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  1. From the album claudia

  2. From the album claudia

  3. From the album claudia

  4. demons inside of me making me cry and go on my knees i stand there crying while i'm waiting for someone to start believing some people think they have to be rich to be true but just be you and being broke doesn't make you fake it makes you humble and kind so just leave that crap behind everyone talking but but really ain't walking don't listen to those talking behind your back they really just seek the things you have but they lack
  5. fam

    i never let em touch my family they my legacy they my Gs we be riding Harleys they tell me everything they brought up a new human being me sometimes we be hating sometimes we be loving eachother forever especially our mothers our fathers never being there sometimes that can be scary but after awhile that'll vary we all try to go and its hard we all kno sometimes our family dies but there should never be lies we'll take in all the hard things in like a death and then let it go with a breath out but honey don't pout or shout we care that's what our life's about
  6. One thing that I want to say is that bullying isn’t cool. A lot of people try to fit in with the “cool kids” by bullying and really some people don’t understand it actually hurts people a lot. Even the kids that are bullying are hurt, because those kind of things sink in and causes people to use self-harm as a way of coping with the pain, especially if that person is already going through other things that causes emotional pain. Some people don’t notice but a lot of people already have mental disorders and it can hurt them even more than a person you call “normal”. There is so many forms of bullying like cyber bullying, physically beating someone, or verbal bullying so what would you think if you were going through every kind of bullying, you would probably ask yourselves “what is happiness” and “is there even a purpose in life?”. Consider the surroundings around you, and what I am saying maybe next time you’ll notice how surroundings influence a lot of people to do what they normally wouldn’t do and maybe just maybe you’ll make somebody feel like they have a purpose in life and maybe life isn’t as bad as they thought it was. Being called rat, snake, fat and stupid and also accusing people of thing they didn’t do actually hurts other people a lot more than you would think it does. We feel alone but kids, adults and youth there is always somebody that been through the same things or been in some kind of situation that you have been, so look around those people have empathy for those who have been bullied so some kids that you wouldn’t even consider that would be there for you would care for you and actually care about what happens to you for example the prettiest girl or cutest guy would actually care. I remember I got beat up every day when I wasn’t sober and it would be constant, every single day somebody put me down and I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong and still I would be beaten and robbed, everything I would have would be gone. I would even be hit by my own mother and that is how bullying goes around people get taught these things by being hurt themselves so then they would hurt other people to get their anger out. We all got to survive and do what we got to do even if you’re getting beaten every day and now are depressed we all got to survive somehow so just take a deep breath in beaten every day and now are depressed we all got to survive somehow so just take a deep breath in then out and smile - something I wrote

  7. Hi my name is claudia, and i am a writer. I got introduced to this site by my foster parent. I've been writing and singing ever since i was six and i wanted to figure out how to put my music out there. Most of my music i write is rap, i got myself into it by listening to my inspiration, Eminem. I have two friends who are in two different bands and both wanted me to do vocals since i have some experience. That's what i got to say about myself, hopefully you'll like my music.
  8. Welcome to the forums cad :)