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  1. Suck It Up

    Hi nsj! I really liked it... What kind of a music do you imagine these lyrics with? Peace
  2. Lyrical Works By Lance W Toohey

    I feel so bad I just saw this comment. But I'm so glad about the comment... Thank you very much deeply. I'm sincerely flattered...
  3. Alone Tonight

    Thank you very much for your meaningful comment. I'm flattered... Mahir
  4. And God Created Women

    Well, I think it has a lot of potantial for a really unusual song... But I suppose you should allow the songwriters to reshape the structure maybe... But I think no words need any change.
  5. Alone Tonight

    I can't tell how flattered I am because of your comment Miss Gates... Thank you deeply. Note: I guess there is a problem about the link. Here I'm posting it again for everyone who wants to listen this collaboration which I am really glad about... https://soundcloud.com/can17/alone-tonight
  6. I Just Don't Belong

    I think this is wonderful
  7. Tomorrow Starts Tonight

    Thank you so much Matthew, I am flattered to see you making a comment like this! Sincerity...
  8. The Way You Make Me Feel Backing Track Cover

    Actualy the beginning part is mostly like the live version's intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPyRlAQXLgc The rest is the part I can call as my arrangement cover. Thanks everyone, I'm working on your comments
  9. Hi everyone, I know this is not my song but I reallllly need some critics about my backing track cover. I have an incredibly important audition really soon and I just finished making the backing track in the key I want. Song will start in a slow tempo, stop and continue in a high tempo. I'm open to all your critics about the backing track cover I arranged, but please think twice when you are making a critic, make it if you think it is absolutely how you feel and you think that editing will make the backing track much better. Thank you in advance! Have a nice day...
  10. Check Out My Debut Album

    Wonderful as always...
  11. Tomorrow Starts Tonight

    Thank you very much... About the rhythmic sync of the notes, in chorus and the last part, the notes are all triplets if you consider the time signature 4/4, maybe it is the thing, if you are commenting about those parts. Thank you so much for your comments on my untrained tonnmeister skills. Actually I may agree with you about the vocal mix is not so successful and showing my voice well (Now I'm working on the mix, you can listen the updated mix in an hour). About the 3:42 part, I preferred vocals be in the backing of the guitar, so it was intentional. Honestly that piano solo is not a live playing, although I completely composed and notated it all notes one by one. About the tuning adjustment necessity of the scat part, the line in there frequently has the blue note (b3) which may sound out of tune for you while your ear wants to hear the note 3. But of course in other seconds there may be little out of tune moments as the scat part has lot of note changes.
  12. Singing/scream Help!

    You should definitely get this book my friend: http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Contemporary-Singer-Elements-Vocal-Technique-Anne-Peckham-2010-CD-Paperback-Revised-/80061393 have a nice day
  13. Tomorrow Starts Tonight

    Thank you so much, I'm flattered. And now I realized you are absolutely right about that last guitar line's volume. I'm editing that part right now. And also lowering the treble a little bit Have a nice day.
  14. Sexy Sexy Nude

    Wow that was good ! But I want to say the traffic-structure was a little monotone in my opinion, and the song end kinda suddenly. Except that, great work!
  15. The Mend

    Tender intro, tender singing. Song is so warm. I really enjoyed it and honestly listened to the whole song...