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  1. Looking For Inspiration

    Hello, I have this bit of a tune... I really like it and I'm going to develop it. At weekend I will hopefully get chance to do something....but... I'm running out of lyrical inspiration. I've written so many songs and I find I'm ending up repeating myself in terms of subject matter. I already have a laid back melody prepared for this (not included in this mix). So I'm looking for inspiration on the SUBJECT. I'm not looking for anyone to write my lyrics.... Maybe you could let me know what this bit of the tune makes you feel like? Maybe from this I'll find the seed I need.... Does the song put you anywhere specific? Where? Does it make you feel anything? What? No worries if it doesn't do anything for you yet. It's just an idea to try. I am not looking for any mix feedback or feedback on it as a 'song', it's just the beginnings of the idea. Although if you love or hate it AS AN INITIAL IDEA, feel free to say.
  2. (UPDATE) Producer or no Producer - that is the question?

    I'm sure he does like them... Which two? Are they complete? And if not will you write new parts in the studio? I'm only asking out of interest... plus it would be very interesting to hear a before and after wouldn't it?
  3. I gave you a bit of a hard time in my comments/questions, but I hoped it would help you see that you'll get better results from your search for music artists if you - 1. Give some example of what you're doing. You can show something you've completed before OR you can show a small piece of this animation without risking anyone copying it etc. 2. Don't leave it as 'do it for free'... explain whether it will likely make money or not, and if how the artists would be paid if it does. You mention pay with the 'if you must' as though asking for payment is a bad thing. 3. Don't tell yourself you asked a great question (sorry ... couldn't help it) 4. Realise that a couple of months work is a lot of work... 5. Value the musicians work as much as your animation art work... the quality of the audio, voice acting and music will make or break it because let's face it, those 3 things could make a damn good audio play without the animation (I work in graphics and animation, so I'm not biased towards audio, I'm just saying'...). Your project might be a huge amount of fun. And could lead to fame and fortune, who knows. But you will attract more collaborators if you're more open. I felt a need to explain myself in case my last reply just seemed cheeky or moody.
  4. A Concept...

    Ok I'm sane... I got it. Sneaky wasp. Sorry but wasps cannot be allowed to be where I am. And I am a master wasp hunter.
  5. A Concept...

    No the difference is that I've listened to that John Martyn song and you haven't.
  6. A Concept...

    And Richard's just been dying to have a pop since I said he only sounded like a little bit of Midge Ure.
  7. A Concept...

    I'm now picturing symph listening to our music with a manikin and a spliff, and he's like 'what do you think of these Mono Stone and Jenn songs darling?' and then without moving his lips and in a higher voice he's like 'they are my favourites Mr Symph honey pie' ... Then again, I think I just imagined a giant fly or wasp in here so I'm currently quite freaked out. I either imagined it or it's hiding really well! I'm honestly not sure which I'd prefer...
  8. A Concept...

