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  1. Touchdown Into Grey (May 2017 Update)

    Hi, beautiful stuff man!! Lyrics are brilliant, the music - Voice... sometimes - and only just for a couple of nanoseconds, you struggle a bit with some of the words...(just 2 or 3... ) ... but there is a hell lot of emition in your voice. Wow - really. Keep doin what you are doin - use your emotions and tell us your story!! I love this green/stuff pre-short chorus... the chorus itself work so perfectly... the verses are cool as well. I love the piano/part at the beginning of the song.. that´s something "simple" to get into the right mood .. and starting from there, the journey begins. Well, I would recommend listening to this song with head-phones. Did you use head-phones for mixing? Because I listen to this song.. couple of time via headphones, now it´s on my laptap with my cheep speakers... and it does sound different... so LISTEN TO IT ON HEADPHONES; WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED....IN THE DARK!!!!! That´s music man!! Well done! Edit: Well you know. When the chorus started... hmm... that is the sound I am trying to achieve now for a couple of years... and I cannot make it.. how did you do that??
  2. "Save the earth"

    @Philjo: HUH ... I don´t know how you did it, but... you solved my issue I had with the "Oxygen" line... grand... thank you. Your idea of referring the earth as a "she" is very good as well. Taken ...
  3. "Save the earth"

    Hello, next song on my "recording-DO!!!!!-LIST" is this one. Any suggestions on the Lyrics. I have composed music for it and might arrange it in 3/4 time as a Waltz “Save the earth” There are billions of planets in our universe Only one found life-friendly can we treat it any worse? We exploit our resources put our waste in the sea Cut off the oxygen supply by killing our trees Save the earth, while we still can do Save the earth, come up with a plan to Save the earth, while we still can Save the earth, save the earth, Save the earth, save the earth Many greedy for money For a couple of grants They´ll cover all the countries With nuclear Power plants only one needs to go“boom” soon the black rain will fall Then there´s no time for crying It will wipe out us all Save the earth, while we still can do Save the earth, come up with a plan to Save the earth, while we still can Save the earth, save the earth, Save the earth, save the earth There are politicians Saying truth is a lie They sacrifice our nature In the blink of an eye I say dump these politicians Make the earth great again Well at least in my opinion This sounds like a plan Save the earth, while we still can do Save the earth, come up with a plan to Save the earth, while we still can Save the earth, save the earth, Save the earth, save the earth There are billion of people sharing one earth We can vote for a change for the better, for the worse So Come together you all For a worldwide earth hour They might have the plants But the people have the power Save the earth, while we still can do Save the earth, come up with a plan to Save the earth, while we still can Save the earth, save the earth, Save the earth, save the earth
  4. Love In The Cold

    Again I like the general idea of the lyric, I like the opening lines... I do think some lines are a bit too technical .. (let´s say too documentary...) Like the line with the "Brookliyn Landlords" .. just by reading I can never tell if a lyric is good or not. It´s all about if it´s singable or not (but it is always just my opinion)... The first verse flows excellent. In the 2nd verse there is some trouble. If I combine the last lines of Verse 1 and 2 Central park hide away in snow And Brooklyn landlords were hard to reach Sound it out loud. Cen-tral-park/hide-away/in-snow And-Brook-lyn-land-loards/were-hard-ot reach... In a perfect world, the same rhythm can be used, so the 1st verse should match with the 2nd verse, structurally ... an example? Mor-ning-has-brok-en Sweet-the-rain´s-new-fall Mine-is-the-sun-light See? Same rhythm... so the composer/singer can easily use the same melody. Sure, there are examples when you would like to use something else, most of the times, when the music is already composed or you have a tune in your head or you just don´t care about these things, like I do... but I understand you are a Lyric-writer, so it could be possible that you will need a partner for a Co-writer.. and finding a partner is easier, when everything is in good structure JUST MY 2 CENT
  5. Wonder If I"ll Ever Get Home (Blues)

