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  1. Kingdom Of Desire - Toto
  2. Already listened on soundcloud lastly and it's always moving to listen... Beautiful work again, Tim... Great emotion in this melody...
  3. Another cool and brilliant compo, Steve... We have the impression to be in a weird and robotic place when we listen it, I find... and by the next, we have the feeling to be another dimension... The sounds are great, as always... And the construction of the piece is well seen... Very good stuff, Man!
  4. Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode
  5. The Dream - Culture Club
  6. Listened this morning before going at work, and it's always so cool to listen it... Well done for this new mix, Simon! And thanks to Alan who started this idea...
  7. Drums clearly rule in this piece... Like the melody... There is something hypnotic in this tune... Nice start...
  8. Shine A Light - Spiritualized
  9. Original and fun, as always... Very cool song, Suzy... Love the singing and the sound of the instruments... Nice construction till the end... Love the passage at 3:13... And nice the way the piece evolves to the end... Well done, Miss!
  10. Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses
  11. Nice melody... and nice construction... Some sounds are really cool... The singing mixes well with the tune, I find... Good work!
  12. Thank you for your feelings, TC! This is much appreciated!
  13. Thank you for your words, Richard! Very glad you enjoyed it! For the end, It's not always easy to find the right thing to do... I think it's surely the part where I'm not too sure how to do in order to get a piece which works from the beginning to the end... It's something I often feel every time when I must to do this last part;)... In any case, thanks again for your point of view!
  14. Nice news, Steve! Very cool for you!
  15. Nice singing on this piece... The melody is nice too... Some sounds are really cool... The voice gives a lot to the tune, I find... Great work...