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  1. Back To Monterey (finally done ..really)

    It's funny.. I didn't even hear the song when I first listened to this. I was so blown away by the musicianship that's all I heard. The song is perfect. You can twiddle the knobs for an eternity ... the song will always be perfect. Respect.
  2. Join The Klick

    Great fun Dave. I love a theme tune It's so feel good it made me feel good. The music is on point for me. For me the lines ... Throw your hands up in the airRaise 'em high.... sound a little "Simon says ish" and the following line ..Hear that music blare ..sounds like a forced rhyme maybe Join the Klick Drag your ass down to the bar Have some drink Cos Dave is on guitar Just thinking out loud Toe tappingly good Alan
  3. Thousand Years Of Death

    Love the tension you build in this Matty. That first low string put Jaws in my head. I reckon you could do a great creepy Jaws arrangement with that sound.. Great stuff
  4. Venom & Vitriol (Redux) (Update 2)

    It's all there Dave. Sweet as..... I think the second half of the chorus should be the pre-chorus. If you're singing venom and vitriol you should sing it with more venom Only other nit is the last part of the solo sounded a bit less good than the rest ...if you get my subtle drift. Other than that I will echo killer and hit
  5. Mission Improbable

    A bit of fun (for me) with some loops and my guitar
  6. The Road Doesn't Know your Name

    I love the unusualness of your stuff. A very interesting arrangement apart from the bass. It sounded a bit like the Frog Chorus when it came in. I would rethink it's role in this piece ... which I really like. Fine performance Gary Alan
  7. My Heart, Your Heart (very early Work in Progress)

    I'm getting an INXS vibe from this ..... nice groove .... arrangement will be the key .. a good start Alan
  8. Shine (working title)

    Rick - thanks for the kind words. Goosebumps is what we all aim for ..cheers Matthew - My performance will be just dancing .... that will be far from good ha .... thank you my friend Achazia - Thanks ... a compliment from the voice of angels is always good. I keep writing songs about girls C&B is waiting ... we are working on it soon Janeva - Hi Jan - thanks for your seal of approval. I'm nervous enough about walking down the aisle without tripping, my speech and now this .... and I've got to do it all again next April with my other daughter Claire (already a song for her )
  9. Shine (working title)

    Nick - thanks for the kind words. M57 - Thanks for the eagle ear on this one. I'll remove it on my next visit to the studio. I don't actually play the piano myself, I have a pro friend who plays the keys on my stuff. The process with most of my songs is for me to write it on the guitar and put a template down with cubase. Pete then tries to pick my chords out on the piano. That chord was me putting a bar across the seventh fret in the attempt to play a sort of A9. fantastic spot .... I'll try to convey your explanation to him (or better still show him this) Thanks again Alan
  10. Steel Magnolia recording

    The riff rocks relentlessly. Maybe a bit of variety in it's performance. When it did cease it was cool then the excellent solo started and the riff came back (unnecessary in my opinion) The singing is on point but too quiet. Easy on the riff. It's a good riff but you can have too much of a good thing Alan
  11. The Dystopian Blues (Update 2)

    Dave- this is crying out for brass. I hear it .... Your production skills are on fire now Great song words and tune. (maybe too many guitars...... get rid of maybe ten of them lol) ``a fun groove Brass though...please.... you can do it. Cheers for the wedding toast..... shame we're not on the same continent... you coulda come along Alan
  12. Shine (working title)

    Thanks Tom for the kind words...... 'characteristically, you' was one of the best compliments I've had Peace Alan
  13. Everybody Lies Demo and ( WIP )

    Liking the riff teek. The vocal was kinda psychedelic and maybe you could have branched off into an Iron Butterfly thingy. It's the sort of thing the disc jockey played before an underground gig to the smell of petula oil... very authentic Alan
  14. Shine (working title)

    I'm getting choked up thinking about it Dave. It will be a recording not me singing live otherwise they will be tears of laughter. There will be a live rock band there, and she did suggest letting them play it (she hasn't heard it) but that would have been a bit of a big ask .... cheers Dave.
  15. Shine (working title)

    WARNING- COMPLETE BACKTRACK AHEAD Well tom, I got in the car this morning fired up the cd player and sang along using your line..... and it gave me shivers.... sounded better... smoother ... now all I've got to do is try to do it justice. You're the maaaannnn