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  1. Do i have potential to be better?

    This is hilarious... Mike wades in AGAIN with his 'cut the first minute off the song' (as he's posted in feedback to me and others here before).... not realizing that this song is a huge hit by one of the biggest selling bands in the world. It's totally off topic with the OP, but very interesting .... aside from being very funny...it's interesting to hear how taste or individual opinion, and over-inflated self opinion, can make feedback a dangerous thing. I mean... imagine if Simpan HAD written Aces High, and posted it here for review... Imagine a guy without much confidence got that review and scrapped the song.... And then look at the reality that the guy who actually wrote that song is a multi millionaire because of it and other songs which are written in a very similar way. Not to say that feedback isn't useful, or that him being wrong about this makes him instantly wrong about everything...but... it is hugely subjective when it comes to song WRITING, and.... given that he can't tell a great song when he hears one, probably best not to ever listen to Mike's feedback on songwriting.... ever. <----- smileys make everything ok.
  2. Think

    Thanks Jenn, I'm going to disagree though about the guitar being swapped for a keyboard. I like the guitar sound I got, and I don't want it to be heavy on keyboards. I think it's a different vibe to my usual....cocktail lounge lol...maybe so. Thanks Dallon. Yeah I think it could be shortened. Glad you thought it was cool. Thanks Giora, Michael Cretu? I dunno.... thanks I'm glad you like it. It's done in Reason... The guitars, bass and vocals are all recorded 'live' yes, the rest is played on keyboard and the drums are loops... True but I'll check it... I'd heard it for too long.... I need a break from it anyway and then I'll see what I have, and check the reverb.
  3. Think

    ok thanks. I'll listen again with fresh ears soon.
  4. Do i have potential to be better?

    Well... you sang Aces High much, MUCH better than most of us could! It sounded like a bit of a struggle at times but... wow that's a hard song to sing! Really, really, really ...really...hard! And you did a great job I think. I think you have a very good voice. Yeah keep working on it but you should definitely have more confidence. You do sound like Bruce on it... and you have the style and I'm sure you sound great live when it's blasting out. Stop being down on yourself, you're good... whether you can be better still I don't know but I enjoyed listening to you.
  5. Think

    Hello, My ears are tired...I'm tired... sick n tired... How does this sound? Mix feedback? Any thoughts welcome. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/think06/s-8kF6n Words.... I have no idea what they mean. They probably mean something... Gold, hiding from the sun Let’s roll, we could be the ones Who do we think we are now Who do you think we are Who do we think we are now Who do you think we are I know the midnight ghost is coming by our salvation is rolling through the night Revelation coming on a silver line Destination… high Billowing clouds of animal scenes Carry the scent of heavenly green God is a mind but the mind is mine full of broken dreams God is a mind and it’s yours and mine but nothing is free I know the midnight ghost is coming by our salvation is rolling through the night Revelation coming on a silver line Destination… high Repeat stuff....
  6. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    You're over thinking it mate You didn't discourage me at all. Not a bit. Actually I was very chuffed at your 70s Brazilian bloke comparison.
  7. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Yep from what I can gather it is one reason Pete Ham hung himself....not because Harry recorded it, but because he was ripped off by management ...the song should have made him millions of course, but didn't. I guess it wasn't the only reason. Who knows. Fair play though....Harry's version was a big improvement on the original....but...he did not write it.
  8. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    But yes I totally get your point...still, we have to try to make them the best they can be I think. I can't help it, even though I might not have written ANY really great songs lol, I can't help but try. That said, at some point I'll settle with it. Thanks again, it is actually helpful to look at it that way too.
  9. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    He didn't.... it was written by Badfinger .... And the two guys who wrote it both killed themselves. They died penniless!
  10. I can hear what you're going for. Musically it's not quite where you want it to be but I can hear what you imagine (fairly sure I can as it could follow you quite a predictable course, and be a perfectly fine song).... My advice is - If that's your FIRST attempt, keep at it! You might get lucky and find someone to play it for you, but...why? If you can get that far in one attempt then it's a bit lazy to ask someone else to finish it... you're clearly capable of putting the music together and nobody nails it on the first try!! Singing - Well that's another matter. I don't know whether you'd sound better after practice...but ... if it's a very personal song, you should try... and if you can't sing it that well you can half talk it, at least it will be authentic. Rather than ask someone to finish it for you, why not post it in the song critique section and ask people to help YOU finish it? That's my suggestion. Good luck though either way.
  11. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Vocal seems louder now, is it? I think it needs to sit into the track more (is that what you adjusted?) ... it's not wrong, but I think it would feel better lowered. Maybe some eq not just level, but have a play with it and decide what you like...it's close and partly a matter of taste... By the way how do you listen to your mixes? Good headphones? I think you deserve a lot of credit for your arranging skills... some fantastic stuff happening in this tune... It's not easy to get this vibe and dream up all the parts and execute them like that.
  12. Europe - The Final Countdown (Cover)

