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  1. I apologize for being so quick to accuse you. - I am very impressed and humbled by the abilities of those who speak English as a 2nd language. Anyway, I feel that the conflict between accessibility and personal/private meaning is always a difficult one for poets and lyricists. I'm of the opinion that it's harder (and thus better) to write something that accomplishes both. I.e. when the lyric means something personal to the writer, but is also accessible on other levels to the listener. The deeper and richer those two worlds of understanding are, whether in synch or not, the more impressive the lyric in my opinion. I'm quite persnickety about what I admire in a lyric, and I realize that it's all subjective territory. The most I can do on these forums is offer my opinion. I never claim that I'm right, or that my suggestions are the way to go. I usual comment on how I feel about the effectiveness of the music and lyric, and often suggest "what I would do."
  2. Really well put together, no nits from a mix standpoint. You have a great voice. I just wish your voice had more edge in some of the sections. Its just seems a bit too clean and on-top in places (not too loud). I wonder if you could've warm it up a bit by pushing the mic pre a little harder - maybe you can do it in the box.. I guess I'd like to hear more effects on your voice or something that glues it just a bit more into the mix. Compositionally, and this is based on my layman's appreciation and understanding of prog rock, I miss the occasional semi-dramatic tempo change. There are a couple places where you do some nice transitions and trip us up with the odd meter, but I feel like the click is inhibiting this one. If you played it live with a band I could easily hear it swinging 5 or 10 BPM in places. Some of those guitar groove/licks sound great slow, but I feel like you're holding back with others. That's one of the neat things about prog in my opinion, the option for a a band to explore different textures in the same piece. Well, tempo is part of that. Just my 0.02 Wonderful music and composition. I know a lot of work went into this. -Mark
  3. I made a subjective comment about a single lyric and justified my opinion, which you asked for (I suspected you might be trolling at the time, and I'm afraid my suspicions look to be accurate). I didn't say anything about Lennon's other lyrics or music, yet you seem to feel the need to vigourously defend the man/musician/lyricist and the corpus of his work. Apparently he can do no wrong in your eyes and ears. Fair enough, but I have no inclination to debate the subject.
  4. I just read the interview and I still have the same feeling. Indeed, I actually feel a little stronger about it. The only reason SF has any extra relevance for most people "in the know" is because it's "about" John Lennon. I learned a hell of a lot more about his life from the interview than I did from the lyric. A lyric that needs explanation to have any sort of relevance is not a very good lyric in my opinion. Put another way, a good lyric stands on its own.
  5. No, not really. To me, it's mostly a collection of psychedelic stream of consciousness gibberish. It scans well, but ultimately does very little for me as a lyric. If what you're asking is - does a lyric have to make sense ..to anyone? The answer is of course not. But then it is what it is - an inaccessible lyric. One thing 'SFF' has going for it are those very three words - "Strawberry Fields Forever." We don't need to know that Strawberry Fields is a real place, or what kind of a place it is. Like I mentioned before, a good lyric simply should speak to us, intrigue us, or mean something to us on some level. The imagery in that one line, "Let me take you down.." is stunning and uniquely memorable. It carries the whole lyric as far as I'm concerned. I can't remember a lick of the rest of the words ..even after reading them. Like a lot of the Beatles' songs, and but for that one line, the music eclipses the lyrics in SFF. But of course, that's in my very subjective opinion.
