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  1. Hi Kenapayne, so glad you found us! Enjoy it!
  2. Hi Mikael, We're international so you may find someone from another country to collaborate with here. I'm from the US but have collaborated with writers in the UK, Australia, and Canada... It's such a learning experience. I hope you take some time and look through the forums to see how you like it here. It's a give and take environment. We all help each other. Welcome to Songstuff! Lisa
  3. Hey just so you know, I have a hard time understanding all the lyrics too.
  4. Hi

    thanks but lyrics i got (coming out of papers, pads, and notebooks) its the melodies that allude me in my adult life... when i was young they came together but i never wrote them down. argh! live and learn.
  5. Hi

    thanks for "getting me" lol I love that you're involved in the writing lyrics challenge. i always learn so much from them!
  6. Hi

    I'll go stalk you now. I love seeing what everyone posts! LOL You have a good night too
  7. cool, I'll move it to collab board. i just followed you on facebook! :-)
  8. Hey J4ck, this is the song critique board. I could move this post to the "collaboration" board if you like. We also have "showcase" board for finished projects. Just let me know where you'd like to put them for maximum result. FYI, I like most of the songs you have here. What are you gonna do with them? Be well, Lisa
  9. Hi CTO, This is very mellow and sexy sounding. I'm glad you finished it. I love the key change. The singer is so good too. I followed you on Soundcloud. I see you already had 450+ listens on this track. Nice job! Be well, Lisa
  10. Hey

    Hello Crock, glad you found Songstuff. Lisa
  11. Hi

    okay, usually when someone introduces themselves and has 0 people welcome them, I jump in. You may have moved past the intro part and jumped in yourself because I can see you've already made several posts. I hope you are liking it so far! Great to have you here. See you on the boards, Lisa
  12. Hi Denis, Welcome to Songstuff! I see you've posted some songs for critique but don't forget it works both ways. I've learned a lot critiquing other's works. It makes a difference in my own lyrics. Feel free to direct your studio customers here as well! Songstuff has a lot to offer. Be Well, Lisa
  13. Hi Arty! The romantic in me says this is a good one. The dedicated Songstuff member says, how come he's not a member?!!! I followed on his soundcloud ;-) See you on the boards Lisa
  14. lyrics

    Leo, don't confuse me! American band but you're profile says you're in Australia. That is a full day ahead in time zones! LOL I like what you've got here. Is this it? or just a start? A couple of things that jump out at me would be 1) in V1 the first three lines end in a matching rhyme scheme but in V2 none of them rhyme. 2) does this song have a chorus? and a refrain? I've never seen it done but I'm sure it's out there 3) I don't feel like the song moves anywhere. It just captures one moment of thought that's repeated in both verses. What I mean is there is no conclusion or ray of hope and it leaves me wondering where is the rest of the song? how does it end? What would an American Band do? Ok, well as always, these are just my thoughts and suggestions. I hope they help! All the best, Lisa
  15. Hey Todzilla, Welcome! Glad you have found us. Take a look around and make yourself at home. Be Well, Lisa