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  1. Bats In The Belfry

    Lookin' glass, Sounds good. I will take'er easy here. Only suggestion is.... What if you say "and she's loud just like the brightest bulb but I can barely see it glow" instead of "and she don't have the brightest bulb Hell, you can barely see it glow" Danny
  2. Forty Three Hours

    Chumpy, I didnt read other comments I like it! It has a 90's feel - like Bare Naked Ladies, Paul Westerburg or Blues traveler. The tempo also has that frantic progress that makes songs in this vein charming. The lyrics are relate-able and fun, in keeping with the genera. My only real advice is regarding the mix. On my first listen I wanted to hear backup vocals. As I listened more, I realized they are there, but, they sound more like keyboard to my ear. I think it is the mix or mastering. I hear a very chunky low end in your mix. The lead vocal is the exception to that. It stands out and has a distinctly different position in the mix that is clearer, especially than the backup vocals. I also hear the low end in the instruments, such as guitar and bass. If that rings a bell with you, I think that you should experiment with a crisper sounding mix/master. Try boosting the high end. Try it on the overall track first, would be my advice. If that doesn't take care of it, try individually adjusting the backup vocals and also the guitar - I mean EQ-wise. There is a persistent muddiness in most tracks of the song that are bringing it down, in my opinion. Nice and fun song! Danny
  3. Sorry baby (I'm drunk again)

    Thank you Monostone! Seems a lot of folks have mentioned the guitar not sitting in the mix. I'll definitely give it some thought. Wallabie, Thanks for listening. I'm glad you liked it! Lots of people here that guitar tone as a bit off. I'm gonna see what I can do with it. Appreciate the feedback.
  4. She Couldn't Be (VERY WIP IDEA)

    Monostone, There's a lot I like and I have a few suggestion as well. I like the dry affect of the multiple acoustic instruments with little sustain. That is a selling point in the arrangement. It gives the track a slightly awkward feel that, I think, works well. I like the melody and singing on the verse. It compliments the arrangement and is grabby. The smooth sustained notes of the vocal melody are a nice counterpoint to the stuff I mentioned about the arrangement voices above. I don't really like the second chorus part as much. The verse is a two chord progression with each chord lasting 4 measures. The chorus is pretty much the same. It doesn't resolve the tension of the verse, in my opinion. Also, the energy of the song seems to lessen in the chorus, rather than increase. The result, to my ear, is not that satisfying. I think this has lots of potential. I hope my comments are useful and I'll look forward to hearing it as it develops. Danny
  5. Back To Monterey (finally done ..really)

    M57, What a beautiful and sophisticated folk arrangement. Voice and guitars are well performed and mixed. It reminds me a bit of james taylor. You have worked some surprising chord changes into the chorus that I enjoy. That line sings a little awkward. I think it's the lyric that might need tweaking. This line also sounds a bit strained, to me, and I think it could also be improved with slight lyric tweaking. I would suggest reconsidering the word constellations. It doesn't sing so well and the meaning is hard to grasp, for me. I like the effect of the strings! Overall this is quite good and pleasant to listen to. I haven't read the comments so I may have parroted other reviewers. Danny
  6. Sorry baby (I'm drunk again)

    Cosignsessions, Thanks for listening and commenting! I think I know what you are getting at with the electric guitar. Perhaps it's a bit dark and bass heavy (Honk). I will try some of your suggestions. Topaz Bon, I appreciate the listen. I think I see what you mean about those lines. They are a bit loose. I intended this recording to sound kinda old, as in mostly a live performance with few overdubs. The things you are hearing may be an artifact of that intention. I will pay attention to other reviews and, if others are bothered by the same issues, I will address that as best I can. THanks again! TC, Thanks for commenting! I've heard this one a lot, so it's not super easy for me to pick up on all the nuances of the rhythm that you mention, but that doesn't mean I disagree. I definitely like the harmony vocal idea and I agree the bass could have more clear punch throughout. The Les Paul reference is right on. Good ear! Mattew76, I appreciate you listening and I'm glad you liked it!
  7. Time And Tide

    Guitarboy17, I know I'm late in the critique on this one and I see you've posted your final mix as well. I'm still going to comment, for what it's worth. I haven't read the other comments so hopefully I'm not parroting a previous comment. It is reminiscent of Dave Mattews, but not in a bad way You've got a lot of great things going on in this track. The performance and the production are great. It's a catchy song too. I, at first, thought the chorus melody was a bit strange, but it grew on me quickly and I think it's actually a high point, as far as being refreshing. Here is the only thing that sticks out to me as room for improvment after 3 or 4 listens. give this a try and see what you think Em D Well this man's looking weary G C He's lived through times of strife Em D I know his rough hands carry C the wisdom of life Just one chord different. That's my two cents. Great song!
  8. Sorry baby (I'm drunk again)