    Sounds good but to me it sounds like just a regular instrumental version of the song, I don't really get why Jenn and David think it's an improvement.... now if you made it into a massive house tune or some crazy glitch version then I'd see the point but otherwise...it's a well put together instrumental not far from the original. Well done. Come on, we've all seen the single sleeve with you on the motorbike... the big hair....big leather shoulders... sleeves up! You love all that stuff!
  13. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Thanks Daryl! Thanks Tim, Good to hear your thoughts on it. I don't feel done with it yet.... it's a pain... Hi Brycebad, 80s? Ok I didn't feel like that but maybe it is... not sure why though. Glad you like it! Yes it is really hard, cheap equipment and self taught...it's a struggle...so I'm happy you think it's somewhere close Hi Symph, It is the original. I've not changed it at all since I posted. I'm with you on the kick, to me it's part of what makes the atmosphere in it...if I change that a lot of the mood might shift. Yes I can attempt to tame some highs etc when it's all done... I had to go find some Milton Nascimento tracks of course, since you said that...Cool! I can pretend to be that cool "it didn't blow me away per se" no well that's the problem with this, it's a 'nearly' kind of tune... seems like I got a good vibe but did I really make a good 'song'? And that's one reason why I've had this knocking around on the shelf collecting dust for several months. I still don't feel like it's reached its potential... and I still don't really know why...but I won't be throwing it away. I'm glad you liked the vibe of it! Cheers all! Dek
  14. Just Let It Go

    I like the song a lot. It's cool. You sound great as always... For me the only issue with this is the mix, but from your OP I got the impression you hadn't really worked much on that yet? As it stands the mix is less wide, less crisp, and much more distant (less present) sounding than your usual.... but no doubt it will be as good as your other mixes when you're done. Since you usually write in a set 'band' kind of style using the same instruments (I think) you could have a template set up for production couldn't you? I mean use Donkey Kong as your template rig and mix setup...keep each track and settings but just clear the audio out then record new audio in? Maybe I'm over simplifying....and I've never managed to follow my own advice in that respect but I think maybe it would work better for you. Anyway.... Cool song. I liked it all.
  15. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Excellent work Jenn! And you really have put a lot of work into this.... I remember the very first very rough demo, I thought it had a lot of potential ...and now you've almost reached that potential. It's really good! Your new vocal is a HUGE improvement. Now you sound cool, like you believe in yourself!! Being picky...I'm not crazy about the chorus melody, I think it lacks melody as it's a bit too close to spoken ...but... you gave it some attitude so it does work. I still think there's a melody playing in the music which should be sung, if not by the lead then as a backing vocal (actually it would make a great backing vocal melody for an outro!). You have a piano playing it (and strings I think) but it should ALSO be sung... it's a ghostly melody.... It's quite a 'ska' sounding melody to my ears...haunted house Ska stuff, the best kind. Again, great job. I love the song. I would love to hear a more Ska version too....one day maybe..