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Dawn Robertson

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    Writing lyrics and finding joy in the little things. Working behind the scenes in the studio is a passion. The long hours and late nights is where the magic happens.

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    I am a published songwriter. I write the lyrics and use a collaboration method for music.
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    I love music and I'm sure it pumps through my veins. I grew up on the oldies and country and then my affinity for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston took hold. Later rock and alternative added to the mix that has become my soul. I live and breathe music.


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I grew up around music and I always loved and understood it. My mother worked for Capitol Records in Toronto and as a child I was able to roam freely through the halls and experience the entire process that is music. It has remained in me and eventually I would even own my own record label for a time. I specialized in writing soundtracks for films and ghost writing for others. I always aspired to write lyrics for artists and watch them bloom. I loved seeing those artists achieve their goals as it was a part of me that went with them. I tend to stick to smaller projects as I have the most creative control that way.  Music is the food I need and it is a huge part of me forever. I am most grateful for the experience I have had in life. Even the bad times make great songs.