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  1. Bielka, I'm glad you found Songstuff. I hope to see you on the Forum boards soon! be well, Lisa
  2. Hi Nday98! Welcome! We've got a great community here, I hope you two can interact as well as share your music. Looking forward to hearing your stuff. Lisa
  3. Mahesh, loved walking with you through the sunset. The crickets were singing but I couldn't tell if their song was sad or not. :-) sending massive hugs to you! chat soon!
  4. Post away Plants! Let's see what you got! We're glad you found Songstuff so be sure to look at our articles and interact with our members. If you'd like feedback be sure to give some too. Oh and fill out your profile how you like to be critiqued so we don't ruffle your feathers (or leaves if your a plant...sorry I'm trying to be funny See you on the boards! Lisa
  5. My AOL page loaded in German today...

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    2. Just1L


      Did you try using a different browser to see if it still happens?

    3. Lisa Gates

      Lisa Gates

      nah, i'm at work...probably shouldn't be on aol anyway. maybe my smartass boss did it! LOL he would do something like that! Thanks for your help! :-)

    4. Lisa Gates

      Lisa Gates

      Finally! I cleared the History cache and rebooted my poor computer. Now I'm back to English! whew! Thanks so much!

  6. Well Dave, I'm glad you love it. I was hoping that the 70's feel might translate into a modern feel if we had a talking/rap part. This song has a purpose so I appreciate your honesty with it. Neighbor!! Maybe if I get out of work on time, I can come see you again! :-)
  7. You will do well. We all help each other with critiques and encouragement. I look back at some of my challege's songs and say "Wow, did I write that? oh yeah, the group helped me see things I didn't notice!" I'm always learning. I will NEVER say "I'm a great songwriter" because I will always want to be better. I think I'll pop in on the latest Challenge... See you there!
  8. Hi PP! Hope you've been busy. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. I was hoping that the bridge would be more of a rap but I forgot to communicate that when they went to record it. I was hoping the singer would let loose there but she copied what I had sent her. Thanks for listening! Be Well, Lisa
  9. Idiots! Why do I have to deal with them?!! vent over...

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    2. Lisa Gates

      Lisa Gates

      I know right! Customer Service during the day sucks the life out of me! It seemed like there was a full moon...people were crazy! LOL It makes for good stories right?! right!

    3. john


      Something to write a song about?

    4. Lisa Gates

      Lisa Gates

      it would be for the parental section for sure...f bombs abound!!

  10. hey... you'll get more folks to listen to your stuff if you interact on the boards. Give a little to get a little. I see your other post has some of the members wondering if you are a drive by spammer? This is a cool community with lots of knowledgeable members. Hope you can embrace the atmosphere here and join the fun. Be Well, Lisa
  11. Hello Aaron, This board is for you to tell a little bit about yourself only. Feedback of links should be asked for in the Critique section of our forums. How long have you been doing music? What are your dreams? What can you offer members here at Songstuff? What would you like members from Songstuff to help you with? We're like a big family here, c'mon in and sit at the table. We've saved a spot for you. Lisa
  12. Hi HenryS, Welcome to our site! I'm a little jealous you have a home studio. It's awesome for you! See you on the boards! Lisa
  13. Glad you found us! Hope you enjoy our interacting with all our members. Be well, Lisa
  14. Oh Rabvit! You've come to the right place!! You can learn so much from reading the articles, interacting with other members here, and please check out our Weekly lyric challenge. The Weekly lyric challenge helped me in so many ways! We're happy you are here too! All the best, Lisa
  15. I've written some lyrics and actually had a melody come to me while writing them. Someone I met on Facebook liked it enough to put some music to it. Then he had a singer record it. (she sang it exactly the way I did, so I think it's a compliment.) I'd like your opinion on it. I don't like critique with both barrels though, just the truth. Thanx Here are the lyrics: One good girl Has good boys Raises them right Workin through school Shots fired Wrong wrong Taken We hear sirens Watch the news Can’t believe No tomorrow We grieve Gone gone Taken Taken too young Her dreams are done So many songs left unsung tell me who won? Won this damn war Not like before Riot back and forth swing open the door stop it don’t ignore don’t ignore Taken Taken Taken too young Her dreams are done So many songs left unsung Taken Taken Taken 5-9-17.mp3