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Status Updates posted by Rudi

  1. Whats a Status Update?

    1. Just1L


      In general, it's a robot saying "here kitty, kitty, kitty."


  2. Rudi

    re: Johns asking for votes on the boards re-organisation. This is an important point. The point is I cant find where the voting page is. Site navigation has always been difficult. Sometimes its only by asking for a link, that I can find anything. John and mods: I'm an old hand and I dont know where anything is! I tried to find the rhyming dictionary a short while back. I used it originally because there was an open question about it when introduced. I had to ask where it was then & I was provided with a link because I couldnt find it. The same as now. How can I vote? Where the is the vote button. If I have to ask, who else is lost also?

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    2. john


      You will then see the announcement:


    3. john


      In the announcement ( shown above) click on the text "Proposed board re-org"

    4. john


      You will then be in the poll topic

  3. embrace strangeness when possible or risk withering in comfort

    corfu gig Facebook.jpg

  4. Rudi

    It didnt work. Why doesnt anything f*cking well work?

    here are URLs (fingers crossed)







  5. Rudi

    I snipped some pix from the le Niglo site but they failed to upload here. all but one failed to upload to photobucket too. here is one i will try again tomorrow.

    1. john


      did it give a reason why upload failed?

    2. Rudi


      No. I cant recall the wording but I'd seen it before. Something like "this format is not accepted". The format is JPEG.

      Perhaps the files were too large?

      Somehow photobucket managed to 'catch up' as all the pics have now appeared. I will post the ULRs into the forum thread. As these were snipped from the Le Niglo site, pricing and other details will be visible.


  6. Love the SHED MY SKIN John