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  1. Hot Sessions

    Thanks once again Mono for listening and also for the kind words... you are so right, the guitar is really harsh in this pieces, i ve made some modifications in the equalization and mixing, its good for me this feedback, i will try something more soft next time. I will let you know when i made a piece longer than 5 minutes! =P (i really enjoy long instrumental pieces, my favorite musical genre is progressive rock). bye!
  2. Hot Sessions

    So i ve made three songs in the last days, and I really have difficulty in knowing where I can expose them and get feedback, so whenever I need I turn to the forum. I really wanted to show you these songs, I think they were left with a superior quality to my previous work. Thanks to those who listen, comment ... Bye! Pedro - Brazil https://soundcloud.com/pedro-luis-marcondes/sets/hot-sessions
  3. Moons

    In some moons there´s a kind of reference, like in Io, I put the sound of the moon together the song (you can hear here): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAKXaUMZpOc)
  4. Moons

    Thanks Michael! I will keep working on the project until its done (166 moons). Bye!
  5. Moons

    So this is my project about moons, 46 songs until now, but there´s about 166 in our solar system, i keep working on this. Acoustic guitar, percussion, sound Fx. Hope you enjoy, thanks for hearing. https://soundcloud.com/pedro-luis-marcondes/sets/moons
  6. Versos �ntimos (Augusto Dos Anjos)

    I really liked your suggestions Mono, a next attempt I will do something more extensive and elaborate, and I agree with you, actually the music ends suddenly, and it was not cool. Thanks for the help, for always being opining, hugs! =)
  7. Hello friends, This is the second time I bring one of my songs here. This follows the same path as before, with some acoustic percussive elements. This is a poem by Augusto dos Anjos, Brazilian writer who lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth. The proposal is simple, my goal is to have some guidance primarily as the vocal music, since I have started singing less than a month. https://soundcloud.com/pedro-luis-marcondes/versos-ntimos-augusto-dos Poem: Portuguese: Vês! Ninguém assistiu ao formidável Enterro de tua última quimera. Somente a Ingratidão - esta pantera - Foi tua companheira inseparável! Acostuma-te à lama que te espera! O Homem, que, nesta terra miserável, Mora, entre feras, sente inevitável Necessidade de também ser fera. Toma um fósforo. Acende teu cigarro! O beijo, amigo, é a véspera do escarro, A mão que afaga é a mesma que apedreja. Se a alguém causa inda pena a tua chaga, Apedreja essa mão vil que te afaga, Escarra nessa boca que te beija! English: You see! Nobody saw the formidable Burial your last chimera. Ingratitude - this panther - Was your constant companion! Get accustomed to the mud that awaits you! Man, that this miserable earth, Living among wild beasts, feels inevitable Also need to be beast. Take a match. Turns your cigarette! The kiss, friend, is the eve of sputum, The stroking hand is the same stones. If someone still saddens thy wound, Stones that vile hand stroking you, Spitting into the mouth that kisses you! Obrigado!! (Thx!)
  8. Joey

    Great Song McNaughtonPark, i really enjoyed, simple... nice lyrics too, very sad i´d say...
  9. The Bat

    Haha, its a plugin! Nitro from PSP, i will remove it, thanks!
  10. The Bat

    Thanks for the kind words Mono... I heard your sounds and enjoeyd them, so soft, nice vocals, great mix. I need to improve my mix, I'm still learning to use a few plugins
  11. The Bat

    Hello Hobo, Whoa! Thank you! I am very grateful for your words, inspire me motivation and commitment. My name is Pedro Marcondes, I m 28, and I live in a town in the interior of Brazil called Paulinia, an hour away from Sao Paulo. Let's talking ... Hugs!
  12. The Bat

    Hi Dek and Hobo! Thanks for the critique, it motivated me to make a Portuguese version of the song, I'm putting below. Better now? Hugs and thank you. https://soundcloud.com/pedro-luis-marcondes/o-morcego-augusto-dos-anjos
  13. The Bat

    Hello mates, I have recently tried to develop my voice and so I have done some songs sung. I'm still quite unsure about the technique and the quality of what I have done. For this reason I came to you in order to get feedback about my development as a musician. I made some critiques for other musicians seeking to collaborate too. The song that I bring is based on a poem of a Brazilian writer who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth century, his name is Augusto dos Anjos. Your content is scientific and pessimistic. https://soundcloud.com/pedro-luis-marcondes/the-bat-augusto-dos-anjos The Bat Midnight. Gather me to my room. My God! And this bat! And now, take heed: In gross burning organic thirst, Bite me fiery and scorching throat. "I'll send up another wall ..." - I say. I wake up shaking. Closing the bolt And I look at the ceiling. And I see him still, like an eye, Round on my bed! Caught by a stick. Efforts I do. I get to touch it. My soul is concentrated. What produced that ugly belly birth?! The Human Consciousness is this bat! As much as we do at night, he comes Imperceptibly in our room! Thanks!
  14. One Drop (New Mix In Stereo)

    Hello, I think the quality of the song really increase when the vocals appears, remembers me Dove. But i think it needs, maybe, a remix, when i hear it with my headphones i have the sensation that the range of frequencies are really limited, i dont hear bright sounds. The beat could change more, it gets a litle monotonous at the end of the song. Thanks for posting your sound =))
  15. Welcome to the forums plmarcondes :)