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  1. Hi John Tight lyrics, would work as a song for sure, with the right music..as always professionally written and laid out. Regards Mike
  2. Hello Really great poem filled with inspiration and sage advice, as John said above if this was laid out a little better, it would have made it even better..great job!..Mike
  3. ADDICTION out of an ember, day fades into night made from sparks burning faith made right to become flame, in heated exchange our bodies fleshed out by the shadows we are, thrust upon hallowed ground, as we whisper speak, in our preemptory prayers while soul searching that demands, we proclaim divine intervention, we are consumed, with hearts exhumed by stolen moments taken heed, we breathe as if our last, ready to ignore mind over matter, the body and soul, is overcome wheels turn, to be human after all, in our limited capacity to accept true love, thus unable to break free, from mind control, held up be unable to explain, that we are beyond, help- when love is the drug of choice, with no remedy or cure- this addiction, is made bigger- than us both By Michael Perry
  4. Hi John As Always, Thank you.
  5. Hi James You have some good images, some words that would create a good flow if used purposefully, you seem to jump around, but maybe stay with one thought or idea, then flesh it out further...again you have good bones here, just maybe organize it. Regards Mike
  6. Hello Soulhuntah Thank you for your response. Mike
  7. Hi Soulhuntah Nice write, simple and straight-forward- nothing more we could ask!...thanks for sharing, regards Mike
  8. ALL I KNOW IS A light once possessed, this want, had a common thread, we begin to unravel, left with lingered thoughts of you, once made me insane deep, inside my veins, you, came like a drug to flow under my skin when the conditions were right, comes a perfect storm, so multi-layered my right to saver, you, an impression of, a deepest void, my failure to nigate left only, a need, a fix, my heart was fire, steeped like a craving, not shared as your memory differs from mine, you and I remember, in our own way to explain the story of a love now having gone cold, left behind, of what was, the image remains of me watching you go, my eyes are left wide, for all I know is gone, the hurt retained like some paper thin walls that come back to echo , to reverberate, not fade that dripping sink, our first place, no longer a comfort, my fist through a wall my way to recall, a few minutes more, just to lie with you, in the bed, we made as your memory differs from mine, you and I remember, in our own way to explain the story of a love now having gone cold, left behind, of what was, the image remains of me watching you go, my eyes are left wide, for all I know is gone, the hurt retained By Michael Perry  
  9. Hi Eumaeus823 Great job, very relatable and heartfelt- your words felt like I was reading your diary- so close and personal...Thanks for sharing!. Regards Mike
  10. LOVE LEFT IN REDUX In those moments that held us cold and sober where the silence crawls, apathy becomes the thrill demanding all our attention, realizing the fight in us was finished, a bitter pill we swallowed, moreover   to have a love you can't get back, our paradise lost a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost like a half past moon, no reason to stay we have nothing left to savor or hinder with our tongues silently rendered, why didn't love stay, paying the price, no say   love was a conversation in passing, no pat answer we lift the flag of surrender- as love goes down under if it wasn't enough, for us both, this love, we shared a love we once devoured, to fight or flight, now a blur   to have a love you can't get back, our paradise lost a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost   honesty our only option, with hearts laid out on the sleeve while in the morning after, it was the wedge to drive us away truth or consequence, was it you, or was it me, maybe both or a little bit of happenstance, a part of our growing make believe   to have a love you can't get back, our paradise lost a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost   By Michael Perry
  11. Hi Tracey Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments, appreciate your kindness!....It's a shame this poetry site does not have more traffic, than some others- there are a lot of good writers on here who pour out their hearts, to a non- audience- who cannot appreciate them, except for a very few of us, who stop by to comment and express their appreciation for the art of writing poetry!...sorry for the minor vent!...regards Mike
  12. Hi John Generations ready to pass the baton, I can so relate- a lot of great Millennial writers coming up! Enjoyed your write! regards Mike
  13. Hi Aaron Hall, I take you are a Millennial? I am a baby boomer-different generations-yet nothing changes- and I feel your pain, angst, and indecisiveness-I went through it - it comes through loud and clear!...so thanks for sharing!...regards Mike
  14. Hi rockror11 I liked this very much- has a lot of life- and it rhymes- although that is not my big deal- I write whether it rhymes or not- but yours had consistency and grandiose- it wowed me!. Not sure why no one else commented?, I loved it!, thanks for sharing, regards Mike
  15. THE YEAR IN REVIEW If there was a year that was, mark this as the year that was because as it begins to pass into history- or infamy let us not forget, to reflect on all the gun violence at every turn from city to city, village, hamlet and town making us take stock, run for cover -tell me, why are there so many haters we got the NRA- black lives do matter-watch your back-when guns have no mind still hate has an agenda -paint a pretty picture, tender mercies, hardly, what a year recount, the trouble overseas- settling scores, political game changers more troubles all the hot spots, international dangers, Iran, Iraq, Russia with Syria, Afghanistan Pakistan-Palistine, Israel- USA and now we got us a lame duck president-politics anyone? a transition year-Trump or Mrs Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, Bernie Sanders- we can't wait as the dust finally settles-and we say for the first time ever, hail to the Madam President for it was a year of planes trains, automobiles , fast food-lines- fire the grill-ketchup, mustard burger, fries all the calories galore- Mac Burger or Donald King- Delta, the American Air Lines all the takeover does it really matter which one emerges- victorious, we still had countless delays more bad weather, all the crowds, with less patience, gas cost less- no lines- so don't ask or complain as we hang on to every single word, imogii, emoticon more deep thinkers- android, apple- cell phone Ipads, the climates changing- soon no more polar ice- the astronauts, space race, Mercury, Pluto,Mars a space explored- rocket- X-drones- you pay through the nose- still keep me earth bound, firmly footed plant me on the ground- give me the newest bestseller, or Star Wars-with Adele's triumphant return CNN, fighting ISIS-fighting words- multiple religions John Lennon's words ring true, we live in fear fall out shelters up in the mountains, whats next and still there was more- the terrorists continue to threaten every nation, where no ones safe- paralyzed California-Je suis (I am) Paris-who's next how much longer till we come together as one united front, angry, and make those f***kers pay so give us peace- our rally cry- we can no longer delay- and still it would not be a year complete without those Kardashians, Bruce Jenner's transition -call me Caitlain- how far we've come, Kim and Kanye Chloe and Lamarr, Kylie, Kendall- just how many are there- as we delve into pop-culture-the internet google- face book- tinder, pintrest, your guess or mine- and yes there will be a quiz- so don't you fret as we drop the crystal ball in Times Square one more time count it down to 10-drop all the confetti make a huge mess- who cares- someone else will clean it up - a million people crammed into one square mile- with friends you never met, ready, set, turn the calendar page- start the clamity, more hysteria, see whats next- repeat the process- count your blessings- look toward the future-knowing we cannot prevent what we don't see ahead- take a breath- one day at a time, 365, 366 who's counting, leap year take it all in stride, run but you can't hide or turn back the time, every-body smile-Happy New Year By Michael Perry