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  1. Hillbilly Heaven

    Like it Phil!
  2. Hangover

    I like. reminds me of the first time I heard You Aughta Know by Alanis Morrisette
  3. Darkness

    Hey, I know nothing about this genra so I am going on pure intellectual logic along. Your verses are about the flaim dying. But the chous is about hell. Isnt hell full of fire? Seems like conflicting imagery. So your imagined hell is cold and dark? ok, that works I suppose. My advice would be to go beyond the same fire theme for verse 2. Be specifice. Mention real life stuff instead if metaphores. Maybe the future of a possible American anarchy. Best of luck. Martha
  4. My Guitar Is My Woman

    Hey Benjo, Playing guitar in the rain, now that is poetic. Very orignial peace. I'm not sure how you hear this one, but I want to hear it as a slow, haunting ballad. I'd slim back on on the more obvious statments, like about the strings. Remember that there is beauty in a touch of ambiguity escpecailly in the beginning. Tyr this "I'm a lonely man living on the streets, only got her for my company She plays for me every single day when I hold her close, when stragers pass our way" This feel can also lead to a suggestion of simbolic prostitution. It could be darker more about the brutality of a hard life then just the novelty of his guitar being his woman. Consider it. Go where the pain and pleasure is. best of luck. This is a specail one cause a lot of musicans can relate. Martha
  5. Pretty Little Thing (Rewrite/finished)

    Candycoated! I'm so proud of you, this peice it coming along so nicely. I'm beginning to really hear it. I'd change two words around. "You dress with such sass but you talk with real class" Great job
  6. Ride

    thanks guys. I really am attached to this one. I wrote it when I was a single lady. But now, oddly enough, i'm dating a surfer so it now has more meaning. I try to not worry about him too much when he is out riding waves.
  7. Ride

    Ride verse 1. Here comes your spirit again so close in my darkest hour surging up my barren wall verse 2. your lips once pressed to mine and sea spray filled our bodies our love was thieving on the coast Chorus- Can we stay right here forever? in our quiet beach-side town. in my dreams we're still together do you really have to ride? verse 3. You left in the morning hour only time you craved the lonely you kissed me twice, just for luck verse 4. and now I'll never know why the sea took you under to a violent lonely end Chorus- I will stay right here forever in our quiet, beach-side town in my dreams we're still together do we really have to die?
  8. Pretty Little Thing (Unfinished)

    Hey Candycoated, I think this has great potential. It reads easy. I think the line "make me an honest man" is very unique and fresh and I'd keep exploring it. I think you should write with that theme always in mind, (on this piece) Is "pretty little thing..." the chours idea? Or "honest man" I think honest man is cause that keeps coming back. Since im a fiction writer as well as, I always look at the characters one is building in song, escpecailly in love songs. Do they have equal balance? (my quark) So far we have an honest guy and a beautiful gal. Does she have substance? is she worthy of your dedication? I'd cut the line "with my head up in the sky" too clique. Maybe "dont need a reason why" ?? I hope you decide to keep working on this one. I think its a great start and look forward to any rewrites. Martha
  9. Hillbilly Heaven

    Thanks Tom, it's gret to be back!!!
  10. We'll Dance

    Susie, Great piece! Your writting here is tight. I think that the mentioning of crying right away puts me on guard that this is a sad song, but its not, it's a love song. So to balance the crying, (why is she crying?) issue, I'd put forth a specific detail to married life which explains in more concrete detail. Here is what I came up with: "At times when he came home and found her close to cryin' When the money all ran out (or when the bills were piling up) I know, kind of clique despite her saving and her tryin'." The years they came and left the dark turned into gray, I'd say her" brown hair" or her "brown curls" because it sounds sweeter and less abstract tomorrows were replaced with today and yesterdays. Love theres lat two line, very orinigal (second chorus) And she smiled at him and held his hand so tight "I can't wait to dance again," she said I like it like this cause it shows what she believes they will dance again and sounds playful and positive Darling everything's alright. It also might benefit from making the current first verse be the second (and the second the third) and opening with a verse which simply sets the stage of a young married couple who is maybe is shy about dancing or touching, trying to find their "harmony" together. Something which will endear them both to us. "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane" by Tanya Tucker comes to mind. It was a pleasure to read and critique. Martha
  11. Hillbilly Heaven

    thanks for the heads up Susie anout the other song. Always good to know.
  12. Lost You And Found The Blues

    ah, dont we all love a good blues song. I think the title should be "Been Found by the Blues" this is the center of the hook, which I dont know if you stole it or not, but it sounds original to me. I love it. I'd write all the lyrics around this central idea. I think you focus a little too much on drinking. For me, drinking is more of a counrty thing. Keep working it. Alos I think it could benefit by more touches of humor. Martha
  13. Hillbilly Heaven

    thanks Jim.
  14. Me and my bass

    Doughbean, check out my "topics", there you will find my work.
  15. Like A Hurricane

    Hey there, I like the self realization that is going on here. But there is one thing no one has mentioned. Maybe you already know this (maybe you dont) but Neil Young has a song of the same title and so trying to compete with that is setting yourself up for failure since he is of legendary statuse. Doesnt mean you cant use those words but i'd be careful. Just like you could not get away with a song titled "Like a Rolling Stone" and not bother some Dylan fans. Thus i'd tweek the hook. I cause so much damage I'm like a hurricane Clouded up the clrear skies with my pounding rain (I also changed this line casuse "sunshine' is too clique for me) I look in you're eyes, I see your distain baby run from me, i'm your hurricane I'd also ax the pre chorus, too literal it comes across as silly to me. To develope the story line, maybe have a verse describing the girl, how you met etc. Relationship songs can't just be about "I" And just for kicks, check out Neil Young's song if you havent already. Nice work Martha