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  1. Persona

    No. If I read a description in a book I will visualize the description. Other than that, I have never experienced what you describe. Sounds interesting though. Some people associate colours with musical sound. I never understood that either. Does your visualisation help in any way? Recall or association maybe?
  2. What are you listening to at the moment?

    I'll look 'em up next time I'm in Lyon.
  3. Persona

    I don't think I ever imagined what a singer (or musician) looked like just by listening.
  4. Do i have potential to be better?

    Everyone can improve. I dont need to listen to your links. Looking forward to your 2nd post.
  5. Arrogance

    I see how you reason that, buts its not correct. You can be arrogant and still fully informed. BTW when I said encompass empathy I meant ABSENCE of empathy.
  6. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    A pal of mine used this sort of definition of Skank in the 90s. Other than that I just thought it was a dance style. This this the fisrt time Ive seen it similarly used since.
  7. Arrogance

    It looks as if this has become a 'lets re-define arrogance' exercise so Symp can feel justified, or at least better about it. Arrogance encompasses ignorance, or at least empathy. The only way you can justify arrogance is if you are genuinely superior to everybody else. I believe this to be a contemporary social condition. Modesty and good manners exist to help keep this sort of thing in check, but both have been eroded. So now maybe arrogance now doesn't look too bad after all?
  8. new pick idea

    That is odd. I agree you shouldn't need a tight grip, especially for solos. I've started to wonder about it. 1/ Can you feel the pick ok? Are your fingers numb? 2/ Grip. The fellow at Gibson asked for pics of the pick 'in grip'. Pictures 1 & 3 (2nd post) show my grip. In fairness, the posed pic 1 is not typical because I dont usually have that much plectrum sticking out from between my fingers. The less protrusion of the pick, the more control (and feel) you have. I aim for about 3/8" (10mm), which is just the point showing. Do you grip with fingertips or flat of index finger?
  9. new pick idea

    There are 8 bevels (2 for each edge). There's more radial blending where they intersect. When the geometry is right, its buffed to a fine satin finish. Just enough so that when it draws over the string there is a hint of white noise. A polished finish usually produces 'chirps'.
  10. new pick idea

    Yes but dont forget you still have to make them. That asquare one took nearly 3 hours
  11. new pick idea

    Its an experimental pick. The perspex sheet I got is 300 x 300mm so enough for 30+ more picks. buying small quantities is hard. It wasnt too expensive. About £12 or so? Its supposed to be 5mm thick but I measured it as 4.77 with a micrometer. I prefer thick picks for sound and handling these days. Some of my favourite picks are perspex. V-Picks and also Gravity are perspex & fairly expensive to buy. I will probably revert to making tri-point picks in a week or 2.
  12. new pick idea

    I posted this on the Gibson Forum also and took more picks in response to a request. They are here.
  13. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    Great news.
  14. new pick idea

    I finished making this pick today. Its made out of one of my preferred pick materials, perspex. As I usually use tri-shapes, I thought I'd try a quad-shape. The meet angle of most tri-shapes is close to 90 degrees anyway. The main difference (apart from an extra contact point) is straight line profiles rather than curves. It makes a difference in use, though not a major one. Resized to 80% (was 1200 x 1600) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 60% (was 1600 x 1200) - Click image to enlarge Some of you know that I have spent a small fortune on picks over the last few years (could have paid for another guitar). One of the main things I've learned is that it takes a long time to evaluate a pick properly. I can tell if a guitar is any use within 30 seconds. A pick takes about 20 hours. So I'll be using this exclusively for at least a week.
  15. Arrogance

    That is very nice. People love attention. Kids cant hide it.