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    I'm very interested in song crafting. I don't think I've got more than a sort of shouty vocal style but I'd like to improve.

    I love art, seeing and creating. Reading everything. Fixing old sports cars, building things. Thinking late at night under the stars.

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    It's always changing, the current: The Beatles, Nirvana, Weezer, Audience of Actors, Thomas Dolby, Kate Bush, Alanis Morisette, John Prime, Oasis, Peter Gabriel

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  1. Are We Ready Now?

    Fun and cool, great work.
  2. Three Words

    You've gotten some great feedback, I'll just add in that it sounds like a great song so far. I think you could tweak your lyrics to increase the song's story and emotion.. You might look to increase the dynamics too. This is a rough so I know you most likely have all that worked out for your final. Great song and melody.
  3. To You

    I think you should trust your feelings here, yeah I thought your version was IT!, more energy and life...your version had the emotions you could really feel, The DJ version was good but not anywhere close to your own mix. I did feel like it was hard to hear your vocals at times, the instruments did feel like they had too much of the focus, but just a bit. Overall, I really like the song and what you have done. Others can add in better feedback than I ... I really like your voice and the the style. Good work here.
  4. Fifty Trees - Finished!

    fantastic production on your song. I love the arrangement. You should be happy with this one, a real winner.
  5. Down We Go

    Great work on this song....I think I need your guitar on some of mine. Fun tune with some great lyrics. I'd be happy to see this in a live btw: the camera fall...it's a special feature....no extra charge. Seriously, that was a nice gift of fate, I love it when stuff like that happens. It made a very interesting cut and felt like it should be there.
  6. Children Of The Light ©

    suzy, so I glad I got the chance to hear this. I really like it. You've gotten some great advice already and I don't have anything new to add to that. I can't wait to hear the final work. james
  7. Somehow- New Demo 1

    crystalsuzy,, it's so good to read your comments...thanks. .I hope to start the production soon. I'm working on other materiel atm but that one should be next.
  8. A Life Of Music

    Welcome Nick, I look forward to hearing more of your work....good stuff...I really liked Theres Nothing Wrong PT II
  9. You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

    This made me laugh and smile....such a fun cover...Great job !
  10. Hi!

    Welcome and greetings, you sure have some wild talents there. Sounds like you work hard too. james
  11. I'm No Good At Introductions...

    Welcome Pipps, nice to have a chatterbox like you around
  12. Hi I'm New

    welcome to songstuff
  13. Sleep My Child

    Guitars are working for me! Lovely music and very well done. Really enjoyed this.! James
  14. Faraway Dream

    I think you've had plenty of great feedback so I won't add anything to that. I have always thought you hit the big one with this song.....truly a great work of music. James
  15. fantastic work....really enjoyed the video, the story, the voice, just stellar! you must have put in a lot of hard work on this. ...so please keep posting more if you have a chance. :-)