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  1. My Name Is David

    They must really like you David. They would be telling me not to let the door hit me on the a** on the way out
  2. Rapture Session Sale 9.95

    If you don't already have a decent rompler Rapture session is a great way to get started. This is the cut down version of it's larger sibling Rapture Pro. Cross grade paths are reasonable. Don't let the session version fool you. There's plenty here to get you started playing all kinds of sounds with a midi keyboard. Check it out HERE
  3. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    Well, she or he or they have a twitter link. I didn't click it, but I suspect it might be porn or a gateway into porn. Just a hunch.This way people peddling for new users can post free in SC, get a few to click the links and grow their base...or so they think. I won't be opting into it. The pic might have been lifted from who knows where. The girl might not even be aware it's posted here. Who knows what they're really trying to achieve. It sure isn't to listen to our music. So much of the web is a waste.
  4. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    I'll never look at a tomato the same way again
  5. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I agree Richard. There seems to be a lot of "fill" on SC for lack of a better term. I wouldn't say no one listens to it because some clearly use it, Probably not to the extent of the others. It can help to get you noticed. He is correct. It is a good place to link from. Who knows? You might end up with a bunch of followers like Beth here. I have no earthly idea why these posts happen. Can someone explain to me how this spam works? Would you follow her?
  6. Interesting Revelation

    I wonder how this works since iTunes charges for individual downloads? They must have a deal for both downloads and streaming. If a file is downloaded the artist is supposed to be payed a percentage. This also puts a lot of trust in the distributor to be honest, no matter if it's Spotify, iTunes, Pandora or whoever it is. We go entirely by the data they give us. Do I think they're being dishonest? I lean in the direction that it's probably legit. Still, they could pay you for 100 streams or downloads and then collect for 1000. How would you ever know?
  7. Interesting Revelation

    TBH. I pay monthly for Pandora. Someone makes money. Honestly , they probably struggle too, after paying staff and I get my .00002 per stream. Costs for servers and upkeep. The CEO is probably the only one skipping all the way to the bank.
  8. Interesting Revelation

    The poor house ?
  9. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I think maybe you look at Soundcloud the same way I look at Soundclick. Whenever I go there I'm asking myself who would upload, much less play anything on Soundclick. It is a survivor though. And I see it mainly as a musician site. I can only venture a guess with Soundcloud. Some tracks get hundreds of thousands of listens, so someone is listening to it. Familiarity might be regional. The site was started by Scandinavians, so it likely had a boost from that area since they like to support their own over there. This is why some genres popular there like EDM seemed to move along better. Since then though, it really is overloaded with Hip Hop, Trip Hop and similar. I'm not sure exactly why. I don't mean to say that's all there is, but I see large percentages of it. Maybe this is the kind of listener it attracts. I personally feel SC is probably one of the most popular free music sites. I don't see it as the place most people would visit to buy or look to buy. I think that could be changed by their strategy. Honestly when I put it on It's because I just want to see what's out there. Then I end up turning it off out of frustration most of the time. I'm an old fart though. YMMV.
  10. Interesting Revelation

    Digital paid services like iTunes and Pandora take away the need for the casual listener to search what they like unless they have strange tastes in music. The data collected is enough to stream what they like for hours. I have the paid Pandora service. I simply make a station. I could type in Pink Floyd as a station and it will find me all of Pink Floyd and anything like Pink Floyd. I can put in " acoustic guitar", and I'll have hours of it all streamed. Making it easier for the service to find their music means they miss the selection process. Missing the selection process saves time, but it also avoids the buying process. Why should I bother to buy and download music when I can have it all fed to me in an unending stream? Unless I'm VERY picky about what I want, I'll be satisfied with what they choose to play. I have to say, most of the time they get it right.
  11. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I know a few. I think I was mainly referring to people who buy music for their iPhones from Amazon and iTunes. In any large city I see hundreds of people running in all directions with headphones on. Only a few might be watching a video on the train going to work. Most are strictly aural. Maybe it's because I'm old school and I don't feel the need to see a video with my music too
  12. YouTube has a better idea?

    I think the question is, where are most people found sharing on the web?? This was a tough one for me. Most apps interconnect, yet you must share FROM something TO something else. The answer might be different for different people. Wherever you mainly share from is your hub which means probably most of your close friends are on the same platform. This kind of makes across platform sharing moot on other social platforms.Lots of people sharing within Facebook. Lots of people make Twitter their hub. My music hub has been Soundcloud and I share from there, which makes sense because the source files are there. I could make it YouTube instead, but then you're limited to only the platforms it offers. I don't have the mutually interconnected things down yet. Too much to follow. The platform can limit the share potential. I doubt YouTube will allow sharing to any competition. Oh wait, do they actually have competition? I think it's mainly soclal platforms all cross pollinating.
  13. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I still think the most mutually beneficial strategy for both musicians and listeners would be to offer a page similar to the one they have now with the musician giving away a few tracks for free as sample tracks. The rest would be billed at .99 per track with .30 going to SC and .70 going to the musician. Those tracks could be played in a SC app and added to their personal song rotation. SC should allow music video or video uploads and have a video section. Maybe offer the video free with the paid audio. I have a hard time believe that all millennials are only using YouTube for music. There's too many on the run using portable players. Lastly, SC needs a much much more strict categorization of genre's. The genres are all skewed.The metadata they use has more than a few holes in it.
  14. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    FWIW CD Baby will launch your song to a static video image. They used my album cover. Better than nothing at all on YouTube I guess. If you go with them your music will be on YouTube. I've been looking at a few of those free videos online to maybe put a few tunes onto. A simple video editing program, a decent track and a video should do it. You're still a needle in a haystack, even on YouTube I think. At least there you have a chance. I have a video camera and could probably take some shots of my fat self dancing or something. Second thought, better scratch that idea. I could get some nice nature shots though. Better yet, find a youtuber with high play counts and offer to make music for their next episode for free in exchange to let you post a link to your other music. Just a thought. You might reach more people with someone already established. I am seriously thinking about downloading all of my tracks from Soundcloud since I might have lost the daw versions of a few. If I'm not mistaken, you can get the better file resolutions on downloads. IOW if you uploaded in 24/96, it should have kept that file. Then, if the worst happens, I'll at least have a bunch of my older stuff. Soundcloud looks to me like one of those tech companies that investors pour huge amounts of cash into and there's never anything to show for it. How many more investors are going to dump cash into it? If it wasn't for a few other emergency saves in the past several years SC would be finished already. And what do those who run it think? They have nothing to loose. HUGE salaries. They are already set for life no matter what happens. It could close today and they would still be filthy rich for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the newly elected CEO can turn it around. Hopefully he wants to turn it around. They really need a new strategy. The one they have is sinking them,
  15. Korg 50% off Sale thru the 31st

    I'm just the messenger. I doubt I'll buy any of these this round. I'm not big into the ipad stuff. The M-1 and Wavestation are some good computer synths though. I always wanted to get the hardware Electribe. Now they have it in software. I guess I don't really want it that bad now.....unless it's only 9.99 for PC. Think of it like you're supporting vst engineer hunger