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    I'm interested in writing, games, music and so much more. I'm kind of a multi-interest man.

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    Sinful Harmonies
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    Played lead piano and composer.
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    TMRevolution, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin, SID, Chemistry, ABS, Black Sabbath, Journey, Koji Kondo, and Europe.


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  1. Music Gig Finder

    Does anyone know of an online music gig finder that can be broken down by city? I live in Springfield, MO so if anyone knows places there where I can look to get gigs or an online search where I can find gigs that I can apply for in the area, that would be great.
  2. My Vicni Alto Saxophone

    From the album Random

    This is my prized Vinci Alto Saxophone. Sax details; Brand-Vinci Model number-VSABL Features-Beautiful blue lacquer finish and a high F# key, metal resonators to improve vibration and resonance, stainless steel rods, springs, and screws, adjustable rubber bumpers, and French style key cup architecture. Value (sax and case alone)-$600-$700. Bought for $250. (great quality and great condition, sax, strap, care kit, case, and set of 5 Rico 2 reeds [2 Vandoren 2 reeds bought later for $8] and 2 months supply of cork grease.) Lucky find, huh?
  3. Random

    Just random stuff.
  4. Me playing my sax 2

    From the album Random

  5. Me playing my sax

    From the album Random

  6. Hell In My Head

    Finally finished my song "Hell In My Head" after months of work! The draft for this piece has been changed multiple times and now I finished it! Tell me what you think. There are no lyrics for it yet.
  7. A Good Song With An Added Sax Line

    Thank you very much!
  8. A Good Song With An Added Sax Line

    This is the song "Monochrome no Kiss" by SID (theme song for "Kuroshitsuji", or "Black Butler"), but I added an alto sax line. I recorded the sax line myself so it's really me on there. Feel free to give any ideas or comments. https://soundcloud.com/storm-kesocascay/monochrome-no-kiss-feat-storm
  9. Help With Key Of These Songs

    Actually, thinking about it, "Sebastian Michaelis" sounds like it's C mi.
  10. Help With Key Of These Songs

    These are two songs that I would really like to arrange for my school pep band, but I have one minor problem (which branch off into more). I can play and learn songs by ear, but this is almost ridiculous. I have one major/minor problem with these songs; I can't find out the key. I am trying. The first one sounds like F Major to me while the second sounds a little like Bb Minor (or major). Until I can find the key, I cannot arrange these pieces. Mind giving me a hand? A rough estimate can be close enough. I just need a key or chord name. The first (sounds like F Major); Second (sounds like Bb); As I said, I just need a key estimation. Oh, I do have an extra problem with "Grell Sutcliff"; is the bass drum really in 16th notes or is that a low tom (or is it really 8th notes that sound 16th to me)? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Book Character Theme

    OK, I see what you're getting at. I'll try that. Yes, all of the percussion (in pretty much all of my pieces) are on one channel which is set as a 5-line drum set. (typical drum set complete with snare, ride, kick, sizzle, crash, bass, and toms 1-4.) I've panned the drumset channel to the right so any percussion (other than bass drum which is automatically centered) is set to the right. I'm thinking on leaving the bass centered and have snare on left (makes more sense since a snare is on the left side of a drumset), tom 4 on the right( for sam reasons), hi-hat on left, but it's the crash that still gets me. I'm thinking on putting it on the right, but I think too much is going on. I know pretty much for sure that I don't want it centered becasue, to my ear, seems to be a little "off" and a little muffled/muted. The bass would cover the crash, along with the electric guitar (which changes pan between center and right) and the tubular bells (which are majority center-left). I really want heavy emphasis on the crash because it adds a little more "kick" to it. This is a divine creature's theme.
  12. Book Character Theme

    OK, thanks. That really helps. The rhythm is all on one drum set channel so the bass, snare, hi-hat, and crash are all on one channel. Should I try separating it?
  13. Book Character Theme

    I was writing a piece for one of my characters in my book "Gods of War" and the upcoming sequel "The Night and Day". The character is Aryas, the DImensional Lord and the Divine Avatar. A quick summary of the personality; very dark and mysterious, sometimes sporadic, and EXTREMELY self-reliant. He is one of the strongest of the Templarians (gods) and sits as their ruler (the Avatar), even though the Templarians are actually dictated by the Nine Sages. Aryas despises the Sages and wants to see them fall. I combined many things to make this piece using chords and fills from SID's "Monochrome no Kiss", drum rhythm from both Jun Fukuyama's "Shinku" and the Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess-Dark Lord Gannondorf theme. Melody comes from "Shinku" and "Land of a Thousand Dances". (mainly in the bass/trobone solo near the end of the song) Please give me any advice you have for me. If you wish to email me, feel free to contact me at; snkproductions.music@gmail.com Thanks.
  14. Hello, Fellow Musicians!

    Hello, I am Storm Kesocascay. I am a pianist and saxophonist, mainly Alto. I normally play Rock and a little Jazz. I am also a published fantasy-fiction arthor and I am multilingual in Kaiyumian, English, Turkish, Japanese, Latin, Russian and a little Italian. I mainly compose and arrange and I am trying to start taking gigs soon. It's really hard work, but it's worth it. nice to meet you all and I look forward to talking to you.
  15. Welcome to the forums StormKesocascay :)