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  1. That's 19.99 in UK currency. Works out to around 22.00 US. Can try the limited demo download. Need full version of Kontakt. Coming in at 4gb. Nice looking GUI. If you compose Trap ,Hip Hop, Urban or House this was designed for you. The umbrella will close in 5 more hours from now.
  2. I didn't know this existed. * * * * Any day they aren't being thrown is a good day.:P
  3. Regular 9.99 FREE until April 30th.
  4. I thought a demo was only temporary. What's the catch? I don't think it would harm you to try Lethal if you have the disk space. Looks to be a great little synth.
  5. Wow. That doesn't happen every day. If I showed up in Philadelphia with a truck load of beer and said i needed to get rid of it, I would probably be mobbed Just put a FREE BEER sign up there. Probably should run after you do that. Symphonious7 those are some great thoughts and perspectives. I get the general feeling that there isn't much air in the sails of the younger generation. What you say seems to re enforce that notion. I sometimes wonder if it's the tech as Just1L mentioned that's a real contributor to that. I have Amish neighbors on both sides of me. I'll try to be brief. They don't have electricity.They live life with almost no technology. I was in an Amish hardware store the other day and the intercom system was a 2" PVC pipe that came right to the cash register and ran from there all the way to the back of the store. When the clerk wanted something she would squeeze the bulb of a bike horn into the pipe and talk into it where "Amos" could hear and respond. It was kinda funny- " BEEP BEEP" we need a bag of mulch. I see a lot of things living in a strongly Amish community. I notice a HUGE contrast compared to the mindset of the typical English American young person. One of my neighbors is 22 years old and married. He just moved in. I kid you not in only three weeks he has- Ran a new fence, built a horse barn, cleared his land, moved a large shed to another location, moved a very large bush. He has a day job too. He's a stone mason. During that same amount of time a 22 year old english youth somewhere sat in front of the TV and ate Cheetos while checking his homies out on the phone.See the difference?
  6. I guess this is moot for me. I seldom eat breakfast. Sometimes on the weekend I'll make em' with toast sunny side up. That might change. I'm probably building a chicken house for my wife.
  7. I guess expensive is a relative term. That doesn't seem out of line for a pro guitar. Expensive compared to my Epi MCE500 , yet not really expensive considering the materials and construction. You're talking to a guy who almost bought a Martin Mahogany guitar partially because of the smell. To me there's something I like about the woods. I admit it's a primal thing. For the same reason I didn't look seriously at the Ovations. No direct comparison to the Rainsong other than the materials not being wood. I have a half dozen violin bows. Three are either fiberglass or carbon fiber. I keep going back to the wood bows even though the carbon fiber is better. It's a caveman hang up. I guess I need to sell the horse.
  8. You get 100% of this plug in for 50% of the typical cost.This won't last forever. EQ's are not all created equal. The "dynamic" in the name means that this plug in can either accentuate or trunciate selected frequencies based on signal input at the set frequency.. Comparing a dynamic EQ to a run of the mill EQ is like comparing goldfish to sharks. A decent dynamic EQ is a must in any serious mixers toolbox. This is such an EQ. There are others of course, but this one is on sale! I have it, so I can vouch for it. There are similar plug ins costing hundreds more that do essentially the same thing.
  9. Rudi could you say that with a straight face?
  10. I think this points to the fact that people can be sold on something based on a perception. The placebo effect?
  11. Rob, it's all good man. No need to apologize. Thanks for your thoughts. Hi symphonious7, sorry I haven't met you yet. I really should get around to the meet and greet area. Honestly, the reason I don't is I'm not the best at greeting folk. WELCOME! Thanks for your comments. I was very young back in the 70's, but I still remember it. Here's my take on that time period. People were focused around music in the same way they're focused today on portable electronic devices ,wide screen TV's and video games. Back then it was one small black and white TV. We didn't get color until later, you only picked up maybe three channels on an antennae. The picture was grainy. The channel selections were maybe 1% of what we can get now, 8 track tape players, cassette tapes and vinyl records were the iphones of the 70's. That was all we had, but we lived for it and it seemed music was more special back then. This was probably because there were less choices, even in terms of who or what we listened to.There was this big wooden thing called a home entertainment center that looked like furniture and had a record player and radio in it. The record player could change records all by itself. You stacked them on the spindle and they dropped one at a time after the last record finished playing. You could put a stack of albums on it and have music for hours. Presently the choices are multiplied many times over. If you have feeds on your handheld device you might be getting the news, a dozen notifications from your social media, a notification that your favorite artist just released a track, the weather, you name it and it can be sent to you on your handheld device. Kids 5 years old learn to access media content on the dvd player in the car, operate the TV remote control and they even have their own small devices they can use. EVERYTHING is asking for our attention. By the time these people get to puberty they are usually media zombies. They have been trained to access media instead of access the world around them. This seems to make them less attentive to one thing. This would only makes sense, because this is all they've ever known. I sometimes also wonder if this makes all data less relevant. An over abundance of anything can invite boredom. Add to this the quality, or lack of it in music programming along with the methods of delivery and I think we have the perfect storm. Thoughts anyone?
  12. A good deal on a nice mastering limiter. A good mastering limiter will allow you to get the maximum volume from a mix, retain good dynamics and most important prevent signal clipping. This mastering limiter rates right up there with the best. A few more that come to mind are IK Multimedia Stealth, Voxengo Elephant, Fab Filter Pro-L.
  13. Interesting info Rudi. I was playing with the new Sasquatch plug in from Boz. After some point I couldn't hear the bass any more. I felt the bass. That's about when my windows started rattling. It felt like someone put a vibrator in my chair....a chair vibrator that is. That was probably less than 30hz. I don't believe much music is mixed to be heard above 8-10khz. Most people seem to be the most sensitive to the 1.5-3khz range. Something interesting I found that talks of the human voice and the fundamentals above it.
  14. Cool perspective of your local neighborhood. Reminds me of another thought. I can be on your world but never in your world nor you in my world. At least it feels that way.Even neighbors across the street. What world do they live in?
  15. You probably know way more than I do about wine. I pick up info here and there. Shiraz from Austrailia? Is that Barefoot wine? I don't know what a Pinotage is or a Spanish Rioja is. I know only one thing, if I like it, I know I like it. I'll look into those others. I read some weird stuff online. Sometimes there's a grain of truth to it. I've had mild tinnitus for years. Recently I've noticed it ramping up and then leveling off again. Overall though it seems slightly worse. I've learned where it is and how to work around it, HOWEVER, I have noticed a difference. Others who have it claim it's getting worse and there's a theory out that the frequency of the earth is ramping up. More sensitive individuals can pick that up. Both level and frequency seem to be changing. In some places there is a detectable 30hz signal all the time. Not everyone can hear a tone that low. It is claimed in some places the freq. is at 40hz. The higher it gets, the more people can hear it. I seem to be getting a very high harmonic. Could be damaged pick ups in the ear drum too. Either that or I have a resonance happening. Harmonics of 40 would be 40>80>160>320>640>1280>2560>5120>10,240>20,480. This doesn't account for the resonance that can develop if we included multiple sources creating hybrid harmonics. I believe we are picking up a lot of this spurious sound and it sometimes translates to tinnitus. Most radio transmission is in the upper frequencies, although submarines use ULF. We might be hearing a lower harmonic of those. One woman claims to have found a way to use her tinnitus as a way to sense. I can tell when it changes. I haven't found a way to use that information. She somehow correlated it with people and feelings. I read that on the internet, so it has to be true I would like for her to show me how she did what she does.