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    Songwriting,Karaoke DJ,Singing,Working on my Group at Facebook Songwriters Unite over 2400 members.

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    Higher Vision
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    Ralph Stanley,Bill Monroe,Ricky Skaggs,Roger Miller,John Prine,Johnny Cash,June Carter Cash,Stompin' Tom Connors,Randy Travis,Paul Overstreet,The Rambos,Dottie Rambo,Led Zeppelin,Andy Kim,This could go on forever.


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  1. Peanut Butter Jellyfish

    (;AWESOME TITLE;) Very memorable.Love it.I was lost after that though.It seems to have nothing to do with a Jellyfish at all so I was totally lost.I did enjoy the read however. (~;Yrral Mallik;~) http://www.songramp.com/homepage.php?userid=9625
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  3. Higher Vision 2

    From the album Yrral Mallik

    Higher Vision L-R Don Brown ~ 12 string Guitar,Mandolin,Banjo,Background Vocals,Songwriter,Warren Lickers ~ Guitar,Lead Singer,Songwriter,Larry Gordon Killam ~ Mandolin,Banjo,Baritone,Songwriter,John Birdsell ~ Fiddle

    © Larry Gordon Killam

  4. Testimonials

    I joined because Arty Redsocks referred someone else to check this place out so I thought I would too.Looks like a place that I would want to be part of.I'm just a backward Songwriter more a lyricist.I really don't write well to Song Form Rhyming Scheme.Meter or any of that I have my co-writers that help me out in that respect.I'm a slow learner but I'm not giving up. http://www.songramp.com/homepage.php?userid=9625 Songs at bottom of my homepage (~;Yrral Mallik ;~)
  5. Welcome to the forums YrralMallik :)