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    I wasn't always into music deeply though I enjoyed its company. I remember picking up a guitar for the first time when I was 15 years old (being 24 now). Maybe that's when my interest in music increased and kept my teenage mind occupied. Being in India and coming from a middle-class background, my only source of international music back then was the radio. Every night at 9:00PM, the local radio would air the feed of Top40 with Ryan Seacrest or Casey Kasem and I used to fall asleep to it. The more I recall those nights, the more I realise how significant it has been for me to ever have my doors open to this wonderful world of music. Around the same time, I came across and heard 'Gravity' by John Mayer. That changed everything. I'm sure there is always one moment in life for every single person that proves to be monumental in deciding what the rest of their life is going to be. Listening to Gravity was mine. Never was I so moved with the words being sung and the music going with it. That's when my fascination with songwriting, making music, expressing was born. My frustration with my noob guitar playing skills further motivated me to write my own words and melodies. lol That's how it began. From there, I would try to find every opportunity to sing in front of an audience. Since I was in school, most of that would be singing competitions. I guess being part of those competitions really helped me gain confidence in myself to stand in front of an audience and perform. There was no stopping me from there. And then Songstuff & John happened. For those of you who know Derek Sivers is would also know that he was an active blogger/writer as well and was open to discussions with any person who would send him a mail. I did so, seeking music advice back in 2011. He said that the best way to get better at what you do is to share it with like minded people. He suggested I find communities online. And obviously, the first one to pop up was Songstuff. I joined Songstuff in Feb 2011 (I just checked, it marked my 6 years of Songstuff just yesterday) and I was quite the excited one. John noticed. I started getting involved with more things Songstuff and we started talking more about music and what not. Back then, I had a very basic phone with internet capabilities at the lowest. I had no computer, no equipment. In fact I had no room of mine either & was living in a room with my two brothers and my mom. But I had these songs. And John suggested I put an EP out with those songs. Now, note that I'd never performed anywhere but in school and college. I had no equipment, no money and quite evidently, no sense of challenge. And John says - "If that's where we've got to start from, then let's start". I did all I can to put some money together (saving lunch money, claiming that I needed lunch money from friends lol) and then went to a studio and recorded 5 songs and called it Beyond the Door. It was just one guitar (with barely average guitar playing) and my voice. But I did it. That's the point John had all along. Use what you've got and work with it. As if there was any other choice. I put the EP out online, sent it indie radio stations all over the globe (I did get my songs aired in a handful of radio stations and podcasts in the UK, US and Japan. I think that was super sweet of the people running the shows), got a 'music video' prepared with the help of my brother. A few people in the city took notice, invited me to perform at a few places for free. Two venue owners saw me there and offered me my very first paid gigs and on I went on my journey to become a full time musician. With John's direction always being there, I continued to stay active and build my music career while in college. As you would know how it is in India when it comes to parents pressuring you to pursue a more 'meaningful profession', I ploughed on as I finished my bachelor's degree in computer science. I worked for about a year and then made the decision to call it quits and pursue music full time. My parents were obviously against it but being stubborn, I did it anyways. John and other friends helped me to be smart about it. Being a singer-songwriter in India is not exactly a financially stable option lol I had to make sure that my education loans were still being taken care of as well that nothing changes in the financial equation I have with my parents. I wasn't a kid anymore. I did have a responsibility. It's been two years since I called it quits. Looks like things haven't gone to the shits yet lol I don't plan on it to. My parents came to a gig of mine a couple of months back. Their very first gig. After years of quarrel, fights, debates and what not, my dad on his way back said "I understand what he's doing now". He's not opposed my music or has shown distaste towards it ever since. In fact, it has been the opposite. Over the years, I've got to support some of the best bands in the country. I opened for Lucy Rose and Luke Sital-Singh when they came to India. I got to perform with Christian Galvez, one of the best Jazz musicians in the world which was a life time opportunity. There is a LONG way to go. And being a full time musician is a real struggle every single day. But it's all worth it! Every single bit. Years have passed and John has continued to mentor me in my career. He's been a greater friend and has helped me in the toughest of my days even when I was at a stage where I was 'hurting' myself. And it is such a mind-boggling thing for me to comprehend how someone on the other side of the world who has never met me in person has had so much selfless concern and passion in helping me. Well, helping people. I mean, this is what Songstuff is all about. It sounds like I'm exaggerating but believe me, John is probably THE biggest reason for any success I have earned and will ever earn in my music career. I try to remember that every day. Well, that's me.
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    How did you get started writing lyrics? I used to write poems when I was younger but I was always so active that it was on the back burner. I had got sick a few years back so I could not be as active as I wanted, I saw a song contest online and changed some poems into a song format. I started doing that as a hobby and liked it. I have been writing since 2014. I Bought books by Pat Pattinson and Due White and taught my self song formats. Do you play any instruments or sing? I can't carry a tune and play no instruments. My only instrument is my Ball point pen or pencil. Do you like to collaborate with other writers? Yes all of my complete songs are colaborations because I only do lyrics. I have met collaboration partners on song stuff, NSAI, sound cloud and at a songwriters group at my church. if you were to describe yourself as a writer, what would you say? I like to write stories and songs that capture real emotions. I write in country, Christian, Gospel as well s pop and rock genres. I still learning formats, but copy exsisting formats to help to learn what works. Working with other musicians has helped me learn too. What kind of lyrics do you write? Country, story type songs, Christian, Gospel or several types. Why do you write? What do you hope to achieve? I write with the hopes of one day an artist picking up one of my songs and having it be played on the radio. I do have one song that an artist wants to pick up, it is currently on hold until his 2017 album comes out. it is always fun to see a lyric come to life. What interests you when you write? Life stories, conversations, things we go through and sometimes silly things. if you could write a song for an artist, who would it be and why? Carrie underwood, because I like her story type songs and she is a great singer. What are your goals as a songwriter? To make songs that are commercial but can help somebody along the way. Do you have a favorite song? Many favorites The Dance by Garth brooks is my favorite ballad type. I tend to love the songs from when I was in high school the most. There are lots of songs I love. Of your own songs, do you have a favorite? Hand Up and Dancing on a memory, although Love May come late is the one that got picked up. Do you have a favorite situation or location when you write? At night on my porch, or at church they have music rooms with pianos and instruments, my cowriter meets me there sometimes. Has being a member of Songstuff been beneficial to you? Yes it has. I enjoy getting feedback from other artist and it has helped me learn song formats quicker. I have colabarated with a few members and that has been lots of fun.Song stuff has some talented artist from many different places and have learned from many of them. Why do you take part in lyrics challenges on Songstuff? I sometimes struggle with what to write about, that helps me to focus on one topic and helps me to grow. I like the challenges because they help me to write about things I may not have thought about on my own. If you were to offer any advice to your fellow songwriters, what would it be? Try to write something every day, even if it is just one line, if you get out of the habit of writing, it is hard to be creative. If someone really likes your work, what is the best way for them to keep up with your latest writings? Sound cloud, Broadjam, Reverb and for lyrics here. I am working on building a website soon.
