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  1. I'll record ideas as they come, and write down words on whatever paper I can find. When a song nears a complete stage, I write it in a singular journal.
  2. Exactly my thought process here. I'd play music a heck of a lot more if I could, but I'm a science teacher first and foremost. I love my "real job!" That said, I think it would be wonderful to be able to somehow break into writing for film or television. Above all else, I would like to be a respected figure in the local music community when I'm 50. We have a strong folk scene here, and my music skirts the borders of that with the rock scene, so I'm trying to find my respective niche. The figureheads of the folk scene are revered in their niches - I really look up to those players.
  3. Sometimes the writing process is a figure - it - out - as - I - record - ideas type thing. In the past, I'd take the ideas to the band and we'd figure out the other instrumentations. Now that I'm solo, I record an acoustic rough draft, solicit feedback and then record a second draft eventually leading up to a "final" piece. I would like to have an EP released before the end of the year. Naturally, I'm only doing it for fun and don't care if I sell one, but it's always cool to tell people "I'm on iTunes!" I'd LOVE to press a vinyl.... that would be awesome. I'm really just keeping the songs as mine these days, writing, recording and playing. I haven't brought any one else into the mix yet, but I certainly would like to play a show or two with a three piece in the future.
  4. Instantly, I hear the same chord progressions. To me, both songs sound EXTREMELY similar. The chord structure is the same, but the tempo of the Independence Song is slower. Now, I could argue that there are many other songs that follow a similar chord progression. Not knowing the translation, I can't compare lyrics. I have heard other examples of songs extremely close to one another that weren't considered plagiarism. If the Red Hot Chili Peppers can release Dani California and not have Tom Petty sue the socks off them, then I think this is probably okay.
  5. Touch me, touch me if u can Break me, break me with your hand Steal me, Steal my heart away Help me, Help me understand Don't know what you're hearing, but I've got a Soundgarden vibe on the chorus part here.
  6. Thanks, John!
  7. Alice Cooper + The Velvet Underground!
  8. Fun music! I like the fast, driving and percussive sound of your tunes. It's cool to hear music that gives me ideas. My link is www.ryantmusic.com
  9. I figured I'd borrow from the wonderful "getting to know you" exercise to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, and I've been writing and playing music since I was 14, the better part of 13 years ago now. I play guitar, and can fake the keyboard and drums as needed. I was in a band for the last 10 years as lead vocalist and guitarist and songwriter, but life changes - getting married, baby on the way, career and other influences really pushed me to move on to a new chapter in music and life. I write lyrics and music. My solo music website is www.ryantmusic.com and I'm currently using ReverbNation as a free platform for my solo music. I recently upgraded to SONAR Cakewalk X1 Studio. Next, I need new microphones and a pop screen to improve my home recording capabilities. As much as I enjoy recording in a professional studio setting, it just gets so expensive so fast! I'm happy to find an active songwriting community to gain some insights, network with others and collaborate across the digital bridge and perhaps find like minded songwriters/musicians in my home area. I hope to be able to contribute as much as I gain. Thanks for having me!
  10. Welcome to the forums ryantmusic :)