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    have loads of interests i love painting which i only started doing a year or so ago listening to music having fun hill walking and as i live in the most beutiful country in the world i have loads to walk

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  1. Broken Glass

    What an amazing piece, truly heartfelt lyrics and I have to say a stunning production.
  2. Canny believe you gave me a penalty point...    my life is in tatters

    1. Steve


      Hahahaha! Sorry Tom. I was young and foolish! What can I say?  :) n


      How you fairing these days?


    2. musicthom


      am ok buddy suffering bits and pieces of ill health from time to time but ye canny keep a good man down.


    3. McnaughtonPark


      Good to see you, hope all is well

  3. Bonus Tracks

    Hi Just1L, for me a bonus track should be something a little out of the ordinary, an acoustic live version of a song, a massively different arrangement a previously unreleased track or even a rare Demo! version
  4. Think the last big gig was U2 at Hampden park 19 Aug 2009 Roddy Frame was just under 5000 at Glasgow royal concert hall last December and i will be heading to London on Wed to see james but i am not sure of the venue( Electric Ballroom) capacity
  5. Your Own Artwork

    With all the modern tools at our hands for me photoshop is a valid medium for art too keep on doing what you are doing dude
  6. Your Own Artwork

    I have dabbled in acrylic on canvas here are some of the results
  7. Cry On Mine

    A great piece, it invited me into the feelings and emotions surrounding it from the very first note , I don't think there is anything negative you can say about this, great use of harmonies and the production is fantastic its not overworked its just a great all round song well done my friend I would buy this
  8. Interviews

    Good point I am currently rehearsing some new band members still to find a drummer and will be back gigging asap thank you for the feedback
  9. Interviews

    Now that my debut album is out there and promo has started some radio stations are asking for interviews here is my first how did I do? http://youtu.be/vzvPz86jY-o
  10. Please Give Your Take On This Single - "maya"

    This for me is a great piece I really loved the instrumentation and the balance between all the sounds, it had a great feel of light and shade the only thing that stuck out to me was the vocal performance could be loads better. You undoubtedly have a good singing voice but there were not hitting the notes bang in the middle it would improve the overall feel and the song deserves that, other than that great song great lyrics great production nice work.
  11. Time Slips

    Hi dude hope you are well too and you have a great 2014
  12. Time Slips

    Thanks guys for the feedback, always good to be here and i take on board all that you guys have said unfortunately it's already on iTunes so its out there, however it was my first album and i did put it together in a 6 month period so its bound to have flaws its all good stuff for me to look at for the 2nd album
  13. Time Slips

    Long time no speak guys although i have been around and sent some feed back for a few seems the quality is as good as ever. Here is one of the tracks from my debut album this is called time slips Sorry about the video however i have not had a chance to do one as yet anyhow some feedback would be most appreciated http://youtu.be/liwLO6G0Tw8
  14. Crawl

    Hi Really burst through the gate from the word go, love the phrasing of the lyrics and i adore the guitar riff coming out of the chorus it really works well this would be great live.
  15. Dark Horse

    Hi dude welcome to songstuff, a real good demo, I really love the tone of your vocal i agree a good guitar solo will really bring the best out in the song the only thing that really struck me was the tempo although it wasn't sounding laboured my ear really wanted the tempo to be slightly faster. Good work keep working on it and looking forward to hearing more