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    Musically: Writing songs, poems, stories, ideas... Feeling the music. I absolutely adore a sad song. And just because I put this on every site - everyone should know how much I love coffee (even wrote a metophorical song about it)! :)

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    I write lyrics & create melodies. The only instrument I play = Vocals.
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    I can't really say anyone in particular influenced me. It was just the music itself. I'm a sucker for the perfect words, sung in a breathtaking melody over a beautifully structured beat.


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  1. We're All Just Changers

    Kenj, thanks so much for reading. I love your reply...very interesting to think about and I will do just that. As I re-read my poem, I feel like I can definitely do a little better than I did & give it a tad bit more structure. Perhaps I will revise when I gather my thoughts. Thanks for the thoughtful comment! 😊 Sophia
  2. Burn Steady, Wake Up

    Chipper Spiff (cool name btw) Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. I completely agree on the disconnecting flow of the poem. I realized it when I was writing it but I left it because that was the originality of it...it does take the focus from the reader, though. The font, hmm...I'm actually not sure. I copy & pasted this from my email :/ sorry about the difficulty. I will have to change that "u" - bad habit from texting, haha Thanks for enjoying the poem & your awesome feedback. Very much appreciated Sophia
  3. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Thank you McNabes! I appreciate you taking the time to read & comment.
  4. Live To Die, Die To Live

    LooknGlass, thank u!!! It's much appreciated
  5. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Scotsman, thanks for the comment. I guess the reason I worded it "Stone burns from the heat, blankly I stare" was because I wanted the reason for my blank stare to be the cause of my burning face (stone) - not that I was already staring blankly when my face (stone) started to burn. Tell me if that makes sense to you... & once again, thank you so much for reading and commenting
  6. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Scotsman, Thanks for reading! Let me knowing if u read it later & if you were able to take it all in lol! It does tend to be a little complicated Sophia
  7. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Gwyneth, Thank u so much!!! I appreciate your compliments more than you know. I do know what you mean about the other life haha, not a strong believer in it but we don't know, do we? Thanks again Sophia
  8. Live To Die, Die To Live

    I see. This is very interesting seeing as most of my writing is based off of inexperience, this poem included. I like to put myself in many different kinds of shoes, as to not let my lack of experience limit my creativity. Certainly interesting, though! Thanks, Sophia
  9. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Gwyneth, thank you for reading. I would say you nailed it right on the head! No mystery here Thank you for enjoying!! Sophia
  10. And So It Shall Be...

    Thank you for reading & what a lovely comment. It really made my day knowing this made someone else's. :)
  11. Burn Steady, Wake Up

    Hey, thanks for reading! Yea, my mind takes control... Sometimes I can write about something so morbid, other times so sweet... I don't argue, just put the pen to paper haha thanks for liking the "darker" poem too.
  12. Live To Die, Die To Live

    hahaha it's ok! Now a days, people are very versatile. My brother, he sings even better than I do.. no rapper there either.
  13. Live To Die, Die To Live

    You saw a video of me rapping!?? lol that's hilarious...I'm not sure what video you're referring to - yikes! Thanks for your comment I've never thought of this as a rap but it doesn't surprise me that another creative mind would. I totally think it has potential to be one, but I'm no rapper. Possibly, if someone else was interested in rapping it, I would write another verse and dress up the lyrics, melody. I really appreciate where you took this! Thanks!!
  14. Live To Die, Die To Live

    Hey, thanks for reading. I appreciate the comment! I can't say I can relate, but this poem is very dramatized. It speaks for itself.
  15. Blood To Bleed Critique

    I honestly don't think it gets any better than everything he just said. I'll just say that the song has potential but the more common the subject, the more diversity needs to be reflected. Take Kel's advice, he's only steering you in the right direction.