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  1. I like the song and I think the vocal phrasing is good but really don't like the auto tune. To be fair I don't like it on pretty much any song and I know it's much more accepted now...so some will like it for sure. Ricky
  2. Oswelek, Sounds great to me. Bass seems right and the percussion is good too. (I didn't hear it before) I think the vocals are just a touch loud still. Not very much at all and it could just be a preference thing but I would like to hear the instruments just a touch more surrounding the vocals. Really good though. I wouldn't change anything except vocal volume. Beautiful singing too! Ricky
  3. The Better Man

    Good song Tom. Really good lyrics as usual. I like the delivery and the guitar picking is really good. Not much to say except congrats on another very solid write. I would complain about the recording quality but then living in Hawaii trumps everything. See what I did there??? Are you playing live out there from time to time? Ricky
  4. Distant Cars UPDATED WITH SHREYASI...and a new mix

    Very atmospheric and beautiful sounding. Shreyashi's vocals definitely need to come up in the mix or split her part wider...need to hear her more imo. That's about all that really stands out to me...mix is really good and I think the acoustic sounds great. Nice work! Ricky
  5. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    David, New mix up with lowered bass in those verses...That bass part was really interesting as I really wanted it to make sure you could hear it in the verse and for the first few mixes I actually had the db's up in the verses. Then I realized it was too loud so I brought them back down. The last mix you heard had 0db volume changes in the bass track. Now those verses have -3db on them. I actually think I was watching the waveforms too much...there is a huge variance from the low bass notes to the higher ones and I think it fooled me for a bit. Really teaches me to trust my ears! I recorded the bass part in one pass so the volume is even across the track but the upper frequency bass notes really pop through the mix. I'm surprised I needed to turn them down but it was the right thing to do. I'm glad you noticed it... Thanks a ton for the help! Ricky
  6. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    David, Thanks for the help...new mix has centered synth, changed drums in the bridge, and I also tried to fix my pitchy vocals. This last mix seems pretty good to me but I'm noticing the lead vocal might be a touch bright in spots?
  7. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    Re sung the bridge Low pass shelf on drums Other minor changes in volume and effects Just curious if the new mix is better??? Thanks!
  8. Without You Here

    I like this a lot. For instrumentation I would keep it pretty simple with bass/drums/acoustic/electric. I would put a bridge in there. Doesn't have to be lyrical (might be cool if it is) but at least a change from the progression you have and then back to the chorus. A background synth could sound good and fill up some space too. You wouldn't have to have an electric guitar but I would put it to use in the bridge...especially if the bridge is not lyrical. If you add a bridge and sing one more chorus you would add a little to the length which I think would be a good thing. I know VCVCBC is kind of a boring standard but it really works in most cases and especially with a song like this. Nice song as is to be sure too. Ricky
  9. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    Thanks David. I will certainly try your suggestion. I was working on a new mix as you wrote your post...I just posted it now. Not much changed but I thought one guitar was too loud and was not happy with the overall volume of the track. It's better now. I can see now why you shut down your post when you are working on a remix! Thanks for the help...I really appreciate it! Ricky
  10. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    Simon You are right. I turned down the snare and added reverb. It might be too low now? Are the drums loud enough as a whole too? I think its really close... I also adjusted the bass and bass drum and I think it helped. I just used eq but I can hear the bass drum better now...thanks. Ricky
  11. Turning Back The Time 4th mix updated 3/25

    Richard--- Appreciate the comments. Thanks for the listen and the suggestions. David--- New mix with adjusted snare if you have a minute. Thanks for the idea. Good call. Mono--- Thanks! Glad you like it. TC--- I adjusted the low end of the bass...kind of wish it was more punchy but I do think it is better. Thanks. Glad you like the song!
  12. Donkey Kong (Updated Mix - opinions)

    LOVE this as is! I would download it for sure. Great sounding mix. Love how you sing it. Lyrics are great. I don't need to understand it all...just rock it with feeling as you do. GREAT!!! Ricky
  13. Now or never

    Sounds really good. Nice ballad. It's sounds 70's for sure and with a little more synth bed it would be 80's all the way! (solo sounds pretty 80's to me) Nice work! Ricky
  14. Haunting Me/Rescue You

    Kate Bush...absolutely similar. I really like the way you sing. Nice piano playing. Great lyrics on both. Personally I really like dark songs so the Haunting Me is more up my alley. But I have to say I might listen to Rescue You more readily. It could be the better mix and production but I also like how that one comes across and it does have a more positive message. I have always felt it's easier to come up with something a little dark and depressing than something positive or happy. Might just be me though! Can't go wrong with either one. Not very helpful...sorry. Ricky
  15. Make you Stay

    Nice guitar playing...Goo Goo Dolls comes to mind. Vocals are really good to...very nice! I'm not listening on great quality headphones but the mix sounds really good to me. At least you shouldn't be too worried about it. Very enjoyable listen. Really good work. Ricky