    I hadn't seen lol...til you mentioned...but... Are you making it up? You sure your wife exists? Bad dream Jenn! Bad dreams by the sea...
  9. I especially like the way you tell yourself that you asked a great question If you can't tell people more about the specific project yet, maybe tell us more about you... have you done others before? Or any other info? It's a lot to ask people to commit to a several year project or give you rights to use their music, when you're so secretive. The job comes without pay? In that case you must be doing it for free...I can't imagine you'd expect anyone to contribute but gain nothing from it if you're making any money from it yourself, or if you stand to potentially make some money.. So if this is a totally free thing, surely the IP isn't so valuable that you can't say anything more about it? Unless you're a big-time movie director looking to give some hopefuls the chance to get involved...
  10. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Go for it! If you need a band then it'll take time to get it together...a lot of time! .... if that's the direction you want to go then there's no time to lose! You have songs already... and from the videos I've seen of yours I think you're a natural performer and entertainer. A solid tight drummer and bass player would be enough to just keep it together while you do your thing I'd guess. Not that 40 should be a deadline but... easier when you're younger for sure.
  11. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    The main thing I think you could focus on is holding some notes... I've said before you sound a bit like Midge, but you sound like just the short stinted bits he does without any of the long held notes. So hang on to the end of some words....and really hold some long big ones.... as in - You won't sound like Midge exactly, and not many can do it that well anyway, it'll be you still...but those held notes are important. Actually great practice and beneficial to sing along as closely as possible with him or any other artist you choose... pick up a few extra techniques that way.
  12. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    I hope I'm not interfering too much, tell me to shut it if so... and I like the style you go for, for some of the time...but to my ears you're stuck in a certain 'style'. To me it's very stylised singing and just a bit overused ...hence my last post. You'll have more than one voice, but they'll all be you...and in time you'll merge them to be one more varied voice (wow I am crap at explaining...sorry...doin me best to!)
  13. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    Maybe fun to try to sing in a totally different style.... Or maybe try singing really straight without stylising at all.... Not permanently but as an exercise which you might take something from, maybe gain a few more tricks so you can mix things up a bit... (hope that made sense?)
  14. Interesting Revelation

    I can't see Lady Gaga going begging or working in Mac D's any time soon. And smaller artists never got rich from record sales. Nothing new in that respect... and a bigger cut of streaming would make no difference to the people who are rarely listened to anyway. The internet has changed everything maybe forever.... in truth, many people are suffering, not only musicians ...and most will do... Who cares that much about music anymore anyway? Everyone's at it! It's just not that special anymore... Just wait for the robots to take over, and after the battle we'll be back to the good old days again Wow I'm talking crap. But I think I know what my point is, and maybe it's in there somewhere. Probably just a bad mood.
  15. I only had a couple of hours today so just rushed this out... I should be finishing mixing other songs (sorry to friends who've done vocals for a previous song...I will finish the mix soon). It feels like a passing thing more than a song... it is what it is... I'm posting just to share and for any mix feedback. If you don't like it, if it's too down... that's ok... it's a quick thing. UPDATED - I'd like to finish this one. I'm thinking I'll keep it this length and not add any more words... unusual structure maybe but it feels right and I hope leaves listeners wanting, maybe it will lead to another song. It makes me want to do some kind of album with repeating themes, if I have the patience... Any feedback at all will be helpful, but especially the mix/arrangement to get it finished off - LATEST VERSION - Words - Heard that you're feeling you’re falling now Fading and sinking in fact happiness isn’t a fantasy hope you get back in the black should’ve been with you before i could’ve been there in the rain you didn’t tell me you’d called i should’ve known anyway this war you’re tired now You’re broken down and Torn Better hide yourself They’re breaking down Your door I’m with you now The tears are taking Hold We'll try or fail With hope anyway Hold on
  16. need help with a verse before pre-chorus

    I'm useless at saying what chords somebody should use or what structure so I won't try... but I think you'll know better where you're up to when you rough out a vocal melody to it... that will tell you what's working or isn't...or if it doesn't tell you then it might tell us more to be able to suggest things. Or maybe that's just how I work...I dunno... but I find it hard to know what's needed without the vocal idea...unless it's an instrumental but this doesn't sound to me like it would work as a purely instrumental piece.
  17. A Concept...

    Ah ok, well that seems sensible...as long as you have the plan. Just making sure lol!
  18. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Sometimes it's truly from the heart, sometimes it's just going through the motions. For me, trying to write and record a new song each weekend is an addiction. Just another dirty addiction. And If I fail due to lack of time or lack of any good ideas, I am horrible! So I push myself to write and record.... but when I look back through my tracks, the ones that stand the test of time are the ones that were inspired by personal events or some new musical inspiration, where I really felt it. So yes I identify, and recently I've been thinking it's time for me to slow down and only write when a song WANTS to be written. And not least because, I know I'm only doing it for ME anyway... it's not like I'm going to be famous or anything. In your case... Since you sing a religious message, then if you truly believe it why don't you get out and preach it on stage? Get gigging! You seem to have the confidence for it. And if you have that satisfaction you'll probably find you write less as you perform more, and you'll only write when the moment takes you. I dunno.... just a suggestion...
  19. A Concept...

