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  1. No need for further explanations...thank you! Honestly, that's obvious enough I'm surprised it wasn't offered as a primary search result. On the other hand, we live in a world which is so over-run with acronyms, I can't really blame a search engine for omitting one. Thanks again!
  2. Hey, welcome & thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself ! BTW I must confess, I'm not familiar with the acronym "BOFA". When I Googled it, there wasn't a single musically related result on the first 5 pages. The majority of high ranking responses related to Bank of America. For the sake of the clueless, would you mi d expanding upon your earlier statement. What exactly is a "BOFA in vocal performance"? Thanks & hope you enjoy the site! Tom
  3. Lawyers In Love / Jackson Browne
  4. Congratulations Rudi ! You get the award for the most bizarrely obscure song-association. For what it's worth, I do not believe there's a human being on the face of the earth who would have guessed that connection.
  5. She's Not There / Zombies
  6. It's interesting to see how much thoughts goes into some of these choices. By comparison, mine are pretty boring. This short excerpt from a previous blog article explains it pretty thoroughly... The only times I voluntarily deviate from those themes are when I feel it might be beneficial to use a theme-specific name (i.e. my "DrumStuffTH" & "The Story Behind the Song" channels). Neither earn high marks for originality, but both do a pretty good job of conveying channel content.
  7. So you're aware.... Even though we don't require it, critiquing / commenting-on the work of others shoud greatly improve the odds of having people respond to yours. I recognize that English isn't your primary language, but if you can manage to offer some opinions, it may help your efforts. Hope you enjoy the site! Tom
  8. Heart of Glass / Blondie
  9. I guess the simple answer to that is "NO". However, the accepted theory does seems to be that creative people are much more prone to depression, anxiety & other forms of mental illness. So...based on what I've read, personal experience & what I've heard from people inside the industry, I'd have to say that we're sad more often than most. Some years back, I was on the mailing lists of a few small & mid-level publishers. Two of them sent out regular newsletters, as well as issuing call-outs for specific projects. One of those newsletters, from a publisher in California, talked extensively about how commonplace depression was in the songwriting community at large. The open, casual way in which he discussed it, left me with the distinct impression that within the larger music industry, the link between the two was common knowledge. I quickly Googled the topic & pasted in a variety of article links below. If you're interested, I'd suggest Googling it yourself. You'll get hundreds, if not thousands of pertinent links, articles & discussion boards. I recognized early on that musicians & writers were different. Not worse, not better, simply different! If I'm being completely honest, that difference was a big part of what drew me in. For me, it was part of the mystique. I've wanted to be many things in my life, but the one thing I've NEVER wanted to be was "just like everybody else". As long as they aren't disruptive to my overall exisitence, I try to embrace my differences...always have. Tom
  10. I recommend "Personal Jesus"...excellent tune & part of my iTunes library for many years!
  11. Thank you for following up...that's precisely how collaboration should work ! We look forward to hearing the finished work. Tom
  12. Cousin Dupree / Steely Dan
  13. White Bird / It's A Beautiful Day the few rock groups who attempted to utilize violin as a lead instrument. The only other one that comes to mind was "The Flock"...right around the same period.
  14. On The Border / The Eagles Sorry guys...never run into this before on a well-known tune, but the YouTube vid of this is blocked in the U.S. Since this album was one of the bands earlier releases, it's likely a dispute over royalties/ownership rights.