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  1. Brief announcement - 

    I'll be taking an extended break from Songstuff...effective immediately.

    Our changing political climate & increased demands on my time make that my best course of action.

    A few months down the road, I'll re-access the situation.


    Hopefully, some of our more experienced members will help fill the void in my absence. Members HoboSage & M57 are our resident experts on how the site should be run. Their knowledge should be an asset to anyone with questions.




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    2. McnaughtonPark


      See you when you get back, I hope you come back ready to do some recording:rolleyes:

    3. Just1L


      Here's a cool article we did on K-SHE's 10-speedtraffic report guy Tony Roldan with a cool retrospective audio. :) 



      Hope all's going good. You can literally here the care-free days while listening. Enjoy.



    4. McnaughtonPark


      Does k-she still have those kool round stickers?  What was it?  A pig with headphones or something like that?