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  1. Brief announcement - 

    I'll be taking an extended break from Songstuff...effective immediately.

    Our changing political climate & increased demands on my time make that my best course of action.

    A few months down the road, I'll re-access the situation.


    Hopefully, some of our more experienced members will help fill the void in my absence. Members HoboSage & M57 are our resident experts on how the site should be run. Their knowledge should be an asset to anyone with questions.




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. McnaughtonPark


      See you when you get back, I hope you come back ready to do some recording:rolleyes:

    3. Just1L


      Here's a cool article we did on K-SHE's 10-speedtraffic report guy Tony Roldan with a cool retrospective audio. :) 



      Hope all's going good. You can literally here the care-free days while listening. Enjoy.



    4. McnaughtonPark


      Does k-she still have those kool round stickers?  What was it?  A pig with headphones or something like that?

  2. Very nice job with the intro...welcome to the site MacKenzi Tom
  3. Little Red Riding Hood / Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
  4. Hey and welcome Rose ! Tom
  5. No problemo !
  6. 38 Special / Wild Eyed Southern Boys
  7. Actually, I think it does Tom. Your message is clear...some things are more important than the endless search for more money...& more development. You gave specific examples of what those things are and painted a clear picture of why you feel that way Works for me! Good luck with it & thanks for asking! Tom
  8. Welcome to the site! Unfortunately, I had to remove the promotional link you posted here...sorry. ....plenty of other sections for that here. Enjoy the site! Tom
  9. Not that every hard headed woman falls into this category, but... Bitch / Rolling Stones
  10. In my mind, the most important variable is "the why". Why would you be making an album? If your primary motivation if monetary, then NO. If you gig regularly & are interested in selling merchandise at your performances, then maybe. There does seem to be a market for live merchandise offerings, but there's no guarantee that you'll end up in the black. If it represents the fulfillment of a personal goal, then maybe. The big deciding factors here important is it to you & can you afford to take a financial loss if that's the end result? If you're looking to advance your credibility as an artist, then maybe. The last time I checked, they're were a few commercial hurdles directly connected to having a physical CD for sale. Pandora is one example which comes to mind. Pandora's criteria for submission used to be having a physical CD, currently available for sale on Amazon. It's been a few years since I discovered that, so you may want to check to be sure it's current information. Overall, my personal advice is this. If you cannot afford to lose money on the project, don't consider it...period. Yeah, you might end up making more than it cost you, but the overwhelming likelihood is that you won't. At best, it's a gamble. If you can't afford to take it, don't. Good luck whatever you decide! Tom
  11. I believe you're correct. If you'd like, I can hide these last 3 comments? It's up to you. Tom
  12. ...appreciate the introduction & welcome Micky! Tom
  13. Nice job with the intro and welcome! Tom
  14. Fanfare For The Common Man / The Emerson, Lake & Palmer version
  15. No problem....big site, no hurry. Honestly, it's good to hear that we're different. We certainly try!