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  1. If I Could Only

    Thank you! I wish that was my voice. I was in that band years ago and my friend/lead singer has a great voice! Thanks Richard! The production definitely has too much compression overall. Regarding the vocals... I think I was new to using that pre-amp and it may have clipped slightly. We plan to re-record "one of these days". :-)
  2. My Dear Son

    Thank you! Yes, I plan to make a full production and I will definitely find a way to lift the choruses. Thank you! I love that part too. I wasn't sure if I should keep the bridge cause the song is long, but it felt needed. Never thought of it as a piano song. I originally started writing it for a friend of mine who has a rich deep country voice. So it was originally intended to be a country song and it always felt like it belonged to the guitar. :-) I plan to add a lot of piano to the final production, I'm excited to play with that and see how it sounds. Funny you say that about the melody at the end of each of those phrases. Since I started this song years ago, I've thought about that many times. I think you may be right, I may need to find a way to have the melody drop on that line. Thank you! glad that came across. :-) Thanks Sreyashi! That helps to know.
  3. Better Than Revenge

    Very nice tune, the lyrics stand out too. I like your voice in this range, definitely not too high. Good work!
  4. Beyond The Veil

    You have a great voice that fits your music so well. This is a fun song that has a lot of meaning and that kept me hooked. I like the synth tune that introduces the chorus, that said I feel like a little more could be added percussion wise to give a more to excitement. That could be drums or an arpaggiated synth. Either way, geat tune!
  5. Linnon - Sometime

    Cool hypnotic tune that sucks you in. I agree with you on the percussion. something is lacking and I think it's the human touch. Other than that, great song, vocals, and production!
  6. Ho Hum

    Nice tune! Fun mix of many of my favorite bands from the 70's! This will be on my playlist. I've followed you on soundcloud.
  7. Plasm - first song on soundcloud

    Wow, cool tune! Kept me wanting to keep listening. Great use of synths and effects, nice overall production. This really sounds like it could be on the next James Bond film! I like her voice and the mellow feel.
  8. Nice song, nice voice, nice production! This is a catchy tune that makes me want to dance. I could see this doing well at the clubs, but it's also a great tune to listen to in the car. Good hook that easy easy to sing along with. The use of synths is nice without being overdone. The mix is tight and clean too.
  9. Please lock this!!! Thank you!

    Good tune! I'd finish it up with confidence. Verses are very strong and the chorus has potential. I think once you have finished it and have sang it with more feeling the chorus' will pop out more. I like the use of the synth, fit's in nice. If I were to give any feedback it would be on the piano during the chorus. (This is just my opinion) but it sounds a little robotic. I would cut out one of the beats in the measure. So, for example, what you have is: | |||| - I would change take out the second to last one so it's like this: | || | - not sure if that makes any sense, but that's the only feedback I could offer. Great song, I want to hear it when it's done!
  10. Wow, just WOW!!! I love this song! Everything about the song and the production is top notch! As soon as I heard the initial picking at the beginning and then that key change when you start singing, my heart soared! Unreal, you have serious talent! I'd love to know some of your production secrets, but mainly how you mic'd the guitars. They sound so clear with fantastic tone! Sorry for not having anything to critique, it's just too good. Your style and voice both remind me of one of my favorite artists "Bleu".
  11. Guiding Light (WIP)

    I love the sound! Hello 80's, one of the best era's in music! It sounds like this is a starting point for you. Please keep us up to date when you finish this song! Vocals, lyrics, vibe/feel are great!
  12. My Dear Son

    I wrote this song about 8 years ago but was never happy with a certain lyric. I finally finished it up last week and went to make a quick recording. My sweet 12 year old jumped in to do harmonies last minute and did a great job! Anyways, this is a true story that I wrote when I was really missing my dad who passed from cancer when I was a kid. My hope is that it can bring peace to anyone who is having a hard time. I think anyone can relate, especially if you have lost a loved one. I'd love some feedback. Thank you in advance! You left us when I was 7 years old, Though you had no choice, I just can’t let go Years down the road, and here I am, Wishing for another chance to hear your voice again, Lord knows I’ve tried, but I still struggle to get by, And in my time of doubt, I wonder why, Pre-chorus Then I opened up the good book, and a note fell on the floor, Tears rolled from my eyes, I found what I was looking for, Chorus My dear son, I won’t be here long, The time has come, where I must move on, I’m going home, When you find this note, I’ll be gone, But I want you to know… matter where you go, you’re not alone, If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up above, I’ll be watching you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, And remember… that I love you son. 2nd Verse Can’t believe what I just read, I never knew what he would have said, Now I know, my fathers’ watching over me, Now I’m here with my own son, Asking myself if I have done, Enough to let him know how I feel, Pre-chorus I’m here watching you dream, And I need you to know, that you’re everything to me, Chorus My Dear son, I may not always be here, The time may come, where I must move on, but for now I’m home I’m here for you, no matter what you do, And I want you to know… matter where you go, you’re not alone, If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up to me, I’ll be here for you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, And remember… Bridge Life’s hard I know, but we all have room to grow, Without a challenge, how would we learn, Chorus If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up to me, I’ll be here for you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, Remember… that I love you son.
  13. Original song rough draft.

    This has a lot of potential! That's not to imply that it's not good already, but with some work it can become great! When I first started writing songs in high school, I had no idea about song structure. It took me a while to get a grasp on that. The beauty of songs and music is that you don't have to follow any rules, but it does make it easier/more pleasant for your fans to listen if the song has some basic structure. There are many ways to do this, but below is my favorite. I generally have this in mind as a guideline when I start a new song... Verse Prechorus Chorus Verse Prechorus Chorus Bridge or instrumental/solo Chorus Keep it up! Also, keep us update if you add more lyrics. BTW, sounds great with the violin! I'm a huge fan of strings. Electric Light Orchestra is my biggest influence!
  14. The Better Man

    This is a great song, thanks for posting! Strong country lyrics with a great sound! Love the guitar playing too. Great picking patterns!
  15. If I Could Only

    Wow, haven't been here in a long time. Thank you tomcollins and glissongs!