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  1. yeah. what is it?

    John, I will attempt to use some tags.
  2. I it mostly comes down to stubbornness
  3. That was you?! Damn... You scared me man!
  4. yeah. what is it?

    Well I hope we've provided you with some motivation to stick it out now! Seriously, that sounds like a scary experience, but you have been thoroughly checked out now, and of course improvement is certainly possible, albeit slow. So chime in with a progress report when you can (Tom's depending on it).
  5. yeah. what is it?

    Ray, Mikes reply was pretty much what I was after. He could have written a technical summary that would have told me nothing more. At 63 years of age, it delights me that someone senior to me is around!
  6. nice to hear Slow Down again (link from status update)
  7. that's an impressive piece of kit.
  8. Guitar ergonomics are often overlooked & unappreciated. I think it likely Les Paul was more concerned with that when he put chambered wings onto the log. SO this is a MIDI device that needs your sounds. Does it modulate the sounds? Pressure sensitive? Pitch bend?
  9. Very engaging review Mike. Glad its going well. I checked out some of your links (Ztar etc) too. Fine examples!
  10. Well its ok now. Its hard to know what helped because there is nothing to compare it to. Coconut oil may have helped it. I cant even be sure its over because it doesnt really go away completely. I hope your church pal gets some relief. I'd say try the coconut oil & vitmin C
  11. You have a broad scope of expression Mahesh. Stunning
  12. Is there any medication for boxcar willie?
  13. You have a good ear because your pitch is pretty good. It sounds as if you are singing quietly. Even quiet, it sounds good enough to work for recording. Maybe even live? You will probably find that later on, you’ll want your voice to project more. So it’s not a bad idea sing louder now. When you do sing louder, you will probably want to sing higher (ie: change key upward). Singing through a microphone in a noisy venue, makes me sing at the top of my voice usually, but like most people, when I am at home, I tend to sing much quieter. I mention this because your surroundings make a difference you how you sing. It can come as a bit of a shock when you ‘have to’ sing loud. You voice is pleasant. Much nicer than mine.
  14. It was written by Roger Miller. Roger also recorded it originally.
  15. I just had a look. What odd corners an alcoves songstuff has.