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  1. Waiting for you – lyrics by lisa m Guzda 3/7/17 When you go So you know If some one’s waiting for you While apart In my heart I’m waiting for you you keep trying your best we’ll prove it all to the rest Who’ll be waiting waiting for you I’ll be waiting, waiting, for you No regrets Don’t forget Who’ll be waiting for you Take a sip Of my lips Ill be waiting for you you keep trying your best we’ll prove it all to the rest Who’ll be waiting waiting for you who’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting for you I know all they say about the truth They keep on saying you’re still a youth But this little one is all we want Standing up and walk walk walk you keep trying your best we’ll prove it all to the rest Who’ll be waiting waiting for you who’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting for you
  2. Taken - by Lisa M. Guzda 3/4/17 (do a layer with the lyrics: Star sings two lines, while Alex repeats, and Simone sings with a different melody or something dramatic “Shots Fired, Wrong Wrong. They all harmonize “Taken” Like three things are going on and then meet at the word “taken”) One good girl Has good boys Raises them right Workin through school Shots fired Wrong wrong Taken We hear sirens Watch the news Can’t believe No tomorrow We grieve Gone gone Taken Taken too young Her dreams are done So many songs left unsung tell me who won? Won this damn war Not like before Riot back and forth swing open the door stop it don’t ignore don’t ignore Taken
  3. Hearts Don’t Lie – by Lisa M. Guzda 11/18/2016 Don’t lean in Whisper in my ear You’re sending chills down my spine When you are so near I know now You can’t look in my eyes All my emotions are there No way to disguise Somethings there We can’t deny Hearts once bitten Hearts twice shy Hearts on fire Hearts don’t lie Tucked away This man in my heart That’s where he’ll stay until he’s free To make a new start Somethings there We can’t deny Hearts once bitten Hearts twice shy Hearts on fire Hearts don’t lie
  4. Hi Vara, Before I can critique your lyrics, can you let me know what genre this is? I'm thinking hip hop? Also do you have a melody for this? Be well, LIsa
  5. Hey Devin, Glad you found us. We have an active critique section with Rap Artists. Looks like you should check it out! Head over to Forums, Critique, Hip-Hop Rap has its own section. Enjoy!!! Lisa
  6. Joe

    Hey Joe! Welcome to Songstuff. Did you take a look at the forums? Hope you can grow here with us! Lisa
  7. Hi TGS, I really like the first two lines of this. They are solid and have possibility to take the lyrics from point "A" to point "B" (or "Z" however you want to look at it.) However, after the first two lines everything gets fuzzy to me. For example when I use the word "again" it means I'm clarifying someting I've already said or repeating something. To use that word in the third line of a song means you have to have said the same thing in the previous lines but you haven't. So "Again" is not the best place holder for the syllable count/match if that's what you were using it for. You could use: You know I can't hold it all together... or Feels like I can't hold it all together... I think the chorus needs to be cleaned up a bit. Its very confusing to me in line 1 of the chorus you say " But You must need to know..." Is this you wishing she needs to know? or demanding that she WANT to know how you feel? It would be more clear if you just said "But I need you to know it's how I feel" Also in the chorus, while I was taping a beat out (preparing for a melody) I instinctively put in the word "are" in the third line: ".. my feelings are real" this may be just me but would you consider putting it in. I'd love to sing it that way. :-) Verse 4... Is seems to me you are all over the place with your thoughts here. you say you made a decision then say your feelings are real "BUT" ... the last line is so weak. I wouldn't want to end up on this question. I would use V2 as the closing verse. It gives a bit of hope for both the singer and who he is singing about. Just something to think about. Hope this helps. Don't worry if you don't like my suggestions. They are just that...suggestions. Be well, Lisa
  8. Hello
  9. Hi Ray, Glad you found us. Enjoy the site! See you on the boards, Lisa
  10. Hey Kyle, be sure to check out our Rap and Hip Hop forum boards. You may find some interesting posts there. :-)
  11. Yes Nautic, I know from my experience here at Songstuff, that I have grown (and hope to always be growing) as a song writer. If I can help in any way, we have a PM system or you can reply here. Be well! Lisa
  12. Hi Andrea, There's much to learn in the music business. And it's always changing so make it a fun constant learning process if you can! Does Violin Pop have a following or did you make that term up? It sounds like a new niche to me...always good to be new and ahead of the game! Would love to see you grow here at Songstuff. Be well! Lisa
  13. HELLLLLLOOOOO BAKER! Wow, you certainly know how to introduce your self well. You are totally going to fit in here! We have some talented folks that love to talk music in all aspects. If you need any help finding your way around the site, let me know. We have a PM system or you can reply here. See you on the boards! Lisa
  14. Hi SB, This isn't too bad. Do you have a melody for it? Your song structure is almost there (verses and choruses kept getting longer as the song went on.) Your verses have different syllable and line counts which will make it hard to make a melody if you don't have one yet. The other thing that is jumping out at me is the title is not prevalent in any of the choruses. This will make it hard for a listener to remember your song title. Example: When you hear a song on the radio/internet the chorus usually has the title in it and the title is placed in the song so it's easy to remember. I mean the goal of the song is to have listeners remember it and search on it so they can buy it... But I have to say your subject matter is rough. These lyrics seem to come from a pretty deep place so I don't want to discourage you. If I were you, I'd clean up the structure and post them here as edited. Then we can critique the lyrics to help make them more clear. As with all my critiques, these are just my suggestions and you can use them or not. All the best, Lisa
  15. Hi ya Ruven, Your title and what I consider to be "the hook" seem to be unrelated. I guess since you are set on "a song" being the title, I suggest the title be "A Song (Someone Like You)" This way when you become famous and people search online "what's that song that has the words "someone like you" in it, they can find you... Even if you don't become famous, someone will search for the words they remember most. "someone like you" and "How do I" are what really stood out the most. Oh, and the other thing I can suggest is to write a whole new lyric with the hook being "a song" or "a song for us" or "our song" or "the song we will write" (hmmm..... seems I can go on forever with this line of thining....LOL) And yes, I did sing your chorus in my head all yesterday! so there you have it! proof of a good hook! ;-)