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  1. Longfellow Music Looking for a composer/producer to work with I've written over 150 lyrics. I've got about 20 songs made and another 10 in the works. I've collaborated with a couple of members of Songstuff. I've never had a bad collaboration experience. I write country/rock/pop/r&b/rap. I can write from a man or women's perspective, I've even written a couple of duets. I have a home studio that I'm trying to learn right now. I have about 15 basic melodies with lyrics that I'd like for someone a little more experienced to help me put together. ready to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revebnation https://www.reverbnation.com/longfellowlyrics Website http://www.longfellowlyrics.com/ facebook @longfellowlyrics Instagram https://www.instagram.com/johnbergeron/ Lyric collection https://app.box.com/s/4x198wbkjs2rpc2xbqgzvo0d28izc6uo A few songs The reason(Donnie) I'm not ready (Ken Fukuda) Searching for myself(Red Bonfire) Foolish ways(Ken Fukuda) Missing you(Ashley)
  2. Where to start

    I'm a lyricist who has about 10 collabortions to my credit. Sometimes the musicians will write music to the lyric with a completely different style than I've intended. This has worked out really great but a couple of times I really liked my version better. The problem is I have no way to record my idea, not to mention when I sing my dog cries. lol. I have a P.C. with windows. I was wondering what would be the simplest most effective program to make a simple beat to sing along with and record it. An affordable one with auto-tune preferably. I would like something advanced to be able to use later on down the road. I plan on building a home studio and learning to play guitar. By the way if anyone would like to collaborate here's a link to my lyrics https://app.box.com/s/c57ycjgilr924jypknv6gpxymlky76x9 I WRITE IN ANY GENRE AND TO MUSIC and my collaborations https://app.box.com/s/ywdcuv305nb5qpvja1xmn71lztckahaz thank in advance ---------------Johnny
  3. We don't want your kind around here

    really good song and video. Beautiful voice. I really enjoyed this
  4. Give It Time (Darkness)

    Great lyrics, good song. I agree with David. I'm starting to see the same thing in my collaborations.
  5. 22

    same as I said with your last, very simple, very special. you are a unique talent. I love your stuff Kyle
  6. Reborn

    Hey Vincent. Not sure how to critique this but I will say very sounds very professional. The type of stuff you here any movies.
  7. Everybody Wants

    Cool song. If this is folk. I'm a folk fan. Really love this song. Chorus is awesome. Good job. Love the fade away ending
  8. I'm Gonna Love You

    Thanks Tom for the read and kind words. I could see speeding up it. Bryan Adams. ✌
  9. I Know My Demons

    This from the girl that told me your lyrics make me so sad and I said if that's considered moving you I'll take it. Be honest. Let that shit out. Holding back only makes the music suffer. When I started telling the whole story. My writing changed. You're rocking this forum lately. Your like a female B.K. Lol
  10. I Know My Demons

    Read it last night Peggy. Needed David to help me say what I couldn't. Lol. First two verses=EPIC. Worth more time. Great start. Hard rock, heh.
  11. I'm Gonna Love You

    Wow I posted wrong version. This is latest version. I'll change in title https://app.box.com/s/h8d3e4yff5iuvqb4fwqw0qbzmbe8ls1a
  12. I'm Gonna Love You

    Thank so much for your time Matthew. Music is all by Nacho Beltrami
  13. Sheople Robeople

    Modern day Kraftwerk. Great stuff. The Soundcloud artwork. Lmao
  14. Doors Of Another World

    Ok got my morning meditation in. Very powerful.
  15. Sun Song

    I think this is brilliant. Kind of reminds me of "hurt". All verses? Very interesting