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  1. David, are you trying to see my ontological with your teleology? It's only 5 syllables. If you wanted to raise, you would have had to use teleological. That vocal/synth effect is perfect - Granular, yet warm. I love my Logic, but Reason has its allure. I wish I had time to upgrade, dive back into its depths, and integrate it with my DAW. It's funny, the drum loops bother me at first, but once the tune gets going, I forget about them. Testament to your talent and abilities. I've been thinking about this, and I just feel like the less the density of those loops, the better. I know you prefer the more sophisticated ones (I would too), but it's precisely their sophistication that draws too much attention to them and belies their virtualness. Just thinkin..
  2. Thanks for the explanation, Dek. I love it when lyrics work both ways - where they are personal to the writer and some of the intention is lost on the listener through no fault of their own, but yet that very lack of reference paves the way for their unique interpretations.
  3. LOVE how you wove all the song titles into the lyric. There are black holes in my listening background, but on the other hand, I live on a different side of the pond. Can you elucidate me where Saunton Sands is and perhaps it's relevance? I need to find some time to listen to this more critically, but first impression is that it's impeccably produced. You seem to have stuffed a number of feels/genres/musical allusions into under four minutes. It almost has a prog feel to it. I find the juxtaposition of "simple" happy melodies and chords with more complex minor progressions a little awkward/strange, but I should probably listen more to see if this aligns with the lyric, etc.. Overall, it's somehow very alluring. Congrats. All that in a week? Seems like it takes me half a year to produce that much music! -Mark
  4. @HoboSage I Just went in and made a few adjustment per your comments. I only had the low tom panned to 3 o'clock, but you're right - in headphones, they sound like they're panned all the way. Pushed it way back to 1. BTW, How the hell could you tell I didn't have the kick centered?? I swear I had it pushed just a smidge to one side. I dunno, You're probably right, but that whole guitar part at green and blue has grown on me. Remember, that's the part that's been there for months. Here I was thinking all the time that I'm a crap lead guitarist, when maybe all I need is a better producer. Thanks Dek, I started to do some forensics on the hiss. The piano is obvious, but doesn't like it when I roll off the highs. On the other hand, I did find quite a bit in the guitars so I rolled out some of the high frequencies when they're in the mix, which is quite often. Can you tell me if you notice much difference, 'cause it seems I'm kind of oblivious to the hiss when I listen. It doesn't bother me. Actually, I wonder that it makes me comfortable because it sounds like tape. Strange, huh?
  5. Strangely enough, I didn't originally conceptualize/write this on guitar. It's meant to be an Elton John ish piano centric anthem. I can see where starting with guitar could work, but then the symmetry of starting and ending with the same three chords on piano is lost, but I hear where you're coming from. I may play around with lowering the piano in the mix or maybe EQing out some of its girth. Thanks, Jen @Jenn Thanks Tom @McnaughtonParkI think my ADHD somehow combines with my OCD to create something special, which of course ends in "D." As for bite, I find your comment interesting - I was thinking that all that distortion on the guitar roughed things up a bit, but I know that I have 'softened' with EQ and compression many of the individual instruments that I thought were making the mix too harsh. Maybe I need to go back and revisit some of that. My secret is simply not to be good enough to be prolific. It always seems like that damn muse is off inspiring someone else. If I don't have anything new cooking I have no choice but to tweak what I already have, right? David @HoboSage, I'm at work now, and I'm quite busy this week, but I agree with many of your comments; I plan to go back and make adjustments when I find the time, especially with drums. There are some new guitar licks that bother me (before the Green and Blue transition), but no one is pointing them out so maybe they're ok. It's just that I'm really an acoustic and classical guitarist as you know, and I feel like a poser when I attempt to play lead. I definitely appreciate the words of support in that department. Thanks again all -
  6. Sorry to beat an old horse, but apparently ..that's what I do. I finally got around to fleshing out the lead guitar work on this one. I'd love comments regarding what works and what doesn't. I probably should hire a pro for this, but I'm a cheap skate and just deluded enough to think that my playing sounds 'kind of' pro-ish. Any and all comments/suggestions welcome ..EXCEPT "The chorus comes too late." That, my friends, ain't gonna change. The story makes no sense if I'm on the plane before I get on the plane! Besides, I'm not trying to write pop music - I'm trying to write a good song. Sometimes, I wonder that the two are mutually exclusive.
  7. Well ..of course. but a search of M57 may bring up a lot of things, but the most prominent is the Messier object, and certainly where images are concerned, which happens to be one of the most familiar to non-stargazers. The picture that accompanies my moniker pretty much confirms things, and the most amateur of astronomy buffs will likely make the connection. That said, of course I am aware that there are other "interpretations." I'm quite OK with that.
