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The unit can be powered by 9 volt adapter (not included) 4 AA batteries or USB.  Along the back is also the guitar line in and a stereo 1/4 jack that can be used as headphones or mono out to an amp. And pin plug mini stereo in.

The top of the unit has Up/Down pedals primarily used for scrolling through patches but also can be used to access the tunor or looper and rhythm play/stop controls.  Along with an expression pedal (what separates a G1on from a G1Xon)  Above the pedals are the controls.  A small square LCD screen Home Button / Value knob Menu, Rhythm/Looper button a 4 way series of buttons for editing Effects chains.  It has 100 effects and amp sims. The unit allows for up to 5 effects simultaneously in any order which can come in quite handy.

Before going on it's important to remember that this is a budget effects processor selling for roughly $70.00 USD (53.00 £).

The tuner is accessed by pushing both up and down buttons at once.  It's easy to read and very accurate.

The patches are laid out in 10 banks (A~J) of 10 presets (0~9) The bank/patch is highly visible from a standing position.  No Output Level knob   

No Software Editor - All editing must be done from the top of the unit.

There is no separate allocation for User and Preset.  For the professional or simply the person who wants to call up a familiar tone without work forget it.  

No Soundcard Functionality.  The USB does not send or receive audio.  It's useless for re-amping from your daw.

It's no Line 6 product or AxeFX or Kemper that's for sure.

Editing manually is actually quite easy using the controls on the top.  Escaping from editing is as easy as pressing the Home button. http://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=G1on&sort=&page=1  .  

In summary it's a very nice sounding unit that may not be for everyone.  
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I don't know how others process information or thoughts, but I often find myself thinking in pictures.  Not always, but lots.  Just curious--do any of you hear someone's voice in song, someone you have no idea what they look like, and with whatever little bit of information you have, get an image of what that person looks like?  It's kinda fun.  But it doesn't work if you already seen a picture of them-- for me, sometimes the image changes with new information, but generally the voice doesn't age as much as the body--so you probably look younger in the image than you actually are.  I get a kick out of it because an entire visual character gets built around limited information.  Some images are sort of undefined for awhile, while others pop up instantly.  It's even better when sometime down the road, you get to see how close or very far off you are.  I really get a kick out of that!  Wouldn't you like to know how someone envisions you based on your singing voice? Hah!  I think it would be funny!
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This may have been asked before.. but not in the time I've been here.


So my question is: Do you believe that people have talent or is everything based on skill?


Of course, this brings up the whole question of "what is talent in the first place"? To me, I guess my best definition would be the ability to naturally and effortlessly surpass adequacy in a particular subject. 

Some people are naturally good at sports, conversation, instruments, etc. 

But I've also heard the opposing argument that talent doesn't exist, and anyone who is deemed as abnormally skilled just put a lot of work into it.

However, for example, I qualify having a "good singing voice" as having predisposed talent; if two people with the same exact experience of singing were compared to each other but one had a naturally better sounding voice, the latter would certainly be deemed as talented. 

Of course it's subjective, and those who are not innately gifted can become talented, per se, but I don't know.. I just think some people naturally have it. You know.. prodigies and stuff.


Anyway.. I rambled on here a bit, but please feel free to share your thoughts too..

Thanks for reading!

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I'm starting to see that I don't take music seriously.  It's like... I really do write from my heart I think as far as ideas go, but something in me is just putting it down when I record.  And I can't stop thinking mechanically.  I've been trying to get this vocal for my new song Live or Die (Serve or be a Slave) that I posted in the critique section, and all I can say is it's like... I'm getting it done, with the vocal performance and the takes, but there's no REAL conviction in my voice, and it's because I don't expect my song to do much.  I feel like I'm just throwing out ideas.  But yet I believe the message, and still can't connect it to my heart.  


I'm beginning to want to sort of... meditate before I sing or write, I think I'm not centering myself, I think I'm not tapping into the true me, I'm staying up in my head, and analyzing everything like a computer.  I guess what I wanna know is do any of you relate obviously, but for those of you who don't relate or make music from the heart with ease or sing from the heart with ease, do you always connect easily?  Do you have ways to help yourself connect?  It's MOSTLY with my singing, but also guitar playing, I get the takes done, I don't reeeeeally try to SAY something with every note.  Something in me just... isn't believing what I'm doing is important I think.  


Just thought this might be a worthy discussion wanted to see what you guys made of this sort of... problem I'm seeing.  
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Hi Gang


This challenge is to write some lyrics where you make use of either a CELEBRITY NAME, or a BRAND NAME OR BOTH.


Many songwriters have done this. In fact, once they are established as writers thet can get PAID to include brands , not celeb names as far as I know.


For example REM's line from "Sidewinder sleeps tonight",


"A can of beans or black-eyed peas, some Nescafe and ice

A candy bar, a falling star, or a reading from Doctor Seuss"


I belief the inclusion of Nescafé was an earner. I don't know about Doctor Seuss lol


Brands and names in general help make your song more memorable, more familiar. It helps people to identify with the lyrics or the character in the lyrics.


Have at it!






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Hey all,


These are song collaborations that Andy and I were involved in recently: I was more of a translator to be honest. Andy helped her out with the english lyrics.


Emi Maria is an independent alternative/R&B, artist(Japanese).


Hope you guys enjoy the songs,







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