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  1. Hi, I heard Jordyn play a snippet of "Bitter Pill" the other day and I can't tell you how impressed I was! I had a vision of how it might sound but she's made it sound beyond anything I imagined... I told my mate Shawn, her father, I wanted to jump out of my chair when she started playing! She is so busy tho winning all the local talent competitions and writing herself- I heard one of her songs and again, so impressed.. im not pushing her for a demo of my song but its coming..

    hasta pronto, Neil

    1. john


      Where is your online "home"? Where is your music available as a resumé? Are you pitching any other songs to other artists just now?

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    You don't need a good memory, just good memories..


  3. in one of those stages.. a few new lyrics in progress but no time.. my friend Jordyn Richards likes "bitter pill" which has changed slightly since last post.. she has been working on it so I hope to share it soon..

    this is Jordyn playing her rendition of "Billy Jean"


    1. Ray888


      Hi Neil, the verse key feels just a tad low for her. She might benefit from taking it up a semi or full tone providing she can handle that in the chorus. The cover song she has chosen isn't the best of choices for her because without the vibe that michael had it will always sound a bit lame with basic guitar.


      I do wonder if she was to let someone else play the guitar whether she would focus more on her vocal because I noticed that she is concentrating on her finger placement with the chords which can distract from the performance.


      She seems to be quite young in voice so has plenty of time for it to mature. I think she needs more time to progress and has a lot of potential.