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  1. Song Title Association Game

    Eye Of The Beholder - Metallica
  2. Love's here to stay (rough)

    Beautiful gift and beautiful song, Simon... Like the softness of your voice on it and the tones of the drums... I think you have something great there... Congrats for this special moment;)!
  3. Mr. Fox

    Very nice to listen this new version... I always find the passage at 1:45 is a killer... surely the strong moment of the song... Concerning the singing, it's not easy (I already tried and I know how hard it is to sing on a melody...) but I'm sure if you try and try again, you will manage to ameliorate the way you sing... In any case, you have very good ideas to create melodies... It's already a very good point... Hope you will manage to reach the right balance for this cool song!
  4. Mr. Fox

    I like very much the rhythmic on this demo... the sound of the drums and the others elements are really cool... The passage at 1:25 with the synth is nice too... and this one at 1:46 is really great... Concerning the chorus, it works, I find... maybe a little effect on your voice could give something better ? In any case, nice inspiration for this start, Jenn...
  5. Cell Phone Junkies!

    Every time I discover a new piece from you, Suzy, I always think it will be a weird and cool experiment to listen... And this one is really weird and cool to listen^^... Like this madness in your stuff... The singing works very well with the whole atmosphere of the tune... Crazy and fun... Well done for this!
  6. Song Title Association Game

    Dredd Song - The Cure
  7. Song Title Association Game

    Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses
  8. Song Title Association Game

    Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox
  9. TV Theme Tunes

    Another old theme I liked well...
  10. Rollup Jeans

    Exactly the kind of atmosphere I could listen again and again... Really hypnotic atmosphere... The tones of the synth are great... Well done for this!
  11. Hidden Nightmares (Wrong Reasons) Full Demo

    Nice atmosphere on this one, Jenn... I really like a lot the melody, specially the passage at 1:20... cool tones... You have a good start there, I find... Nice work for the moment....
  12. Song Title Association Game

    Red Rain - Peter Gabriel (a very cool live version of this piece I love)
  13. TV Theme Tunes

    Very good choices for "The Prisoner" and "The Avengers", Rob... I also liked a lot the main theme of "Street Hawk" (I have no memories of this serie, except this main theme)... It was a good idea to take this piece of Tangerine Dream, I find... And more recently, I liked a lot the main theme of "Penny Dreadful"...
  14. Song Title Association Game

    Video Games - Lana Del Rey
  15. Song Title Association Game

    Seven Seas of Rhye - Queen