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Lisa Gates

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    May the stars always shine
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    United States of America
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    To collaborate and get in the music industry.

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    I have many written lyrics. Some with music, some without.
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    Shelby Lynne, Kenny Chesney, Beyonce, Sheryl Crow, Jason Aldean, Corrine Bailey Rae, Eagles, Bruno Mars, Christina Perri... basically anybody lyrical who loves harmony


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About Me

I've been singing since I could talk. God gave me a gift of a great voice, perfect pitch, and a good ear! I, unfortunately have never done anything much with my voice. Oh, I was always in the school choir and talent shows. I've been in church choirs and a couple of performing bands but never had the desire to be famous or successful in the music industry.

Recently, in the last few years, a new twist in the musical aspect of my life has taken place:

Ok, so I'm a girl and write about my love life but I do so in 3 genres: Country, Pop, and dance.

I think I've always written songs, it's just they never got onto paper offically.. that is changing.

I am a happy-go-lucky person and love to share my smile.