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    From the album My Artwork

    My cat Jessie
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    From the album My Artwork

    3 heads of David Bowie through the years
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    Hi Sreyashi Good topic. For me it has always been there. Making music was and is, as essential as breathing. Just like breathing it happens automatically, my default setting. As a kid my mum sang opera with the Scottish National Opera and the BBC, and she taught piano. So at 4 I started learning the piano. Singing was always there, so I am not sure when that started! After seeing Yehudi Menuhin on TV I was determined to learn to play like that, so at 7 I started learning how to play he violin. My mother rolled my sisters and I out to perform at social events, and I picked up the performance bug there, although even at 7 I was already performing through clubs etc. Although I kept playing both piano and violin, over the years my interest became focused on how music was composed and arranged. I started to learn other instruments so that I could understand them, and How they all worked together. Not only that, it was a challenge and it was fun. I sang with a choir and took part in the odd competition, I started to learn how to play drums and played in a competition pipe band. In our grade we won national and world titles. I learned how to play the bagpipes and played in another pipe band. All along I tried every instrument I could get my hands on, bugle, trumpet, clarinet, viola, cello... I tortured them all lol I am not sure exactly when I started writing. I know I wrote lyrics, and I know I wrote music from a very young age, but writing full songs, I am not sure? 12? 13? When I was maybe 14 or 15 I took up the guitar. My world transformed. Until that point, unless writing my own melodies, I had worked almost exclusively with the notes written by someone else, represented on a manuscript, with me interpreting and performing those notes. When I started playing the guitar I stepped away into improvisation, and playing purely by ear. I remember working on mainly rock music with some folk thrown in for good measure. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple was many a guitarist's first notes. I remember working out Stairway To Heaven, note by note, and playing it on a terrible acoustic with a ridiculously high action. My guitar became my main instrument, saving for an electric guitar, exploring blues, heavy rock and heavy metal, funk, jazz, folk... just music every day. Soon I was learning bass guitar, mandolin, even didgeridoo! lol learning circular breathing for that wax a challenge believe me! I started playing in bands, people I knew through school, playing school gigs etc. Good fun at the time, but also good experience. My sisters both played and sang. My eldest sister sang in choirs, was a concert pianist who took part in pretty prestigious competitions. My other sister was always more interested in pop culture, Elton John being on of her favourites. Both sisters would duet on piano and singing. They were certainly an influence and through them I experienced pop and Rick music much earlier than I would have as a single child. Similarly, I had an aunt and uncle who loved music. In the 60s my uncle had become a huge Dylan fan. He used to go to gigs in and around London and record them on his 4 track recorder. The earliest Hendrix gigs, The Who, Yardbirds etc. He even had a recording of a jam between Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison lol He has so many rare recordings, in many cases the only recordings of events and gigs in the late 60s and 70s Freak scene, mainly in London and the South of England, but elsewhere too. I am not sure exactly when they started going to festivals and gigs in the USA. Nowadays they still travel to gigs all over the UK and the odd Dylan gig in the USA. (Years later the BBC made a documentary about one of his recordings, a "lost" recording of Bob Dylan in London). Both he and my aunt were friends of Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) and Roy Harper, and they were involved in the vibrant folk rock scene in Britain in the late 60s and 70s. My uncle ran a Bob Dylan fanzine for many years and he still travels all over the world to see them. I mention my mother, sisters, aunt and uncle, because my family were a huge influence, helping to fuel and nurture my passion and interest in music. Fair to say that my interest in music was quite diverse, and that I was far more interested in how music was created than anything else. I got jobs working in recording studios, live events, played in bands sometimes professional, some times semi professionally. I rode motorcycles, had long hair, partied like there was no tomorrow, but music was always front and centre. One band had quite a large following, got loads of press coverage, played festivals and large gigs was on the brink of being signed, for it to fall away as the band imploded after a few years of playing together. A common enough story. I did session work too, that was fun. It should be said that, what little regard I had for wanting to be a celebrity died away at this time. It had never been a huge motivational factor, but for a variety of reasons, mainly being hugely uncomfortable with press intrusion on my life (even at that minuscule level of celebrity) and being recognised going down the street, became something I didn't want. So here I was, a musician and writer, who loved performing, wanted to play bigger gigs and record my music... but I hated celebrity, what it stood for. I wanted attention for my music, but no attention for me lol. A conundrum! Then I injured my spine. I went from playing gigs several times a week to lying on a floor for 18 months and what was to become decades of pain and extended periods of incapacity, operations, stacks of pain killers, injections, hundreds of hours of physiotherapy. I could no longer reliably perform. I couldn't work as a roadie, or sound crew, or even as a recording engineer. So I went to night school, got the qualifications I needed to get to University, studied and achieved an honours degree in Electronics with Music, which was mainly about designing music tech, but also using it, composition etc. I played in bands all through University, and I honed my music making skills and applying my creativity to technology and the business of music. It was a mind expanding period for me, literally. I played on TV, live gigs on radio, did my share of TV and magazine interviews, Fun years. By now I had built a lot of experience of music marketing and promotion, learned a lot about the making of an artist, managing bands, recording and producing, even the kinds of music deals around, and the ways that the music business worked, how it ticked over, common strategies etc. I had seen bands that worked inrehearsal studios beside us, go from nothing to the top of the charts in the UK and the USA, and had spent a lot of time talking with people behind the scenes, including band managers and entertainments lawyers, publishers and Record Label staff. I started work with Motorola while my musical focus turned towards what I could do at home, recording using computers, electronica, and towards the fledgling internet as a great way to meet and work with other musicians. I was producing local bands and started working with a female singer. We made chill out tracks, were getting featured on Radio One in the UK by Pete Tong and others, we were meant to be tour support for Groove Armada, things were happening again.... and then my back went again. The old injury came back hard, another few operations... and while lying on my back, still full of creativity, frustrated as hell that I should have spent so much time learning all these skills, and they were just going to evaporate away, as if they never happened, when I came up with the idea for Songstuff. If I couldn't do things myself, I wanted to help others, pass on what I had learned. The internet was still pretty new. Google didn't exist! I still made music in my home studio, I still worked with other musicians, but gradually Songstuff took over. I really enjoyed helping other musicians, connecting with people, learning about the internet, how it was used and how it could benefit bands. I transferred over a lot of skills developed in the real world for the old music business, and tried to bypass issues that the internet was throwing up, investigated what worked and what didn't and how successful bands used different strategies on and off the internet, and how they combined the two. Another mind expanding period! I added a community onto Songstuff, and the rest they say is history. I have met a load of famous people over the years, even at a very young age, and was aware just how ordinary they are (out with their sometimes exceptional, sometimes little better than average talent) We put them on a pedestal. Some remain good, untainted, others believe their own hype and really are not that nice. I've learned many lessons along the way, but amongst the most important lessons related to success, I would say are these: Always give attention to detail Be creative in all that you do (music, image, business, everything) Work to as high as standard as you can at all times Work hard Work harder Work harder still That is the essence of the work ethic that is required to make original, engaging music you can feel proud of... no matter if it is as a professional, semi-professional or enthusiastic amateur. Happy accidents occur rarely. Everything else is just noise. A long post (as if I am not known for them lol) but on a bright note, I didn't write an entire book) Hopefully it adds to your picture of who I am, and maybe even what Songstuff is. Why Songstuff is. Cheers John
