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  1. "Icicles"

    I suppose this is a bit on an "oddball" song, but I have to do those once in awhile. I think my only real intention with it is to create an overall cool atmosphere (pun intended). This is the first mix. Let 'er rip. Thanks. David https://soundcloud.com/hobosage/icicles-2017-by-hobosage-all-rights-reserved/s-8tYnv
  2. Europe - The Final Countdown (Cover)

    I truly HATED this song when it came out - friggin' hair band lames-ass arpy synth-rock shit. But, I really DIG this instrumental! This is awesome. Very well done. You put your own stamp on it, and you turned a lame song into a cool instrumental. Bravo.
  3. Mr. Fox (Possible Chorus)?

    It was my pleasure, and you're very welcome.
  4. Mr. Fox (Possible Chorus)?

    Time breaks love makes you make mistakes hope needs a little space to breathe I only changed the words to get a better prosody.
  5. Hello!

    Hi, Joey. Welcome.
  6. Mr. Fox (Possible Chorus)?

    A chorus idea. Keep or sweep. https://soundcloud.com/hobosage/4jenn/s-CpvuO
  7. Mr. Fox (Possible Chorus)?

    Track not found. If it's set to private, you can't use the url. You have to copy and paste the track's "Share" link here, or P.M. it to me
  8. Mr. Fox (Possible Chorus)?

    Jenn: Can you upload a version with the vocal tracks muted? I have an idea for you.
  9. Hello, i'm new to this

    Hi, Marquee. David
  10. If only life's moments were MIDI events I could edit.

    1. john


      Now that sounds awesome!


      hmm. If that was the case, how long before there was an underground market for the copy paste heroes. :)

  11. Words Away

    That's interesting. I didn't realize the Beatles were an influence/inspiration, but when I listened to this I thought right away that I heard a little Sgt. Pepper in the verses and a faint Eleanor Rigby in the choruses. Maybe I'm not crazy after all.
  12. Words Away

    My only nit about this one is I think the drums and bass are too loud relative to everything else - and the loudness of the kick and bass make it a little hard to hear the vocals there with them in the center - not super difficult like the mix of the other song though. This mix is a lot better than that mix. This mix is dynamic, not too-loud and overall pretty great expect for the comparative loudness of the drums and bass. I think the abrupt start works well for this song, and I think the vocal melody is fab. The arrangement is awesome and all performances are top notch. It's not the style of music I would normally like to listen to, but I cannot deny how obvious it is that this is one damn killer tune in all respects.
  13. All In Vain

    You're a talented guy, and a good guy too, Nelson. I"m glad you're here, and I'm looking forward to the new mix.
  14. Hello from Ireland :)

    Hey, Daveit. Welcome Aboard. I see you deleted your post in the song critique forum. I guess you didn't expect that kind of response, huh? But, where do you park a new Jaguar in a used car lot? Anyway, I couldn't post my comment as you deleted the post as I was typing it. I just wanted to say welcome, that I hope you end up releasing that song too, to wish you the best of success with your 365 Sparks release, and to say I'm glad an artist with all you have to offer has joined up here - and I don't mean just your musical skills and talent. I listened to some of your interviews, and you come across a genuine, down-to-earth- good guy. We need more of folks like you around here to counterbalance the grumpy old pricks like me. David P.S. John? Please, put your head togteher with Daveit's and figure out a way to have him best fit in here that's mutually beneficial to the site and to him. We can't let him get away! LOL
  15. Critique my song please

    Tim, here's what I suggest you do: (1) First, review posts by other members and leave your comments; and, (2) Then, if that's a bass or a guitar playing the role of bass you have panned hard to the left in your mix, re-mix with that "bass" track centered in the mix, and then update your Soundcloud track with the new mix, or re-post the new mix for review. David
  16. Format Change Today?

    I also can barely see things in the banners with the new color scheme, and I don't think it shows me what forum and sub-forum I'm in when I'm in that forum and sub-forum. I"m lost! Someone find me! P.S. Wait, I guess the forum map is there at the top. It's just barley faintly visible to me because of the colors. I' do have a kind of colorblindness though - but it's not an uncommon colorblindness. I think this forum software allows you to put a paint brush icon in the upper right corner to let each of us choose our own color scheme for the display. P.P.S. I'm closing in on a rating of 2,000. If there's a level after "nectar" of the gods, it better not be urine! I'm not freaky- kinky like Trump
  17. I'm curious about your decision to limit this to a male perspective and singer to pitch to male country artists. Why not also do a version tweaking the she/her lyric to a he/his one, have a female singer sing it and also pitch to female country artists? Men have feelings too, and when you think about it, men are more apt to hide their feelings and vulnerability under a facade of "armour," and a woman is more inclined to be caring and nurturing enough to try and break through it. Like I said, I'm just curious. Though I confess, if a given a choice between a guy and a gal, I'd rather hear a gal sing. P.S. For U.S. pitches, you might want to change the Brit-snooty "armour" to a more Yankee-friendly "armor."
  18. Format Change Today?

