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  1. Shouldn't be a problem Rudi, so long as the strings physically fit the nut.
  2. The free version will allow for comparison between 4 channels or tracks. Just drop an instance on each channel you want to compare.
  3. You might have noticed I don't post as much here. I'm limiting my posts to only the best deals on vst plug ins. There are plenty of sales always going on that aren't really bargains. I look mostly for free or greatly reduced quality software. This offer from Dead Duck Software was too good to pass up. so here it is. You can get an entire collection for free. Dead Duck Freebees
  4. Richard are you going to submit another vox on this? I gather you might want to work the words a bit more. When you think it's ready, feel free to send it to me without reverb or any efx. Thank you for working on it and doing such a nice job so far!
  5. Yep- This has HSP written all over it. It's a good trait to have too. Imagine if we were in a place with bad vibes and didn't know it? To be clear, I think this goes beyond basic woman's intuition. Although my wife can tell if something is different about me 10 miles before I get home. This is less common in men.
  6. I can directly relate to most of this John. There are times when I feel sad/depressed and there's no reason for it that I can tell. I deal with it much like any other ailment. I rationalize it as a part of my make up . If my pet had died or if I had a relationship go south I can better rationalize it. I'm not sure songwriters and or musicians are more prone to it than others? Maybe. We express it in our music though. If some personalities are like a sponge and soak up emitted feelings and emotions, then it becomes easier to see how and why this could be happening. For me some of this tends to have a latent effect. I might carry something around with me I didn't realize was tagging along. Aside from that having an ailment follow you around doesn't help either. I just seen a co worker go through a stroke. I can't imagine how he copes with that realization day to day. His attitude is pretty good so far, or at least he makes it seem that way. I have some lingering issues I tend to push to the back of my list because to deal with it head on wouldn't let me think about anything else. I take the bad news and deal with it in small bits and pieces. So all of this emotional "stuff" is rolling around inside of us. The world as we know it gives us plenty of sad things to write about. Most good drama has some kind of battle, with hardship, winners, loosers and struggle. Our situation probably relates to a thousand other similar situations in other individuals. The most universal music as I see it is probably music with no words. It knows no language barriers. Doesn't need a language to convey an emotion or thought.. The universal always looses the concrete in favor of the abstract. This is usually done as a way to get people who would never be together in the same boat. It takes imagination to find personal meaning in anything abstract. I favor songs that convey a reality. A song really isn't fictional in the sense that it conveys a reality. I would say it's more of a representation of situations duplicated elsewhere. This representation can be owned by others. This is probably why fiction is so popular. Even though it isn't necessarily real, it conveys universal realities. Using those realities in a fictional setting has the effect of transporting the listener. Really good fiction can make a person identify with and feel as if they are that character in that setting.
  7. I really like this. I have heard so many songs that offer no hope. Leave you hanging. I can at times feel the sad emotions that aren't allowed to come to a head. The sadness seems to be expressed in the music and then left to simmer, never being resolved. Unresolved laments that can pull you in and hook you into that feeling. Part of me wants to help them somehow find resolve, part or me is frustrated at those feelings. In the end I'm simply a helpless listener, pulled into a vortex of overwhelming sadness.
  8. I like how this turned out Richard.I replied last evening and the message didn't get through.I must not have pushed send. This has almost an old Bowie feel to it. I can hear adding some odd other parts in there. To see how different a track can sound with different ideas. Here's a link to the original idea. In that example the vox comes and goes. I didn't really know what I was singing...hence why I need lyrics lol. FWIW I like your ideas better. Link- Why Girl
  9. Free download. Can hear demos. Requires Kontakt player.
  10. I like the way this one flows Chumpy.Great writing, performing and mixing skills! The song put me in a pleasant state of mind right away. FWIW it's really tough to mix a snare drum especially when it's a big part of a track. I believe it sits very well in the track for what it is. I doubt I would have flagged it as a serious threat to the mix. Since it was mentioned I guess you could always add something like a strat playing that note instead. That might give it an odd kind of sound too, or it could work in favor of the hook. At this stage I'm guessing this is far too much to change at this stage of the mix. I love it. Sounds pro!