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    Wow you're gonna regret asking that question. I'm gonna ramble on about myself because then I can pretend I'm being interviewed by the music press...no doubt plenty of others will...it'll get really annoying... Well, Sreyashi... It all started in the mid 70s after a chance meeting with David Crosby over at our mutual friend Joni's place in Laurel Canyon... kind of... well not exactly... it was my mum n dad's house in Moston North Manc...but Moston and Laurel Canyon were really similar except one was beautiful, sunny and smelled of sinsemilla. and one was a rainy, sh*t hole which smelled of coal, tar and garbage. Anyway...there, aged 8ish, I spent most of my non-school time in headphones listening to whatever I could find in mum n dad's record collection... mostly Del Shannon, Buddy Holly and The Dave Clarke 5. Unlike most kids, I listened thoroughly (because I'm better than everyone else), I can't stand background music. And so the spirit of music possessed me. Soon I was performing to crowds ... Usually Mr Gribbins (psychotic old pervert) class... since he thought making kids go to the front of class to sing was amusing punishment (not as much as he enjoyed putting our heads between his legs to smack our arses)...with such classics as 'Skinny Dogs' and 'Dylan The Fairground Man'. I got the bug. Later, aged 13ish, I began sketching out my master plan...literally sketching it... inventing my new band, recruiting top non-musical talent from Mr Braithwaite's (miserable old git) history class to form the ultimate rock group - 'Satan's Avengers'. And inspiration for our first shit came when my good friend Shaun (school nut job) revealed his latest creation from beneath his school blazer... DEMENTON! (An action man/ GI Joe, which had been mutilated so it was just a head stuck onto one leg)...I wrote the song immediately - Just a head on one leg, That's Dementon! Just a head on one leg, That's all! Yeah just a head on one leg, But a mind built for war, He'll tear out your brains, And eat them still raw, Built by the dark lord himself, Aaaaargh, built with pride, Are you ready to die? Let Dementon decide. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, prepare to meet his maker! This received rave reviews such as "Headmasters office!...NOW!" And so a star was born... I'll spare you the middle stuff between then and now... You asked!
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    I challenge (or I shame, if need be) every member to make a donation to Songstuff. I just made one using the PayPal Donate button at the top banner. Yeah, I know we're all broke after the holidays. But, if I can donate something, then so can you. C'mon . . . DIG DEEP! David
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    Hello friends I have another song here. I was not planning to write more before I actually finish my previous ones. But I had this chorus melodyline in my head " when the night is young I put on my shoes" so thats where it started and it ended up into lyrics about missing someoone, but i also imagine is about missing a passion she has (like dancing). It also ends well for once. So I am working on many things at same times now. The outro is a little bit long, but I enjoyed playing the organ and doing this rich choir could be cutted I think All critics are welcome of course! I also played with de essing. it might be I did to much. Everything is done in Reason 8.3.2d7 Here are the lyrics: Dancing with Shadows Verse: When you are gone I have a story I want to tell, about passion and love that went blind. There is no one in this world that is going to say, I need distraction from my troubled mind. Seasons are fleeting, many moons have passed me by. There's no secret I miss you much. Echoes and whispers of your voice still make me cry and I remember your tender touch. Chorus: When the night is young I put on my shoes. I keep dancing alone with shadows of you. With you. Verse: When I am moving I have many seamless thoughts. I feel the fire still burns in my heart. I get this feeling that I am not quite alone that someone is watching the performance of my art. Chorus: When the night is young I put on my shoes. I keep dancing alone with shadows of you. With you. Bridge: All of a sudden someone takes my hand. Someone says: "This is not the end." Chorus: When the night was young I did put on my shoes. I kept dancing alone with shadows , dancing alone with shadows , dancing alone With you... Outro but now you are here I am dancing with you..with you..
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    Wow...good topic. I've always been interested in music, in singing, playing guitar and drums...(I sang "Country Roads" in my Vacation Bible School class to inconclusive reviews) and broke dozens of drum sticks by beating them against anything I could find. Unfortunately, to say that my mom and step-dad were unsupportive would be like saying the ocean is a small pond. Eventually, after a few years I gave in to "what was expected" and pursued a more conventional track and "rewarding" (pardon me while I yawn) career. Fast forward 45 years, then something truly magical happened. Out of nowhere I got a call from a private eye who was commissioned by my biological father to find me. He and my mom divorced when I was three and he had been trying to find me as I moved around the country over the years. I was skeptical of course, but he did provide convincing evidence. When we met, it freaked my wife completely out because we were virtually carbon copies of each other. Same build, mannerisms, hair (he had much less than me...yikes!) I found out that he had played in a band called Southern Comfort for many, many years as a drummer, and also my brother D (who I met for the first time then as well) is an accomplished bass and guitar player. So I picked up a guitar again. I really had my doubts when I started playing again, and had no confidence that I could even write a song but he kept telling me "goddam boy, it's in your genes, don't let no one tell you no different. Do what's inside and t'hell with 'em." and that's where I started writing my own songs. I looked around for some time trying to find somewhere to get more feedback on what I was writing and then I stumbled into Songstuff and the great group here. And I've never regretted it. Thanks John for putting together this site, and all you folks who write, perform, and produce music that take the time to critique and help. ~ JH
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    Well, this is what I came up with this afternoon. The birds and slight road sounds aren't sound effects by the way, I just caught them from outside while recording the guitar and decided to keep them. Simple tune, I didn't have much time. Maybe I'll expand on it...not sure... Any feedback welcome. Added a new part and reduced the repeat on the end part. Does it work? Another update 10th March, now including some bass. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/distant-cars03/s-IO7C4 Less reverb version - Words - Evenings cold On the stone With my feet In the road Counting hours Wanting more Counting hours It’s a dream for the few Close my eyes to the truth It won’t be long Until the night It won’t be long Feel it in the sound Of distant cars The empty roads cold Waiting for Golden lights Golden lights Arms open wide Hope through fear All those years behind the tears Let’s go home Graceful love Painful love In the evening glow It's getting late and the world is waiting Mistakes are made In the evening glow Evening's cold On the stone With my feet In the road It won't be long Until the night It won't be long
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    Proposals 2, 3, and 4 are now implemented
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    Will you guys please stop fighting. I'm so tired of going to read something and there you two are going at it, name calling and trying to … oh wait … you guys aren't fighting. Wait, you guys aren't fighting?!?!?! Happy New Year Huck and Poo!
