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  1. Listen just writing lyrics is a good way to make money in the music business. I know from experience. Give yourself a chance. It just means you have to think outside the box. You can do anything you want, there is always a way. I am doing a requested submission for Sony as we speak and I only write lyrics, not kidding. There is always a way. Don't give up if you love what you do. I believe in you.ūü¶č
  2. Sing Your Song


    This angel has no cloudy bed

    No pillow on which to lay my head

    What did I do so wrong


    I'll pack my wings and try again

    Do it over and over again

    Until I can sing your song


    With the words you once wrote 

    Upon my heart it's true

    I'll carry the message home to you


    The melody will fly like you do

    In and out the words ring through

    I will get my wings to fly soon


    To again be by your side 

    But until then I wait 

    To see you at Heaven's gate


    I hope one day to make you proud

    And have a bed in the clouds

    To be where you now fly


    One day I will be by your side

    With my wings open wide

    You will say I did it right, I did it right

  3. Will You Shine Today?


    Do you ever listen to the voice inside

    It's telling you not to hide instead

    Shine your beauty upon me 


    You see I've been hurt before it's true

    But I see the beauty that is you

    Don't let them erase your essence 


    All the talent that you have inside

    Well if not used will surely die

    Stand up and show them your presence 


    Take a stand for what you believe 

    Every dream you can conceive 

    Dont be afraid of what they say


    Steadfast and true is the way

    They won't ever forget you name 

    Change your life today


    Listen to the voice inside

    Telling you not to hide

    They will try to say it's wrong


    But don't listen to a single word they say

    Haters be throwing swords all day

    Just walk away, shake it off


    Do you ever listen to the voice inside 

    Don't you ever run and hide

    Be who you are with pleasure and pride


    Open up to a better day

    No matter what may come your way

    You are a gift light to treasure 


    Take it from me I've seen somethings it's true

    But I still see the beauty in you

    Do you ever listen to the voice inside

    Telling you it's your time to shine...so shine


    Will you shine today?




  4. Wishing everyone a beautiful and productive day! ūü¶č

  5. Hi

    Hello All, my name is Dawn Robertson and I have been in the music business most of my life. I live and breathe music and ride the lyrics to other people's songs with great pleasure. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and would love to have you critique my work. I am open to helping others build their careers as I have never wanted to be the star of the show. I generally write lyrics as I am not a musician but I often have the melody for a lyric that I have written and will use that to work with a collaborator to bring the songs to fruition. Although I have been on the inside of a music label I tried to learn my own way of doing things and followed my instincts to achieve the goals I set for myself. I tend to make my own path and with experience I have come to learn that there are several ways to make it in the industry if you so choose. I have worked with many people in the industry and have utilized what I have learned over the years into a better product and experience. I come to Songstuff with great respect for all of you who are willing to put yourself and your work out there. I have worked in film and radio industries as well as music so I have had a little taste of everything. I even turned down a singer/songwriter deal with a Nashville label as I wanted to perfect my craft before doing so. There is a time and place for everything and it was just not the right time for me. The owner of the label said he understood my decision as a singer/sonwriter of my caliber. His words still remain with me to this day and they have allowed me to grow and have a career that I completely control. I was never in it to be famous or rich. I just love what I do.
  6. Hi

    They are fun I enjoy pushing myself. I continue to learn as well. If you ever need a lyric message me.....
  7. Hi

    Lol you're fun.......I like that....Hear Ye! Hear Ye! you are officially invited to view any of my work I post here....lol.....read away Lisa! ūü§ó
  8. Hi

    Well thank you Lisa...I am enjoying it immensely. Hope to see you too! Have a good night.ūüôā
  9. My two cents.....I think that the music industry has changed in that it is easier to "make it" these days on a grander scale as multi media has opened to door to independent artists,musicians and lyricists. You can become famous with one popular YouTube video. You first must determine what you consider making it is to be. Once you define your goals and achieve them you have made it. On any level success can be found. Getting the big record deal these days comes at a great cost and the artist, songwriter etc may feel they have to settle for any offer they get. In doing so, without independent experience the deal may cost you to give up more then you bargained for. You may think you are going to be a huge famous artist, musician or songwriter whatever, if you have a deal with a major label and that could not be further from the truth. The music industry has ways of limiting your success even with a great deal so do your homework. Especially on who owns what in your deal. A label can sign you and shelve your work and you are stuck with them for the reamainder of your contract. Getting signed does not mean the big stage or even the big bucks. All it means is a label will now tell you what to do and how to do it. You may end up getting a signing bonus but in most cases the inexperienced artist etc will have to repay that out of any future earnings. In some cases the label will own your work, that's right. They will own all of your work that you do while under contract and they can own it beyond the life of the contract as well. There is a lot to know about this business. So be prepared. I too was offered a couple of big deals but turned them down so that I could retain ownership of my work and creative control. I have found success in doing things my way. Not letting others take control of my work has allowed me to be involved in many projects that were both fulfilling and fruitful. Don't be afraid to make it. Just do it on your own terms. There is no shame in turning down offers and being selective. Be in control of you career and achieve success. There is always a way.
  10. I am a published lyricist and happy to help if anyone needs assistance with an existing lyric or a brand new lyric for a project. I generally write a lyric then collaborate with a musician to complete a song. If that system works for you let me know. Thank you and have a great day!
  11. I am a published lyricist and may be able to help....just let me know what you need at this time. Generally I write a lyric and then collaborate with a musician to complete a song. I find that is my preference. If this system works for you let me know. Have a great day, Dawn Robertson

  12. I was here years ago and awaited all of the changes. I am looking forward to being more active in the forums now. Pen in hand and lyrics in my head I can't wait for new challenges.