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  1. Nashville, here I come. Moving August 30, 2017!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. starise


      Congrats. No talent in Florida?:D

    3. Lisa Gates

      Lisa Gates

      fl is too hot for me. lol. i need four seasons

    4. john


      Come to Scotland and you can get all four in one Day!

  2. About me

    Hello Conclusive! Glad you found Songstuff! All the best, Lisa
  3. Hey Guys

    Hi there, Welcome! Glad you found Songstuff. Feel free to look around at the Articles and the Community Forums to acculamte yourself here. You may find the answers to some of your questions above. Be well, Lisa
  4. The new guy

    Hi Will, Nice intro! Sounds like you'll fit in great around here. See you on the boards! Lisa
  5. She Moves Me. By John Craig

    John, I like all the advice your getting here and I'm surprised that we have no "But Nazis" or "And Nazis" jumping in. Your song is peppered with Buts and Ands that aren't all necessary are they? I do like the Chorus starting with And. I can really feel a relaxed lead in to it with that way of entering the chorus. Now, when you mention the song title is weak I have to jump in! You use the title in each verse and that is a "refrain" right? FYI the title is what grabbed me to come look at your lyrics... As a true romantic, I completely understood and pictured quite clearly How "her night moves keep me dancing through the days," I do like your lyrics very much and this has been my two cents.
  6. Phrebl project finally kicked off

    Hi Phil, Enjoy the forums here! There are many of us looking to collaborate and grow in this business. See you on the boards, Lisa
  7. Lyrics Writing Challenge #6 - Opposites

    Ha Ha Timbre! You guessed correctly! I got lost though and forgot to keep the Old grouch going... And I notoriously use the exclamation point too much! See!! I can't stop!! LOL Thank you for catching my favorite line about the Digital native in a Holy land. PPlaid has made some great suggestions below. I think that I'll keep most of them.
  8. Lyrics Writing Challenge #6 - Opposites

    Most awesome suggestions! I'm in this frame of mind right now to shorten all my lines and forget that it's ok to write normal phrases. Thank you!!
  9. A customer gave me Orchids today! What a surprise :hearts:

  10. Hey Guys

    Hi There GuesSs! Glad you found Songstuff! Yes, you've come to the right place. We love music here lol! See you on the boards, Lisa
  11. Mixing Philosophy

    Hey Symph! Nice see your name popping back up. I like this. God has a way of helping when you ask (and sometimes when you don't ask too!) I don't do mixes but can relate this to my songwriting on many of the points you've brought up here. Fear, striving for perfection, writing from the heart, knowing when to quit, being honest, and always grow and learn! See you around! Lisa
  12. The new guy

    Hey There BigN! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Sounds like you've done some travelling (which makes for great stories/songs!) I love that your favorite artists are new and old! I hope you enjoy the site :-) All the best, Lisa
  13. Lyrics Writing Challenge #6 - Opposites

    Hi ND! This is very deep. It reads more like a poem to me right now. The line "oh light where are you" has me spouting Shakespeare in my head "Oh Romeo where art tho" in a fun kind of way. If you titled this "Hoping to reach the light" and added this line as a refrain throughout the song it would give it better structure in my opinion. I also like the hopefulness of this line and since you repeated it twice it would lend itself to be the refrain. Glad you're here! I love these challenges and hope you do too!! Lisa
  14. Lyrics Writing Challenge #6 - Opposites

    Just a start: The Young Will Steer the Old There's a typewriter collecting dust This young man thinks he will teach us Old guys, new tricks Humph! don't think they mix He grew up a cellphone in his hand Digital native in Holy land Young man, cool life Looking through clear eyes It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old Driving down the streets I thought I'd teach Younger ones see a two way street Wise men lecture Childish adventure It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old Clear as a bell Muddy waters never tell Where they came from, where they're going to Guided by technology To succeed in society It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old
  15. Hi guys

    Glad you found us Static! You've listed some great inspirations. Have fun here at Songstuff! All the best, Lisa