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  1. Sounds great Ken. One thing I noticed... there are some building chords starting in the background around 0:52... they sound like they'd have a lot of impact if brought more forward but as it stands they're incredibly quiet... so what I think could/should be a section where things build is lacking a bit of oomph... unless that's how you like it.
  2. I did this bit of a song quickly earlier today for the challenge Richard started. I suppose I broke the 60 seconds rule but I think I like what I started so maybe I'll work it into a bigger BIG kind of track... I dunno. Interested to hear what people think so far anyway. UPDATED - I've extended the song (I kicking the arse out of the same progression counts)...did some new stuff. I wanted to try something different, so instead of using lots of synths I just used an X-705 Space Organ for all the keyboards. Seemed like a good idea at the time... This is freshly put together so maybe a mess... I'll know tomorrow but I like posting when I've just done something so this is what I got... If anyone says it sounds like Air Supply, I will find you and I will kill you. We're lost now Baby don't frown We're lost now We're lost now Baby don't run The trees around us Won't make a sound Free the fire Burn them down Burn them all Burn them all Light up our eyes Burn them all Burn them all Be warm tonight Their souls Are hollow Their souls Are hollow
  3. Thanks Alo. I'm really glad you like it so much! I love that Polyphonic Spree stuff... just listened after you said that, I couldn't remember who they were but now I remember. I agree it's missing something in the instrumental part... still thinking what to add, it can't be a lead guitar or anything like that. Maybe a load of voices, now I've heard the PS again, maybe it can get bigger again before dropping back down at the end. Glad you like it, thanks Randy!
  4. Lovely voice, and I like the song a lot! If it was recorded better and produced with a bit more polish I think I'd LOVE it! I imagine it with a thinner sounding acoustic, it's a bit boomy and it's kind of in front of your vocal. Also I think your voice would sound better with a less springy reverb. I can imagine various things for the arrangement but I reckon it's really good as just you singing with one acoustic, just needs recording and mixing differently. I don't know how you recorded, what with and what's a separate recording etc... I'd be interested to know, and if you say more about that then others here might help too. I've listened to the song three times now so for me that means it just works as a tune and the construction felt right to me. Lyrically, I dunno, I liked it because you sounded like you meant it... I suppose it's the kind of thing heard in a lot of songs but that's not necessarily a bad thing!!! I think that makes it more 'pop' because a lot of people will relate and it's really accessible. Now I'm listening to Numb... wow! WOW!
  5. rock

    All sounds good. I agree with David about the snare.... and yeah as Richard mentioned I like the XTC-ish feel to it. It's a catchy song and nicely done!
  6. Thanks Alo, Since you liked the short version... I'm wondering whether you like the new part too?
  7. The Edge thing was kind of deliberate-ish, I didn't want to sound like U2 and I can't play like him but it was roughly the effect I was after for background guitar. It ended up more than another 1.5 but I might shorten it yet. Dry... I'll work on ... I don't want the guitars dry (tried it and they sound crap) but I'll likely keep tweaking the reverb away from some of the vocals as I work on the mix more. And yeah, I wanted to get a bit epic with it, but what I've done is the highest I could sing it (after a few takes I struggled to even get there!)... and yep, full circle, thank you for putting that in my head! Didn't want to go industrial, I wanted to go dreamy epic. Thanks Emily. I did go up with the vocals... high as I could get Can't say it's finished yet but I'll keep posting. Thanks Ricky, I'll work on tweaking the reverb/dryness... difficult balance, I maybe need to choose a better reverb. I honestly don't plan to add a bridge, I want it to stay to the same progression but I will look at ways to keep it more interesting. I'd like some angels too.... but I can't get any higher without pitch shifting. Maybe I'll find an angel to join in... anyone here get another octave up and sound like an angel? Shout me! Thanks Richard, I'm glad you like it. I'm certain it's NOT the best thing from this site... but only you know what goes on in your mind The version you heard is mastered, but I'll try other settings before it's done and it would be interesting to hear what ozone does to it. I might get Ozone myself as I think I'd need to tweak the mix to suit (the Reason mastering suite is doing a LOT on this, maybe too much) I'm glad it makes you feel something, when I listen to it against the right video images it works for me. I think I have something but not sure it's fully developed yet. It's too new for me to know. ......... Thanks all, Dek
  8. Thanks all! Sorry for the short reply...I'll go though all your feedback and comments properly soon, it's very late (early) here so I'm just posting my updated version then off to sleep. Like it or not, it's kind of doing what I imagined I wanted...nearly... so I'm happy...but I doubt I'm done with it yet. I want to make a video but it'll take please watch someone falling through space or someone driving through a forest fire or something whilst you listen
  9. I came across this yesterday - It's like Soundcloud merged with Bandcamp merged with...other stuff. I'm not affiliated, so not advertising it....but I really like it. It allows you to upload and host tracks for free, import them directly from Soundcloud to save time too, so it works great just for hosting... ... but then it also allows you to price and sell your tracks if you want... ... and in my opinion the 'discover' function is way better than other platforms. I think that IF this site grows then it gives us way more chance of being heard. I've only just started and I expect there are other features I've not worked out yet. Might be wrong, but I like it... It's doing what I wished Soundcloud would do. ... if you visit, please feel free to play some of mine and like them if you like them Apologies if I'm late to the party and you already know about this. Cheers, Dek
  10. David, all I've found so far is a statement in a review from late last year - "We will also be adding private upload functionality and integrating that with the messaging system in the near future" But I've not found a way to set tracks to private so I assume that's not happened yet.... It's certainly not easy to find if it is there. It's not an option when uploading or editing track info etc. So as it stands, it seems useful in addition to Soundcloud rather than instead of.... and I don't know how useful yet, but it feels like it's on its way to being useful.
  11. Still trying to work it all out... I've also emailed customer support to try to get some more understanding of the various options. I'll report back anything I find out. I like the idea but it's all still very new to me. I'm not sure what the provision you pointed out means... but perhaps simply that they need to be able allowed so that you can use your device with it. What do you think it means? Once I get some communication going with them, I can ask.
  12. Wow, I think both versions are fantastic. For my taste, you have something special there. Lyrically, I prefer the 'Haunting Me' hook, but that might just be my taste. The 'Haunting Me' version does have something more 'genuine' about it, as you say... it feels darker, not just lyrically, it feels haunted. And the hook 'Is Haunting Me' is fantastic not only lyrically. At first Rescue Me won me over with the more 'pop' kind of vibe, still unusual but more candy.... ...but I think Haunting Me is a better song overall, it needs polish (without losing the vibe) but I definitely prefer that one. The hook is way better than Rescue Me in many ways...and although I like the electronic vibe of Rescue Me, I LOVE the piano on Haunting me even more. Incredible vocals on both. Brilliant. Dek
  13. Choice of DAW is just down to what works for you. If your music is mostly guitar based then I doubt it makes much difference which DAW, other than what feels comfortable to you. I use Reason, as a few others here do, but that's just my preference and it's not the cheapest, it comes with a lot of instruments and effects... and I think it's good for inventing your own sounds and effects.
  14. Thanks Jim. Sing it higher? Hmmm... I'll experiment with that but I heard it wanting to be lower. I was wishing I had a deeper voice for it! Have to see where it goes from here... I'll check out Astronaut, I don't know it.
  15. I think it would sound great if you just sang along with the chords very simply, repeat a few moody words. But anyway... I look forward to hearing it with a rap too if that works out.
  16. Cool tune Jenn! I was only disappointed because for some reason I thought you'd be singing on it (you should!) Sounds very good. I like it.
  17. Not sure what you've changed since I last listened...but I checked it out again and it still sounds great! Noticed this reply to Ken. And just wanted to say... for me, you achieved that! Absolutely takes me into a dream world and keeps my interest. And with instrumental/ambient music I think it's not so easy but really crucial that it works with headphones on and eyes shut!
  18. I'm not crazy about the lead guitar but I LOVE the rest! When it kicks in with the drums it feels really good. It moved me at that point, and that's what matters most to me. I felt it! I think it needs vocals. The lead guitar part isn't enough to carry it as a song, in my opinion.... I think the lead would need to be something really amazing to pull this off as an instrumental... but then again...your first song? If you want to write guitar instrumentals just keep at it. Mix would need a bit of work too, but I really love the vibe. Aside from the lead, it's one of the most enjoyable new tunes I've heard in a while.... I could listen to that progression with that vibe for ages, and some dreamy vocals floating over would be the icing. I like it reverby by the way, but suppose that could be refined... When you reply...say a bit more about what you use (DAW wise)...what your plans are for developing it (if any) ... and what kind of feedback you're looking for. Great first tune Dek
  19. He'll be too busy singing into a wind machine Glad you like it... just a quick thing. I might try to develop it, and if so...yeah more of the glitchy beat stuff.
  20. mix