    I have to admit, I don´t know much about blues, only from the musical perspective - as for example. A Jam Session with friends, there is always a blues involved. But I´ve never really listened to Blues-Lyrics, so I did not catch the Lyrical-Patterns or structure of Blues ... so I don´t feel that well prepared .. so I just speak out what I think :). Well, overall, the idea of the Lyric is good. But in a way, what is confusing me a bit, is the "hook-line".. it is wandering around. It might be better to use this line as an opener for each verse... ? Well, writing lyrics is a bit crazy.. the most important thing is, to keep everything singable. Did you try to sing a melody to it?
  6. Collaboration

    Hi - translate it. No good idea. The Song - with the german lyrics - was written to "promote" a Children Book written by a befriended Author... so, for an English Version I would need a complete new set of Lyrics.... and looking for someone to write Lyrics and someone to sing it is a bit ... difficult. I´ve done this before on several other occasions... it would be better to have one person to do this... hmm... at least I think so. But if someone comes up with a good set of Lyrics I might change my mind
  7. Collaboration

    @scotsman: Well, technically it´s the same... but some people would say, they are Lyricists and other would descripe themselves more as a volcalist... Over all, it was meant as a joke to get more attention ...
  8. Collaboration

    Hi, well, i was told that I am good with melodies and OK with production, but not sooo good with lyrics and vocals. So - I guess that´s the sense of collaboration. I am looking for either a vocalist who can write lyrics or a Lyricist who can sing, to team up and try to create some songs together. i you are interested please drop me a line. For example: Couple of years ago I wrote a Song with German Lyrics. The Song was produced by a friend of mine. When I produce a track it sounds more... "unique" :). Would be lovely to have a version of this song with English lyrics... http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/player.cfm?type=single&songid=13421534&q=hi&newref=1
  9. Favourite Songwriting Collaborations?

    Well, Brian Wilson and Mike Love made a good couple as well. The two worked "the old fashinioned way" - by beeing in the same room while they did their writing One of them came up with an idea, Brian with the Music, or Mike with a lyric or a hook. ...and worked on it. Both were complete different characters. Brian was a bit "melancholy" while Mike was the Kind of "positive" guy..and this can cleary be heard in their Songs. .
  10. When it comes to you

    Hi, I like this .... I read through the Lyric and while reading it a melody pumped in my head. OK, I lost my way on the Chorus ... but the verses were fine... Do you already have Music for this?
  11. "Happy Birthday"

    Hi, a couple of month ago my Friend Robert Baitinger from Germany and myself started working on a "Birthday Song" - Chantal Schramm, a talented singer contributed some vocals for us. Any suggestions? Soundclick link: : http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13348253 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Verse 1 I hope you have a perfect day I know that good things are on their way A world full of dreams, troubles few Happy birthday to you Verse 2 We come together here today To celebrate you in every way With sunny skies, bluer than blue Happy birthday to you Chorus Today is your birthday I hope you feel fine Let’s throw a big party And have a good time Friends and family will line up to say Happy birthday Today is your birthday I wish you the best All the love in the world And a full treasure chest Together let’s all shout hooray Happy birthday Verse 3 I wrote for you this birthday song So everybody can sing along Let’s raise a glass of champagne or two Happy birthday to you Verse 4 I’m giving you a pat on the back And a birthday gift for you to unwrap I hope that soon all your dreams will come true Happy birthday to you Chorus Bridge: Blow out the candles on the birthday cake And your wish will come true For you Chorus Repeat: Happy Birthday – Happy Birthday to you Music & Lyrics: Martin Goetz / Robert Baitinger Vocals & vocal arrangement: Chantal Schramm “Hooray” gang vocals: Chantal, Martin, Robert
  12. "Hide & Seek" (rough demo)