  8. Mine is about my infatuation with things stellar. I've always loved star-gazing but it wasn't until I took an Astronomy 101 course some 15 years ago that I dared to buy a telescope and take the leap into observing what we can't see with the naked eye. M57 is a Messier Object that pretty much hangs at the zenith of the light polluted where I live in the summer, making it and M13 two of my favorite targets. I probably started using the name when I was hanging out in star-gazing related forums in the early aughts. These days and in my old age, I rarely take the time or energy to drag out my humble 10" DOB but the moniker still works and it has stuck. Of course, it's purely coincidence that I'm 57 years old as I post this.
  9. Hey Dave, The recording sounds great. I'm not as fluent at drum-speak as David is, but my impression is that the drums just don't fit in with the rest of the rhythm section. They're just too busy. There's a double-time feel when I hear a more basic 8th note groove, maybe even with a little shuffle/lilt to it. Also they're just hitting to hard. The way you play and sing the other parts says ballad to me. I dunno, some contemporary music juxtaposes things in ways that I don't quite 'get,' so feel free to ignore my old-school predilections. The only other thing is that there are places where it sounds more like a love song than the depressing/haunting/protesting anthem - like those major seventh chords and melody in the chorus at 2:00. It's just too pretty to be galvanizing (for lack of a better word). The lyric is very good, though for my money I prefer lyrics that say things less blatantly and more metaphorically. That said, I understand that this this is a case where you just need to say it. "Four Dead In Ohio" is the last thing I would think of penning, and yet.. -Mark
  10. I want to put it in a lyric. -Mark
  11. Hey Leo, Interesting piece. Your style is intriguing. You've got that really cool minor to major thing going on with a classical guitar. For me, it's reminiscent of Guinevere (CSN) and Classical Gas (Mason), but I'm just dating myself. Harmonically, it's a bit gritty/dense in places with all those low intervals rattling on the guitar, which in and of itself is not bad - but your playing isn't always that clean and I can't make out the actual notes you sing in places (especially at the end of your phrases) - and that kind of exacerbates the perception that the composition isn't well-grounded ..yet. I guess before I went into too much detail about the music, I would want to ask a few questions.. When you say demo, are you planning to re-record? Do you have a vision for the final product? 1+1? ..with a band? ..something in between like a chamber ensemble?? Are you going to be the singer? -Mark
  12. I'm not a huge Prince fan, but this tune makes me want to be one. Solid musicianship all around. LOVE the guitar work and the BVs. Yeah the canned drums sterilize it a bit, but there's no denying your talent. Agree that the lyric is not that important.. Uhmm.. I don't even remember what it's about. BUT - I can only imagine how fabulous this would be if the lyric was as inspired as the music. -Mark
  13. Given that the poster doesn't participate in the forums - this smells pretty spammy to me.
  14. I'm not a huge fan of four chord songs (I've been known to write one or two), but this is exceptionally executed and I particularly like the way you phrase things. I can pretty much understand everything you say, and I'm pretty sure you're not from the U.S. based on the way you pronounce words like refuge. As far as criticism is concerned - I think it needs an additional solo instrument - like an electric guitar interjecting responses here and there - and even going into a full out solo. It's a long song and so maybe a solo is out of the question, but the texture wears thin over time; I think an additional color would go a long way. Other options include things like background vocals or strings - not to fill things out, mind you - the mix is wonderfully dense, but more to inject color and keep us all interested.. Congrats on an excellent tune and performance. -Mark
  15. OK, the beat may not be "jazz", but beat doesn't define jazz nearly as much these days. In my mind, it's very jazzy in the sense that pretty much every chord is a seventh chord - and not your garden variety. Min(maj)7ths and and minor7(b5) chords are the vocabulary of jazz musicians. Throw in the fact that the melody hangs on "tensions" like 9, #11, 13, etc, and the "jazz" is there ..and in full bloom. Anyway, really nicely done. Compositionally, it's flawless. It's produced way better than I could - so I'm hardly one to criticize. On the other hand, it's a relatively "straight ahead" arrangement. Your treatment of the vocalist with the tape echo is brilliant - love it. but for me to want to listen to this again and again, I'd be looking for something extra to help it pop. In this case I think I might take advantage of that vocalist and layer some harmonies in places. Also, and strangely enough, I prefer to know what the songs I listen to are about. Unfortunately, I can't really understand these lyrics.