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  1. Timbre, excellent verses... nice flow and rhyming scheme... I wouldn't change any verse... I thought the Chorus needed to be a bit shorter but after reading through it again... I feel the chorus is fine as well.. the title is very nice but I'm not sure how that would "sing" in a song... " the upside of lonely" it just doesn't sound right to me... I would need to hear the song... you are definitely a skilled song writer... nice piece of work
  2. David, yes a bit hard to read thru... The first two verse are good but need a bit of tweaking... not to sure what this is all about... you're style fits the Jim Morrison genre... and I can see the comparison... so if you write in this style and perform it yourself then that's fine but I couldn't see others relating to it
  3. Dan T I agree with Timbre... I like the title very much " Second Hand Truth" so build on that tile...your words are just random thoughts to me ... you need to learn how a song is crafted... you are at the right place .. so that's good... check out other songs and writers and get a feel on how they write... maybe a workshop would help... you have passion so fuel that emotion....just my thoughts
  4. Kat2457, I feel this is more of a poem than a song... and I might add a very nice poem....there is no rhyming at all and there is no flow.... and "Too scared of my heart that I never thought of yours (x4)" ... I couldn't imagine this line being sung 4 times.... you are poet for sure ... look at some lyrics of some big names to get the idea how a song is crafted... Billy Joel... .Judy Collins... Carole King... to name a few... you have a nice style and if put into a song format this could be really nice ... just my thoughts
  5. Nsg, I like the first two verses... however I don't know what "it" is until the last line of the 2nd verse.... I don't like the line " and I liked it"... that to me needs to be changed... at first reading "As it is it isn’t anymore " I didn't care for but I after few more reads I do think "it's" nice... the title doesn't appear until the chorus ... maybe "As it is" should be the title... kind of catchy and makes people want to know what "as it is" would be... the chorus doesn't work for me ... the first two verse are poetic to me ...aside from the "and I like it" line ..but the chorus sounds a bit like you're just talking... not as poetic... again just some thoughts... but a nice piece of work... a work in progress
  6. Tomcollins, the first two verses are really good... I like the "sometimes baby sometimes" and the "somewhere girl somewhere"... has a nice flow... you should keep that flow throughout the song and cut it down a bit... I feel it's too long... the bridge is interesting as well ... it's a rough draft as you said but has some nice lines... you are very poetic in your writing so keep at it... sorry I couldn't be more help
  7. John, I really like the rhyming scheme you've done here.... to me and believe me I'm no expert lyricist... but it's a bit long... I love the last two lines "And if you want to cross the finish line completely in control, stick to country music, whisky and a little rock and roll." but as I said... a bit long and these lines are repeated on every verse... the song appears to only have verses... so I suspect there are no changes within the song.... might be a bit tedious to listeners when there no change in direction...... but you have a gift for words that's for sure and a strong message... it has a lot of potential... I've read a comment that maybe only "country music" fans may only relate to this song... but if done in a crossover style... others can relate as well... stick with this John and look at the comments the others have made and this could be a really good song... I know it's not much but those are my thoughts Gerry
  8. I'm Learning To Fly (Remixed Version): https://t.co/2hpP0nKTTc via @YouTube

  9. You Say You Love Him (Remixed Version): http://t.co/3VhKbu768i via @YouTube

  10. David, Thx for the response... yeah I get a bit intimidated when I hear others songs....and I guess I too hard on myself when it comes to sounding professional... my partner was the real musician and I was the lyricist ... but I did compose some on my own... but he had the talent musically... I will take your advise about the feedback... I have my limitations and if someone wanted to collaborate I just wanted to be honest about my contribution...but I guess after my "bullshit" note LOL.. I won't won't get anyone interested....hey I heard your song "The Light at the back of your Mind"... excellent...really cool sound.... I will subscribe on You Tube thx again Gerry
  11. Since the passing of my songwriting partner 3 years ago, I would love to collaborate with someone but I have listened to many of the songs on this site and come away feeling my body of work is so inferior to others in the songwriting creation and recording process... I feel my contribution with someone would not come close to an equal collaboration but I know I need help with my songs so here I am...asking someone to help a dreamer whose guitar playing is fair at best, which is why many of my songs were created via midi sounds and loops.....here is my Soundcloud link.... if anyone is interested Gerry https://soundcloud.com/tagsongz/
  12. Welcome to the forums TagSongZ :)