  11. Hi John, I see your point which was well made. I analyze and write fiction as well.I think it's the approach that's different. You might remember me asking some here how they get their ideas. Some said they simply start playing, some lay out a plan or a grid, some seem to use a little of both. I can really only speak for myself since I'm sure others here have different approaches. I can't really allow myself to become too "left-brained" when making new music. I have attempted to create from that perspective and it almost always bombs. This statement might appear contradictory. I don't believe it is- I go into a creative endeavor "right-brained". I further develop it "left brained" The idea, the creative spark relies heavily on intuitive, feeling approaches. I might write the very song you mentioned, only I doubt I would get too deep trying to grok the whole picture right away. The way my process has worked so far is much like a hot air balloon that the ballast must be thrown or it won't fly. One idea, one direction, one feeling focused. I might think I want to write a song about some injustice. I'll try to put that feeling into my hands and into an instrument. For me it has to be focused in the beginning with very little in the way of any technical approach. I might envison other parts added to it as one approach, but still I need to stay centered and focused. It's kinda funny, but I wrote a song not long ago about a hurt, an injustice. I was roughing some vocals to it and someone in my family heard it and took offense because they swore it was about an old flame. Actually became emotional. I didn't set out to write the song from that idea. I can't say I didn't unconsciously convey some of that past hurt. OTOH it would be tough for me as a man to write a song about how a guy had wronged me. It's much easier to see it from the mans perspective.
  12. This one might be tough for me to describe without hearing the idea. I had a hook in the verse. It's really open to anything. I might have other interest in it too. Might be interesting to see how different versions can sound. In this idea freedom reigns
  13. Well you might remember me telling about one of my first cars. I look at it now more like a stage I went through. I hot rodded for awhile.Burned tires, Raced people at stop lights for the fun of it. I guess i'm not really a motor head at heart. Funny how time can change a person or some people. One of my very first jobs was a recommendation from auto repair class to hire me at an auto repair shop.I rebuilt engines, tuned cars etc etc. ad nauseum. I agree there is a thrill there in going from zero to 60 in under 6 seconds. The G forces almost feel like a rocket lift off. Cars now are nothing more than an aluminum engine block covered in computers sensors and a nice plastic shroud. Being post 50 all I want is a way there and back at a decent pace. If i lay into my Murano it has some serious get up and go. The only time I ever care to lay into it is if I need to get in front of someone fast. Like if someone didn't see me. The thing that really gets my blood going is mainly the two extremes that exist on american highways. In the right lane you have the people who I would swear have a hamster inside a wheel under the hood and in the left lane you have the dick swingers( please excuse my french). There doesn't ever seem to be any middle ground. If I pass someone under hamster power on the right I have a dick swinger immediately on my backside. I swear my blood pressure will go down 10 points if I could stop driving that road. If you try to speed up to loose a dick swinger they will only go faster. If your car will do 150, they will do 150. Either follow the hamsters or get into the lane with the narcissist ego manics. Some chump making a car payment for the next 7 years or better yet, it's a lease ( read fleece)...boy am I impressed. Maybe I should move to Scotland or Portsmouth. I would probably be happier there.
  14. "In any case, it does look a lot like Georgia." Rob I love your detailed observations. Yes there is a lot of variation even simply looking at the exterior of places in the US aside from all of the other deeper issues. You looked much deeper than that. Social, political, economic, historical. It's like you seen the whole pill there at once. It's like sometimes when I look at a tree I imagine the roots system and the sap flowing trough the trunk and little earth worms wriggling around the bottom and birds nesting in the branches. I might wonder how it looks in the morning .vs the evening shade. How will the tree look in 5 years? What about the bats at night? Are we crazy? I like to hear from Mahesh because it gives me a glimpse into a place I've never been and probably will never visit. To see and hear his experiences as a young Indian man. It reminds me of the walks I took while I lived in Georgia. Those walks really helped to clear my mind. Back then I didn't really know why I did it or why it seemed to help. John you write so deep I tend to loose you. I would have never though about fiction as it relates to this. I don't know how many songwriters set out to intentionally write fiction. I don't label anything i do. It's only afterwards I might try to give it a name or a meaning. I realize my approach might not be the norm. Seems like a textbook comparison, like something for a sociology class to dissect. That high intelligence is showing through. The act of analyzing how or what or who or why seems to take away from it for me. I don't want to think about it. Lazy? Maybe. I want to let it be what it is. Just me.I'm probably not deep enough for that discussion Fiction writers write fiction. Do they write fiction because it was inherent? Or did they one day set out to intentionally do it. I more respect the writer who wrote first and thought about what it was later.
  15. Go for it Sreyashi! If you have other ideas I'll see what I can do.