    Great! Go for it both of you. The words are Graceful love Painful love In the evening glow It's getting late and the world is waiting Mistakes are made In the evening glow Just sing with my vocal but higher...go an octave up or whatever harmony sounds good. Sing two versions... One singing the words tight with my phrasing... And another freestyling whatever melody feels good... You can sing words or ooo ahhh or wail (high wailing) ... Just go for it. Asap please! Crack on! Oh... Should have said. I'll need your vocal alone without the music and with no effects. Thanks for getting involved!!
  21. Well, this is what I came up with this afternoon. The birds and slight road sounds aren't sound effects by the way, I just caught them from outside while recording the guitar and decided to keep them. Simple tune, I didn't have much time. Maybe I'll expand on it...not sure... Any feedback welcome. Added a new part and reduced the repeat on the end part. Does it work? Another update 10th March, now including some bass. Less reverb version - Words - Evenings cold On the stone With my feet In the road Counting hours Wanting more Counting hours It’s a dream for the few Close my eyes to the truth It won’t be long Until the night It won’t be long Feel it in the sound Of distant cars The empty roads cold Waiting for Golden lights Golden lights Arms open wide Hope through fear All those years behind the tears Let’s go home Graceful love Painful love In the evening glow It's getting late and the world is waiting Mistakes are made In the evening glow Evening's cold On the stone With my feet In the road It won't be long Until the night It won't be long
  22. mix

    Hmmm maybe. There is a bit of one already on the fully wet verb backing ... but only at the end of the bridge. Maybe could use a soulful female backing vocal Maybe could use a soulful female backing vocal....Hint hint....
  23. mix

    Previous track link is on the op still mate. Massive difference tricks
  24. mix

    Thanks all, I'm still glad you all like it. But then along comes.... David, I would love to say 'ah screw you HoboSage I like it the way it is!' ...but sadly, I think you have a point I will absolutely definitely get you back for the Air Supply crack, but for now I need to address the issue of it being boomy and too saturated in reverb (I never use Tree Tops on vocals btw, I used Film Score in this (often do, but this time I have one nearly dry track and one with totally wet Film Score behind) ). And actually ... no you shouldn't retire...whether I agree or not, I need a sanity check! I do appreciate it! I might have gone too far with this, but here's a less verby, less boomy version. I'd appreciate your (and everybody's) opinion on it -
  25. critique

    Looking at other comments...I can imagine it as a backing track. I think the 'rules' change then... you don't want anything TOO interesting as it will support the visuals.