  6. If he's rolling (in a car), then it would be "rolling along," which is more whimsical of a phrase than you probably want, but following it up with falling deep and blowing my mind makes it sound like you are driving dangerously - so it can't possibly be driving - not if you're trying to save this relationship. "Falling" makes no sense in that context. If you're rolling in bed, then at least you could be falling asleep or falling in your dreams. On the other hand falling in love might suggest that 'rolling' could be suggesting a "roll in the hay" a euphemism for having sex. As is the case with any language, English is full of subtle nuances that make it extra hard for non-native speakers to subtly manipulate, especially when trying to leverage ambiguity into a message. I might suggest that you start by writing exactly what you mean - maybe posting that - then seeing if we can help you make it more poetic - and even more ambiguous if that's what you want. -M
  7. Hi Max, This should probably be in the lyrics critique section - not the song section .. but .. Your message is anything but clear - the lyric seems to scan well enough but there's no way to tell without hearing the music. I have very little idea what this is about. Maybe a strained relationship.. You're leaving, your straying - your staying - nothing saves "you", but another day will come. For you? for the person you're singing too? Bottom line for me is ..if I can place myself in the story and make it meaningful for me (regardless of whether or not I understand your message), it's a successful lyric. But I can't find anything to hold onto. There's just too much ambiguity and/or nothing that really grabs my attention and makes me want to understand the lyric for that matter. There are a number of things that actually confuse me.. rolling? are you in bed? The title is "all night" so are you in bed with the person you're talking to? ..or are you "tossing and turning" - sleepless. falling? in love? is that what's blowing your mind? How can you "get" someone when you're flying away? then all of a sudden you're "staying" None of this make sense with the ending, where things don't really seem to be in your hands. They are instead in the hands of the other person. I dunno, it just seem like many of the word just rhyme but for little good reason. that's my 0.02 -Mark
  8. Can you post lyrics?
  9. I am familiar with this writing style (both harmonically and horizontally) and the difficulties it presents to choirs. You'd need a pretty high quality college choir to pull this off, and it would entail an investment of their time, which means you would need to have the director or whoever programs its concerts take an interest in the music. Honestly with this type of composition, if you're only going to present a midi piano or vocal synth interpretation, If I was the conductor, I'd just assume see the printed music, because right now I hear very little that suggests to me this is a choral composition. For instance, articulations aside, I can't tell where the singers are suppose to breathe. I don't mean to discourage you from writing for a choir, but I do feel that creating a choral work of substance requires more than oos, ahs, and black dots on a page. With that in mind, consider the following: Is there a text? If not, what vowels, consonants, or vocal effects are involved? and more importantly.. Why? What is the inspiration for the singers? Is it forte all the way as I hear in the recording? (I hope not - I wouldn't want to sing the entire piece that way) Fair warning: You can probably guess that I'm not a fan a oos and ahs. It's boring for the singers, and more importantly, I feel that's a cop-out for a composer. Finding a text is perhaps the most difficult part of choral writing as far as I'm concerned - Not to mention writing an appropriate setting for it isn't a walk in the park. When you bring text into the picture, the human voice surpasses all other instruments. Text painting supports and enhances the text. Your treatment of scansion and other elements of poetry opens up a world a color and texture. Otherwise, why not just score your piece for winds, horns or strings? Consider that a decent college string ensemble could probably sight-read your piece. Anyway, just my $0.02 -Mark
  10. If this is truly meant as a choral work, you better have access to a fabulous ensemble. Have you ever tried singing the individual lines?
  11. Thanks @Stacey Welcome to the site. I agree that all things equal - 'empty' might be better. "Emptiness" is a bit awkward (if not a tad poetic), but it scans so much better than 'empty' for me. -Mark
  12. No you don't - If you're like me, you don't have the room, don't have the skills to maintain it, and of course, don't have the money to buy it in the first place.. Trust me, all you need is a good controller, like this. If that's too expensive, something like this does the trick. I started with the PreSonus and now I'm using the X-Touch, which I absolutely LOVE. Honestly, I don't use the faders much at all, but I do use most of the buttons, which is not what I expected. I was kind of surprised to find that I like to draw automation with a mouse. I like the sound of lines more than curves in many cases, and that's something you just can't do with a fader.
  13. Vocal Rider is good for a quick leveling and I'll slap it on when I'm tracking other things just to get things in the ball park - but when it comes to mix time there's nothing like going in and getting your hands dirty with automation. For some reason, I'm much more likely to use Bass Rider in a mix.
  14. Knowing NOTHING about the series, the lyrics just come across as a melange of disconnected events. I sense that if I was a fan of the Dark Tower series, this lyric would add very little, if nothing to my perception of the books. They come across like bad Cliff Notes. If Roland was such a central character, tell me about what Roland was thinking? Tell me something that isn't in the book. The music is fine. Shades of ABBA.