    I looked at saw only my name browsing the topic, right after two others replied to the topic as I was browsing it - I didn't know they were even there.
  19. Format Change Today?

    One thing that's really bugging me with the new format is that there is no longer any indication within a particular topic as to who is currently browsing that topic.
  20. All In Vain

    There's no better or safer place to battle your inner demons than in your art, Bro. Convey your struggle to be heard with the words you sing and how you sing them, not by making your music the enemy keeping you quiet. Your music is your ally. Rally your troops to support your voice. You obviously have things to say. You owe it to us, and you owe it to yourself, to let us hear it.
  21. Sreyashi- Together

    Hmm. It's a cool tune with killer vocals. So the collab definitely worked. But, there's something about the mix . . .. You have the arpeggio synth (a synth bass?) spread really far left and right in stereo, and you have the booming toms spread far left and right too. So, there's kind of box being created where the sides are the lower frequencies, and everything else sounds kind of boxed inside those walls unable to breathe fully. With the fairly dry kick dead center and the arpeggio synth spread far left and right, they don't sound sufficiently connected with each other to provide a strong groove either. There's really no low-frequency bass at center in this - just the thinner arpeggio synth in the wide spread. The toms have to be in a wide spread, but you might try not letting so many of their lower frequencies pass through. I might also narrow the stereo width of the arpeggio synth so that it sounds more connect to the centered kick, and so it doesn't contribute so much to the outer walls of the box, and get it to sound more "bass" frequency-wise. In fact, you might try this: duplicate the arpeggio synth bass track, keep one wide in the mix but a bit further back and with just its highest frequencies present, and center the other in the mix mono with just the lower frequencies like a more traditional bass track mix placement, and blend those two tracks together. You might also not have the arpeggio synth pattern be continuous - let it pause at the right points. Though I think I ended up having like five different bass sounds in this, listen to how the synth bass that opens this tune sounds. https://soundcloud.com/hobosage/aint-no-time-to-hush-2016-by-hobosage-all-rights-reserved It's playing just one note like your synth plays just one arpeggio note, but it's thick and low dead center, with lower-volume and not-so-low-frequency delayed reflections bouncing back and forth far left and right. As I recall, this was a mono synth bass sound that I played and wasn't an arpeggio loop going up and down in octaves from just holding down one key, and I used f/x to create and bounce reflections from it around - I also have it pause at points. You might try a similar kind of synth bass sound to ground the beat better while opening up the mix more for the other sounds. You could also just thin out the current wide-spread arpeggio synth a little, and then add more of a true bass track dead center. There's no rule limiting us to just one bass track. Sumi's lead vocal track sounds like it could have more higher frequencies passing through, and the other more effected vocal tracks sound too harsh EQ-wise - even the "t" sounds sound overly sibilant.
  22. All In Vain

    But, I don't enjoy struggling to try and hear what it is you're singing, nor do I enjoy having my ears bombarded with sounds that get so loud they come really close to crossing the line from being musical to being just noise. I don't find that emotionally interesting, just frustrating, because I think this might be a really good tune. Please mix it so I can listen to it without feeling like I'm being assaulted by it. Thank you.
  23. Format Change Today?

    My avatar looks even more mysterious now - and even less human. I like it!
  24. Loud & Clear

    Though it wouldn't be quite as strong of an internal rhyme with "please" and "me" that "be" is, "please don't make me feel alone again" would still work well and provide a rhyme with the "ee," and would perhaps be a more traditional way of saying pretty much the same thing. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  25. Loud & Clear

    Nah, I love your style. You're a great singer, and you can be as self-indulgent as you want in that respect. The song itself comes across as "self-indulgent" to me only because you're just milking two chords - like the song has this attitude that it's satisfied with itself and doesn't owe me any more. And to clarify, like Dek, there are two-chord songs that I really like. The reason this two-chord song sounds "incomplete" and like it's cheating me, is because the two chords here are sound to me like the first two of a blues progression, and for me, there's a very strong expectation hearing the first two chords of a blues progression that there will be a third one, if not a third and a fourth one. It's a got a cool beat, but this is a blues tune. Can you hear it? That's how I hear it. And, I really feel like you're just giving me the first two chords of the blues progression. If the progression itself was comprised of three or four chords, then the progression itself would sound complete to me, and I probably wouldn't mind that much if it just repeated with no other section that was different, though a bridge of some sort with a different progression would be cool too. At only a bit over three minutes long, you could add such a section, and if it was cool, it would only make the song better. Anyway, FWIW, that's my take on it.