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    Hiya guys, It has been a while since I've posted here. Hope it has been well. I wrote this song a couple of days ago. I envision it to be more of an RnB/Neo-Soul "Justin Timberlake" kinda production. And those who have heard my songs before know that such an arrangement is not exactly my forte. So I was wondering if you can help me out with ideas. Anything that comes to mind. Hopefully I get to work with a producer soon and get this song going. Until then, I plan to work with my DAW and learn as much I can on my own. As always, thanks for the help. And as I keep saying, I've learnt much over the years! (Edit: Thanks for the heads up @M57 ) *Finders Keepers* Don't you see what you're doing? As you sit there playing blind, All you burn is out the fire You left behind As you turn back the pages, Slip away to your alibi, I'm standing here Waiting for a sign babe Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Yes, I know you have reasons For your actions and your cause, But darlin' is it love when all you do Is keep me in the dark? I am far from perfection And your standards maybe high But you know I love you More than love, you can't deny Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Forgive me, I am tired Forgive me, I am lost when you are quiet Lead me to your light Won't you come, won't you come now Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Finders Keepers Written and performed by Mahesh Raghunandan All Rights Reserved © 2016
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    Just started recording scratch versions of this song (not the best recording and sloppy sometimes) this recording wont be used in the final recording so I'd like feedback for the written song only (it's structure, what stuff I should take out or keep, ect.) Your feedback is appreciated finished instrument.mp3
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    I still think the major obstacle to newbies getting more feedback for their posted lyrical or musical works is their understandable assumption that they should post in the "Members Only" sub-forum boards, which we all know are deserted islands compared to the bustle of the main, public boards. And, I still think that problem could be significantly mitigated if in the description of the Members Only boards it was made clear that the sub-forum is private from the public, that it does not get as much attention - even from other members, and that if you want maximum exposure and feedback you should scroll down and click "Start New Topic" to post your thread in the main, public forum below. I see it happen - they post in the Members Only forum, they're essentially ignored, and they never post here again. I and other members try to catch them and explain the difference between the private forum and the public one, but we don't get them all, and it's a pain in the ass. In my opinion, the descriptions for the Members Only boards themselves should explain all that upfront so the problem is avoided. I also still think instrumentals need not be banished to their own largely-ignored sub-forum as well. More experienced members will post instrumentals in the main forum regardless. But, newbies typically won't. Although I have no idea how big of an issue it is, I do know some new members, especially more novice artists, feel intimidated by some of the more polished recordings by more experienced talent posted in the song and recording critique forum. I know, because they say so when they begin their first post, which invariably contain a list of disclaimers apologizing for their presentation. I can't help but wonder how many other newbies don't even get to the point of being confident enough to post that first post. Maybe that issue does need to be addressed somehow better than it currently is. I also think some pinned topic of tips somewhere where explanations of how to do things here on the site via the Songstuff software could not only be useful to new members, but us older ones too. How to delete and edit a comment. How to delete your topic/thread. How to change the title of your topic thread using the Full Editor. How to avoid having a giant signature like Rudi had, etc.
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    Well a while ago I shelved plans for an album due to life getting in the road... but here I am back again, in the early stages of planning an EP and an album with accompanying singles. For now I have a provisional timescale, with the plan to release the single in October, followed by an EP in November. Hopefully then I will release singles and an album to follow in April / May. The tracks are mostly written for both EP and album and recording has begun. Tracks are being selected for EP and album as we speak, though at this point the track allocation is quite fluid. The good thing is that there are loads of tracks to choose from. I have enough written for several albums, and with new tracks being written all the time. I've also re-worked a few older tracks recently, so I may include some of those. I'm looking forward to this!
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    SongStuff While I think about it… Moderators: I know well enough that they aren’t appreciated most of the time. Sometimes it’s laborious to mind the site and pander to the members. A bit like having to mind the kids when all you really want is an hour or two to yourself? Yes, I was a mod once . Contributors: Moderators are contributors, but so is everyone who reviews a service, product or critiques somebodys work. They are also those who stimulate ideas that can be serious or funny. The least appreciated contributors seem to be the technical experts who enable us to function better with their assiduously acquired knowledge. Regulars: I sometimes feel embarrassed that there are more regulars here than I know about. They spend their time elsewhere on the forums and so I think of them as newbies until I notice their post count. Then I realise it’s been too long since I visited the creative forums and listen to some tunes or read some lyrics. Imposters : They are not interested in us. They are here to impress us, court our praise and inspire us to follow them. When they fail (they always do) they move on. They most frequently are responsible for the ‘Too Good to be True’ posts. Queue Jumpers: Imposters are queue jumpers, though not all queue jumpers are imposters. Why do I call them queue jumpers? Because I liken the lounge to the front page of a newspaper, and they only want to be on the front page. To be noticed first, whether they deserve it or not. ‘Too Good to be True’ posts: An enticing title, almost always misleading. So after you’ve read it, you wish you hadn’t. Why? Because it’s just another ‘queue jumper’ who wants attention. Typically that post will be their first or second. They have a band to advertise, a product, a website, or maybe just their own work. I usually feel duped after reading such posts. The lounge: Most of us put in the time and become part of the community and give something back to it. Most of us will post our work in the areas provided for that purpose. I realise that the lounge welcomes ‘shameless self promotion’, but I for one will only reluctantly read or respond such posts. I’m not proposing any change to the lounge’s purpose & function. I understand that there are pros as well as cons in all this. Just making my position clear. Songwriting, Lyrics, Recording. The creative areas seem to take care of themselves. With people interacting and getting to know one another and their work. They make their own mini communities. If I were John, I would be most satisfied with this state of affairs. To have carefully created something, launched it, and eventually see it not only function, but propel itself forwards under its own momentum with minimal maintenance. It’s a bit like parenting. You nurture and prepare a child as best you can, but then see them head off into life as their own person, maybe doing stuff that you never foresaw. Mosh Pit: It’s a volatile place that could be shut down at any time because it could become dysfunctional & nasty. Why is it there? In there, we can reveal the parts of us that are normally not seen. Sometimes we may not like what we see, but that is its real function, because if we confine ourselves to time honoured social etiquette we become sanitised and bland. Most important of all, we get to see what others make of the newly revealed us. The creative areas are the converse of this. They are like pre-school play pens; with safe rounded edges and soft flooring. Being creative often means getting out of the play pen and into some dirty, maybe even toxic areas. Pound for pound, I have personally found more inspiration in the mosh pit than elsewhere.That’s why books, film & video games all involve conflict and struggle of some sort; be it physical, mental or intellectual. There’s a reason that there are no successful stories where everything is wonderful all of the time. All the same, most Mosh Pit contributors probably wonder how long the place can last. I think that the longer it does last, the better we collectively are. By better I mean more resilient, flexible and generally robust mentally and emotionally. Taking a few bruises now and then is fine. Only if anything more serious occurs will we need to reconsider closure. This post turned out longer than I had intended. It wasn’t meant to be definitive or all inclusive, but just a sketch. I appreciate everybody here that I know. I have not harboured any grudges (yet). I sometimes worry a little about friends that disappear for a while, or visit less frequently; - Yes I do have someone in mind right now. I’ll check FaceBook later on. Sometimes people that seem the least grounded or discerning, demonstrate remarkable insight or integrity, and other qualities that don’t always show. That’s why I have not yet given up on anyone here yet. I continue to be surprised and rewarded by remaining open to those I disagree with. I'm happy to learn from anyone at all. John: are you still reading this? Thank you for maintaining SS and being here ALL THE TIME man. That goes for the Mods too.
