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  1. I drive a 1.3 Yaris It was a practical choice, not a lifestyle statement. It has nothing to say about my identity. Most of my life, I have driven the best value car I could find, no matter what it was. I do wear a hat onstage. I guess that is a deliberate choice of presentation, but I have no idea what the punters think about that.
  2. Ahhh... fine! As it looks as if not many of us knew about the song. Im not fed up with you. Please keep posting.
  3. its likely up to the likes of us, not that it would not take a lot of luck too, to move music forwards. The major artists are probably just going to rehash everything we know endlessly.
  4. Oh ok. We had mixed messages. I was responsible for one by saying that I was not referring to the video link. I could view that ok. I was referring to the game link. I didnt need the video link to play the game. You've now explained the rationale that most #1 hit songs are written in the garage. This not only didnt occur to me, but would never have occurred to me. I didnt know that garages were a place that anyone went to write. An unknown band might rehearse in a garage, though probably not uk artists. Writing? More likely in a bedroom I would think.
  5. I tried to find a clip of David Crosby on this subject but failed, but he appears on 'Classic Albums Anthem To Beauty Grateful Dead' saying (as close as I can remember) this of music in the 60s> The music business wasnt created for us. It was created to sell an endless stream of sh1t such as wHITE cHRISTMAS'. When we recorded, we felt like guerrillas running down from the mountains and sneaking our music in there, and running back again.... So the media tzars have reclaimed full control. It has been since the 80s at least.
  6. Since we are not being marketed or have any truck with traditional media controllers, do we still have to do thing the 'old way'? 'Image' is facile.
  7. My advice is to tell me WTF is going on?
  8. coddled is pretty good. I'm still wondering id the OP knew about the song, or whether is was a subliminal memory because it cant possibly be a coincidence.
  9. Belief is a strange thing. I'm no wiser for reading your message.
  10. Not seeing that link there Rob
  11. Hit Single #1 - Hot Tuna
  12. curious... This is purported to be the hearing range of people and animals. Remarkable symmetry between Chinchillas & Horses. Who'd a thunk it?
  13. Curious. I went to Ireland about 5 years ago and sampled the draft Guiness in Dublin. It was exactly the same as the stuff we buy in cans (Guiness Original). So you are either drinking the so called 'draft Guiness' from cans or get some special export version. IMO, beer should not be sophisticated! Its £9 a bottle here. I dont usually spend that much on wine. A nice Australian Shiraz, South African Pinotage or Spanish Rioja can usually be had for about £6.
  14. I dont want another acoustic guitar, though there are a couple of classic Maccaferri plastic guitars up for auction in the uk soon. But am always fascinated by alternative materials for electrics. I've looked at wood alternatives. Wood will move. I even had a Flaxwood guitar briefly (didnt like it). I have been interested in carbon fiber guitars for years. The nearest e-models are by Status. They mainly make basses, but do one guitar also. I've not been able to try one out yet, and I'm certainly not ordering a custom build without doing that. Most electric players cant get their heads out of 1959.