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  1. thanks again gary, really good critique and explanation
  2. michael this is really great, the best i've heard on this site. i read some of the previous critiques about the lyrics and while i appreciate what they are saying, i feel the strength of the song is not in the intellectual (lyrical) quality but in the emotional nature of the performance. What i mean is that while the lyrics by themselves may not read as sophisticated poetry when put in the context of the performance they fit and serve the song which is what lyrics should do. this song is great as an overall, with the voice, lyrics, melody, guitar all working together to provide a really beautiful and emotional experience. Too often we treat music as an intellectual puzzle and forget about the magic, and that's what good music is: real life magic .I don't think it needs much adjustment, really well done and thanks for letting me listen.
  3. @ gary: thanks for the detailed and in depth critique, that's the sort of thing i appreciate about this site. i agree the chorus needs something to separate it from the verses, changing the rhyme structure as you suggest might do the trick. Lyrics are always where i struggle the most and i often fall back on cliche, something i'll have to keep working on. as with most good critique your comments made me realize certain weaknesses that i was aware of but couldn't quite put my finger on...whether i can resolve them or simply ruin the song with endless fiddling remains to be seen. in any case your careful input is appreciated, thakns again
  4. agree with the need for a bassline, it woud help to build and release the drama and make the song more dynamic. i can hear the build up and release in the verses and the chorus but without the bass it doesn't materilize. that being said the melody, lyrics and overall structure of the song (the most important parts) are very solid. it's good work
  5. thanks for the kind words pskains, if you check out you tube (search los pantalones calientes) you can find a few other tracks off the demo. i also posted another song here (title: cuidado) in a totally different style please have a listen and let me know what you think. cheers and thanks again
  6. thanks for your input, it would make the chorus stand out a bit more. i really appreciate the time you take to listen and give a critique
  7. the lyrics don't really flow in english and i thought the spanish fit with the style a bit better, thanks for your critique and kind words.
  8. we are definitely in agreement. i was just posting to call attention to the guys that don't work hard on their music and think it's all about promotion. we've all seen the guys with the slick media package and the shitty music.
  9. always do what sound best, that is the golden rule, but how do we make it sound it's best is the rub. Some general ideas for voice leading: don't just consider the two chords I to V or whatever they are but the progression as a whole. the idea is to have the voices moving in a manner that is pleasant to listen to (or unpleasant if that's what you're going for). especially the outer voices ( the lowest and highest note you play). they should always move in a logical way (usually without any jarringly large jumps), however if the effect you want is achieved without following these "rules" by all means have at it. using inversions and extensions ( 9th,11th 13th b9, #11 etc...) make the creative possibilities endless and that's the beauty. experiment, practice and have fun.
  10. the johnny cash comparison is apt, but take it as a compliment. you have good strong voice for this style. you could change the chords underneath the verse about the wine (make it into a bridge), to give it some variation as the tune is 4 minutes and could sound repetetive with the same chord progression throughout the whole song. that said however, it's a cool country rocker, good work.
  11. dig the tune, especially your voice, great singing. i also like the harmonies although the vocal panning is a bit extreme at times. Another thing is the drum programming detracts from the song (in my opinion), it is of much lower quality than the rest of the production, i can definitely relate as i am possibly the worst drum programmer of all time and can never get my drum tracks to sound good, where are the drummers when you need them? other than that i think it's a cool song, good work.
  12. hey everyone, this is my second post here and it's something a bit different, i was going for that django style gysy swing. hope you enjoy and any and all comments are appreciated. thanks the lyrics lose something in translation as the phrasing is totally off but it gives you an idea what the song is about at least. lyrics: tu vas a caer, mi amor you're going to fall, my love en el abysmo del oscuridad into the pit of darkness no puedo salvarte, mi amor i can't save you, my love perderas tu felicidad you will lose your happiness CHORUS si continuas asi if you continue like this nunca regresaras you'll never come back nunca recuperaras, mi amor you'll never recuperate cuidado, cuidado, por favor be careful, be careful, please no es la primera ves, mi amor it's not the first time, my love he visto algo asi i've seen something like this una vida desperdiciada a wasted life escucha el consensejo que te di listen to the advice i gave you CHORUS INTERLUDE AND SOLO Hace anos atras, mi amor years ago, my love paso una historia igual the same story happened miseria y sufrimiento, misery and suffering una tristesa eternal an eternal sadness CHORUS
  13. thanks again, i agree with pretty much all the criticism, we recorded and mixed everything in 5 days (in order to finish before our tour started) and didn't have time to master it. i definitely think the organ is a bit too strong and the voice should be louder. a separate bass player would also have helped. I really appreciate all the quality criticisms and friendly encouragement, this is my first week on this site and am also really enjoying all the other great works that people post.
  14. thanks simon, would love to have you give it a whirl but am still waiting for the master tracks, will let you know and thanks for the positive feedback
  15. absolutely correct, i would only add one thing and that is you also have to work harder at improving your product (your music). merchandising, gigging, and money making are, of course important but selling an excellent product is much easier than selling a crappy one. Practice all aspects (playing, singing, writing) to ensure your music is worthwhile. you must do this at the same time you are working on your marketing etc. both are never ending jobs.