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    Some of the boards I don't get to as often, but as time passes, I manage to get around to more than a few. Most of the site is silent reading for me, the Song title association thread is just so cool to pop in and listen to some great music, but I like the song critique forum too. Still, I spend most of my time in the lyrics forum, singing silent songs. I like the addition of the pit. You know, I recently have spoken to two members over the phone, an act that always catches me off guard. I don't know why, it's a strange thing for me to hear someone's voice for the first time. I've spent years on songstuff and haven't heard enough voices. Somehow, the pit is a little like that. it's almost a voice, it's a new dimension added to how I see someone. You can get a good feel for someone's character through their music and lyrics, but give them something to fight for, or a chance to state their core beliefs, and you add some color too the picture for sure. There's nobody in the pit I wouldn't hang out with, even if I don't agree with them much, because at least I know they're honest. I like the articles page, I've read most of them, some of them more than a few times. I like the site bugs and suggestions, and I like seeing Steve pop in every once in a while and would like to suggest he do it more often. I like that it seems sort of family-ish around here. I think someone said it already, but that has to do with how the site is run, the temperament, the ideas, the guidance from all the site staff and the cooperation of fellow members. Nice post Rudi, insightful, thoughtful, thankful. Sparked some nice comments.
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    Hope you enjoy this as a fun one needs a bit of tweaking but thought you might like the read. The Devil Rides A Bike © L G Service November 2016 All Rights Reserved. C The Devil rides a bike, So the legend goes The screaming noise the engine makes Is the screams of tortured souls The paint is a coat of blood The frame is made of bones The flesh of man makes the seat So the legend goes The Devil rides a bike The Devil rides a bike You can Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil, if you like V I heard a sound coming down the street That made my hair all stand on end A roaring ball of flame and smoke Came tearing around the bend I ducked behind the nearest bush Trying to hide from that evil beast He pulled right up beside me and laughed He said, On your soul I'm going to feast C The Devil rides a bike, So the legend goes The screaming noise the engine makes Is the screams of tortured souls The paint is a coat of blood The frame is made of bones The flesh of man makes the seat So the legend goes The Devil rides a bike The Devil rides a bike You can Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil, if you like V I looked that Devil straight in the eye And said you cant have my soul I've made a pact with the man upstairs He's the only Lord I know The Devil stared right back at me And snarled one day you'll be mine I laughed and said over my dead body He laughed back, and said that'll be just fine...option (Thats what I had in mind) any thoughts? The Devil rides a bike, So the legend goes The screaming noise the engine makes Is the screams of tortured souls The paint is a coat of blood The frame is made of bones The flesh of man makes the seat So the legend goes The Devil rides a bike The Devil rides a bike You can Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil, if you like B I gave him the bird! If you know what I mean He said my name is written in his book I said go read it again you fiend This time take a proper look He road off in a huff, Ha Ha No soul for him tonight! C The Devil rides a bike, So the legend goes The screaming noise the engine makes Is the screams of tortured souls The paint is a coat of blood The frame is made of bones The flesh of man makes the seat So the legend goes The Devil rides a bike The Devil rides a bike You can Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil, if you like If you like If you like You can Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil, if you like
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    I was recently asked about what success means to me as a songwriter and musician. Explaining what this broad term means took me good thought. But recently, something that happened made things much easier for me to answer this question. Every individual is on the journey of finding some purpose in life. There are good times and bad that each of us wade through. Though we cannot possibly quantify all of it in a sentence (or a hundred), there are certain experiences that embrace the essence of it. I’ve been a singer-songwriter for years now and fortunately, being among the right people and the right situation, I’ve been able to make a living out of this. Not long ago, while unwinding among friends, I was asked to sing a couple of songs of mine that they were familiar with. I was happy to oblige as I‘ve been in the past among the same friends. It was a day with amazing food, new friends & family and the energy, so pure and serene. I savoured every bit of singing my heart out. What happened once I finished is what, I think, reasserted my purpose for making music. There were tears, hugs and kisses that came by me. Then it went among each other, where people expressed love and gratitude with heavy emotions. It was a surreal night. I did NOT just say that to praise myself and what I will say next should hopefully clear that. As a musician, a lot of people tell you — “You’ve got to work on your skills to give the listener your best” which is absolutely true. But as the words repeat in your head and outside of it, some tend to lose direction and ego takes over. The pressure to impress rises. But you know, to people with struggles, life goals and the need to find purpose, the only thing that matters is how something makes them feel. One can look over the mountains and be lost in recording the moment with their phones to show the world of their conquest. Another can be lost in the mountains themselves. The sheer beauty of it. Neither of it is necessarily wrong. Believe me, I’ve done both of ‘em. It doesn’t even have to be a mountain. It can supposedly be the ugliest thing in the world, but many see through it and find beauty and peace, in the darkest of moments. These mountains aren’t the way they are because they want to impress somebody. They are what they are, and remain to be, allowing for memories to be made, love to be shared and worries to be forgotten. That evening, I felt like the mountains. Ego had no room because love & gratitude was strong among everyone in the room. Stories and struggles that I don’t know of became the guests that were served; with words and melody. You see, songs don’t have to be good or bad to make people feel that way. They are just catalysts to heal unspoken words and tangled emotions. Success, to me, was seeing this unravel before my eyes and then staying with it, in silence.
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments- Clarinet and a little bit of the keyboard When did you start playing - the clarinet when I was 10 the keyboard just this year Did you teach yourself - no to the clarinet yes to the keyboard 2. Are you in a band or bands? No 3. Do you write songs? I write lyrics, it's been my passion ever since I was little 4. Do you record your music? Yes I record my own music in my home studio. It's not very professional but it get's the job done 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I am currently working on starting my own label 6. Are you a tech head No 7. What country do you live in? Us 8. What are your ambitions? To write music for a living 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I write poetry 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? Constructive criticism and to meet people with the same passion I think that covers the main musical things!
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    Scratch can mean a lot of things, depending on who you are talking to. Generally speaking, it means a recording that has been brought to it's present state quickly, without the comprehensive treatment a fully engineered and produced track would normally receive. Usually the term "scratch" refers to a fast demo of a song idea, one that can be shown to other musicians that may then move forward to contribute to the more complete version of the song. One plus One means ONE instrument and ONE voice. Typically, this means guitar and voice, but not always. Another often used one plus one format is piano and voice. Specifically, this format invokes a finished song where a singer performs with just one instrument in accompaniment, or maybe two, where the production has received only moderate, or minimal engineering. A video, shot with a Go Pro video unit, of a guy playing piano and singing, which can potentially yield a VERY effective presentation, would be a common form of a one plus one effort. This, as opposed to a full band, with a dozen or more active tracks (sometimes MANY more), and intense, comprehensive engineering work, mixing, mastering, etc.
