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  1. My Name Is David

    Hi. My name is David, and . . . I WAS HERE! I think Carol Burnet said it best: I'm so glad we had this time together. Just to have a laugh, or sing a song. Seems we just get started, and before you know it, comes the time you have to say . . . so long. *poof*
  2. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    That's the way it's supposed to be, Chris. Communication involves both sender and receiver, and how the receiver takes it it perhaps the most valuable feedback of all.
  3. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    Whether the written word comes off as personally honest and straightforward also has a lot to do with how the words are conveyed - how they sound when they're rapped or sung by a vocalist, and even how they sound when narrated by the little voice in your head if you're just reading them.
  4. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    Candid not only means honest and truthful, but straightforward. I don't think you're being truly "candid" if the meaning of what you're conveying isn't fairly clear - at least on some level even if you can't explain it. In that regard, I think all my lyrics are candid to me, but I don't know if they are to others, and nor do I care, because I also think my only lyrical responsibility is to just me, and to no one else.
  5. Just Let It Go

    I like the sound of the guitars with the higher play of the second intro as compared to the lower-down play with the first intro. But, with that higher play comes a less-smooth transition to the start of the first verse that is played lower down. So, you might want to really make it a very abrupt transition from intro to first verse by coming to a full stop after the intro for like a two beat of silence before the first verse kicks in. Just my opinion.
  6. I'm not perfect but my love is

    Why is your love "perfect"? I can't find anything in the lyric leading me to that conclusion, while I have a lifetime of experience telling me love is never perfect, but is as flawed as the people on both ends of it. I gotta say, Tommy, this comes across to me as a "hook" that, at first blush, might seem cool from a wordsmithing perspective, but after just a little thought is clearly exposed as total bullshit - and I think you know it!.
  7. Hanging on.  I'm almost there.

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      That's what she said. :'\

  8. Making Music Spiritual Again

    I don't know why you didn't ask this in the forum where you requested critique for the song - a thread where you didn't even post the lyric, btw. But, anyway, in my opinion, the reason your vocals in Live or Die don't sound "right" or sincerely-felt, is because the vocal melody, and the way you sing it, are completely "wrong" for the song. You sing it great if you're only trying to sing a vocal track for some song which says to the listener: "Hey, listen to me! I'm cool, sassy and sexy!" Seriously, that's the vibe of you singing that song. For example, listen to how you sing the first line - especially "your way" ending the first line. You're essentially singing that to god/jesus, right? Then why the hell do you sound sarcastic? Hell, the whole song sounds pretty sarcastic - and even pretentious. How many times do you slide your vocal down to a minor note in this song? It's a perfectly legit singing technique, but does sliding down to a minor note fit with the theme? You sang this song in the way you did because it sounded cool to you singing it that way, because your mindset as a singer seems to be to just sing cool-sounding "show-off" vocal tracks for your songs. These aren't just some songs, Chris. They're your songs, and through them, you have something important to say. Don't sing vocal tracks for your songs just because, in and of themselves, they sound cool. Sing the songs. The only way to honestly sing your songs, is to sing them like they're coming from deep inside you, because they do, and to sing them in a way that works with the words and the music to convey how you deeply think and feel. That's how you best "show off." There's loads of sincerity in your music and in your words. But, for me, there's not enough in the way you sing your songs. And, there should be, because you're one helluva singer. Just my opinions.
  9. need help with a verse before pre-chorus

    I don't think your "pre-chorus" sounds like a pre-chorus. I think it sounds like a verse: verse -> chorus -> post-chorus/tag. That's how I hear it. Besides, we're just talking labels anyway. The main thing is, what you have as a "pre-chorus," I think works well musically as a verse. You do typically need a "verse" section in a song with a "chorus" section, but you do not need a pre-chorus section. Just my opinion.
  10. FWIW, I actually had the same pause Darin had with the phrase "I hope you get back in the black." Though, in an an accounting sense, being "in the black" is a good thing (as opposed to being "in the red"), being "in the black" of negative mental and/or emotional states is a bad thing, and this song seems to be about her negative mental and/or emotional state. So, for me, there's a bit of confusion with the "back in the black" metaphor, and I don't think it lends itself to a double-meaning interpretation that works very well in this particular song. Just my opinion.
  11. The End Of The Skyline

    Wow! Piano and vocals sound fantastic - reverb included. Congrats on solving a major problem. What preamps?
  12. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    I think the cowbell you have just needs a little brighter EQ, maybe pulled back in the mix a bit, and then given some stereo reverb .
  13. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    Grab a free, downloadable cowbell hit sample online - just Google it. Here's one. https://freesound.org/people/pj1s/sounds/34272/
  14. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    Are those hand claps? If so, they sound very weak, and I don't think as is they're providing the accents this needs. That's my only nit. They could use additional hands clapping and a little reverb maybe. Augmenting those accents with tambourine hits might sound good, and dare I say it, maybe this could use some . . . COWBELL! Seriously. P.S. Some extra distortion on the guitars for the choruses would probably sound nice.
  15. Androids

    FWIW, I totally lost interest during the intro and bailed out with the first "bleep" sound at the 0:23 mark.