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  1. Mike, Love this, even tho it's pretty poetic, it's a very nice write. And kudos to you on structure, well done. I feel you don't have to repeat your choruses 2x's at the end of each chorus, it only needs to be sang once each time. Nice job, Mike! You've really come far in song structure. Bravo my friend! Great title, and what a wonderful love story. ~Marilyn
  2. Paramount equals SONG SHARK! Hang onto your wallet and run for the hills
  3. Benjo, Beautifully written and beautifully said. Only one small suggestion; mum n dad came home madeleine had was gone. I cannot imagine what parents of missing children go through. It's always heartbreaking to hear such stories. Thank you for sharing. My heart certainly goes out to parents of missing children.
  4. A nice write, benjo. I like this and I love your title. A nice perspective look at art and how it arrives from the mind, spits it out. kudos
  5. Welcome Emobu!!! Glad you are here and nice to have you here. See you around on the forums.
  6. Sounds pretty good for just a vocal. Your melody works really well w/ your lyrics. Nice voice. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hi filipendo125/Noob, It may be helpful if you have some music online so folks can hear what you got. Just a suggestion. Thanks for posting.
  8. Thanks, everyone!
  9. Hi Hobosage, thanks for your time and comments. Yes, guilty on the mushy lyrics LOL. Thank you, Rick. Being compared to Elton John and Bernie Taupin is quite the compliment, thank you. Glad you liked it. ~Marilyn
  10. Hi Nice to be on board. Heard about this site thru a cowriter, we just finished a song together. So I thought I'd come on over and check out Songstuff. Looking forward to getting to know folks here. I've been writing for several yrs, and have a catalogue of songs that go back around 1998. I studied lyric writing using Sheila Davis books, as well as some others. I love to write country lyrics mainly, but have written in other genres. I write keeping commercial writing in mind. That is how I tend to critique, but will critique accordingly, esp if I know what the writer is looking for. Some write for themselves, some write professionally, and some just as a hobby. If you'd like, you may visit my website to know more about me. Marilyn Oakley Thanks for having me and hope I can offer help where I can. PS Love the variety of emoticons available.
  11. Welcome to the forums Marilyn Oakley :)