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  1. Mike, Tim, AN-Other, Will using heavy gauge strings (.012-.056) cause problems for the variax circuit? I'm thinking of in relation to the alternative tunings.
  2. None eh? ok. I'm out of here.
  3. You heard it Limeys. Gimme some support! quick! -------->
  4. Good To Be There - Chalice
  5. Yes. Near impossible for non-uk folk. Its a reference to Cricket. An 'over' is a set of six consecutive bowls delivered to the batsman. Over The Mountain : Goldfish Bowl
  6. Goldfish Bowl - Van Morrison (This will be virtually impossible for US participants) It aint a bowl of cherries for the Commonwealth either
  7. Your explanation is clear, but not many people would make the connection. Maybe that doesnt matter to you? To me M57 means the bypass motorway (read 'freeway') near Liverpool uk. You probably wouldn't know that about the English. Does that matter? What I am getting at, is that your name only means something to you. Other peoples interpretations will be invisible to you.
  8. I used to speed without braking the speed limit. It works pretty much like the last post I made. If its a 40 mph speed limit, then I'd do 40mph, right through sharp bends, on through and off roundabouts etc. Sometimes you HAVE to slow down of course, but the idea is the keep the speed up in those little twisty places. Of course you could still be done for 'careless driving'. TIM. The Auris is like the Yaris, a Toyota.
  9. EB Paradigm strings are pretty new, about twice the cost of ordinary strings but are supposed to last a long time, not rust & are break 'resistant'. Well I got some & decided to conduct a test. It’s going to take quite a time though. I am comparing regular EB Slinkies (10-46) with EB Paradigm Slinkies (10-46). I fitted both sets of string this morning as follows: EB Slink : Deuce EB Paradigm Slink : Elite I’ve already put in 90 minutes playing on the Elite, I will log the hours I spend playing on both. The intention is to play them for equal periods in order to assess the pricey Paradigms. The guitars are similar in most respects. I’ll try to find this thread when I have anything to report
  10. I dont really do genres, but witha gun at my head it would be zydecko cajun zombie gumbo NewOrleans. Best guess.
  11. I often pretend to be a bear, but that was touching. Fine sentiment Well said.
  12. It normal when getting a bit older. It helps to explore. Expose yourself to other music. Im not listening to anything right now, but if I was it would be this... ( listen to his spoken intro about the 2nd line rhythms)
  13. songs can be truthful, even autobiographical. They dont have to empathise at all. I'm not so much sad. I'm more sort of crabby & miserable.
  14. I down graded to the Yaris after having the (briefly available) Auris T180. By comparison the Yaris has the acceleration of a horse & cart, but it feels quicker in the corners, even though the Auris had every bit of tech to keep it on the road and a double wishbone rear suspension. So on the farm roads outside Portsmouth I can lose fast cars in the bends. Ok, they catch up PDQ on the straight again, but only until the next bends arrive. Only once in 4 years has one kept pace in the bends and that wasn’t even a sporty car. It’s a bit like taking a Squier to a jam session and blowing Charvels & Jacksons off the stage. It’s not so much a buzz as it is a laugh.
  15. What Are You Listening To Right Now ? This is supposed to be about music. If you are not listening right now, then you can say ‘nothing’. You might be hearing traffic, or the complaining of your spouse, but are you listening to it? Americans: This is not an excuse to list every artist, band you ever heard since you were 7 years old. Unless you are a genius like Charles Ives, you are not actively listening to more than one piece of music at a time. Am I guilty of national stereotyping here? The answer is yes. I wonder why that is? Ideas: 1/ It would be pretty good if you were listening to a Songstuff artist. 2/ If you can listen to the contents of your head without any music playing. That’s ok, but say so. 3/ You can listen to yourself, if you are unbearably vain. I am listening to Void by BrainClaim (SS member)