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    "And the watershed turns to bloodshed in the blink of an eye" a quote from from one of my favorite songs. It's so easy to get the wrong impression from something someone has said on these internet boards. I see Rick has liked my post, but he doesn't know why I posted it, I didn't explain my intention. All it it took was a little disruption of the boards as a catalyst and then one statement, not mine but someone's, was the trigger that set off the shooting. The watershed (Songstuff) turns to bloodshed (arguing) in the blink of an eye. I can deal with all the changes, but without the pit I am forced to throttle down my usual way of coping by bitching. I think it might be interesting to see how many little arguments come about. It may be a good tool to gauge the amount of agitation and perhaps the need to revert back and try plan two. Other gauges would be posts, site visits, and members overall tone. Im thinking Rick doesn't like change, he got a bit lost, took some things personally and said some things before thinking them through. Yeaterday was was a tough day, a lot of people felt things were strangely out of place.
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    Hi, Neptune here (used to live by the sea)!!! I live in Essex in the UK and to keep the wolves from the door i cook for a bunch of folk who live in a nearby community. This is my first ever go at communicating with other like minded souls who conjure up words and tunes and put them together to make sweet music. What a hellish place our planet would be without it . I’ve had music in me for as long as I can remember but never had the confidence to put stuff out there. I’m a bit of an old dude now (child of the Seventies) so it’s now or never. I play guitar and I’m lucky enough to have a couple of really decent instruments but really I’m into writing lyrics, they’re my real passion. I’m looking forward to receiving critique from other members and maybe find some musical collaborators and I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the community. OK, I’m rambling so I’ll sign off by saying, pleased to meet you all, glad to be here, looking forward to hearing your voices.
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    Hi folks Here's a new song that I wrote and recorded. Nits and crits welcome. OverthinkingWritten and performed by Staypress V1I've had some thoughts about overthinkingIt'll get you in the endTrying my best to stay in the momentBut my brain won't comprehend V2I've had my doubts about relative theoriesThe laws of physics are your friendUnderstanding the space time continuumBut my brain can't comprehend ChDid you ever stop to think and forget to start again?Did you ever think to stop and disengage your brain? V3I'm paranoid my lack of meditationPracticed as a daily choreWill turn my conscious into vegetationI'm not thinking anymore ChDid you ever stop to think and forget to start again?Did you ever think to stop and disengage your brain? Middle bitGive your mind a restBe at your bestThought can be a dangerous thingGet some zenRemind me thenI have to stop overthinking ChDid you ever stop to think and forget to start again?Did you ever think to stop and disengage your brain?to endThe late, great Gene Wilder
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    Keep My Powder Dry Copyright © 2016 by L.C. Campbell Verse 1 When love turns to war It’s not love anymore Home is a battleground Casualties all around Don’t even remember what I’m fighting for Chorus 1 So I’ll keep on keepin’ on Give nothing away Bind up my wounds Live to love another day Hold my head up high You won’t see me cry No tears on my face I’ll keep my powder dry Verse 2 We were on the same side Now the gap’s a mile wide I can’t see your heart from here Who we were has disappeared There’s no point in fighting what’s already died Chorus 2 So I’ll keep on keepin’ on Give nothing away Bind up my wounds Live to love another day Hold my head up high You won’t see me cry No tears on my face I’ll keep my powder dry Bridge I’ve learned the hard way that lipstick and blush Just aren’t enough when the going gets rough Chorus 3 So I’ll keep on keepin’ on Give my heart away In spite of my wounds I’ll live to love another day Hold my head up high You won’t see me cry No tears on my face I’ll keep my powder dry
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    Given a melody I can probably write lyrics to it. That said, without a melody first, most of the time the melody and flow come from the first point the words pop in my head.They have a certain sound I hear that develops as the rest of the words come. A great tune???..often debatable and changed ..but that first tune seems to always be the way I associate the lyrics. Can't remember writing a lyric without some type of musical feel.
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    From the album My Artwork

    © John Moxey 2007

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    Your post made me think... Aside from making albums to sell (or give away...whatever)... I think if you plan to make an album it could help focus you with a goal (not that you need it...but 'you' meaning anyone), and maybe more importantly an album captures a period. All artists develop, change, and I suppose a good thing about an album is it generally, or maybe should, contain the best of an artist's work during a certain period of time.... and it needs to be done so there's some pressure which has some effect too... then when it's done, time to think about the next...which will likely be slightly different and so maybe also encourages change and development. Something that the artists we all know and love have always done... but something that most amateurs/unsigned (including me) don't really think about because we don't need to! So it made me think...although I don't expect to sell any albums, maybe I should focus on making one as a goal within a set time. I have made one before but really it was an afterthought sticking tracks I liked together.... which isn't the same thing at all. In terms of a sales related reason... I dunno. Don't people buy albums anymore? If not...they should!
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    ! I barely got a couple of tunes together, and neither recorded yet. 1/ Oily Rag 2/ -untitled-
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    I'll add my thanks too, John. I greatly appreciate that there is a Songstuff, and greatly appreciate all you and your staff have done and continue to do. The Mosh Pit was a noble effort. However, I've come to see it s a cancer here that should probably be killed instead of allowed to metastasize. But, that's not my call. What is my decision to make though is that I won't be posting there again. I can no longer ignore that the negativity it brings out in me and others isn't good for my spirit. The rest of Songstuff is though - most of the time.
