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  1.  Thanks for my new avatar, Dek.  Now, BACK OFF! :) 

  2. Rock lost one of its greatest-ever voices.  R.I.P, Chris Cornell.

  3. I scan through the radio stations until I hear something new that really catches my ear in a good way.  Then I realize what the song is about and that it's a christian radio station.  I hate when that happens. :) 

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    2. HoboSage


      The thing is, a lot of "christain rock"  SOUNDS frickin' awesome!  


      Tell me this doesn't SOUND as good as anything Coldplay has ever done.



    3. M57


      Love the water on the drums!  Production is top notch.. that's a good chunk of it.   It's a good 3-5 bpm too slow, don't ya think?

    4. HoboSage


      LOL Yeah, I thought it was a bit too slow.

  4. I've noticed an uptick in Song Title Assoc. Game activity since the Mosh Pit closed.  I kind of miss it too. <heh-heh>  :)

  5. Tonight is The Walking Dead Season 6 on Netflix Binge Night!

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    2. GocartMoz


      I have yet to miss an episode Tom.  Best show on TV imo.  Not a close second.


    3. tunesmithth


      I agree wholeheartedly. In terms of creative content,  I rank it right up there with Teletubbies ;)

      Suffice to say that we disagree on this one guys.

      Guess I didn't the necessary zombie apocalypse gene. LOL Damn genetics!



    4. HoboSage


      I don't go for zombie crap either, Tom.  I never watched this show until last year when I starting to watch past season's on Netflix.  This show is great because of the acting, scripts, continuing plot line and evolving characters.  Seriously.  The zombies are just background props. :)  

  6. I think the brain trust running Disney World should be forced to go for a nightime swim in the park's lagoons.

    1. GocartMoz


      No kidding ... I would take this case pro bono.