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Sylvana White

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    From The Tea Party , Pink , Sass Jordan to Celine Dion , Christina Aguilera , Nickel Back and Alanis Morissette... These are just a few but I pretty much get inspired by great music ( for m taste) and special voices ! I truly believe that music has a Universal language and genre !

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  1. Here is my latest Music Video for my Song "FEAR" also a Feature song for the movie "Lady of The Dak" ( Scenes from the movie in the video /Explicit content) www.youtube.com/sylvanawhite Enjoy !! -Sylvana

  2. Greetings my fellow Artist! I am Sylvana White Singer/Songwriter from Canada and i need your help on publishing contracts ! Thanks

  3. Welcome to the forums Sylvana White :)

    1. Sylvana White

      Sylvana White

      Thank you John! Glad to be here as I need help on understanding a publishing contract !