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    No new 2017 version "yet" I am afraid ... Let's Pray For Peace This New years Day Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker (c)2014 David S. Becker Music All Rights Reserved
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    This is one that some of you will remember from way back in about 2004. We debated its merits again in a thread in 2013. I like to take it out of the attic, dust it off, crank it up, play it loud and then put it away again for another year. Bah Humbug Christmas is a-coming and the cats are getting fat As they force feed all us turkeys with their tinsel and their tat And they think we don’t remember it was the same just last year And they’re right because amnesia was brought on by too much beer And too much forced jollity and watching crap on TV And lying to all the kiddies that Santa isn’t me. It started back in August, the day the temperature dropped One degree below thirty, the summer suddenly stopped And it became darkest winter with its snow and mistletoe Constant reminders of how many shopping days to go And party hats and karaoke and bloody jingle bells And the mindless obedience to the myth that Christmas sells Chorus Cold Turkey, I’ve kicked the Christmas drug Cold Turkey, I say Bah Humbug The carol singers are in tears because I gave them such short shrift I shouted through the letterbox that they’d get their asses kicked If they didn’t move to someone else with their frail wassail I was full of Christmas spirits so they put their legs between their tales I see the downside to the upside of this birthday celebration It’s an outdated ritual that creates a greedy nation Why should I care because I know I don’t believe In elves nor in Santa Claus nor in little Johnny’s greed For the latest sad computer game which he can play all on his own Which will stunt his social skills so he’ll end up on his own And the ads are incessant for this latest gimmickry That breaks the very second it leaves the shadow of the tree Chorus Cold Turkey, let’s pull the Christmas plug The lights go out on Christmas, I say Bah Humbug So Rudolph can do Santa’s round in just one single night Even though he’d have to move at the speed of light And all the grasping kiddies don’t believe this fairytale Because they are far too busy ringing up the sales And calculating how many presents they will have to take To outnumber the candles on Jesus’ birthday cake For just one day a year we wish goodwill to all men Then on aptly-named Boxing Day*it all begins again The back-biting and the fighting and the stealing from the poor And the lining of our pockets with the profits from our wars But if you don’t play the Christmas game you are branded a pariah By fools who think that shopping is the new messiah Chorus Cold Turkey, I’ve kicked the Christmas drug Cold Turkey, I say Bah Humbug Cold Turkey, I say Bah Humbug Cold Turkey, I say Bah Humbug *Boxing Day is the 26 December in the UK (the Victorians used to box up presents for their servants on this day, hence the name. Probably gave them the ones they didn't like from the previous day - socks, slippers etc!) © Alistair McIntosh 05 December 2004
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    J Morrison (C) November 2016 - think this flows ok ( well to the tune in my head anyway LOL ) escape with my nose to the glass I'd be outside looking in watching the rich folk dance wishing I was one of them but I was just a poor kid from the wrong side of town and no matter what I did my prospects numbered none but then again I had a plan you'd find me on a corner my hat there on the street thankful for every quatrter that the people threw for me I wrote songs about my life of all the things I knew mostly trouble and strife but it was just the truth but then again I had a plan saved up all the cash I made bought a ticket for the train the one that's going to save me from this poverty yes my friend that's my plan now I've hit the big time all the friends I never knew say they were friends of mine but not one word's the truth they'd see me on the corner then stay to laugh and jeer now they say we were friends but they can kiss my rear to all of my never friends let me make it clear and say to all of them you can kiss my rear
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    You paint pictures well. Let me say that I am brand spankin' new at critique, and often to0 blunt. No harm intended. I go by how you make me feel. Your lyrics are dense ,ala Gordon Lightfoot. That's a good thing. For me, hence my preference, I like to paint in smaller, briefer strokes and let the listener mix the music and the lyric into a single 'thing', ala Roy Orbison. I"m just learning to comment, so my regrets if not yet helpful. David
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    There is so much talent in this place that it's intimidating, but it makes me work harder
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    We seem to have an inordinant number of newbees posting their own work for review, but not reviewing anyone else's. While that doesn't violate any Songstuff rules, it does fly in face of common sense. Give & take is the lifesblood of online critique. Without it, forums wither & die. Remember...as good as your work may be, people need a reason to be interested in it. If you haven't provided them with one, you do not have the right to expect much in return. As you were!
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    I thought I would share one of my most memorable music fan moments from when I was a kid in primary school. We had a school trip visiting a local historic house called Bramall Hall which is a beautiful black and white Tudor mansion which dates back to the 14th Century. I always liked history but it was a summer day and we started to take more notice of what was happening outside. Lots of cables were being dragged around the place and large vehicles were being parked up. We eventually persuaded our teachers to allow us outside where we discovered a pop show called 'Lift Off' was being filmed in the gardens. One of my favourite bands of the time, Sparks, were rehearsing 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us' outside the hall on the grass. I think the foundations were shaken that day. It was the best school history trip I ever went on
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    Liquid GoldLyrics:Another night Another empty glassAnother try to find a love that lastsFind them here Drowning lives awayDarkness fears what they become one dayLonesome souls on lonely roadswho seem to lost their wayBury hears in liquid goldin hopes someone will stayLonesome souls walk lonely roadsIn hope to find their wayGild their hearts in liquid goldTo shield them from the painGoin down a path to me unknownLook around lonely hearts on loanBroken eyes like Death on standing feetTroubled lives friends with pure defeatLonesome souls on lonely roadswho seem to lost their wayBury hears in liquid goldin hopes someone will stayLonesome souls walk lonely roadsIn hope to find their wayGild their hearts in liquid goldTo shield them from the painWe all shield the pain in our own waysSome cant shield the pain that comes their wayWe all break apart in our own waysSome are save from the love of those who stayedBut for those who live alone :heart, mind, and soulRaise your glass and drink today In Hopes youll find your ownAnd don't hate what you’ve becomeThe journey Still unfoldsKnow the paths you walked todayMay still bring you homeBeen spending a lot of time in the bars and thinking about the lonely people and their search... This is a song born of it. Craig Ferguson talked about, in his book, a time when he was so depressed he was going to kill himself. But he was a raging alcoholic got drunk and passed out before he could do the deed. It was looking back at that time that he realized the alcohol was the only thing keeping him alive in a weird way. A song about self medication.
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    Hi, it's best to put your track on Soundcloud or a similar site so that you can post a link to it where we can listen online without downloading anything. Sorry if I'm wrong but it looks like you've posted your song as an attachment? Some people might not mind downloading, but many won't, and I wouldn't.
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    Hi there, I'm totally new here, I chose to use this quote on songwriting by Steve Earle as the post subject, I just love quotes, short bursts of valuable human knowledge and experience! I'll follow @john's format for my post so I'll be answering your questions John! 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? I play drums, piano, I sing and I am a songwriter. When did you start playing? I started playing when I was 14 years old. Did you teach yourself? I went to music school alongside my normal school, music college, and then music university. BA in Music Performance, MA in Music Performance. 2. Are you in a band or bands? What is the name of the band? I have been in many bands and played with/for many artists as a drummer. Some well known people are: Bias Boshell (Moody Blues), Scott James (Stereophonics), Svetlana Vassileva (Moby Europe), and supported Arthur Lee's Love and PP Arnold. Played with a few famous Greek artists too. My own project is called E-Mute and it's an alternative rock project. My music was featured on Music Week, the Indie Rock Cafe and Soundcloud. What do you play? When I perform my songs live I play piano, sing and I also have a few drums next to the piano, playing a few drum duet stuff with the drummer. What other instruments are in the band? Drums, bass, guitar, sometimes synthesizers and backing vox. It is not a band. Different musicians help me out to perform live. Do you have a band website? Of course. All of us need to have our own website nowadays! http://www.emute-music.com/ 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? Both! I started writing everything on my own after a bad experience when my band with Scott James split up. Do you have a writing partner? Years ago, when I was in the band with Scott he was my writing partner and .... songwriting teacher... I learned so much then. But since then I kind of went off to do my own thing musically. 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? I do use a home studio, nothing too fancy, a Mac, Logic and GarageBand, a decent audio interface, pre-amp and a few good mics. I prefer using GarageBand I find the interface ''songwriting friendly''. Do you use a recording studio? I do. Once I'm done with the recordings at home, I take the files in the recording studio and either write all other instruments on top of the home studio tracks or I re-record everything. It depends. For my last EP I went for a live raw full live band sound. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? Everywhere. iTunes, Spotify, my website... We have to be everywhere these days. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? I am very experienced with social media and social media marketing. 6. Are you a tech head? A little bit yes. Until recently I was also working for Google as a Google trainer. Useful knowledge for... social media marketing and music marketing I suppose. It was a fun job. 7. What country do you live in? I moved from London to Austria. My girlfriend is Austrian so we decided to move here in Salzburg. I am originally from Athens. 8. What are your ambitions? To develope even further as a musician and as a person. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? Me and my girlfriend are running a jewellery business. All jewellery is handmade by us, we have a small (but well equipped) workshop and when I'm not playing music I'm ... hammering away... What are your pastimes? Watching good documentaries, reading about history and exercising. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I just want to meet like-minded songwriters. Here in Salzburg I don't know a lot of people yet and especially musicians. It feels a bit lonely (musically...) but at the same time, it has been very productive with music here. I have much more time in my hands... Thanks for reading! Theo
