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About Me

Tom Hoffman (aka tunesmithth) began playing drums at age 13. Seven months later he joined his first band. From that moment on,

he was hooked! By age 15, he was functioning in a dual capacity....drummer and singer. At age 19, he became one of the founding members of the St. Louis band "Nickels".   

The band was a fixture throughout the local club circuit and was afforded the opportunity to open for numerous national acts.

At age 22, Tom left Nickels, sold his equipment and left his musical ways behind.


Despite efforts to the contrary, Tom never lost the itch to play an active part in music. By age 40, he was looking to scratch that itch.

He'd always craved involvement in the creative end of things...songwriting. Unfortunately, he lacked the skills, knowledge & equipment necessary to make that happen. As it turns out, those weren't insurmountable obstacles! Over the next 2 years, he went about the task of addressing his many musical shortcomings. By age 42, he was ready to begin writing.


For the past several decades Tom has pursued his passion as an amateur singer-songwriter-musician. 

He holds copyrights on a multitude of songs, some which were recognized in writing competitions.

The following webpage contains a partial list of those recognitions - Tunesmith Awards.


                                             DrumStuffTH Youtube          Tom Hoffman Youtube

                                                             "Tips & Tidbits" Blog          The Story Behind The Song                

                                                                              Charlie Droste Musical Memoriam