned from me but I’m still hereI’ll be the sun to melt that icy fearYou’ll be alright if I can hold you nearToo late my love, too late for me to stayIt wasn’t me who took your hand that dayI’m sorry for believing I could changeYou can’t love an illusion anywayChorus:I'm standing in the ashes of a love gone cold, a love gone cold,I didn't even know the fire had died, a love gone cold,You wanted me to love you more, not cast you aside This is not the dream that I was sold
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    So, I was going through a piece of music for which I was working on a vocal melody. In the process, the lyrics got formed and I would really appreciate your feedback on the same. As a background reference, the music has a dark feel to it - that dominated the mood of the lyrics. Thanks in advance. Couldn't Be More Wrong V1: You said we would till the end have us to believe in You had me standing on the ledge with a rose as a beaconC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrongV 2 : Into a sea of an endless bliss I felt myself reeling Into a scheme laid out for me I fell deeperC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrongB : I wouldn't care about you coming back from the dead, upstream Funny how in a distant memory all I could do was dreamPre-Chorus :How I’d dreamed of us together (Dreams I'd see come true)Played us out in mind forever(You wouldn't know, would you?)Turns out I couldn't be more wrongC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrong
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    I sat down one night with the intention of writing something different and experimenting a little. Whether it works or not, well, I don’t really know. Some who have read the lyric say yes, some say no. The concept being what the singer wants you to figure out. My collaborator, Ramiro Montes De Oca picked up the lyric and added the music and vocal. Thoughts and suggestions very welcome. What Am I To You I have saved good people I have killed them too I have fed the hungry and took food from a few What am I to you, What am I, what am I to you? Sometimes give assistance and sometimes I subdue Sometimes I’m a bluffer, other times; follow through What am I to you, What am I, what am I to you? (Bridge) To one I’m good to one I’m evil To some; bring peace To some; upheaval It all depends on your point of view What am I to you, What am I, what am I to you? To some I’m accepted To some I am taboo Backed, or a target like the one I point to What am I to you, What am I, what am I to you? 2017© L. James Tanner
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    Hello, I've not had much free time lately, too much crap going on. Then last week my uncle died, and weirdly a melody popped into my head...so I made something of it with memories of our childhood summer holidays at his house, at Saunton Sands. I think it's strangely almost happy for the most part... about as happy and bouncy as I've ever done anyway... I'm not planning on changing the song, it's still a case of 'do I like it, or not'. I'm not feeling done with the mix, and maybe not the arrangement. Any thoughts very welcome. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/sauntonsands/s-N2ECS Words - Summer is a bungalow Not far from the sea Happy is the home Of Ron and Valerie The golden fields are blazing to Seasons In The Sun And the Band On The Run Saunton Sands here we come It seems a thousand miles away In the backseat of my mind But the backseat is fine It’s my brother’s and mine Saunton Sands here we come Saunton Sands here we come Rolling with the surf there is a Single blue light And the crickets play all night Blue Velvet songs From Sandy Lane To the bluest waves Feels like California sun But with skittles in the pub Saunton Sands here we come A spirit walk Along the path Chilling with A loving laugh The moonlit sky Deep velvet blue Here comes the night And dad’s there too Full of love
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    My name is Theoren, people mostly call me Author. I'm a 22 year old who just got a BOFA in Vocal Performance this May. I write piano based compositions but also acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. I work out of my home and I'm also a writer. I have written, produced, and directed 2 theatre plays. It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing compositions with you!
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    oh wow you really are a cross between laura marling and lana del rey... if you don't know laura marling, i would really suggest her @emilyandersonmusic
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    I think it sounds great, Mark - except, for a couple of things - hiss excluded. To my ears listening in headphones, both the kick and the floor tom are conspicuously panned to the right in a not-so-good way. I think the kick should be centered - dead center (it's a bit to the right), and I think the floor tom should be just a bit away from center, and it's pretty far out now. Having that low thud from the kick and low boom from the floor tom in just my right ear wasn't very conducive to a pleasant listening experience. Even if you bring it further in, the floor tom may still be a bit too loud/boomy with the current EQ and volume settings. Except for the little noodle as you sing "and blue" during the phrase "green and blue," I think the electric licks are very tasty! The note you end on as you sing "blue" sounds good. But, the higher bend thing right before that sounds kind of hokey to me. Of course, these are just my opinions and personal tastes. Regardless, I still love most everything about this song, performance, arrangement and mix. Kudos! P.S. I'm still going back to work on older stuff.
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    Hello welcome to the forums! Im new here too.
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    Hi both, thank you very much for your comments. @Richard Tracey, I did think the arrangement sounds a bit sparse in places, but at the moment I'm not 'hearing' anything to add that would fit with the vibe of the tune. This one needs to go on the shelf for a while, before I revisit it with fresh ears.