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  1. Nice bro.
  2. Sent a pm.
  3. I like this, and started writing a chorus lol! With a one line pre as well. good luck Ken post the finished song. Les
  4. of course okay! You starting another one with "chase the clouds.........." Bloody good phrase if you dont mind me saying? Could boil over into something, you never know? Les
  5. Just some thoughts Peggy ------- V 2 ------Our eyes dark and satinWe feel how the moon lures...we feel the lure of the moonEarth's grip holds our moment....gravitaion holds our momentAs the spinning goes on...........keep us spinning as one? a maybe idea Like this girl good to go against the grain now and again. Les
  6. To me the" had had " didnt sound quite right but its your lyric. Les
  7. Not sure what to offer Denny so some ideas more than critique. Not got much more but 3rd V needs a twiddle I think but got nothing to offer. just some thoughts good luck Les you thought you held a dead mans hand running was the answer you had....running was your only answer turn around see what you once had admit it you made a huge mistake you wouldn't loose face going one cares you wont lose face going to see what you once had...going back to see what you once had wish it didn't happen that you made it come to an end if only to be back again you're gone if you could make that change it's something you would rearrange if you could see what you once had you thought you held a dead mans hand running was the answer you had turn around see what you once had Edited 13 hours ago by ddmmdd Like this Quote
  8. Love a curry! Miss that.
  9. Me likes James.
  10. I see him out the corner of my eye hes staring right at me I want to say hello but I am way to shy is this how im meant to be Just a starter with Richard!
  11. Peg's I wanted to comment earlier but was a bit lost of the meaning but after a few reads I think I have the idea? For some reason I feel the last line V 1 should have something to do with "stay" not sure why? maybe i read it as you are praying also in the 1st line and that you should express that you dont want them to go if that makes sense? That is of course if I have the meaning of the lyric correct, someone one the edge of passing? Sounds almost a personal experience though I hope not. A good write and hard subject as Gary said. All the best in the New Year. Les
  12. Nearly Christmas day here so I would like to wish all you great people a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you the things you need not so much want. Thank you for all the help you have given me since I have been posting on this wonderful site. Santa song to follow but in adult section lol! All the best people Les
  13. Agree put it out here, never know might get the spark for it reignited?
  14. Lol me too