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  1. The Alien Song

    I liked the warm feel of this track..But you would try some variations on the guitar solo..
  2. "cathedral Groove"

    This is a great recording really After listening it a few times yeah.. Great..
  3. Roads - Feedback For The New Boy Please

    This song made me remember Sade .. I like this type of music and this is a great track..It s also a bit like sadcore..And the lyrics..I usually dont want to comment on the lyrics because English is not my main language but I think the lyrics and the music are harmonious..
  4. Birdie :)

    Not really..It was one of the presets of my pod hd 500
  5. Birdie :)

    Yeah..You described the first take of this song But after a while it turned into something weird like this .. It may be a bit irritating for some people really yeah..I agree with you But arent we irritating when we say what we really think most of the time ..Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me..
  6. Birdie :)

    Ok..I recorded this song some time ago and I wanted to share it with you..It's in Turkish and the title(Minik KuÅŸ) means birdie..Please let me know what you think about it https://soundcloud.com/soundontape/minik-ku-emre-nuho-lu
  7. I Know

    I really enjoyed listening to this track..Because it sounds really natural..I mean you sing like talking to someone instead of doing vocals by doing emphasises unnaturally.I hope "emphasis" is the right word,my English is terrible haha.
  8. Color In Colorado

    Hi.. You don't use unneeded notes..I really liked the melody and the way you sing..
  9. Home (The Only Place)

    Sounds beautiful...
  10. I Guess We'll Be Okay

    Hi.. I really enjoyed listening to this because it sounds really honest Thank you for sharing.. Greetings from Türkiye..
  11. Places

    Hi.. I really liked the melody..I need the lyrics again You know my English.. I really wonder how it will be like when it s finished..
  12. New Song :) "suzi"

    Thank you for your kind comments..I am not new at this forum i am reading posts here..But I am not very good at writing comments and music too i guess..So it s been a long time since i didnt post to this forum..
  13. New Song :) "suzi"

    Hi..Here's my first song which i wrote in English..I need to know your thoughts about it Lyrics Let's laugh and go on my dear Let's be quiet for a while,defering to do something Let's love and apply the directions Do not think too much my dear ,just swim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOy0JQQZDcs
  14. Plastic Surgery (Acoustic)

    I think your vocal and guitar playing are compatible on this song so yes i really enjoyed listening to you..And you sound natural ..It s hard to be natural in these days
  15. First Song....

    Ok..I am not very good at doing comments..I just want to say I really enjoyed listening to this track..