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    Always looking to collaborate with musos and vocalists to voice over the instrumentals. Poet, enjoy composing out the box song lyrics. Painting & sculpture, growing roses, playing drums, Belly dancing, cooking & baking. Make Designer Teddy Bears in someone's likeness :-)

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  1. Love Is An Illusion

    Awesome write J. I agree with Mike absolutely everyone can resonate with this at one point in their lovelives. In my opinion, being "In Love" is a state of temporary insanity inside a labyrinth, in which I still need to find my way out of Good job!
  2. Four Letter Word (Two Versions)

    Beautifully penned Mike. It's what makes the world go round and round and round
  3. Nashville I Love You

    You've got such a great start John. So much truth in this too lol. As a poem it's fabulous but definately you should expand it into a song. The hook "Nashville I love you" is a pearler!!!!
  4. A Place

    I've become a moderator on another site and the owner has taken "Stripper" and is going to produce it for me yaaaaaaaaay. So I'll definately share it here when it's done and dusted. Oh I beg to differ,you always have something worthwhile to offer, big time LOL Don't keep yourself so scarce my friendy :-)
  5. A Place

    Hey Les, Short and sweet. Like you? I suppose that's better than being Tall and sour Where have you been? Missed you!
  6. Chasing Fame

    Enjoyed this, but agree it could really come to life with some more instrumentals. Great voice. BTW You need to fix the typo on "chasing fame" :-) Great stuff!
  7. Song Lyrics Poem Thing?

    Hmmmmm Frowned upon? Interesting!!! Cool -Dont wait to long to pump that wheel up and get rolling again :-)
  8. And So I Start

    Really like the soul searching, the reflection, the initial quiet building to the loud revolving finally to quiet finale'. Great job, enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your talent :-)
  9. Song Lyrics Poem Thing?

    Like the romantic sentiment of this. You say you are still contemplating a melody for it? So basically this will be expanded into a song? At the moment it reads like a poem, but needs structure and a chorus it should have a strong hook. Obviousl "Little Flower" is your thoughts ..... you might want to think up a stronger hook to pull it together. You have a good start. (Verse Ch Verse Ch Verse C or outro or bridge....) To me it reads like it was/is an illicit relationship that the wheels have fallen off....
  10. Your Story

    Hi John Powerful message, so much truth here! Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing
  11. Walking Outside

    Enjoyed this. Thought I'd tell you my take on the lyric was, you were talking to your deceased mom about your daughter. Really seemed to fit. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Loved the sentiment.
  12. St. John's Spires

    Rich with imagery and emotion, so much so that you had me there. I especially loved this lines Whitecaps lapped the docks along the river, A seagull screamed a warning from the bridge, The hard rains battered an old man’s shack on the ridge, Few have known a tougher life than his. In the land of cypress trees and crumbling tombstones And collard greens, a gift from Mrs. Deen, He blinked his eyes several times; then he closed them tight The curtain came down on his life that night. Small thing - Dragged my suitcase, not drug. Thanks for sharing your talent.
  13. Bottom Of A Glass

    Oh yes this would make a great song. Lisa and John, let us know when it's done.
  14. Old Wind

    What an exquisite write and inspired by the wind :-) very rich imagery making the mind wander with such beautiful lines. Loved this.
  15. Baby

    The validation of an enduring love for your soul mate beautifully penned. Love it Mike.