    I recorded and wrote this a while ago. I've never put it up for review and I'm still not famous, so constructive critique is welcome. I'd like to hear any comments on the song or production. Thanks! Now just about the time I lay down late last night I could tell that somethin' wasn't right A blue moon came up over the hill Sat himself down in my window sill I've never been one for just lying awake It makes me meaner than a rattlesnake So hello vodka, hello gin goodbye babe I'm gettin' drunk again Sorry baby...I'm drunk again I Got off early about a week ago Thought I'd just go home and kinda take it slow Started walkin' but to my chagrin Home's not the direction I was moving in My feet must have been plottin' with my hands Both of them seemed to have other plans I Got to the bar, cruised right in Look out babe I'm getting drunk again Sorry baby... I'm drunk again I know I's suppose to meet you at your sisters house Your mama tried to warn you that I was a louse Nothing ever seems to go the way I plan I always end up drinking all that I can stand It's just like a flower to a bumblebee It's like a fish swimming in the salty sea Your mama was right way back when Look out babe I'm getting drunk again Sorry baby... I'm drunk again Sorry baby... I'm drunk again
  9. Racking My Brain

    Ben, I haven't read the comments. The playing on this track is nice and soulful. The thing that immediately sticks out in a negative was about it is the mix. It literally sounds like every instrument was recorded on a different continent! The keys sound like the church lady played them. I'm mostly meaning the tone though. The acoustic guitar needs to be rerecorded with a decent tone. The vocal sticks out like you're singing karaoke. The bass could almost sound good, but it's too muffled or something. It loses its balls as a result. The lead guitar kinda sounds nice. That guitar tone reminds me of early cream. It's a little dry, but it's the best of the tones in the mix in my opinion. The drums sound like they were recorded in the early sixties, which would be cool if the rest of the track sounded the same. They are really quiet and subdued. They're not the worst though. The acoustic guitar tone could make a cat run away from home. My suggestion is just to rerecord it paying attention to the way all the voices work in the mix. Hope that came across as amusing and not prickish. I'm serious about what I said though. Danny
  10. When I Get There

    Topaz Bon, I haven't read the other comments. I really like your chorus! The "get there" round-sounding part. The song overall reminds me of talking heads. I have two suggestions, for what they are worth, to improve on the song overall. The first thing standing out to me is that the vocal sounds too up front in the mix. Also the electric guitar. I feel like the whole thing, in its quirkiness, would work better if the drums and bass were drowning those other tracks out more. The second thing that I have a suggestion for is the melody on the verse. It seems like you are basically following the roots of the chords with your vocal melody on most of the song, other than the chorus. It gives the whole track a monotonous, unimaginative feeling. I know we all have our vocal limitations and I don't know yours but, If you're singing all the chorus parts, I know you could make those melodies and vocal performances more stirring. You could do more than just speak the words matter of fact. You could bring them to life. Those are my impressions for what they are worth. Hope that's useful. Danny
  11. Oswlek, I havent read the other comments. You have a beautiful voice. The song is beautiful and well performed. I saw your introduction and the feedback you got from the lyric forum. I do agree that there are a lot of cliches in the lyric. Anyway, as far as the song form goes, my only point to make is that when you sing " you need to tell Go on and make it your life " I felt like the song could benefit from a less pensive chord/melody treatment on those lines. The entire song is reflective. I just wonder how it would work if that bit felt like more of a resolution rather than another emotionally ambiguous move? Otherwise, I like it. Good stuff. Hope that's helpful. Danny
  12. Mind's Eye

    TCgypsy, Nice song! I like the contrast between the loose melody and chord progression on the verses and the tighter choruses. Overall it reminds me a little of Phish - a band I like - Especially your singing. As far as suggestions, I thought the rhyme with the word "mind" was excessive. That's a trap I find myself in. It just feels like a lot of inds in there. The performance seems a little loose too, though overall they're good performances. Perhaps it's the mix more than anything though. For instance, the acoustic guitar seems overly loud to me. You might try to adjust those volumes on the instruments if you're hearing the same thing. By the way, I haven't read the other comments. Good work! Danny
  13. Void Contract

    I appreciate everyones feedback on this one. I think we have plenty of advice for now so I will pass the reviews on to Cody and just consider this one resolved for now. Danny
  14. Void Contract

    Monostone, Thanks for the feedback! I will pass it along to the songwriter/composer. I didn't actually write any part but just participated as an arranger/performer/recording engineer. You comments make sense though. Dave, Thanks for the review! It probably does merit a full band recording. I will pass your comments on to the composer/writer. Thank you! Danny
  15. Void Contract

    Teek, thanks for the feedback. Yes Void Contact is a divorce. You are correct! By the way, the reason I mentioned your voice on my last critique was only because you said in earlier responses that you wanted someone else to sing it. I like your voice, as I said Rickie, nah, tossing your thoughts out is what this is all about. Thank you! I get where you're coming from too. I will address it to the lyricist. Cheers! Nick, thank you for the review. It seems you are not alone in your opinions. Perhaps some lyrical tweaking is in order. Thanks! Simon, I appreciate the advice. What is a main aux track again? They definitely have a pickup sound. I will take that under advisement. You do have an ear for these things Snabbu, Thanks for listening and commenting. I have no idea what you meant by the second sentence of your review though. Prosody, I think, is the sound of the words with the music no? Were you joking? Danny