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  1. Like M57 and for the same reasons, I'm not willing to comment either. As I post this, the site indicates you last visited two hours ago, and yet, even though two days ago you gave lip service to M57, you still haven't offered your thoughts regarding anyone else's stuff they've posted for critique here. P.S. Not being able to understand the words the singer is singing is, for me, applicable to more like 90% of the lyric.
  2. I wasn't touting "artificial" guitar sounds, but acoustic guitars not made of wood, like my Rainsong. The "why" my graphite Rainsong is my favorite being: it never goes out of tune; its intonation all the way up the fret board is as perfect as you'll find on any guitar; it isn't affected by changes in temperature or humidity like wood guitars; with Elixir strings it sounds fantastic, and loud; and, it's super light, feels "right" in my hands, and is a true joy to play. Oh, and it looks really cool too.
  3. You people and your wooden guitars. Still getting around by horse and buggy too?
  4. Even though the recording is pretty bad, I can still hear what might be a pretty good song. What weakens it substantially for me are the changes in point of view from verses to choruses, and even within the choruses themselves. In the verses you're consistently singing about him by using the pronoun "he," then in the first part of the chorus you're singing to him using the pronoun "you," but then in the second half of the chorus you sing about him again using "and away he goes again." For me, these shifts in p.o.v. do not work well. P.S. The recording would sound a lot better if the audio was centered. Right now the guitar and vocal are panned to the right with just white noise on the left side.
  5. Well, I guess I better sign up for Spotify so I can hear the whole track and credit you with a spin there. Yep, I'll do that right away . . . as soon as pigs can fly.
  6. I like the start and how it builds - the bass coming in - up until about the 0:29 mark, when, BAM! . . . I think additional drums stuff needs to kick this puppy in full-bore - including something providing a sound representing a "snare" of some type. Just my opinion.
  7. Welcome Back, Ferry! I like the tune, and the new mix sounds pretty good. I would raise the volume of the second guitar playing those staccato reggea-like chords some, and also add some stereo reverb to it (or alternate its panning left and right) to have it take up some more space away from dead center. Just my personal taste.
  8. Cool! FWIW, I want the kick to pound heavier.
  9. I think at around 2:05 the harmonica's volume peaks a bit too loudly. I also think at some point bringing in a cello for some lower frequencies would sound sweet - even if the cello just bowed the root bass note, maybe droning for the first 4-count, pausing, then bowing the for the next 4-count, etc.
  10. Well, the protagonist could be the one who has to move away in one verse. That would be some kind of change at least. You might also want to rethink saying that "friends move on," if you mean to imply that the friendship continues, but long distance. If you said "friends move away," to me, that would only imply moving away in terms of distance. But, to say that "friends move on," ("and leave you behind" with deep pain), to me, that pretty strongly implies they're moving on from being friends, and that the friendship does end. FWIW, this comes across to me as a protagonist who feels abandoned by former friends Just my take.
  11. Girls built forts too? I never knew! While the continuing timeline is a nice device to employ, I think three stanzas about another friendship ending due to the friend moving away is a bit too same-same to keep the story compelling. Surely there are other reasons for a friendship ending that could be used and keep things fresher. Just my opinion. Perhaps the second friendship could end because you caught the friend cheating with your man, and the last friendship could end because the friend dies. You'd have to tweak-out the "move on" aspect of the second line of the chorus, but I think something like "Friendships end and you leave them behind" could work just as well. Just ideas. David
  12. Hello, David. I'd found a song of your's posted somewhere on the forum which I'd listened to but haven't been able to find since... maybe you've taken it down. It was "If I were You". Haven't heard softer sounding songs of your's before and just wanted to say that I liked it a lot :)


  13. https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Handheld-CAD-Recording-Microphone/dp/B00FK62FSY/ref=pd_lpo_23_lp_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=32QKZHJRWQDDGJWEN721 https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Q1U-Dynamic-USB-Microphone/dp/B000EZMYRS/ref=sr_1_6?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1492626811&sr=1-6&keywords=usb+super+cardioid+mic https://www.amazon.com/Dragonpad-USA-filter-Studio-Microphone/dp/B008AOH1O6/ref=sr_1_3?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1492626966&sr=1-3&keywords=mic+pop+screen
  14. You think 48 is only "middle-aged" in terms of making an initial splash as a member of a rock band? I don't know about that. But, if it doesn't work out, maybe you can still make it in professional sports.
  15. Reality Check: You're 48 years old - right around the corner from being 50.