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  1. Looperman.com - Great Collab Tool

    I'm on it thanks for the page.
  2. I'm a rapper that loves the indie rock and alternative pop scene. I'm looking to collaborate with artist from these genres. Here's what I'm looking for: For female singers, I want a songstress in the style of Cat Power, Sarah Fimm, or Imogen Heap For male singers, I want someone like Glen Hansard, Citizen Cope, or Daniel Merriweather. Anyone interested send me an email at Thenexup@gmail.com with a sample of your work. Thanks guys.
  3. Hey here's my soundcloud link feel free to check it out and if you like my music then we should work on something.
  4. Crew Love 2.0

    So this is another song from me. it is also another track with no hook. Honestly I explain it a lot more in the link I'm going to post to the track, but essentially, at this early point in my career, I really wanted to focus on my lyricism before I tried writing hooks and what not and really get on par with other rappers in my delivery. I also wanted to really say some true things about people who truly live the life of an artist. If you guys could give me some feedback on whether or not I accomplished any of those things and how to improve, that would be great. Here you go guys. http://iamthenexup.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/crew-love-2-0/
  5. Put On The Red Ones

    This sounds like an early Randy Newman demo. Take that however you want but I mean no insult it's just what I heard. It's got a fun quirky edge to it. Good listen but I don't know I just feel like the production could be tighter somehow. I'd say listen to this one closely now that you've made it and and really fine tune it.
  6. Good Morning

    I apologize for posting without critiquing others. I've fixed that now though Thanks for the feedback guys. Songs without hooks are starting to be a growing trend in rap especially for intros so that's kind of where the no hook thought came from. That being said the beat is actually from a producer named Skream and called "Perferated" in case you guys want to hear the song without me on it. When I wrote this I felt the calming nature of the instrumental mixed with the harshness of my "honest attack" haha would create this interesting dichotomy within the song. It's great hearing this feedback though from people of different backgrounds. Thanks again.
  7. Is That Where Heaven Is?

    The thing with this song is that it has a tender sense to it and could be a pretty good pop song to lead with, but portions of the lyrics (more specifically the chorus) are more complicated than other lyrics. I understand the thought behind it because it's the same thought that gave us songs like "Drops of Jupiter" but try to keep the lyrical content consistent and yeah dial back on the effects a bit. Overall an enjoyable experience though.
  8. Brand New

    I really dig this song. I think that it sounds like a single from Chris Martin's future solo album and I mean that as a compliment. I think flute solo isn't bad. I can really feel the emotion which is great. I think this would either be a great beginning or end to a concert set. All around good job. the sing along at the end is very "Hey Jude-esque" I love that type of stuff.
  9. Good Morning

    This is the first song I wrote and recorded. Let me know of what you guys think of it. https://soundcloud.com/nexup/nexup-good-morning Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  10. I'm an aspiring rapper from the Chicago area. I'm here to connect with other artists and also promote my music (but not shamelessly lol) I'm excited to meet all of you so feel free to say Hi. And If any of you are interested, you can check out my music here!
  11. Welcome to the forums NexUp :)