    Hi guys - so far, thank you so much for the feedback. Hmm... to get something positive out of it... at least it causes a little controversty and it is discussed. Hmm... just a quick note: Couple of weeks ago I wrote a... "protest song" about air polution and stuff, posted it in another board. I think after a couple of hours it had 40 replies. One Person suggested, that "the time for protest Songs was over" and I should focuss on writing joyful, love Songs. I was like: "What, Martin G does not do love Songs".... but somehow the idea was stuck in my head, so I gave it a try. Hmm... I guess, from time to time it´s ok to talk about "feelings". I see your point and I am thankful for your suggestions, I really am. Yeah, it looks like I´m "definding" the Lyric, maybe because I think, the words are right for me. After all it´s Art, and there is not really a right or wrong. I just like the idea of giving the people something they are familiar with and something they don´t expect, but something that can still make sence... Still, I am thankful for the suggestions on the phrasing. And YES, i do have an accent. I am Austrian, our mother tongue is Austrian German. We just speak like that. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. We grew up in the same area (to say so, I live about 50 meter down the road from the gym he used to practice) . He is living in USA for ... how long?, 40 years now? He never lost his Accent. So, if it´s good enough for Schwarzenegger, it´s good enough for me So, I´ll be back . No, I really tried to get rid of this silly accent but could never make it. It´s easier for me, for example, when I do a cover and I have a Chance to listen to the record first. Then it´s easier for me to memorise the phrasing and the pronunciation. I know it´s a bit of a mess Still I am wondering about this "creepy" talk. is it because I´ve mentioned the "hide and seek" which is asociated with children? So are you suggesting, that someone with a very dirty and pervert phantasiy could make an asociation with child abuse??????????????? p.s.: Ahm,, thank you again for all the feedback. I will "pick out" what´s I think will benefit (and that´s a bit :)).... I always keep my "Art-Line" in mind (it´s art, no right or wrong, just likes and dislikes) and we all know, that fellow Songwriters use to overanalize Songs. :): Everyone is doin this. Structure, Hook, is it connected, is he following the rules, rymes, is it cliche or not, the mix and so on. It´s good to have the skills to analize Songs... but it´s not the best idea to ignore one question: "What is this song doin with me?": Does it make me happy, sad, does it depress me, brings it some memories... and so on. Does it make me Dance... and so on. And that is what you only get from a live audience
  13. "Hide & Seek" (rough demo)

    @TCgypsy: Hi, thank you. Candy Pop...oops. I have to do something about this..... Thank you so much for your suggestions. "Sculped in a song". I get the Picture. Hmm... when I wrote the line I was thinking something like... I mentened "she, the Girl, looking like an angel". Well, it is not confirmed that angels exist. You may or may not believe in them, it´s free choice. But there are sculptures of Angels. So my Intention was... She, Angel, Angel Sculpture... so if she does look like an angel, an angels only exist as a sculpture, she coud only be sculpted. And that would take long (because she is beautiful).... And yes, the "perfume" line was not the most brilliant I ever wrote. Maybe I can find something more convincing... Nobody likes my "shalalala"... OK - maybe I should get rid of it. Thank you @Jenn: Thank you for the Feedback... but I have no idea what you are talking about?
  14. "Hide & Seek" (rough demo)

    Hi. No, I am not :). I simply don´t want to use a ... let´s say "obvious hook". I would - if I had to write a "Mainstream Pop song" ... but from my personal point of few I like ot have a couple a lines included, which are ... not so established... I know it sounds crazy, but pointing out, it does not work, works for me Arrangement and Mix: I would love to hear your opinion. I think the little time deleyed double track of the vocals does not work at the Moment. I know the strings need some tweeks. The Guitar Solo is not good. To be honest, I simply played along (1 take) and have to redo it. The drums in the "quiet part" (last Chorus) are not in time... many things to work on. Yes!
  15. Time Fire Burn

    Hi, I agree that the song (Version 1) was in Need of a "darker" sound. Version 2 with the keys is a step backwards, in my opinion... keys and drums don´t "Play" together... I´m not sure about the "Beatles backbeat" either. For sure it would need a "Beatles 2nd voice"