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? Yes. I consider voice to be the first instrument. What instruments? Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitar (acoustic), mandolin, accordion, voice. When did you start playing? Drums/percussion - 1984 Guitar - 2008 Bass - 2014 Mandolin - 2010 Accordion - 2009 Voice - 2008 Did you teach yourself? I would say I'm about 75% self-taught on most of the instruments I play. 2. Are you in a band or bands? I've been in and out of bands since age 17. What is the name of the band? Too many to list. My most recent band was "The Possums". What do you play? In my most recent band, "The Possums" I was the drummer. What other instruments are in the band? Vocals/Harmonica Bass/vocals Guitar/vocals Do you have a band website? No. I'm not even sure if that band is still together. 3. Do you write songs? Yes. Do you write lyrics, music or both? Both. Do you have a writing partner? No. 4. Do you record your music? Yes. Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? At first I was recording with a Tascam DR1 (field recorder). Now I record with either my computer (through the built in mic), or on my phone. I do it this way so that I can get the song idea down quick before I lose it. Do you use a recording studio? I have gone into local studios in the past to get a few of my songs done. But, to do it right it can be costly. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? No. I don't believe in offering my music for free. If I ever get to the point where I can publish my music, I will. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? In the past I've done many different things, such as; graphic design, social media, roadie (lol), audio technician, coffee fetcher, booking, driver, PR, payroll/finances... 6. Are you a tech head? I am a bit technologically inclined. I can do basic things, but I haven't yet grasped home recording, which is my next hurdle. 7. What country do you live in? America 8. What are your ambitions? I would enjoy recording my material. And, I think this is a necessity because I spend most days with one of my songs running through my head so that I don't forget it. If I could record my songs then I could move forward. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? At one point in my life I wanted to be a graphic designer. I studied fine art from a very young age and I have always been a "doodler". What are your pastimes? Outside of music, I spend time with my daughter (including homework help), and the occasional sightseeing or hiking trip. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I would like to get some honest feedback from others who don't know me so that I can find out if I really have an ability for lyric writing.
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    I was trying to work on about three different songs this week, and I'll be damned if I didn't just one of the cheap student ukuleles that I brought home from school over summer break to mess around with ..with one of the strings tuned wrong of course. Of course, ADD, OCD, and three more letters of your choice kicked in ..I lost three days for this! It's a bit off the planned path genre-wise, and I made the mistake of not using a click. Paid the price all day. My strumming finger hurts! Started from scratch with a click - New Version - Still work to do The slower tempo is ..meh, but I'm learning to live with it. I dropped it an additional half-step, which makes it MUCH easier to sing. You know, for when I take it on tour. Sorry Justin, you're just going to have to re-tune EVERY string now. Yep, all four. Still working on the arrangement. I'm growing fond of the synth stuff, with the idea that each verse gets just a little thicker arrangement wise. I'm trying to come up with idea about how to treat the 'B' section of each verse - maybe some strings or perhaps a recorder?? At first I thought I wanted the vamp at the end to be longer, but then there's a part of me that likes that it ends somewhat abruptly - leaving the listener hanging. I'm also going to give the lead vocals another go. There are a couple things about the way I originally sang it that I think I want to try. Hope, don't give up the moon When you give your dreams a chance and let the future dance Then they will find us soon Hope, give your love away. Simply give it up so freely you forget yourself And leave it there to stay Oh, I think you know When you leave it, it'll grow And just a little will come back So don't lose hope Hope, let your works unfold No one else has all the gifts you have and no good life if measured up by the things That you can hold In a world of rage with people fighting for the stage Sometimes the loudest are hateful But don't lose hope. Hope, don't give up the moon When you give your dreams a chance and let the future dance Then they will find us soon Don't give up the moon..
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    Hello, I did this a few weeks ago. It's been on the shelf since... along with a bunch of other songs I'm not entirely happy with or which are unfinished. Maybe I lost my mojo... maybe I never had a mojo... Anyway, I'm interested to hear what people think of it. Please note - I know the guitar and vocal recording aren't as clean as they should be. If I decide to keep the song I'll redo them (although not the guitar right away since I sawed into my finger with a bread knife ... no idea how I got so far in before I realised it wasn't the bread I was cutting...).... It's a childhood memory of a real place and events. Words (might be slightly different to the sung words, not sure) Broken mills are witness Empty windows see What’s hidden by the water Forever 17 Brick red is the colour It bleeds into the night Bricks to barely cover One forever child Stolen, never going home Stolen, never going home Landfill for a pillow Beyond the old church lane Never known tomorrows Never end the pain Red brick mills remember Red beneath the green Death flows in the water Forever 17 Stolen, never going home Stolen, never going home
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    Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? Singing is my main thing, but I play guitar and piano as well. I started singing formally and playing guitar in 2000, and playing piano in 1992. My mom taught me to play piano, but I took voice lessons from a teacher starting in 2002. Are you in a band or bands? I’m not currently in a band, but I would like to start one in the future. Do you write songs? I write both music and lyrics. I am writing a song with someone right now, but I don’t typically write with a partner, though co-writing with people is something I would like to do more. Do you record your music? I’m recording in a studio right now. I’d like to get some recording equipment though. What I have recorded right now can be found at www.sonicbids.com/teresamae. What other roles do you perform in the music business? For the moment I’m a performing artist. I would like to eventually teach and record as well. Are you a tech head? I wouldn’t consider myself one, but I’m learning more and more every day! What country do you live in? The US of A J What are your ambitions? My goal is to inspire people with music, and tour nationally as a performer. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I like to make fun meals, and have dance parties in my apartment J What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I want to learn about song exercises and things to spark creativity. I’m excited to meet other artists and learn from each other J
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    Hello everyone! I'm Sami, and I'm a rookie composer looking to improve her craft. "Hobbyist" sums up my experience pretty well; I'm not great with the technical bits and bobs, but I'm willing to learn. Aside from instrumental pieces for practice, I'm writing vocal pieces with lyrics in Hymmnos, a conlang used in the Ar Tonelico series of games. (Translations will be provided upon posting, of course.) In terms of my influences, I tend to collect bits and pieces from whatever I'm listening to currently, but video game music is a big one. Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, so much more) and Yuzo Koshiro (Etrian Odyssey series) have produced some of my favorite tracks. Shoji Meguro (Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series) and Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of series, Golden Sun) are also up there. I look forward to meeting you all and listening to what you have to share!
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? Singer, Guitarist 2. Are you in a band or bands? No 3. Do you write songs? No 4. Do you record your music? Yes 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? None 6. Are you a tech head? 7. What country do you live in? UK 8. What are your ambitions? 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? Art 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? ... just started today
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    I predict some geek will invent an app that can cancel out the auto-tuned effect on vocal tracks, thereby taking away the singer's sonic crutches to show how handicapped the singer really is, and that those unauthorized remixes will become very popular. Okay. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.