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  1. rock

    Thanks David. I will certainly try your suggestion. I was working on a new mix as you wrote your post...I just posted it now. Not much changed but I thought one guitar was too loud and was not happy with the overall volume of the track. It's better now. I can see now why you shut down your post when you are working on a remix! Thanks for the help...I really appreciate it! Ricky
  2. rock

    Simon You are right. I turned down the snare and added reverb. It might be too low now? Are the drums loud enough as a whole too? I think its really close... I also adjusted the bass and bass drum and I think it helped. I just used eq but I can hear the bass drum better now...thanks. Ricky
  3. rock

    Richard--- Appreciate the comments. Thanks for the listen and the suggestions. David--- New mix with adjusted snare if you have a minute. Thanks for the idea. Good call. Mono--- Thanks! Glad you like it. TC--- I adjusted the low end of the bass...kind of wish it was more punchy but I do think it is better. Thanks. Glad you like the song!
  4. LOVE this as is! I would download it for sure. Great sounding mix. Love how you sing it. Lyrics are great. I don't need to understand it all...just rock it with feeling as you do. GREAT!!! Ricky
  5. Sounds really good. Nice ballad. It's sounds 70's for sure and with a little more synth bed it would be 80's all the way! (solo sounds pretty 80's to me) Nice work! Ricky
  6. Kate Bush...absolutely similar. I really like the way you sing. Nice piano playing. Great lyrics on both. Personally I really like dark songs so the Haunting Me is more up my alley. But I have to say I might listen to Rescue You more readily. It could be the better mix and production but I also like how that one comes across and it does have a more positive message. I have always felt it's easier to come up with something a little dark and depressing than something positive or happy. Might just be me though! Can't go wrong with either one. Not very helpful...sorry. Ricky
  7. Nice guitar playing...Goo Goo Dolls comes to mind. Vocals are really good to...very nice! I'm not listening on great quality headphones but the mix sounds really good to me. At least you shouldn't be too worried about it. Very enjoyable listen. Really good work. Ricky
  8. Some of this reminds me of Elliot Smith at least in a few places... Well written and sung. A more produced version would be cool to hear...and really you wouldn't need to add much. I'd just really like to hear some BVs and a rhythm section if possible. Still comes across good as a 1+1 though! Ricky
  9. Nice work on this. I like the song. The mix sounds pretty good and balanced to me. I was really wanting the music to ramp up during the chorus...crazier drums etc... Would make a great synth rock song...its a little too laid back musically but the vocals are very cool. Ricky
  10. mix feedabck

    This sounds amazing to me. I love the tempo and funky beat. Originally I felt the synth was taking over your voice and when you first listen to it it still seams to dominate the vocals a bit BUT by the end of the song it feels right. I'm assuming my ears just got used to it by then which to me means its probably fine. I could hear your vocals clearly throughout even if the synth is taking over just a little bit. I don't think I would change a thing and I LOVE the song and the lyrics and the way you sing it. GREAT WORK! Ricky
  11. Sounds great to me. Really good talents displayed here. Definitely has a Yes feel for me. Way to stick with it mix wise (though I didn't hear the earlier versions) Excellent work! Ricky
  12. Man what a crazy trip! I could see this being used in a musical...as I was listening I could picture people acting it out while singing... I too think it is long but appreciate the changes throughout that you made to keep it pretty interesting. Super creative and very entertaining. Ricky
  13. I like this a lot! I thought I would like the vocals to be dryer but warmed up to it as the song progressed. Maybe throw in some "dryness" in parts. I do think its pretty long with very similar sounding loops/measures. I really think you need to have a higher energy bridge to break this up a bit...that's what I think I would do. I also hear some high harmonies floating out there like angels. Very very good though...nice work. Ricky
  14. This is a new mix based on responses received... Changed the snare Changed the synth just a little (hopefully sounds a little more modern) Added delay to the guitar solo Added low end to the bass I would like to know if it sounds finished? Is it loud enough? Also the bridge vocal bugs me from time to time...Do I need to re sing it? Is the intonation off or something? Thanks! TURNING BACK THE TIME It's Monday again but it was Monday yesterday You're bleeding again but you just bled out yesterday You'd rather live in a black hole Where time disobeys The event horizon protects you And keeps him at bay You turn around and realize You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) Your gut is aching everyday You fall again and again He just smiles He won't relent You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) It's his holiday... Psychopathic misbehavior Never understood the danger You are searching for a savior one Just one Just one Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times)
  15. I had trouble with the rhyming scheme on this one for a bit too. But once I figured it out I liked it a lot. I would have to hear it sung I guess but it seems just right to me. For a bridge maybe a little glimpse into the reason for the separation...something simple I think you could drop the "too" in the line "wanting to drift away too" and just leave it "wanting to drift away" At least I still think it would work... Good write. Ricky