    Are Mr Fox and your other new one totally finished now? And others for the EP? Just wondering as I don't recall hearing final versions. Be sure to finish all tracks for your EP before starting too many new 'concepts'.... although it's hard to resist new ideas, I'm just sayin as you'll lose focus and maybe even enthusiasm for the EP tracks. This concept sounds interesting but it's hard to know how interesting until vocals are added.
  20. Yep, I get that but it's intended to use the banking sense of black as a positive...whether that be literal or not. I can see the confusion... ah well
  21. Thank you. I agree with you about 'in fact' and I think it's partly the way I say it, I felt the strangeness when I did it but then it also seemed right to keep. And no I'm not a finance/accounting guy (wish I was!!) but in all honesty those words 'in fact' and 'back in the black' just came out of my head when I sang a rough melody. I realise they're odd, but it's an odd song and the message is to me, sung by me (as the original title suggested but I changed it as it bugged me and I felt it could work several ways).... it felt more like a quick message put to music than a song, I captured my mood and maybe a moment in time... so the words all mean something to me and I can only hope the message might work in other ways to other people. I won't likely change it but I do totally see what you mean. I kind of like that the oddness might make you question the meaning/message, whilst the mood seems to just work in a typical kind of way, but mostly it's just very real to me so shouldn't be changed. Very glad you like the tune!
  22. Should I have added more bass and low end?

    Right ok, I didn't know that's what you were going for as to me it doesn't sound like that... I thought it was meant to be some kind of environment sounds meant to sound like they're surrounding us. You're really talking about the noise from old vinyl or maybe tape coming out of some low quality or dodgy speakers and maybe some warping. In the 'lo-fi beats' I've heard, those kind of sounds are well replicated and sound like old vinyl or old speakers etc and also the whole tracks tend to sound a bit old, I'd guess sometimes that will be due to sampling from actual vinyl on an old system and sometimes I guess it's just added to replicate that, but in all cases the hissy, crackling sound is softer than yours and more obviously the sound of an old track on an old system. So I think you'd need to soften your 'old' sound in the eq, lower the volume a bit, make it less complex (so not made from a lot of different sounds), make it sound more like its part of the guitar sample too (like we're listening to an old record), and make the noise/crackles less wide in the stereo. I also think it would be worth 'ageing' the entire track, not just the intro...but more subtly, again so that it sounds like you're sampling something old. I think it'd need something more than just the added crackles though. In Reason I have a nice Retro Transformer that simulates vinyl, tape and other old system stuff plus warping etc... if you can get something like that and treat for the duration rather than only the intro then that would be good.
  23. Should I have added more bass and low end?

    The crackling sound effects at the beginning aren't very nice. I mean they're mixed nice just a bit kind of unpleasant like... When it started I thought...WOW what a beautiful guitar! But the loop soon got too samey. Just too much of the same thing and too clearly a repeated short loop. Yes I think more bass would be good. In my opinion I think you've begun a beautiful vibe here, but it's not enough for a full track.... UNLESS you plan on doing a rap or some other vocal over it maybe as that would then possibly be enough to keep my interest and then perhaps it would feel correct to keep the backing music just repeating as it does.
  24. That's ok Emily, it's always best when people like them with no complaints isn't it I'm very happy you like it! Thank you.
  25. The Making of an EP

    hehe.... clearly foxes and clocks mean a lot to you. My taste is for the drawings. But don't be swayed by me or anyone... maybe you might be swayed by a vote if it swings heavily one way... otherwise just go with your feeling. I simply felt the need to say my own opinion, but that's all it is But if you go with drawings, do them all in sharpie and simple like the crystal ball. Ok winding my neck back in again now ...........................